Hello, my dears!

After over two years of writing and posting, we've come to the end of Fallout and its sequel Fallout: Apocalypse. It's been a crazy ride. I cannot thank you enough, all of you readers and reviewers, for your viewership and comments that have helped to guide this story forward. I have learned more about myself as a writer writing this story than I have with ANY other piece I've worked on, original or not. I especially thank my wonderful beta, Shantastic, for her outstanding job keeping these stories from capsizing and for making them as great as they are now. Seriously, she deserves a medal for this!

Some of you asked if this was indeed the end of our rag-tag group of heroes. I've put a lot of thought into this and I've decided that Apocalypse will be the last solid fiction for the Fallout universe.

However, fear not! I have plenty of little short stories (more similar to the style of the original Fallout) and I will most likely be working on them from time to time, posting them under the title, Fallout: Adaptions. You've already seen a few Fallout-era chapters there. More chapters now will center on the aftermath of Apocalypse and just what our heroes are up to after the end of the end of the world. However, it will not be a frequent thing for me, as I have some other projects in line to be worked on, but do expect updates for Adaptions on occasion. :) I would miss these darlings too much to not write further pieces about them!

That said, I'm sure you're wondering, "What now?" I wondered that too, and for the last few weeks, I've had some difficult thinking to do. I have both good and bad news as a result.

The bad news is simple: I'm postponing starting any new fan fictions, including Transformers, for the next year. I still have a few fics left to finish up, but for the next year, I'm abstaining from new fics, including my (baby) next big Transformers fic, War Slayer. Someday, that will be online, but not any time soon. I will still work on Fallout: Adaptions of course, but that will be about it.

The good news is a bit complex and bit more personal. I've evaluated my life goals very thoroughly over the last few weeks and I've realized that I truly want to take a shot at writing professionally for a living. Fallout has taught me perseverance and patience, which has helped me in my "professional" works tremendously. For the entire year I'm not working on fics, I plan on finishing and polishing up my novel, and getting it to an agent. There are no guarantees in the publishing world, but I want to try it. Writing makes me happy in a way no other hobby (or career) ever will.

I will also be working on an online graphic novel series titled The Septenary. It will hopefully be up within the next two years, so you can keep an eye out for it, too.

I know this is somewhat selfish, since I have promised other fanfiction after Fallout was done, but I had to make a choice for what would be best for my future. Maybe I can succeed, or maybe not, but who knows! :) I have hope.

You can keep track of this year long progress on my update twitter at nan00kwrites. You can also check out my livejournal at nan00kwrites for the same reason. If I start up another fic this time next year, you'll find out on there first!

Until I update more Fallout: Adaptions or upload a new Transformers fan fiction, I bid you a fond farewell! Wish me luck.

Seriously, thank you so much again for your support! Especially you, Shantastic! You guys have no idea how much it has meant for me this whole time. You're the greatest!

Much love,