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There was someone on his property, someone whistling as they trotted around his private land. 'Ignore it.' He told himself, pressing his eyes back shut and finally pulling a pillow over his head. He could still hear it. He groaned, rolling over and trying to go back to sleep. After the week he'd had, after everything he'd been through, that was all he wanted, sleep. Glorious sleep.

But that fucking whistling was the most annoying thing he'd ever heard. It permeated his mind, even through his flimsy pillow shelter. The stupid little melody made his ears ring and he had to resist the urge to claw at them as his anger rose.

He just wanted to sleep. Was that too much to ask? Just him, in the woods, on his posted, private property, in bed, asleep. Middle of the day or not, he deserved to sleep!

Growling, he threw the pillow off his head and quickly tugged on his jeans. He was going to find who ever was traipsing around his land and make sure they never whistled again. No matter what he had to do.

Once he stepped out of the shell of a house it was easy to find the trespasser, the whistling they did leading a trail to them. As he neared he shoved his hands into his jacket pockets, clearing his face and turning into the thicket of trees the sound was in.

And they're they were, the whistling devil that ruined his sleep. And they were a... Girl?

Derek's brow raised, an almost visible expression of shock in his eyes. He hadn't expected his annoyance to be female. He couldn't beat the whistle out of a girl.

He watched her for a moment as she sat in her own little world under the shade of a tree. She was relatively bundled up in the Winter chill, tight jeans tucked into knee high black laced moccasins, a thick hunter green cardigan over a white vneck longsleeve. She had a set of grey lace gloves on her hands and an oversized newsboy cap that matched, It went over her ears ad her hair seemed to be tucked into it. Her head was leaned back against the tree in a picture of relaxation, her face hidden in a slant of shadow.

She took a stop in her whistling and Derek finally took a step into the area, his arms crossed. "This is private property." He said loudly, stopping when he was a few yards away.

The girl gasped, jumping up and placing a gloved hand at her chest. Her heart beat wildly and her hat tumbled off her head in the rush. "You...you scared me!" She said, her voice light but breathless.

Derek's glare softened as he studied her. She looked like a doll. Her skin was fair with almost invisible freckles over her nose and cheeks, which were tinged pink with an embarrassed blush. Her cupids bow mouth was turned in a perpetual pout and she looked at him with big, wide, innocent blue eyes.

The hand that was pressed against her chest moved up to push her pale blonde hair out of her face and she let out a shaking breath. "I'm sorry, I didn't know." She apologized, crossing her arms to hide her shaking hands. Derek watched her closely, there was something off about her. "I thought they were just...woods." She was looking down at the ground, the toe of her boot shuffling a stick on the leaf covered forrest floor.

Her heart was beating fast, the sound echoing in the break of woods. It was pounding in her chest like a caged bird, her body tight as if she were waiting for him to pounce. Her big eyes flashed up to his for a fraction of a second, the big blue orbs clashing with his narrowed green ones. She took a sharp intake of breath, her small nose twitching.

And then she bolted.

Her feet hit the forrest floor like they were on fire, the wind whipping her blonde hair back and her hat completely forgotten before him.

Derek was able to stamp down the urge to chase her, until he noticed just how fast she was going. Far faster than a human should be able to.

It seems his sleep was going to have to be postponed.

He tore after her, much quicker now that he was an alpha. But with her small size she was far more slippery.

She ran on her feet, and he did too, following as she jumped over bushes and made sharp turns around trees. She didn't chance any glances behind her as she ran, a smart move, but Derek could hear her breathing come in pants. The smell of her fear and nerves made him run faster, almost catching her.

But then she hit the road, a black motorcycle waiting by the side. She wouldn't have a chance to start it though.

She turned sharply, leveling a shockingly painful kick to the center of his chest. It knocked him back, slamming him against a tree as she put herself on the bike and kicking it on. The run and the kick took the breath out of him and he let out a growl as she zoomed off.

Just before she was out of range she turned around, giving him a glance of her big eyes glowing and her sharp canines peeking out of her pouty mouth.

Groaning as he slid down the tree, Derek cursed, his claws tearing at the bark behind him. "I'm never going to get a break." His chest still ached and he turned back to the spot he'd first saw the whistling girl, reaching down he grabbed the hat she left and rubbed his chest.

The girl had packed quite the kick, and now he had her scent. His eyes glowed red as he stared down at the hat, he'd find out why another Were was in his area. He was Alpha now, he was in charge. He didn't need a random girl wrecking havoc while he was still trying to solve the last of it.



"Shit, Shit, shit." The blonde cursed, letting the black motorcycle slide to a stop as she left the woods behind. And left the Alpha as well. "Son of a bitch!" She slapped her own legs, hissing as she felt the sting of her claws slice through her jeans. She watched with blank eyes as the cuts fuzed back together, not leaving the faintest mark behind. Taking a deep breath she calmed herself, her teeth returning to normal and her nails slidding back to the normal manicured tips. She frowned at her gloves, but pushed it away. There were bigger things to worry about than ruined accessories. Like making enemies with an Alpha on first sight. "Stupid, stupid girl." She growled, pushing her hair out of her face. She should have stayed, or let him catch her, or at the very least she shouldn't have kicked him. "Oh God, if he thinks I challenged him I'm dead!" She whined, aware she was talking to herself but not caring much. She was too busy berating herself for traveling into the woods to care. She hadn't expected there to be another Were in the medium sized town, it didn't even have a Starbucks for Christ sakes, but apparently it had a werewolf. She clenched her fist to tamp down on her anger. She'd been too quick to pick Beacon Hills as her new home, drawn by the woods and small size. She should have known it be a werewolf haven. She growled and grit her teeth, trying to figure out her next move. She could go back to town and the tiny house she'd spent most of her cash on or she-

Was cut of by the sound of tires behind her and she almost screamed in fear, her body going stiff as she turned slowly to look behind her. Praying with all her might it wasn't the Alpha.

A police cruiser. 'Can today get any worse?' She asked, shaking her head and turning the bike off under her. She glanced down and spotted her helmet still hooked to the side of her bike, with a hard press of her heel she broke the thin chain that kept it there, making it look like she just took it off.

"There aren't many motorcycles around Beacon." The officer said calmly as he walked up to her side, he had a kind smile on his face and the blonde shot one back. "You passing through or are you new here?" He didn't have his ticket book out, but it could always be in his back pocket.

"I'm new." She answered quickly, her hands on her lap, one foot was on her helmet the other on the ground, balancing the bike. "And so is the bike." She gave a laugh, praying she didn't arise suspicion. She didn't need an alpha and the cops on her.

"I'm sure you'll like it here." The officer, Sheriff Stelinski, was all smiles as he asked to see her liscence and registration. Both things she pulled out of a secret compartment by the back tire. "A Ducati, pretty expensive Miss..." He looked at the name and the blonde attributed his confusion to the spelling.

"Its Ofelia, just like in Hamlet on the spelling is Spanish, as is the surname, Rosénte." The liscence was Australian and Sheriff Stelinski handed it back with a raised brow.

"How long have you been in America, Miss Ofelia Rosénte?" He asked, crossing his arms. Ofelia knew why he asked, a clearly American girl,

with no accent and a Spainish name. It was quite the mix.

"Just a week, sir." She lied carefully, not knowing what the rules on liscence change was in the area. "My bike just got here from my home in Australia and I was taking it for a spin." She gave her best innocent smile, placing her papers back where they belonged.

The man tapped his boot on the side of her helmet giving her a knowing look, "Without this? You could get hurt, Miss Rosénte, your too young to be so reckless."

Ofelia smiled, pointing to the phone that laid in a dock on the handle bars. "I got a call and pulled over, it was my father." She made a show of pointing that the helmet was laying on the road, as if she'd only just taken it off.

The Sheriff chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. "If only I could get my teenager to answer his phone, though I'm glad you pulled over." He nodded to the girl, crossing his arms back as she wonder why he pulled her over.

Ofelia shrugged, "Well, I guess when you turn 20 the teen angst fades away." She laughed, nodding her head stopping when she realized she looked like an idiot. "So, is there a reason you stopped?" She asked, trying not to seem rude.

The Sheriff took a step back, "Just the helmet and the fact that the bike was out of place, Miss." He told her, "You'll need to goto the Department of Motor Vehicles soon and get those liscences taken care of soon though." He nodded, clapping his hands.

The noise made her flinch, but she hid hit with a jerky nod. "Yes, sir." She agreed, grabbing her helmet and placing it on her lap. The Sheriff didn't move though, just stood there almost awkward. She could smell a hint of anxiety as he rubbed the back of his neck again.

"If you don't mind me asking, your name...and your accent, you don't sound Australian or Spanish." He waved a hand at her and she smiled.

"I was adopted, shortly after I was born. My adoptive parents moved us to Sidney, Australia when I was 16." She kept her smile in place as she lied smoothly, laying a hand on her helmet.

The Sheriff gave another nod and a small smile, before finally motioning for her to go. She tugged her helmet on and kicked the motorcycle into gear, pulling out of the woods and finally out of the Alpha's path.

Sheriff Stelinski slid into his cruiser just as Derek Hale's Camaro drove past him, he resisted the urge to give chase.

Stiles had been quick to admit that Derek hadn't been at the school, and hadn't murdered those people. Scott had agreed, saying he didn't know why he'd accused Derek Hale when it had been Peter Hale.

The body that his son had pointed out in Peter's old nurse's trunk had proved the man was a murderer, the only problem was that they couldn't find him.

And even after he'd been questioned, Derek proved to know nothing.



Ofelia locked both dead bolts to her small house's door, as well as the chain and handle. Her breathing was heavy from running up the stairs.

She was tired of running though, so very tired.

She'd lost everything she'd ever loved, and now she just wanted a moment of peace. Of freedom. Rest.

But it seemed Beacon Hills was not where she was going to get that rest, not with an angry Alpha. Who knew how many betas he had in his pack, but she knew she didn't want to be one of them.

Not after her last pack. Not after her first family.

Sighing, she took off her moccasins and kicked them in the corner, leaving a trail of clothing in the hallway as she slugged her way to the bedroom. Boxes littered the house, waiting to be unpacked but she paid them no mind as she slid betwen the clean white sheet. Her head sunk into her pillow and her eyes slid shut, the last thing she saw was the necklace on her nightstand, holding the locket she couldn't bring herself to touch anymore.



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