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It comes as no surprise to anyone (especially Santana who, after two and a half years on the Cheerios knows a) just how dangerous those routines of Sue Sylvester's are, and b) how fucking agile Brittany really is) when Brittany takes the Ohio State Women's Under 18 Motocross Championship for the second year in a row.

What does come as a surprise, however, is the very slick looking guy in the suit who approaches an ecstatic Brittany after the race with both his card and an almost Faustian deal. Santana is immediately wary; she doesn't like the looks of this guy at all. For one thing, he's way overdressed for a motocross meet. He's wearing a suit and shiny lace-up shoes and he tiptoes delicately through the mud alongside the track. His hair is slicked back with way too much product and Santana just doesn't trust anyone with Will Schuester hair, besides Will Schuester (and some days, even he is questionable). His watch is too large and his smile too bright and well… let's just say she doesn't like the looks of him. Period.

Brittany is flabbergasted by the deal. Amid her family and her coach, her teammates and Santana, there is not a closed mouth when the guy offers Brittany a spot on the MX2011 Power-Ade Summer Motocross Tour. The opportunity comes with a healthy sum of money, full sponsorship of gear, clothing, travel expenses, and (Santana sees Britt's eyes glaze over with something like lust when it's mentioned) a brand new Kawasaki KX450F for her to keep at the end of the tour.

The offer means Brittany will have to give up her amateur status. It means she'll need to leave right away to start training for the show, which kicks off the east coast leg of the tour in just two weeks. It means she'll be gone all summer. Santana wants to tell her to say no, to tell her not to trust this sleazeball devil with his shiny shoes and too-good-to-be-true offers.

Fortunately for Santana, Brittany's dad is no dummy. And he's also no pushover. At 6'2 with a blonde ponytail to rival his daughter's and the patches of several Hell's Angels' rallies on his leather jacket, his imposing figure steps right up to Mr. Slick and tells him that, as Brittany's agent, his lawyers will need to look over any and all contracts before Brittany can consider his offer. The wattage of Mr. Inappropriate Footwear's smile dims. Still, he pulls a heavy envelope from inside his jacket pocket and passes it over. He will be in touch, and would Ms. Pierce please, please consider his offer?

With his departure, the group goes back to celebrating, cheering on both Brittany's exciting win, but also the most astonishing news. Well, most of the group. Santana is not so thrilled with the idea that Brittany might be leaving for the summer. Not this summer. This summer was supposed to be her time to get her shit together, woo Brittany, work on their relationship, and start making a plan for being together at school next year. This fucking summer was supposed to be about love: Brittany and Santana love. It was not supposed to be about Brittany touring the country all summer showing off her motorcycle skills to horny teenage boys, or worse, horny teenage girls, all of whom want an autograph, a hug, a ride on her bike, a visit to her hotel room… Santana shakes her head to clear that thought, but realizes that she is suddenly nauseated and not at all in the celebrating mood.

The party moves to the Pierce household and it is not until hours later that Santana can get Mr. Pierce alone and in a serious enough mood to discuss her misgivings about Brittany's offer. He assures her that he absolutely has Brittany's best interest at heart and that it is probably a bogus offer anyway and not to worry.

Mr. Pierce has several lawyer clients who bring their Harleys in to his bike shop for repairs, and after the third one in as many days looks over the offer and pronounces it sound, Brittany starts giving some serious thought to going on tour.

The Pierces aren't rich and the salary for 3 months touring is more than Mrs. Pierce makes all year at her teaching job, so this opportunity is a big one for Brittany. Giving up her amateur status is no big deal. Frankly, there's not a lot further she can go as an amateur anyway. And now that she's off the Cheerios, there's no expensive and exhausting cheerleading camp to attend this summer. Brittany passed all of her classes, so she doesn't even have to attend summer school. There is nothing keeping her from signing that contract and going on tour. Nothing, except for one person: Santana Lopez.