Chapter 6

T'Rauna walked onto the science vessel with her simian assistant T'Dee, and walked right up to Jimmy's hovel. She was a tall woman with a craggy face, and she was so interested in Jimmy that she didn't visit her brother's body. She was a muscular woman with veiny arms, and muscular legs. She had on a high cut dress, glasses, and a large, tablet computer. "Jimmy, remove your face shield."

He moved the mask off his face, and walked closer to the mirror. T'Nalia was standing between T'Rauna and her assistant, T'Dee. 'He's so young," T'Dee said. He pulled out his palm computer, and it entered into the room, and took pictures of Jimmy. It also analyzed the kid from head to toe.

"T'Rauna, you're the surgeon of Glassco University Medical School," Jimmy said.

"How do you know that?" She asked. "Did T'Nalia tell you?"

"Let's say she did," he said, ""With a few modifications to your brother's pain inhibitor, I believe it will deaden my powers of decay."

She looked at him for a minute. "How would we cut into your flesh?" She asked. "We're detecting that you're a Kryptonian."

"With a blue kryptonite ray," he said, "It will have to be done with a robot."

"Where will we get blue kryptonite?" T'Dee asked.

Jimmy pointed to T'Nalia.

"Me?" T'Nalia asked.

He passed an algorithm through the slot, and T'Nalia grabbed it. "Search for a rock matching that mathematical equation."

"Okay," T'Nalia said.

"You know a lot about this," T'Rauna said.

"I've studied it," he said, "You're the one person who can do this for me."

"All for love?" T'Rauna asked.

"Yes," Jimmy said, "I don't want to be coy about my intentions."

T'Nalia watched T'Rauna perform all types of test on Jimmy for two weeks straight. Jimmy was telling T'Rauna about conversations that he never had with her, but his information was scary accurate. He knew things that took place that were classified with the Lantern Corp, and it frightened her. She didn't have any idea where he was getting his information. In addition, he knew exactly what test T'Rauna had to run, and the exact outcome of them. He gave her everything she needed, even when she had missed a step. Jimmy talked to T'Rauna like they had been friends for years, and she was afraid to ask him about it. When she sat on her cot in front of Jimmy's hovel, he started explaining himself to her. "I didn't know we would meet in the way we did," he said, "In my dream, I left my world under my own volition, and my ship ran out of fuel. Your science vessel picked up my ship, and I explained to them that my world didn't want me so I left. I met Dunak during that time, and he told me about the magical device that he built. He told me that his sister could implant the device in me to stop my powers of decay. I met you when you're working on your "T", and we fell deeply in love. Once you obtained your "T" you went off to Oa to train, but when you returned, I had already received my ring. " He sat down on his cot, and continued to talk. "In my dream, we freed thousands of worlds from bondage," he said, "We had three kids."

"What?" She asked. "What's wrong?"

"The Green Lantern Corp attacked us," he said, "I lost you in a major battle on Oa. I became so enraged over losing you that my powers overcame the inhibitor, and I killed thousands of Lanterns on Oa. It was nearly one hundred thousand Lanterns."

"So I died?" She asked.

"Yes," he said. "The timeline has changed for some reason. "You're already a 'T' and a Lantern at the age of nineteen," he said with a serious countenance. "Isn't that strange? In my dreams, you were never labeled the Blue Ghost. You never took down a monster."

"What would cause the timeline to change?" She asked.

"Don't know," he said, "But you never lied to me in my dream. I just know when the ring came that you were my wife and my teacher. I was great because of you. You taught me how to wield the ring to bring peace instead of war, to heal instead of hurt, and to thrive instead of perish."

She folded her arms, and had a worried look on her face. "This is all crazy. What happened with the inhibitor?" She paced back and forth because what Jimmy told her was disconcerting on the highest level.

"Dunak Naulia became D. T'Naulia in my dream,and went on to head Glassco University, but he warned me about the device," he said, "He told me it could malfunction."

"So, you were back in the same place?" She asked. "You were back to being untouchable?"

"No," he said, "You taught me how to control it." He paused for a second. T'Nalia turned her back to Jimmy, and was about to leave the area when he said, "I was great because of you, T'Nalia. You helped me grow. You didn't stand in my way," he said, "You understood that I was the Yellow Lantern ring bearer."

"We'll be on Doraxia within a month," she said. She looked back at him over her right shoulder. "Please no more about your dreams. I'm completely flummoxed by them, by you, by all of this, Jimmy. I don't even know where to begin with any of this, and if you are this great Yellow Lantern, I can't see how we'll mesh with or without your powers of decay."

"Can't love survive anything?" He asked.

"Not that. Never that," she said. She walked away, and didn't look back to see what Jimmy was doing.

T'Nalia walked to her quarters, and felt a strong animus for the idea that Jimmy knew her from a dream. She didn't believe that at all, and wanted to check his assertions because before a couple of months ago, she wouldn't have believed a being like Jimmy existed at all. She looked deep within her feelings, and wondered how her heart felt with what she learned, and for some reason, she wasn't heart-whole at all. She thought spending the last two weeks of listening to him say things that didn't make any sense would cause her to decathect from him, but it didn't. Jimmy said to her on several occasions that she needed to stop her feelings for him, but she resisted. And then she wondered why she was drawn to him like it was destiny, so she decided to search the Lantern Archives for any anomalies.

"Computer, in the last four months, have there been any notable temporal events?" She asked. She was a cynic to what Jimmy was saying because he seemed to be infatuated with her so badly that she thought he was playing some kind of sick game. Anything was possible in the realm of love, but she didn't have any plans to marry, but why did Jimmy seem so right.

"Sector 2814 there was a temporal tear and a time shift," the computer said. Placing her hands on her forehead, she thought she was going to pass out on the floor. She didn't have a clue what a temporal shift in the timeline meant, and she stood in the middle of her room completely befuddled.

"What does that mean?" She asked. "Does this affect Doraxia?" She sat on her bed for a moment because she didn't know if she wanted to hear the answer. In some ways, she thought she already knew the answer, and she knew it would be a resounding, "Yes." She just wanted the computer to say it without her having to guess.

"Indeed. A temporal tear sends a wave of change throughout the Universe," the computer said.

"When did I attend the Lantern Corp?" She asked.

"We have two dates of entries and two dates of exits," the computer said, "Stardates 57.29.00 and 62.91.00 are the two entry dates," the computer said, "and the exit dates are Stardates 57.102.00 and 62.203.00."

"How do you have dates that haven't happened?" She asked.

"The latter dates were saved by the Lantern Corp," The computer said, "Time has already caught up."

"Interesting. So, Jimmy was right," she said softly. He was always right when he spoke on a subject. She knew deep down that he wasn't making up a story about them already being married and falling in love. It was amazing to her that he had already lived an entire life with her, and he was willing to do it again. What did that say about his feelings for her?

"Jimmy McGinnis, T'McGinnis, married to the deceased Blue Ghost," the computer said, "The Unifier, The Destroyer, The Emancipator, and The Leader of the New Guardians of Oa leads the universe into the era of peace and prosperity."

"Has the Justice Corp launched a team of bounty of hunters for Jimmy?" She asked.

"They already have," the computer said, "The boy is a threat that has to be contained before he reaches his full potential."

"On my current timeline, will I and Jimmy marry?" She asked.

"It hasn't been written," the computer said, "Anything is possible."

"What's the probability that the Lantern Corp would stop the Destroyer from coming to fruition?" She asked.

"Less than five percent," the computer said, "The boy was designed by an Ancient to stop gods. Killing him would be like killing a god."

T'Nalia stood in the middle of her room, and told the computer to disconnect from the Lantern Archives, and she now realized that the Lantern who attacked the ship didn't do it for booty; they were dead set on stopping Jimmy. She had a full faced view into her palm computer, and asked it to attach itself to the front of the ship, and send information back to her if she detected any Lanterns in the area. Now that she knew Jimmy was telling the truth, she had a desire to ensure he remained safe. One of the main reasons the full weight of the Lantern Corp hadn't crushed her was because most of them were still fighting the Kryptonian scourge on Earth. As long as they had that problem, the Lantern Corp couldn't spare any real fighters; they had to depend on the under trained reserves.

The door to her room opened suddenly, and Jimmy walked through the doorway in his full protective suit, and he stood by the door after it closed. He walked over to the computer desk, sat down, and turned to her for a moment.

She said, "You didn't dream of us together. We were together."

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"There was a wave in the fabric of time, and everything veered off course," she said. She walked over to her bar, and poured herself a drink. "You need to be on guard, Jimmy."

"From who?" He asked.

"Mainly the Lantern Corp," she said, "The Guardians know everything that's supposed to happen, and they will come after you."

"Your feelings for me might be a remnant from the other timeline," Jimmy said, "It just might not be as obvious to you."

"It's possible," she said. She drank her drink in one gulp. "It explains a lot."

Jimmy walked over to the door to her room, and grabbed the knob. "I hope none of your Lantern friends come after me," he said in a monotone voice. He turned around, looked at her, and then said, "They will die."

T'Nalia watched Jimmy leave her room, and she followed behind him, and walked back over to his hovel. She sat on the cot realizing that the Lantern Corp would probably attack at any time because the science vessel picked up the boy in the original timeline. She had hoped-on some level-that his dreams were nothing more than some plisky, a crude trick that a child would play, but now that she put her thoughts into something coherent, Jimmy had always come from a serious position. The only time there was any ambiguity in what Jimmy had said was when she failed to truly listen. She wanted to remain a Lantern while her love for a stranger seemed to dictate her next move. She thought back to when she told T'Rolo to jettison Jimmy into space, and forsaken the child, and she laughed about it. It was a worrisome laugh, the kind of laugh that masked the pain of it all. She wouldn't be the greatest Lantern of Doraxia at the end of the path. It just wasn't in the cards for her, and that was something she had to accept. She didn't know that the timeline was mutable, and now that the Lantern Corp was probably coming after Jimmy, she had some timidity about everything.

"I don't know what I'm doing, Jimmy," she said with a sadness about her. "I'm torn between two worlds."

"In the end, you're going to choose me because I represent what's right," he said, "I represent freedom, peace, and harmony. In the end, you will clearly see that. And if none of that matters, you can search your heart, and know that I'm the horse to back in this race. "

She walked over to the window, and said, "My whole life I fought for the ring." Leaning her head against the window, she peered in at Jimmy. "I'll back you. I think you know I stand with you." A red light appeared on her wrist communicator, and she looked down at it.

Jimmy pulled the green Lantern ring out of his pocket that he took from the Lanterns he killed. He looked at the ring for a long second, and then placed it on his right hand. He admired it for a second, and then a green suit formed over his clothes. "Might as well answer it. Wars usually start small."

She pressed the button on her communicator, "Blue Ghost," she said. She didn't take the liberty to give out her entire title. "Over."

"We're the Legion of Lanterns," a woman's voice said, "I am Princess Pre, and we're here for Jimmy. Over."

"Jimmy's under the protection of the Doraxain government," T'Nalia said. "Over."

"We will intersect with your vessel in twenty two minutes," she said, "We're willing to take him by force."

"I implore you to reconsider your actions," she said, "If you continue down this path, you will die. Over."

"Give us the boy or we'll destroy your ship," she demanded, "Over."

"Under whose authority are you working?" T'Nalia asked. "Over"

"Under the authority of wealth and prosperity," the Princess said. "Over."

"You're making a costly mistake. Call your family members, and tell them bye," she said, "out."

T'Nalia leaned against the window, and placed her hands on her hips; she was shaken by what had taken place, and she wasn't prepared to take on a group of active Lanterns who were bounty hunters. She called her palm computer back from its position on the ship, and asked it about the group called The Legion of Lanterns. From the archives, it was a group of nearly three hundred thousand Lanterns who captured criminals throughout the universe for profit. Princess Pre ran with four cohorts who were ruthless when it came to bounties, and they never questioned the reason for the bounty. Every world had different laws, and the bounty hunters didn't care about the laws broken, they only cared about the profits made.

Princess Pre's homeworld was called Irroticus, and existed approximately sixty two light years from Oa. Its size was approximately six thousand times larger than one of Doraxia's suns. She couldn't imagine living on a planet that large. It would take traveling at the speed of light just to circumvent the planet. The planet had two yellow suns with one large red sun, and seventeen moons. Three of the moons had life on them with nearly two billion people on each of the livable moons. When her palm computer brought the world's warp capabilities, she laughed because their fastest ships traveled at warp three. Doraxia's science vessels could travel faster than warp six, and even though she could out run the bounty hunters, Jimmy insisted on meeting up with them.

"We should separate from the crew, and take your ship," he said, "In case they fire on us. I don't want anybody getting hurt."

"You're right," she said, "If both ships are hit, we'd be in a world of hurt."

T'Nalia and Jimmy headed to the smaller ship, and T'Rolo told them good luck right before they exited the main ship. Jimmy flew over to the ship, and stepped inside, and once he was inside, he sat in the very rear of the ship. He made sure that none of his flesh was showing through his clothes because he didn't want to put T'Nalia in trouble. T'Nalia stood at the control panel, and she waited for a red light to click off, and then she started the powerful machine. The clamps released, and the ships separated, and then T'Nalia pushed a lever forward, and took off at warp six. In a matter of seconds, the Irroticus vessel was in sight, and it was large. Her ship seemed like a small, box car in front of a massive business complex. It came to a screeching halt in front of T'Nalia's ship, and the two Lanterns exited through a hatch in the floor.

Jimmy wore the green Lantern uniform, and he didn't have any symbols on the suit. He didn't have the green Lantern symbol on his chest; it was just a plain green uniform covering his special suit. When the bounty hunters exited the ship, they came out in force, and tried to capture the young boy in series of boxes the trapped him inside. When Jimmy touched the far wall of the box, he started draining the energy directly from the Lantern's ring.

"Jeez, let go," Princess Pre screamed, "He's draining your power."

When Jeez tried to rescind the box, Jimmy grabbed his stream, and continued to drain his ring until he completely lost the ability to keep a force field up to protect him against the horrors of space. The man froze to death, and died.

T'Nalia went after the Princess, and she tried to hit her with a barrage of green fist, and the Princess blocked them with no problems. At the same time, the other three henchmen tried to attack the boy, but he put up a protective shield, and came at them with a counter punch. They kept hitting him with skilled attacks that he had a hard time countering, and then one of the attackers pulled off his mask. The other attacker pulled him closer with some kind of tractor beam. When T'Nalia saw this happening, she ran up to the Lantern, and tried to make him stop.

"Don't do this. Your life is in danger," T'Nalia screamed.

"Back the hell up," the Lantern said, "We're here for the bounty."

"If you have a family, release the boy," she said, "I implore you."

The Lantern continued to pull Jimmy closer to him until the Lantern collapsed, and died. His body floated in space, and Jimmy grabbed his ring, and placed it in his pocket. He flew over to the frozen Lantern, and broke off his hand just to steal the ring.

"Brilaze!" The Princes screamed.

"He's dead. Jeez is dead, and missing a hand," Jimmy said. He was pointing Jeez's frozen hand at the Princess, and singing, "Look! I'm Jeez's hand from Irroticus. I died and I won't be missed." Grabbing the index finger, he snapped it off, and then said, "Oh snap. I mean oh shit."

"You're evil," Princess Pre said, "What kind of being are you?"

Jimmy flew over to their ship, and said, "You were warned to leave me alone." He looked into the vessel with his x-ray vision, and saw approximately two hundred people on the ship. He pulled the glove off his left hand.

"Don't do it, Jimmy," T'Nalia said, "Don't kill the people onboard."

He placed his mask back on his face, and his glove back on his left hand. He approached the Princess, and she tried to raise her hand to fire on him. "Do you think you're better than your dead comrades?"

"I'll die trying," she said.

"For money?" Jimmy asked. "Maybe I should kill you for being shallow." He shook his head in disbelief, and then grabbed her by the neck with the power of the Lantern ring. "I can let you take me to Oa, and I'll kill every Lantern on the planet."

"What kind of creature are you?" She asked.

"You've been sent on a suicide mission!" He exclaimed. Her body with limp for a second, and then he let her go, and she floated backwards until she regained conscious. Prodic and Jodicus stood near the ship, and watched; it appeared they had given up the fight.

"I was offered one billion dollars to bring you to Oa," she said, "How can I pass up that offer?"

"Isn't that a high bounty?" He asked.

"The highest I have ever seen," she said.

"Collect your dead, your pride, and get on your ship," Jimmy ordered, "If you stay here, I will kill you, and take your rings for my collection. Make sure you thank T'Nalia because I was going to drain all the power from your ship, and kill everybody onboard."

"By the gods of Irroticus, what kind of being are you?" She asked.

"I'm the nightmare that gods experience when they close their eyes," he said, "They call me the Destroyer."

"The Destroyer!" Princess said, "We need to leave, guys."

T'Nalia put the ship on a course for the science vessel, and she didn't have too much to say to Jimmy. She wanted to move past the enemy combatants without killing anybody, but Jimmy seemed hell bent on teaching them a lesson. It was a lesson that needed sacrifices to work, and it left a bad taste in her mouth. She didn't want to face the fact that Jimmy was a cold hearted killer, and with the way he taunted them, she believed he enjoyed it.

The enemy and Jimmy had completely different goals on their needs in the battle, the enemy just wanted to survive and Jimmy just wanted to see how much fear he could cause. If T'Nalia hadn't stopped him, he would have killed everybody onboard the ship, and that worried her.

"What was the point in powering down Jeez's ring?" She asked. "It makes you a monster when you have the power to preserve life."

"What if my niceties resulted in your death?" He asked. "Why would you question my methods?"

"I was doing just fine," she said, "I don't need you to protect me. Jeez pulled his stream back, but you used your powers to keep him from letting go."

"You want me to empathize with beings that work solely off profit," he said, "I'm supposed to cry because the guy trying to violate my rights died. If you need a weak, beta male in your life, then go find one, but don't have me holding back when people are trying to kill us. How many slaves do they have on their planet?"

"Six billion," she said.

"That's rhetorical," he said, "I'm not the bad guy."

"You're incorrigible," she said, "Your actions against Jeez were reprehensible. "

"Why are you saying these awful things?" He asked.

"'Cause you could have beaten him without draining his powers, Jimmy," she said, "I'm frustrated now." She started crying a bit, and wiped her face.

"You're crying for the Lantern trying to kidnap me to Oa? Maybe I should be the one crying," he said.

"I'm not crying for him," she said softly. "I'm crying because I want you to be better by using your powers to preserve life instead of taking it."

Jimmy sat back in the chair, and said, "We're going to have to depart ways at some point."

"What?" She asked.

"If the Lantern Corp wants me dead, then your life is in danger," he said, "They saved the alternate timeline's data, and even though many details have changed, I'm still deadly, I'm still in love with you, and soon we will be married."

"They know you'll lose your powers of decay," she said, "Maybe they're waiting for that."

"I am still Kryptonian," he said.