My Parents

By: In Between Daydreams

Let me describe my parents to you with an antonym. Normal. My mother, or as I like to call her "Mom" is a trained assassin. My father, or "Dad" has been a cop for most of his years. They actually met because of law enforcement. When my mother became a liaison from the Israeli Mossad to NCIS, they met. If you think that this was love at first sight, you must be in some alternate reality because it was anything but that. My mom and dad "Got together" because my mom's old boyfriend was a real, well my dad says I can't use that word yet, but he travled a lot. He worked for the CIA, never called, and tried to propose without a ring. Yeah mom, nice taste in men. Well, most men. My dad's pretty awesome. So, back to the point. My parents are not normal. When they get angry at each other, they either argue in Italian or Spanish. Those are two of the 10 languages my mother speaks and two out of the four that my dad speaks. Either way I do not speak either fluently. I actually googled some of words they use when they argue on the translator. All I could do was open my eyes wide and make my mouth into an "o" shape. Though when they aren't arguing, my mom might jump on my dad's back and then they end up kissing. A lot of kissing. And sometimes my mom is just making me dinner when my dad just runs into the kitchen, cups her face in his hands and, well more kissing ensues. Even when they argue it ends it affection of all sorts. Now I actually sleep with my iPod and the headphones I got for Hanukah. Now onto the story of how I came to be. Even that is unconventional. Well do you remember how I told you that the reason I came to be was because my mother's wonderful boyfriend? He had accused her of cheating with my dad. It takes a lot to get through to my mother's emotions. I only know three other people with the skill and the audacity to get my mother emotional. These three other people just happened to be my father; my pap, Gibbs; and my Grandfather Eli. Don't even get me started on him right now, I will tell you about him later. Anyhow, back to my mothers old boyfriend. I don't know how, but in a timeframe of four minutes, he managed to wrongly accuse my mother and end up with a face worthy of the celebrity "Worst Plastic Surgery Top 10". She called my dad and said she needed to talk to someone. They ended up talking, then kissing, then other things. They continued to do such activity, enough in fact, that I, Aiden David DiNozzo, now exist. My dad can still get to my mother, though for completely different reasons then CIA guy. He asked uncle McGee to make a slideshow of pictures of my mom and dad and some of me. Yes. I am the reason they are bonded by blood. My dad actually proposed to her 5 minutes after I was born. My pap, Gibbs, made me a little pink crib. Well after he made it, he painted it pink. No matter how much my parents argue, which they tend to do a lot, one of them brings up that this is probably making their daughter upset and they have to stop. Sometimes they don't even have enough time to apologize before I hear giggling and my parents bedroom door close. Don't get me wrong, I'm fourteen years old. I know what goes on in there. Our neighbor sometimes comes knocks on our front door to ask my parents to quiet down. I know they love each other I see and hear enough to figure that out. I don't care what it took, but they are together. They're both a little screwed up and it works. I swear even the way their hands fit together seems utterly impeccable. Well now you know how weird my parents are and how messed up I'll probably turn out. Well I guess nobody's perfect.