It has been little over a month since Andromache's death. People are still mourning but life goes on. It has too. Scamandrius grows with each day. I've taken up the role of mothering him. I feel like I have a responsibility to Andromache to look after him. No one seemed to mind. Hector and I have taken things slow. We've only shared stolen glances and brief touches. Hector still needed time to heal and rushing into things to fast after Andromache would be offensive. So we kept our distances. Paris has forgiven me, for now. He still made it clear that he was in love with me, but we remain friends.

I think about all these things while Priska helps me get ready for bed. She has been such a good friend while everything has been going on. Now that Andromache's gone I haven't had anyone to really talk to. Briseis is a good listener and I trust her. It's just that she's so innocent and I don't want to ruin that with all of my dirty mistress drama. Priska has just been there for me. I owe her a lot.

I laid down and closed my tired eyes. I fell into a deep sleep. That's when another vision/dream came. This one was a little different from the rest. It was like I knew what was going on. I already knew the back story. I see Hector all dressed in armor walk out of the huge gates of Troy. He looks determined. The gates slowly close behind him cutting him off from Troy. He stands and looks at his opponent. A man dressed in all black and gold armor. It was obvious he was Greek. I see his chariot and horses beside him. This man also looked determined but something about his air told me that he knew he was going to win this battle. At the thought a pain ripped through my chest.

Hector walks closer to the man in black before coming to a stop a few feet away. There were a few minutes of tense silence. I could feel it all around me. I didn't like what was happening here at all.

"I've seen this moment in my dreams... I'll make a pact with you, with the Gods as our witnesses let us pledge that the winner will allow the loser all the proper funeral rituals." Hector speaks confidently and calmly.

"There are no pacts between lions and men." The man said. I felt my heart drop. I know who this is. This is Achilles. He then stabbed his spear into the ground next to him. He pulled the helmet off his head. Blonde hair spilling out. "Now you know who you're fighting." He said throwing his helmet away. I knew immediately what he was talking about. This is about the boy on the beach. The one that Hector had to kill. It must have been Achilles cousin that Hector had killed. I knew that this was really bad. Hector then took off his helmet and threw it away.

"I thought it was you I was fighting yesterday and I wish it had been you, but I gave the dead boy the honor he deserved." Hector said forcefully.

"You gave him the honor of your sword. You won't have eyes tonight. You won't have ears or a tongue. You will wander the underworld blind, deaf, and dumb and all the dead will know, this is Hector the fool who thought he killed Achilles." Achilles said. I felt my heart break. I know whats going to happen but I can't do anything to stop it. I have to sit and watch.

That's when they started to advance towards each other. Achilles lunged first. Hector dodged it. Achilles strikes again. Jumping and bringing his spear down towards Hector. Hector raised his shield just in time to block the move. The battle gets more intense as the men trade blows but nothing ever lands on its target. For a moment I thought Hector had a chance of maybe defeating Achilles. Hector is a skilled fighter but he is no Achilles. Hector threw away his spear opting for his sword instead. Hector manages to break Achilles spear before pulling out his sword from his shield. He makes a swing a Achilles throat but he dodges it. Then he pulled out his sword. They fight for a moment, hitting each others shields, but eventually Hector is knocked back. He takes a moment then charges again at Achilles. Achilles stands ready to face him. They start at it again but still no one lands any blows. Then Achilles manages to elbow Hector in the face. I wince and want to close my eyes but can't. It's like they are held open. Hector initiates the fighting again. Achilles makes a few controlled moves. It's like Hector has to keep up just trying to fend him off but still no one has been cut yet. Hector manages to skim the top of Achilles breast-plate. Achilles looks down surprised. The Hector charges and lodges his sword between Achilles and his shield. As Hector pulls back his sword he stumbles over a rock and falls. I want to cry out and run to him.

"Get up Prince of Troy. Get up. I won't let a stone take my glory." Achilles says as he stand above Hector who is crawling to Achilles broken spear. He picks it up. He charges at Achilles and the dance continues, but his time Achilles slices into Hector's leg. They stop for a moment. They stand breathing hard and staring each other down. Then Hector charges yet again. Forcing Achilles to back up. Hector is tired and Achilles pushes him backwards. I don't want to watch anymore. Hector moves in again and Achilles takes the broken spear from Hector and in one quick motion the spear is lodged deep in him.

I cry out but there is no sound. I want to run to him but I can't move. Hector falls to his knees and struggles to breath. The spear must have caused his lung to collapse. Hector looks up at Achilles and then up to the wall. On the wall were people watching. He searches to find someone in the crowd. He finds them just as Achilles plunges his sword into his chest. My heart shatters as I struggle to breath. Achilles should just kill me too. Hector falls dead. Achilles quickly gets a rope and ties it to his chariot then he ties the other end to Hector's feet. Achilles gets onto his chariot and rides away, dragging my poor Hector behind him.

I woke up screaming and drenched with sweat. Priska ran in. I could feel the tears streaming down my face.

"Rachel are you alright?" She asked her eyes big with terror. I look at her for a moment and nod.

"I just had a really bad nightmare. Don't worry you can go back to bed." I say shakily. She looks at me skeptically, but then gets up and leaves. I laid back down and tried to go back to sleep but the image of Hector being dragged behind that chariot haunted me. I can't go back to sleep. I know what I have to do.

I get up quickly and quietly. I tip toe out of my room and into the hallway. There is no one out and about at this time of night. I start moving to my destination. I have to see him, make sure he's okay. I move with a purpose. As I turn my last corner I see Cassandra standing in front of Hector's door. I stop surprised. She must have heard me because she looked up at me. I could see little because of the dark but the torches on the wall reveled some things to me. Like Cassandras tear stained cheeks and her sad eyes.

"You saw it too then." She said quietly. She must be talking about the dream. I know Cassandra saw things but I wonder if she's been seeing the same as me. I didn't answer her.

"You know I've had visions since as long as I can remember, but never has one scared me.. not like this one... I know why you're here.. but you will fail.. and he will die anyways.." She said, her face hardening again. She glares at me for a few more seconds before floating away.

Her words sink in. I hope she is wrong but I had this feeling she wasn't. I tried to shake it off.. that feeling. I wait for a moment before moving towards Hector's door. I open it and slip inside. It takes my eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness, but there he was. Sleeping peacefully. For a moment a memory of my 5-year-old self sneaking into my parents bed after a nightmare flashes before my eyes. I look to the crib at the foot of the bed. I walk over and the little prince is sleeping quietly. I smile at him before moving over to the side of the bed.

I quietly slip into the bed. I slide up to Hector's side. That's when I notice he's shirtless. He stirs. I watch as his eyes open. His eyes lock with mine. He must see my stained cheeks because he looks alarmed.

"Rachel whats wrong?" he asks urgently. He goes to sit up but I wrap my arm around him and pull him back down. I shake my head.

"I had a bad dream.. I don't want to sleep alone." I say quietly, he nods.

"Of course you can stay here." he says kissing me on the forehead. He lays back down on his back. I lay my head on his chest, comforted by his slow and steady heartbeat. He wraps his arms around me. I sigh with content. I can feel him fall into a slumber. I look up at him and hold him tighter. Never wanting to let go.

The next morning across the sea

I never knew that Patroclus snored, but here he was in my arms snoring. This has been the best night of my life, and we didn't even do anything but sleep. I know that's not exciting but to me its the best thing in the world. Last night after dinner I asked Patroclus to come a sleep next to me. He did and we exchanged soft kisses and promises. We were both young and in love. It was a great feeling.

I tried to not think about the impending war. I knew that it'd only be a little while longer before the Trojan war. I knew that Patroclus and his cousin had to lose so that I could go home, but I wasn't even sure if I wanted to go home. Alexandria and I haven't really talked about it, but I don't think she wants to leave Eudorus. She never said it out loud but she didn't have to. The way she looked at him. I've never seen her so happy before. He brought her to life and the way he is with Scarlet just melted her heart. I know now that if it was a choice between going home and staying here we wouldn't be able to choose. I looked down at Patroclus sighing as I ran my hands through his hair.

So what does that mean for Rachel? What does that mean for the War? What do we do now?

In Troy..

The sun hit my face. I slowly open my eyes. I find Hector staring at me. I smile.

"Good morning." I say yawning.

"Morning." he says before kissing me softly. I smile against his lips before kissing back. I feel his arm snake around my waist pulling me closer to him. I giggle and put my hand on the side of his face. We just look at each other for a while. Then Scamandrius cries out. I react without even thinking. I get up and pick the prince up. Cooing softly at him. He slowly quiets down and looks up at me with curious eyes.

"Well good morning to you too." I say softly smiling. I feel Hector's eyes on me. I look up at him. He's giving me this look.

"What?" I ask. He just shakes his head.

"We never asked, but you're so good with him I have to ask now.. Rachel were you married? Did you have children of your own once?" he asks quietly. I stop rocking Scamandrius and look up at him shocked.

"No I've never been married. I have no children" I say and I can see Hector's face flood with relief. "I do have.. had a niece once. She'd be four.. I'd loved her like she was mine." I tell him thinking about little Scarlet and my sisters. I miss them a lot. He nods and then there is this silence. It's not awkward but pleasant.

"Well I need to get back to my room." I say before kissing Scamandrius on the forehead.

"Hand him to me." Hector says before I can put him in his crib. I take him over to where Hector is sitting. I gently hand him over. Hector looks up at me and tilts his head asking for a kiss. I slowly lean down and let my lips brush up against him, but not for long. I straighten back up and walked away.

"No fair." he growls. I just smile and leave. An hour later I was dressed and ready to go to breakfast. I was the last one as usual to arrive at breakfast. There was a spot left open in between Hecuba and Briseis. Cassandra was beside her. It was so weird not having Andromache there. I hated her not being here.

"So good for you to join us Rachel." Priam teased me. I just smile and nod. He said a quick prayer to the Gods and began to eat. All of us follow suit. There was the usual conversation, you know the good mornings, and the how did you sleeps, but Cassandra broke that with one little statement.

"Rachel I saw you coming from Hector's room this morning. Is everything alright?" She asked in a calculating move. I freeze and scramble to say the right thing. I could see that everyone was looking at me and Paris looked like he wanted to kill Hector.

"Yes everything is fine. I asked Hector if I could hold Scamandrius for a little while." I say starting back eating. I try not to gauge everyone's reaction. I knew no one would believe that, but no one would call me out on it either. After a few minutes of awkward silence Priam spoke up.

"Menelaus has invited you and your brother to Sparta to finalize the peace agreement." Priam indicated to Hector and Paris. They both nod.

"When do we leave?" Hector asks.

"In two days." Priam replied. I was shocked by how fast they will be leaving. I tried to keep my face like stone but its hard. I can feel Hector looking at me. I look up briefly and our eyes meet. He doesn't want to leave me either.

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