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Buffy was pushing her shopping cart looking at the racks with interest. She loved shopping and since it wasn't her money she loved it even better. She needed a major stress reliever from the first and Angelus, so she figured buying stuff for the kids was the way to go. She was trying to decide rather or not to get the orange top with the bow or the pink one with the polka-dots. Either way Kathy would look great in both.

"You should get the orange", a man addressed her.

Buffy heart sped up to the sound and she jumped facing the person in surprise. He had managed to sneak up on her. He had sandy brown hair and grayish-blue eyes. The man was handsome and Buffy couldn't help but to blush at the thoughts running through her head. 'Bad Buffy…' "hum", she asked trying to clear her thoughts.

He smirked and nodded toward the dresses, as if he knew she was waging battle in her head over him. "You should get the orange dress" he repeated.

Buffy smiled at him briefly before saying thanks. She was walking away only for him to call out to her.

"Can I ask you a question", he asked her. The man sounded desperate and his voice was filled with longing.

Buffy turned and nodded.

He then held out two stuff dragons. "My girl is in love with these things but I don't know which one to get", he asked her.

There was something about his voice that she couldn't place and every time she looked into his eyes she felt as if he was someone important to her. "The blue one…I just brought my daughter that one last week…she loves it", Buffy assured the man.

The man nodded and she turned away again.

Buffy felt like she was being followed. Sure he was cute but now this was just creepy. She turned around and snapped on him. "What do you want", she asked.

"The same thing you do", he replied.

Buffy tensed. "Okay. What do I want", she breathed feeling memorized by the man's eyes. This conversation was bringing back memories of her Angel.

"To kill them. To kill them all", he responded pushing the cart aside and reaching for her hand.

Buffy shook out of her daze and glared at him. "That's not funny", she whispered.

He grabbed her hand. "Murrin, I'm not laughing…I don't know how this happened but can't you tell it's me Angel", he asked her desperately.

Buffy snatched her hand away. She was having trouble breathing. She had left Angelus sleeping this morning and this random man claimed to be her husband.

She looked once more into his eyes and realized that was why he felt so familiar. No one looked at her with that much love and awe. "Angel", she breathed reaching out to touch his face only to meet angry amber eyes instead.

"Have a nice dream lover", he growled hearing his soulful name coming off her lips like in a prayer.

Buffy looked at him not registering his words and looked about the room. "It was a dream", she whispered still trying to get her thoughts together. "It felt so real."

"Now, breaking the blasted jar didn't work", replied the First disguised as Cordelia. "So what to do…it's the only way for us to move on with our lives…it's time for you to be champion Groo", it cooed.

Groo growled at the jar. He knew the thing was telling the truth. With Angel out of the way he would be the alpha male. His princess would only have eyes for him. She had been neglecting him and Chris to work long hours with Angel. Now that Angel was gone she was home even less. All she talked about was going out and looking for Angel's soul.

He knew the only reason why they were together was because the slayer had the vampire. Why couldn't his Princess see that vampires were dishonorable creatures?

Cordelia came home exhausted. She felt like a horrible everything. They had yet another unsuccessful night at looking for Angel's soul. She was going to have to call Buffy in the morning. "Groo…Chris", she called as she closed the door.

Groo hurried and hid the jar underneath the bed. "Welcome Home Princess", he greeted kissing her soundly on the lips.

"God I feel like I haven't seen you in ages….where's Chris. I want to see him", she told him. "I haven't seen him in days", she announced.

Woods looked out of his blinds. Buffy sat in a chair looking passive. "Situation still normal", she shrugged. "Well, or as normal as this school ever sees", she amended.

"So it appears", he agreed turning to her.

"Well, no fires, no one's head's going kablooey. And the singing choir and the marching band have gone back to their normal, healthy seething resentment.", she informed the man still not over the fact that she could discuss this with her boss and not get locked up in an asylum. Finally a Principal that understood Hellmouth Central High.

"You know, you're, uh...You're something else, Miss Summers. You know, I've been watching you when you're out patrolling, and you, um— You remind me of my, um...", he trailed off unsure of how she was going to take this.

"Your mother", Buffy smirked with a teasing grin on her face.

"Yeah. Yeah, what I remember of her, anyway", he told her truthfully.

Buffy stood. "Got to tell you, not a line every girl likes to hear, but—in this case", she smiled. "Compliment taken. Maybe you're right. Maybe everything is fine."

Giles busted into the office like a mad man. The slayer was now on high alert. "Everything's terrible. Total catastrophe", he hollered.

Buffy was ready . "Giles, what's wrong", she asked checking him for any injuries. Buffy was not expecting what came out his mouth next.

"Have you seen the new library? There's nothing but computers. There's not a book to be seen. I—I don't know where to begin, Buffy. I mean, who do we speak to", asked her watcher. Buffy rolled her eyes and smiled. Some things never changed.

Woods watched the man's he thought of as Buffy's father and rose to shake the watcher's hand."Uh, that would—that would be me. (offers his hand to Giles) Hi. I'm Robin Wood.

Giles blushed and apologized. Oh, sorry. Rupert Giles. Sorry. Buffy tells me you're something of a freelance demon fighter", he gushed. Buffy hid a smile as she watched Robin go to his office. The two followed suit and the Principal closed the door.. All the well Giles continued. "Oh, yes, yes. I, um, I'm relieved. We're running dangerously low on allies", her old man replied.

Buffy slumped onto her bosses desk as the principal sat behind his desk. Giles took the chair. "So, we didn't stop it, then", she pouted sitting on

Giles leaned forward exhausted wondering where his slayer would get a silly idea like that. "Uh, no, the seers at the coven are certain the First is continuing to gather its forces. I'm afraid war is inevitable", he stated standing up. "So, we should go before the school board", he told them determinly once again on his precious books.

Woods was really confused and Buffy shook her head. Years of training finally condemmed the man to have scatter thoughts just like his charge. " What",, asked the Principal. 'How in the hell was that going to help?'

Giles officially thought the Principal was an idiot. "Well, I can have my backup library sent from home in the mean time. It's not much, but", he trailed off.

"Giles", Buffy warned.

Giles gave her a stern look. "Knowledge comes from crafted bindings and pages, Buffy, not ones and zeros", he reprimanded.

"So, did you bring back any potentials", she asked swiftly changing the subject to something she cared about.

Giles hesitated. "Um, no. Actually, m-my, uh", he trailed off taking off his glasses and cleaning them. "My trip is about something else...regarding Angelus", he finished daring to look Buffy in the eye..

Buffy tensed as she heard her lover's name. She knew it was only a matter of time before Giles found out. She knew he would be concerned about the girls he sworn to protect. "My husband", she answered carefully. "What about him", she asked back.

"Why have you not beat him bloody senseless and chain him up to rensoul him", he demanded.

"Wait, sorry, soul", Woods asked. Buffy mentioned it before but she never went into detail.

"Uh, it's a long story", the watcher told him.

"Some gypsy put a soul in the most vicious vampire on Earth to make him feel remorse for all he done. Only it didn't. It only made him insane and the man he was before he was turned suffered instead", she informed Woods while her eyes never left her Watcher's face. .

"And that would be the abridged version", Giles replied. He remembered just how vicious that son of a bitch was. It was one thing when Buffy told him that the soul and the demon became one but now there was no more soul. Something had to be done.

"But he wouldn't hurt anyone at the house because he gave me his word", she assured Giles knowing Angelus was a changed vamp…for the most part. She thought wisely not to inform Giles that she wished him happy hunting's last night.

Giles scoffed. "Right because the word of the soulless is so trust worthy".

Buffy flinched. "He never lied to me before…he get his kicks on torturing people with the truth", she whispered showing her watcher that she was also scared deeply by the demon.

"So, what happened to his soul", asked Woods.

"Buffy", Giles whispered wanting to apologize.

Buffy ignored him. "I'm not too sure but his gang in LA misplaced it…I know Giles …and they are to call me the moment they find it. I think the First plans on giving Angel a new face".

"Angel", the Principal scoffed.

"My husband…the soul of Angelus."

Giles closed his eyes knowing the chaos that would ensure if that was to happen. "Good lord. How do you know this", he asked feeling like a major headache was about to come at any moment.

"Two words…slayer dreams", she replied.

Understanding drawled on Woods' face. He remembered countless nights his mother woke up screaming. She told him it was the only way to know what was in the monster's head. They were warnings to proceed with caution. "Mom had those", he replied but they weren't listening.

"Did you tell him", asked the Watcher. He knew that the slayer would be in a tough spot because the line between the demon and the soul was now even more blurry than before. Would she chose this man with Angel's soul and if she did could she kill the face she grew to love even if it means she can still have her Angel. Giles snorted to himself. 'Probably not', but the demon would destroy the man with his soul and Buffy and everything she loved in the process.

"He hates Angel…", she trailed off only confirming his fears.

Cordy was getting Christian out of his play pin while Groo was in the shower. She really needed to spend more time with them. Things at home were really tense. She hasn't been home that entire week since his soul was missing or rather stayed a night. She dropped by and grabbed a few things but nothing much. It's been three days since his soul was stolen, almost four.

Christian started to fuss loudly and Cordy sighed rocking him. She told him sweet things that a mother was suppose to say to her baby boy. Nothing quieted it him. "Don't you recognize me anymore…I'm your mama…don't you want to be a good boy for mama", she asked. He screamed louder.

Denise raised a few toys and started to spin them in a circle for the baby and the kid grinned and stopped crying.

"Thank you Denise", Cordy whispered to her ghost roommate. "Now if you could find Angelus' soul….you'd be an angel", she stated.

The cars started to fly away from the baby and into her and Groo's bedroom. Cordy followed confused. She watched them fly under the bed and heard a ding sound when it hit something.

"Cordelia, hand me the baby…he's hungry", proclaimed Groo in noting but a towel.

She mindlessly handed over the baby. "I'll go make his favorite you stay here" she told him leaving the two in the bed room.

Groo started to go to the bed and put the jar somewhere else but Cordelia popped in again. He straightened immediately. "Would you like something", she asked him.

"Sure…whatever", he stated but his eyes kept flickering to the bed.

Cordy scoffed not believing what Denise wrote down on the sheet of paper in her hand or the fact that the cars hit the jar. "Is that because you're trying to figure out what you're going to do without me", she asked.

He frowned at her confused.

Cordelia gave a heartless laugh. "Angel's soul is underneath that bed…you know how dangerous Angelus is and yet…never mind. Give me my son and get the hell out".

"I can't believe Buff was stupid enough to do this", Xander sneered. He and Willow was out buying groceries for the house.

"Totally UnBuffy thing to do", Willow agreed. Willow then winced not really wanting to side against her other friend. "But then he haven't killed anybody, right", she asked.

Xander snorted. "Yet", he snorted. "The devil haven't killed anybody yet", he told her hotly.

Will sighed picking up Dawn's favorite cereal and then putting five more just like it in the basket. "I don't like it either…not a big Angelus fan but the mansion is the best place to house all of us and train comfortably. If we go to Buffy's old house then we'll be cramped and cranky", the Wicca pointed out.

"I still don't like it", the dark haired man spat.

"Hi, you've reach Buffy and Angel's house". Buffy's voice replied cheerfully on the recording.

Next Angel's deep strong voice was heard. "And we're busy right now", he replied earning an "Angel", in the background of a horrified Buffy. "Please leave your name and number", he finished smoothly.

"And I'll be sure to call you back", she stated still shocked that he said that.

"EW…I still can't believe that's your voice mail…whatever…Buffy about that thing", Cordelia stated. Her voice broke and you could tell that she was crying. "I've found it but since our Shu-Shu is dead Willow needs to come to LA so you can have it back".

Kennedy frowned at the odd message, not really understanding anything then her Willow had to leave. She wondered if she could go with because this mansion wasn't big enough to keep away from Angelus.

It disgusted her to no end that Buffy was married to that thing; let alone getting her kicks by his blood. She was practically a vamp too.

She turned to move from the answering machine but was grabbed from behind. She thought to scream but a big rough hand covered her mouth. "Don't scream", he taunted. She knew this voice and she begun struggling.

Faith had taken the rest of the potential's outside so there was no one here to help her. Her eyes widened in fear.

"You've heard something…things I don't want to be known", he barked before dragging her to the basement. The vampire then locked her up and gagged her. The fear was great but as much as he wanted to teach the lousy potential her place he had to get back upstairs.

He paused half way up the stairs. "Second thought", he stated picking up a really dull knife. "I'm going to carve some respect into you", he sneered.

Two hours later, a potential stumbled across a weak and battered Kennedy. She hurriedly brought her to the couch shouting for Willow and Faith. Both women came running and gasped at the sight before them.

"That son of a bitch", the slayer muttered. "Where is he", she asked the room.

"Faith, we don't know it was him", Willow pleaded.

Faith rolled her eyes and lifted up the kid's bloody shirt. The word 'RESPECT' was craved in big elegant letters".

The potentials looked horrified.

"I'm sorry. Doesn't look like anything's broken", Willow examined.

"Did you use some sort of a magic x-ray", asked Dawn intrigued that Willow could tell all that from just looking.

"No, that's just what people usually say", replied Will how was uncomfortable at discussing this topic.

Kennedy hissed as ice was applied to the wound. "Someone needs to stop him", she grounded out.

Rona agreed. "How can Buffy take this for granted? I mean, he lives in our house, we train with him", she asked horrified that she could be next and there was nowhere to run.

Anya snorted. "Don't waste your time down that road. Angelus got some sort of "Get Out of Jail Free" card that doesn't apply to the rest of us. I mean, he could slaughter a hundred frat boys, and", she trailed off with everyone looking at her weird. She laughed it off. "Forgiveness makes us human. blah-dee-blah-blah-blah".

Buffy had left when she received a student leaving the two men alone. Mr. Giles was about to leave having nothing further to discuss with the absence of his slayer. He was walking down the hall when Mr. Woods caught up to him.

"Mr. Giles... You got a moment", asked the man.

Giles turned. "What's on your mind", he asked.

Robin gave him a look. "The same thing that's on yours. We got ourselves a problem", he informed the older man looking back in the direction of where they came from, keeping an eye out for the Slayer.

"Angelus", Giles sighed.

"Yeah, if he's as dangerous as you say then the First must be waiting for just the right time to use that against us", Woods replied.

"It does seem doubtful the First simply forgot it had such a powerful".

" Something needs to be done."

Giles whole heartily agreed but he shook his head no. " Buffy would never allow it."

Woods nodded thinking of a way to get around Buffy. "Buffy would listen to her Watcher, wouldn't she", he asked.

"I don't think you have much of an idea of the Watcher-Slayer dynamic", he told the man.

Robin snorted. "As a matter of fact, I was raised by a Watcher", he informed Giles. .

"You were", he asked in aw.

"Bernard Crowley. Took me in when I was a young kid, trained me."

"Crowley. I remember the name. New York based Watcher. Resigned shortly after his slayer was", he trailed off having a new intrest in Woods. "You're Nikki Wood's son." Crowley was one of the first to become personally invested in his slayer's well being. He imagined that in the events of Buffy's untimely death that he would also resign and raise her kids as well.

" Yes."

"Spike killed your mother. And you do know who his sire was", asked the watcher wondering if he knew more about Angelus than he let on in front of Buffy.

Woods took in a deep breath and looked away. "Yes", he replied defeated. He wanted to be the one that took out Spike.

"Does Buffy know this", asked Giles.

"She knows my mother was a slayer. She...doesn't know about Spike."

"And this has nothing to do with personal vengeance? I must tell you that the Slayer …Buffy staked him…Spike a few months ago", Giles told the man hoping to ease some of the pain. He had to know that the man wasn't going to let emotions cloud his judgment if they were really going to plan to kill one of the most vicious vampires in the world.

Woods snorted. "Does it matter? He's an instrument of evil. Now he's gonna prove to be our undoing in this fight, Buffy's undoing, and she will never—never see it coming. Now, I'm talking about what needs to be done... for the greater good, Giles. And you know I'm right."

Giles knew this had about a 90 percent chance of ending badly. "What exactly do you propose?"

Woods grinned. "I just need you to keep Buffy away for a few hours."

Giles and Buffy were walking through the cemetery, talking. It was just like old times.

"I don't know, Giles. Is this really a prime time for a training session", she asked but secretly loving the 'father-daughter' time. She missed being the only one that mattered to Giles.

"I'm still your teacher, Buffy. As adept as you are as a slayer, there are always new things to learn. Now, more than ever, it's crucial to maintain focus on your calling", he informed her.

"In case you haven't noticed, our plates are kinda full right now. Plus, I'm not really sure how I feel about leaving the house plus with Angelus gone", she trailed off.

"For what it's worth everyone at your house seemed...quite relieved at the arrangement. Um, Buffy, uh...while I'm not technically your Watcher anymore, the fact that your life is such chaos only underscores the importance of the lessons I can impart to you."

Buffy sighed. "Fine. Impart away", she commanded resigning to her fate.

Giles smiled softly at the woman he watched grow. "We're on the verge of war. It's time you looked at the big picture", he started.

Buffy looked at him sharply. That was all she ever did. "Hello! All I do is look at the big picture. The other day, I gave an inspirational speech to the telephone repair man", she replied hotly.

They continued to walk the cemetery looking for any fresh vamps. "It takes more than rousing speeches to lead, Buffy. If you're going to be a general, you need to be able to make difficult decisions regardless of cost", he stated carefully.

"Have you seen me with those girls", she asked starting to pace becoming frustrated all over again. "I mean, the way I've treated my friends and my family and... Andrew. Believe me, I know how to make hard decisions", she sighed.

"Well, that's what we're here to find out", the Watcher replied skeptically. A vampire rose from his grave and Giles smiled. "While we work on the basics".

Angelus was on a mission tonight. He saw that man actually have the audacity to walk his girl home. Thanks to the stupid sun the man, Buffy's boss, was able to walk away. Angelus smelt the lust coming off the guy in waves and he knew Buffy knew that the guy wanted to get into her pants.

Angelus wasn't having that. He lifted the flimsy shirt that Buffy discarded from work and took it to his nose. Tonight he had a different agenda.

He didn't know what compiled him to go to the nursery and see his kids but he actually played with them and did fatherly things until the sun went down and he barked for Andrew to watch them.

He quickly left the house finding it odd that faith was gone as well. The closer he le sigh that a slayer was near. He smirked as he saw the man locking up a tool shed.

"Hey asshole", Angelus greeted. Wanting the man to see the vamp that would kill him, Angelus stepped out of the shadows. "I bet you're wondering why I decided to track you down", asked the vampire.

Woods turned around. "I knew it was only a matter of time", the man replied happy that his plan had worked. That was the whole reasons he followed Buffy home and hugged her in front of the door letting his lust for the woman pour out unchecked.

Angelus smiled. "Then you know, me being the protective spouse…simply means I can't let you live".

Woods froze. "What does the Mrs. Have to say about this", he asked.

Angelus shrugged. "Better question…ask me if I care…better yet don't because I truly don't. How about this…I'm a fair guy…I'll give you the first shot."

Giles watched patiently. Buffy was about to stake the vamp but Giles stopped her.

Buffy was not pleased. The vamp was an easy slay. He should have been dust ten minutes ago.

"Because I'm asking you not to", the older man replied.

Buffy rolled her eyes and begun fighting the vamp again. .

"Would you let this vampire live if he began saving the world", he asked carefully.

"Sure", the slayer stated punching the vampire in the face. "Seems like a nice enough guy."

"Thanks", the vampire stated pleased that the girl thought he was nice. "My name's Richard."

Buffy didn't care. "Hey, Rich", she greeted with a punch causing Richard to fall down. "Giles, we had this conversation when I told you that I wouldn't sacrifice Dawn to stop Glory from destroying the world."

Giles remembered. "Ah, yes, but things are different, aren't they? After what you've been through, faced with the same choice now,…you'd let her die."

Buffy hesitated. "If I had save the world. Yes." 'That was a hard question', she thought. The vamp saw her lack of focus and attacked from behind. Buffy just rolled her eyes and threw him off her. "Can I kill this guy yet", she practically begged.

"No. So, you really do understand the difficult decisions you'll have to make? That anyone of us is expendable in this war", he asked.

Buffy was punched in the face. "Have you heard my speeches", she asked punching the vampire right back.

"That we cannot allow any threat that would jeopardize our chances at winning", he asked her.

"Yes, I get it", the slayer replied heatedly.

"And yet there is Angelus".

Faith aimed the crossbow at Angelus back. She was waiting on a clean shot. She personally didn't want to be the one to dust B's hubby but the mission was what mattered. Giles made it perfectly clear that she had to take this shot. Even if she did miss, which didn't happen often, she went to an old contact and brought the poison needed. Faith then put that dipped in this serum that supposedly could knock out a house. She and Woods were suppose to take Angelus as far away from Buffy as possible if the first shot didn't make it.

She watched how Angelus went for the final blow. She closed one of eyes and lifted the crossbow. Without hesitation she made the shot.

Angelus threw Woods into the shed and caught it easily. " .Tsk", he mocked turning to Faith's direction. "You should know better…I knew you were there the whole time", he grinned.

Faith came out of the shadows. "You know we have to end this", she told him. "You're evil".

"Proud of it but it's your funeral…either way. If I win you die and if you win", he snorted clearly amused. "Buff's gonna kill you", he teased in a little sang a long voice.

Faith stilled. She remembered the last time. B wanted her dead and was happy to serve Angel breakfast in bed with her being the meal. "This is bigger than us", she stated. "B would understand".

Angelus shrugged and lunged at her. "I doubt it…my girl got it bad".

Buffy fought as Giles watched on. It was pretty sad fight. The minion was getting pounded on relentlessly.

"Angelus' a liability, Buffy. He refuses to see it, and so do you. Angel saw it…that's why he left the first time. Then you became with an unforeseen child. He hindered you even more. Angel at least fought the good fight but Angelus", he asked. "Angelus is possessive…dangerous, one wrong move and he could turn against you".

Buffy turned to face Giles. This was what the whole night was about. Really? I love Angelus. It may be hard for you to wrap your head around but we need him. I'm in the fight of my life", she shouted.

"Really", asked Richard getting up from his previous fall. He was extremely pleased that the Slayer was having a hard time with trying to kill him.

'Not you, Richard", she sneered punching the vamp once again.

"You want Angelus here even after what he's done to you in the past", asked Giles.

Buffy took a deep breath. "It's different now. We're… mated", she told her watcher thinking of the only reason Angelus was actually playing nice.

"And the First is exploiting that to his advantage", the Watcher warned her.

Buffy froze. Oh, my God", she breathed staking the vampire. "You're stalling me. You're keeping me away", she realized.

"It's time to stop playing the role of general, and start being one", he chastised.

Buffy started to run in the direction of where she knew Angelus was. "This is the way wars are won", he yelled at her retreating form.

Faith went to stake Angelus with one of the poisoned arrows as he hovered over her but he laughed at swatted her away. Faith knew she was going to lose this faith. Angelus was going to kill her.

Woods limply picked up the cross bow and took a shot.

Angelus let go of faith's neck and she coughed violently pushing him off her, making him fall more into the stake.

Angelus pulled the stake out and laughed. "You missed", he taunted struggling to get up. He was suddenly dizzy and blinked his eyes rapidly to try to clear his head.

Woods laughed at the vamp. "I don't want to kill you….suffering is much better", he laughed.

Angelus frowned and ran toward the man intend on ending the guy's life but he felt so tired. He didn't see Faith's punch as she delivered a killer blow. She went to move her stake to his fallen body but a voice halted her.

"If I were you, I wouldn't do that", Buffy called running up to them.

Faith lowered the stake slightly and looked sadly at her sister slayer. "B, you know it needs to be done", she tried to reason before raising it again.

Buffy knocked Faith down kicking the stake from her hand. "I said no", Buff sneered.

Woods looked raised his crossbow. "He needs to die", he shouted.

Buffy looked up at her boss. "You're mother was very strong but slayers die", she told the man. Her voice was hard. She softened it slightly when she remembered who killed Nikki Woods. "The vampire that killed your mother is gone", she stressed.

"Yeah but I'm looking at the reason why he existed", the man sneered.

"If you don't want to join her I suggest you put that down", Buffy ordered.

Faith looked up into the hazel eyes of Buffy and winced.

Buffy frowned as she noticed that Angelus hadn't gotten up. The pain coming from their link hadn't lessened.

She ran over to him as the other watched. "Baby", she asked. Her voice broke as she put his head in her lap. "Baby please…open your eyes lover…let me see your beautiful brown eyes", she pleaded leaning down to kiss his forehead while massaging his face.

Buffy frowned as he was warmer than usual. She looked up at the two responsible. "What did you do to him", she ordered. Angelus wasn't responding to her.

Faith looked on horrified. "B", she croaked.

Angelus groaned and Buffy attention was once more diverted to her mate. "Baby…here let me help you", she stated as he pushed her off and tired to stand.

"Buff", he asked recognizing her scent and leaning into her. He tried not to collapse on her but he failed miserably.

"I'm a get you home", she told heart was pounding to loudly and she couldn't think straight. All she knew was that she had to get home. Angelus needed to get home. She turned to the other two. "Come after him again and he'll kill you. I'll watch as he torture you both to death. Hell I'll be the one handing him the knife. I have a mission to win this war, to save the world. I don't have time for vendettas. The mission is what matters. Faith you should know that."

Buffy tucked her kids into bed and walked into the hallway closing their door softly. Giles came up to Buffy. He didn't want to lose his daughter again. Giles loved Buffy and only wanted what was best for her.

"Buffy...I—I understand your anger. Please believe me, we did what we", he started to say.

"He's alive. Angelus will live. Wood and Faith failed", she told him.

Giles closed his eyes. "Well, that doesn't change anything. What I told you is still true. You need to learn", he ordered.

Buffy looked at Giles with tears filled eyes. Angelus was unconscious in their bedroom and he was sweating with labored breaths.

Buffy had a pretty good idea what Giles ordered the two to do, even with the knowledge that killing Angelus would kill her. "No, I think you've taught me everything I need to know", she informed the watcher with a cold expression.

Buffy closed her door and went over to her mate. She soothed his hair lovingly willing him to wake up before the poison in him got worst. He needed her blood but in ordered to give him that she needed him to wake up.

She leaned over the bed and reached for the knife on the night stand. She was going to see if she could speed the process up. She needed to know rather or not her blood was going to do the trick or if she had to hunt down Faith because all she knew for sure was that her lover wasn't dying.

"Please work", she prayed as she cut her wrist and hovered the open cut under his nose letting a few drops of blood fall on his lips.

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