AN: Okay, so here's my new fic. I hope you guys like it. This one is dedicated to my Cuddle Bug…you know who you are…heehee. What do I need to—Oh! Yes, the show mentioned is fictional; I made it might seem like this show or that and that is because I am just morphing some of my favorite comedies and dramas together…but these characters are all mine…and if later in life you see these characters again, then you'll know that I've cracked my way into show business and I'm writing TV scripts…but that's far off..this is now… And here it is:

Dr. Remy 'Thirteen' Hadley was a mystery to most. She could play video and beat her competitors. She could come up with the most creative, unexpected diseases during differentials. She could kill someone with a stare and never think twice about it. She could hide herself so completely that even her boss couldn't figure her out…and that was really just for fun. After he found out about her Huntington's, she really didn't have anything to hide…she just did to fuck with him.

She did and was all of these things because they were unexpected, they didn't seem like something she could do. She did love them and the fact that they were so out of her character that they were in her character. But the thing that she loved that was truly and completely out of her character was write. She loved to use that creative outlet….she actually..she really loved writing fanfiction. She particularly liked writing for her favorite show, 'My Other Halves'. It was a dramedy about a tight nit group of friends. The main character Elise seems to never date, but she watches all of her friends inter-date and while she wishes she could be apart of all that drama-lama…she's glad she's not. She made a chart in a recent episode of all of their relationships and how they have inter-connected so many times it looks like a very detailed, very messy spider-web.

She likes to write for her favorite two characters, Elise being one—because she thinks that Elise needs to start boning, and this other little chickadee that became a part of the group a season or two ago: Amie. They probably would never, ever get together because..well they are two women and that is still uncommon…it's acceptable…but uncommon…but she will root for them and write for them because she wants them to happen. But that's all besides the point.

The point is Dr. Hadley is mysterious and one of those mysterious qualities is her writing… She thought she was pretty good too! The reviews would just come. She always loved hearing from one reviewer in particular… And she was thinking of this certain reviewer as she finished up her first chapter of her newest fic:

Once upon a time… why do fairy tales start that way? 'Once upon a time'. And why do most take place when castles and horses were the choice homes and modes of transportation? 'A time' that's any time or place that 'once' could happen 'upon', not just the medieval period. This, in its own right, is a fairy tale, but it didn't happen 'once upon a time'; it just… happened.

Thirteen smiled as she finished and began muttering to herself as she did the actions of her next moves on her computer, "Save. Close. W W W…fanf—ahh there you are. Login. RealOtherHalf. Enter. Publish. Doc Manager. Upload. And New Story…uh huh, uh huh…got it…aaaannnnnnd BAM!" The young brunette doctor had her chapter uploaded.

"Oh amc4love, you will enjoy this chapter…you will enjoy it so much, you will review, then message me. Then I'll ask you out on another 'message date' as we so creatively named it." Message dates were created by Thirteen and amc4love. They were a way for them to basically IM on fanfic messaging. She didn't know what amc4love—A for short—did, but she would hang out at her house with a glass of wine when she could…she really wanted to feel like they were on a date.

It was a rather confusing relationship that Thirteen and A had. Thirteen could probably fully commit herself to this girl…if she wasn't some nasty perv creeper dude…she really didn't think she was…she had this gut feeling that she was beautiful. See…they started messaging each other soon after Remy began responding to A's reviews. They began getting to know each other. Thirteen told her everything about her childhood, everything about her life…she never mentioned her disease, but she did mention that she was sick once or twice. She told A that she was a doctor, only to learn that A was a doctor too.

The messages progressed into a dependency. It became her only link to the person she knew she loved…the only person she committed to. A didn't know that, but it was true. They never exchanged phone numbers or names, but they exchanged everything else possible through messaging each other.

Remy cracked her neck and snuggled into her bed after she put her laptop to sleep. She began dozing before actually falling asleep. She was had the weirdest dream… She was finally meeting A…and A was Cameron. And Cameron was more than happy that Thirteen was in fact RealOtherHalf. She jumped up, completely awake and let the dream sink in, "Well…that was new…not new, but…" She looked at her clock right as the minute changed and her alarm began going off. "And so the day begins…" She shook her head and got out of her bed to get ready for the day.


Cameron woke up that morning to her phone letting her know that she had a new e-mail. It was a New Chapter Alert…meaning new story alert from her favorite fanfiction author.

She can't help herself, she just loves 'My Other Halves'…and she just loves the idea of Elise and Amie as a couple… They would be really, really, really good and cute and epic together… And she was in love with RealOtherHalf…there was just something so familiar and completely intriguing about this author. She just couldn't put her finger on it…she was hoping to have another message date soon…She had been wanting to talk to her for a while, but wasn't sure how to address it, or she was just too damn busy. Either way…she wanted to talk to her…she missed her actually..even though they message each other constantly…she just…Wanted to be with RealOtherHalf and get to know her…she wanted to know where this doctor lived and first and foremost…she wanted to know her name, before she let R fully capture her heart…

This was one thing that she tried and successfully kept from House. She knew that if he found out he would begin making fun of her…and once he realized what kind of 'ship' she loved to read, she knew that he would find out her sexual orientation…which was something she wasn't ashamed of by any means, she just knew that House knowing she was bisexual would cause problems… She and she was right…look at what happened daily to Thirteen… That was one thing she didn't want to have to deal with him about..well two things… Her fanfiction reading and her bisexuality.

She did everything at top speed that morning. She ran faster, showered quicker and made it into work a good 'reading a new chapter' amount of time before she actually had to face the day.

After reading the chapter, she knew she just had to review…then message R. She hoped that R wasn't too busy this morning. Maybe they could chat a little before she had to work…


House limped into his office that morning…he was in a mood. He didn't know what kind of mood, but her knew he wanted to fuck with people…maybe not in a mean way for once…but he wanted to have a little fun.

He sent his minions to look for a case after they all got there. He saw that the lesbian left her laptop at the table…and he realized that he had never gone through it. 'How the fuck?...' He thought as he limped his way over to it and sat down at the table before her computer. He thought about what he should do, then decided to look at her recent documents before he broke into her email…

He began reading the first few sentences of what he thought was going to be a medical paper she was working on, only to find….fanfiction? He was all too curious now and went to her e-mail. He didn't read the new ones because he didn't trust the mark as new tab and all of this was just too good for her to find out before he had any fun.

He clicked on an old email that had the same beginning as the one he was most curious about: the New Message kind from fanficiton…then he decided to read it. He needed more. He went to fanfiction up in the address window and clicked on an older conversation from the same username…and there was one that was already purple, so he was in luck.

He read the text and the times….it was a conversation. A literal conversation vi message on fanfiction. "OH. My. God." He said aloud…he was so excited about the information he found, not only the fanfiction stuff, but the messages in the fanfiction stuff, he had to repeat himself, "Oh. My. God."

He got up from the table, put the computer back to sleep and got back to his office chair when the ducklings came in with nothing. He stared at Thirteen for a moment…just studying her..trying to figure out how she could possibly that much of a romantic…he read the conversation in its entirety and there were a lot of compliments given and received and a lot of phrases that only an utter romantic could say…something he never thought Thirteen could ever be….

He told them that he would go bug Cameron until she gave them something. He limped into Cameron's office unannounced, "Cameron, Cammy, Camster! I know you're hiding something good so you can…" She wasn't in her office…but her glowing computer screen called his name…so like a moth to a flame… 'Maybe there's something I've never learned about Cameron that she's not hiding so much now that she doesn't work for me.'

Oh how he knew her too well. He did the same thing he did to Thirteen…except there was nothing in her documents..except documents…But when he dug up her email, he found something all too familiar.

"Oh. My. God."

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