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This is an AU, obviously, of the Season 4 Finale. There are major differences, such as Two counts of Rape has been added, along with my version of 5 years later, according to this story. So if you don't like Rape, leave now. Also, the dialogue is straight from the DVD, and I'm sticking to the dialogue as much as I can, except the parts I change. So, this is basically sticking to the original plot, but with my additions. This will be a F/F, or Katherine/Bree lovestory, and there will only be four parts to this story, unless i decide to go farther in the five year gap. If there's rated M femslash, it'll be after the jump, because i think the two need some plot development before Republican Bree can jump that far in bed, and I don't mean to sleep with her, I mean to have sex with another woman. Having feelings is one thing, but the actual motions are what is strickly taboo for her, in my mind.

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Bonds That Bind Us

Chapter 1 – Hostage

She lay on the bed, her eyes on the wall opposite of Bree's face. She couldn't take the shame of getting her frenemy into a situation that she herself had been trying to avoid. As Wayne thrust into her, she grit her teeth and wished that he would just be done. She heard Bree's sobbing gasp.

"Katherine, move, do something." To Wayne, Bree was begging Katherine to give in, but Katherine knew Bree didn't mean it that way. She was watching Katherine getting pound into, lying still. She was worried that Katherine was dead, and merely wanted to see her move at all to know she was still there with her, even with her injuries.

She turned her head and opened her eyes enough to see Bree's sobbing face, tied to the window seat, trying to get her bound hands free. She looked up into the manic face of her ex-husband. She coughed, trying to keep the blood welling up from internal injuries that were filling her lungs, but it was hard with him on her chest, pushing his pelvis into hers. He slapped her cheek again, turning it a bit redder than it had been the last time he hit it.

*Mary Alice Voiceover*

My old friend Katherine Mayfair didn't think that this was the way that she was going to die. She thought when she and Dylan escaped Wayne the first time, she would die on her own terms, or at least, not on his. As she lay there, she wondered how she got to this point. She and my good friend Bree Hodge will look upon this time for years to come, not as the tragedy as it seems, but the turning point of a new life.

*Flashback: The Mayfair Home*

Katherine burst through the front door, heading right for her purse, but heard the door shut behind her without her prompting.

"What's your hurry, Kathy." She stopped, her face looking up the wall then turning around to see the Wayne lock the door with a grin on his face. She smiled uneasily, and then burst into action, racing for the kitchen. He was immediately after her as she pulled the drawer with her gun open, but he slammed it shut on her wrist. She cried out in pain, clutching her wrist to her chest as he threw her against the door. She slid down the door, crying as she babied her sprained wrist. He opened the drawer again and grabbed the gun. He pointed the gun at her as he scowled.

"What happened to my daughter?" Katherine looked up at him with disgust and hate in her expression.

"I'm not telling you anything. So you might as well kill me. I don't care." She held her wrist firm, sitting against the door, shaking her head.

"I believe you. I do." He smiled in a way that made her uneasy, so she looked down. "But what about Dylan?" She looked up, fear written across her features. "Or should I say 'that girl that lives here with you'? I bet you'd care if I killed her." She kept staring at him with hate.

*Mary Alice*

It was at this same time that Adam Mayfair had his first taste of freedom from captivity by the same crazy man that at this moment held Adam's wife Katherine hostage.

*Flashback: Outside the Warehouse*

Adam stumbled forward into the daylight just as a car pulled up to him.

"Oh, my God, are you okay?" The guys asked, unbuckling his seat belt to help Adam. "Do you need some help?" Adam reached for the door.

"Yes." He opened the door, reached in, and grabbed the man, throwing him out of the car. He got in and before leaving, he turned to the man and nodded. "Thanks for stopping." He sped off towards Wisteria Lane.

*Mary Alice*

No matter how safe homes are meant to feel for us, there's always an intruder just waiting to infiltrate that last safe haven.

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