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"The Ice Prince"


He stared at the city from the palace balcony, his long dark hair danced with the wind. The city was crowdie and livelier than usual. Apparently the people were celebrating a festival. It was obvious that fun brewed around it. He wanted to go, but he didn't. Such an event would open the closed wounds of his heart.

He sighed. "When was the last time I've been to the city?" he asked himself. Ah, yes it was a very long time ago back when he was still a prince, back before he became the emperor, back when he was still with man, who taught many things like how to laugh, to have fun, and to live life, was like a brother to him, a friend and, though only a few knew, his lover. This man changed his life and how he viewed it.

Everything started on a day like this one, when another festival was celebrated, but during that time he never found these kinds of events amusing, a fact he regretted, but also felt happy about, because if he did, he would never have met days with him were the best days in his life.

It was in the morning of spring, the entire kingdom was very busy. The streets were crowded, the women were cooking delicious foods, the men and merchants were preparing their stands, and the children were excited and running around. It was perfect image that a festival was about to take place. But in the middle of all this preparation, danger also brewed. Unknown to all evil masked men blended with the crowd. These were men with dark plans and a dark motive for joining this festivity.

"Is everything ready for tonight?" the leader of this group asked.

"Yes sir. Everything is according to plan."

"Good, the emperor would not know what hit him."

"And the prince? What will we do to him once we've killed the emperor?"

"I am sure our employer will find ways to dispose of him," the man said then laughed at the thought.

Meanwhile at the imperial palace, the emperor was taking his fittings when an angry prince burst into the door. "Grandfather! I cannot take her any longer!" the young prince exclaimed as he entered, "She is a devil in women's clothing!"

"Byaku-shi, do not be like that I was merely playing with you," a beautiful woman with purple hair and golden eyes entered and explained.

"Don't you dare say that you demon cat!"

"Byakuya!" the emperor called, "I can understand your hot temper, but I will not tolerate you, badmouthing our guest from our neighboring kingdom."

The prince became silent, he had just showed an undesirable behaviour towards his grandfather. And so he apologized to him, and though it hurt his pride, he also apologized to the woman.

"Yuroichi-dono, I humbly ask that you forgive my grandson's actions."

"Nah, 'was my fault Ginrei. I thought I could loosen him up with a little prank, but it seem he was too much of a stiff to understand a joke," she laughed as she explained.

Byakuya tried really hard to stop himself from strangling the other royal. Because her little prank was as little as she made it sound. If you call stealing his clothes during taking a bath and making him run in his quarters naked with a maid with him little, then you would be a demon in the prince's standards. He'd wish that just once his grandfather would witness the evil things princess Yuroichi does to him that would probably be enough to ban her from their kingdom.

"Byakuya, have you prepared for this evening's celebration?" the emperor asked him.

"I am afraid I will not be joining you this evening."

"Why? Are you busy?"

"Not really. I am just not in the mood."

The emperor gave a concern look, then spoke, "Byakuya, tonight is the spring festival everyone will be there. I'll be there, and even your sister. That's why I think that the crowen prince should also be there and have fun."

"Forgive me, but don't find such an audios event to be entertaining. I'd prefer to be in my room, reading and enjoying my tea."

The emperor wanted to say more but the prince had already dismissed himself. "What am I going to do with him? He always like this,secluding himself. I worry about him, he will be emperor soon, and when that day comes he will became an unhappy one, like his father," Ginrei said to Yuroichi, "He needs someone to teach him to socialize, have fun, and enjoy his youth. I really thought you would be able to do that, but it seems that he sees you as a nuisance than a source of entertainment."

"You make me sound like his mistress or something."

"I don't mean anything like that."

"I get it," she said, "But really, Byaku-shi needs someone. And if only you'll allow I can find someone, I know a lot of brothel with real-"

"Yuroichi-dono, I told you I do not approve of such things," Ginrei cut off.

"I was merely suggesting. But you've got no other option, it's either that or we'll have the ice prince be emperor."

"At least we should find someone that is not a prostitute."

"Where in the entire Seiretei will we find someone like that? It will take a god to break Kuchiki Byakuya's ice."

"A god you say? Hmm."


"Excuse me Yuroichi-dono but could you leave?"


"I think you enjoy your visit her. And leave this situation to me."

Yuroichi was confused at the emperor's sudden change of behaviour. But she still followed his request and left the room. When she did, Ginrei dismissed his servants and was left all alone in his room. "I wonder why I had never thought about him sooner?" he said to himself, "If there was anyone who'd be able to change Byakuya I am sure he'd be that someone." The emperor smiled at the plan he had just thought, and was partly grateful of Yuroichi for giving him the idea. Now all he needs to do is put the puzzle together and see the picture it creates, and he was sure it a great picture.

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