A/N I still have been watching lots and lots of reruns of Desperate Housewives, mainly Seasons 4-6 where Katherine Mayfair, played by the beautiful, talented, and all around awesome actress Dana Delany was living on Wisteria Lane. I am a Katherine/Bree fan!

This is AU Season 4 Finale.

Disclaimer: I do not own Desperate Housewives, Katherine Mayfair, Bree Hodge, or any characters associated. I'm merely borrowing them.

Bonds That Bind Us

Epilogue - 5 years later

*Mary Alice Voiceover*

There is a ritual my friends have observed for years. Once a week, they meet to play a game of cards and talk about their lives. Of course, there's another aspect to these gatherings that has nothing to do with gossip or poker. Every seven days, my friends are reminded of a basic human truth. There is nothing more important than friendships that endure. Especially in a world that insists on changing.

The five women sat at the poker table laughing and chatting at Gabrielle's house. Bree is done up with her hair in a chignon wearing a business suit. Lynette has her regrown shoulder length blonde hair, and Susan looks a little worn around the edges. Katherine looks stunning and is all real smiles. Gabrielle looks the most run down, with messy shoulder length hair and a shirt that looked like it was from Walmart. Gasp.

(Gabrielle's House)

Okay. My friends are gone. I'm ready to fix you dinner. What the hell are you doing?

"Hey, Mommy, we're playing fashion model!" Juanita sat on Gabrielle's bed with her friend Julianne, Katherine's daughter that was over for the night and they had make up on their faces.

"Look at this mess. You are lucky I got in here before you touched my dresses." Juanita had a suddenly scared look in her eye as Julianne tried not to laugh. Juanita turned to something behind Gabrielle.

"Run, Celia, run!" Gabrielle turned around just in time to see Celia run out in a gold dress.

"My Vera Wang!" She said in disbelief, before anger settled on her face, chasing her daughter followed by the laughter of the two girls.

(Bree's POV)

"I'm home." Bree called out, smiling as she stepped in the door.

"Oh, thank God. The publisher sent over the galleys for the cookbook. He needs you to proof them tonight. I've also got the woman from The New York Times on the phone. She wants to do the interview now. Little Mayfair is in bed, no problems." Bree smiled at her older son's nickname for her four year old son.

"Is that you, Bree? The water's getting cold." Adam's voice filtered down from above. She looked up the stairs for a second then turned back to Andrew. "Leave the galleys in my office and tell the woman from the Times to call me back in the morning." Andrew nodded as Bree looked back up the stairs with a smile. "I'm going to have a nice bubble bath with my man." She turned to the stairs, smiling. "Coming, Adam!" Her eyes flitted to her eldest son with a grin.

(Katherine's POV)

It's me, Mom. I'm back from Paris. It was just as gorgeous as you said it would be. And you're not going to believe this… Bradley finally asked me to marry him right there under the Eiffel Tower. I'm so happy! Call me back." Katherine smiled, listening to the voicemail from Dylan as she sat in the rocking chair next to Julianne's bed, which was empty because Julianne was spending the night at Gabrielle's with Juanita and Celia. Her half-son was in the other bed on her other side, already tucked away by his father. She heard Adam and Bree in the bathtub, having some time to themselves. She smiled and she pulled her earrings off, and let her hand trail over the trio's beautiful newborn son.

She loved her partners dearly and was happy that they got through such a trying time and were able to make such a beautiful life together with the most supporting friends and family. Both of the children came out of her, but they were just as much Bree's, and it seemed they somehow got some of her perfect features as well.

She stood and toed her heels off to let them sit under her bed, and she strolled into the hall, leaning against the doorjam, she grinned at the loves of her life. Bree lay against Adam's chest in the tub, his hands massaging soap into her back. They looked up and smiled at her entrance. They were comfortable in life and loved each other and all of their children. What more could anyone ask for?