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Okay well my friend is sitting here next to me and she wanted to take a stab at writing her own little story. Basically this is her rambling with whatever came to her mind and just put it down and she wanted me to post it on FFN so she could see what people had to say about it. Yes I am in the story and seen to be the lame ass person.

So here is a story little comedy for you.

Again I had NOTHING to do with this writing.

Eternal Love

Amber meets a moose named Edward. They become best friends almost as if they are falling in love with one another. Edward likes to go by the name "Mr. Moose." One day Mr. Moose and Amber decide to take a trip all the way out to New York City. Amber goes to the store where you buy saddles and purchases a saddle and 109 water bottles for the long trip ahead of them. Amber saddles up Mr. Moose and gathers all of her bags and hops on Mr. Moose's back and gets ready to hit the road.

Amber and Mr. Moose head on out to the Indiana toll road. With her iZoom pass she goes through the iZoom lane. They head east towards Ohio and have plenty of stares from people in other cars. The other cars start slowing down so much that they start running into each other causing a pile up. Someone out of nowhere sees this and dials 911 and waits for the police to come because he is so concerned about Amber and her moose friend.

It is 12:43 PM on a Thursday evening and they just made it onto the actual highway considering how slow Mr. Moose walks. By this time the police show up and pull Amber and Mr. Moose over and asks her what the hell is she doing. She tells the 248 lb police officer that she is heading out to the greatest city in the USA: New York City. He looks at her like she's crazy and asks her if she has been drinking. She tells the officer no, but she lied. Amber had her case of Bud Light hidden somewhere in all of her luggage on top of Mr. Moose.

With suspicion the officer politely asks Amber to get off of her ugly animal. She gets defensive and tells the officer to apologize to Mr. Moose. The officer politely apologizes to the moose. Amber gets off the moose and rips a really big fart that smells really bad. It knocked the officer out. While the officer was knocked out from that fart, Amber hopped back on Mr. Moose and started heading towards her destination.

As time flies by the moose gets tired. It is now 12:57 PM and Mr. Moose needs a break. They pull over and take a break. While taking a break a giraffe named Bella comes along and offers her assistance to Amber. Amber is very appreciative of her offering but she just can't leave Mr. Moose behind. Bella understands.

Bella introduces herself to Mr. Moose. By this time he feels as if he should just go by his first name when he sees this ugly giraffe. So Edward and Bella meet and become best friends and then eventually fall in love. It is all ruined now because Amber has no way of getting to NYC or so she thinks. Little does she know, she can always find another wild life animal to take her considering she's best friends with all kinds of animals.

Amber instantly changes her mind about visiting NYC and tells Bella and Edward that she no longer wants to go anymore. Bella and Edward agree and then decide to jump in front of a semi truck together for their eternal love. Amber is left alone with her Bud Light and decides to cry her whole way home to Ridgewood apartments. The end.