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"Aww come on Lu-chan! Admit it!" a certain script-mage teased as she nudged the blonde seated next to her.

"Levi! How many times do I have to tell you that we're only friends!"

"Right, only friends. Taking the next step is always the hardest but…" The blunette continued to ramble, too caught up in her 'talk' to notice Lucy mini-smashing her head onto the counter.

"Miraaaa help me!" Lucy wailed to the smiling bartender.

"Levi's right you know?" Mirajane sang as she polished yet another glass. Gosh, you'd think it be clean after 20 minutes of polishing.

"You know what, why do I even bother?" The celestial mage mumbled, reaching for her book. Her two conversation 'buddies' shrugged, looking confusedly at one another. Why did she bother?

Hoping to avoid the topic, Lucy re-seated herself, adopting the usual posture that she had when she read.

"But it's a shame…" Sighed Mira.

"You two make such a cute couple." She continued. Levi nodded in response while eyeing her friend who was flicking through her book at lightning speed.

"Aww, are you blushing Lu-chan?" Levi leaned towards her friend while lifting a knowing brow.

"I-I'm not! We don't even have that kind of-" The celestial mage stuttered before being interrupted by the slamming of the guild doors.

"LUCE!" Shouted a panting Natsu as he half-ran, half-walked to the bar.

He beamed at her, flashing his lop-sided grin before whacking her back with more force than he should have, causing Lucy to involuntarily face-plant into her book.

"Woops, my bad Luce!"

"Speak of the devil." Sang Levi as she turned towards Mirajane, acting as if her blonde friend couldn't hear her.

"What, were you guys talking about my awesomeness?" The dragonslayer grinned confidently, not noticing Lucy's I-will-tie-you-guys-to-a-burning-stake-after-strangling-and-half-killing-you glare.

"We were talking about you and Lucy!" replied Mirajane earning her a curious look from Natsu.

"You wouldn't-"The celestial mage threatened, both worry and anger present in her voice.

"Just the unfolding love story between the Queen of denial and King of the dense!" Levi sang. Levi McGarden, a treasured friend and comrade…Lucy shot her friend a deadly smile as the beginning of the bookworm's soon-to-be eulogy ran through her head…she was so dead.

But Natsu only tilted his head in confusion.

"Wow…that sounds complicated." He commented while stroking an imaginary beard – were they talking about some new book?

Boy, was he glad he didn't have to read romance books – they got too complex with all the 'I love you and then I hate you' moments. He remembered that one time when Erza had forced him and Gray to read some corny book called 'Twilight' and shuddered at the thought. Actually, that wasn't too long ago…hopefully his blonde teammate wasn't too into those mushy things – hell, even Elfman got into the craze.

"Yep, definitely complicated." He repeated while nodding his head, satisfied with his smart thinking. For a moment though, his expression showed slight hesitation and he proceeded to tighten his grip on his sketchpad.

His action gone unnoticed, Levi literally smashed her head onto the bar counter and Mirajane nearly snapped the can-opener that she was holding into two. Of course…what were they expecting? It was Natsu.

"Well, I'm gonna go talk to the stripper now." Waved Natsu, one arm latching onto his pad. Girl-talk really wasn't his thing.

"Why does he still have his sketchpad?" Mused Lucy, slightly relieved that he was the dense idiot that he was.

"I don't know." Cried a vexed Mira.

"I just don't know anymore."

"Yo stripper!" waved Natsu as he took a seat.

"Oh it's just you flamehead." Gray rested his chin onto his palm, obviously bored.

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means what it's supposed to mean." The ice-mage waved off. Somebody wasn't too hyped up today.

"Oi, what's with you today snowman? Is it that time of the month again?" Natsu asked, slightly curious.

Gray lifted a disturbed brow as he paused midway while rocking his chair. Why did his idiot friend sound slightly serious about the last comment?


"I. Asked. If. It. Was. That. Time. Of. The. Month. Again." The dragonslayer declared as if he were teaching a 3-year old how to count.

"Do you even know what that means?"

"Of course I do!" Natsu spoke proudly; arms crossed and nose in the air.

"It's when your body decides to make punch!" He contemplated his answer while rubbing his chin.

"Actually, that's what Cana told me." Natsu continued.

"Well, whatever, is it your time of the month?"

Gray just sat there, gawking - Trust the drunkard to relate it to punch.

"Right. And you're going to admit that you like Lucy." The ice-mage scoffed, oblivious to the tragedy that he had landed himself in.

"But I do like Lucy." Yep, this was another fudge my life moment.

"Uhh…I meant as in like-like." Gray had contemplated using the term 'love' but decided against it. He and Erza had to spend 3 hours trying to explain why people kissed only to realise that the dragonslayer loved everybody and decided to sexually assault Macao and the rest of the guild. That was not going to happen ever again. But to his surprise, Natsu turned a shade of pink.


"Wait, you're kidding me right?" The Natsu Dragneel was blushing and…squirming.

"But HOW?" Gray nearly shrieked like a murder victim and then realisation hit him. Happy wasn't there and he usually was…poor Happy. He probably spent over 10 hours trying to explain to the dense dragonslayer what like-liking someone meant. The ice-mage grinned evilly.

"Hah! I bet you don't even have the guts to confess!" He jabbed a finger at his embarrassed friend. It may have been mean but hey, who gives? He was helping Natsu – the guy with a non-existent love-life! Okay, okay, jabbing the poor guy was kinda fun too but Erza wouldn't find out anytime soon.

"Mrmh…" The dragonslayer muttered under his breath as he looked towards the side.

"Oh my god!" Gray managed in between laughs.

"Who knew that the Natsu Dragneel would be such a sissy?" He was literally dying of laughter now.

"Hey! Who the hell are you calling a sissy, Ice Brain?" Gray eyed the pink-haired teen up and down.

"The idiot in front of me who doesn't have the guts to confess." The ice-mage deadpanned albeit with a provocative look. Almost immediately, the dragonslayer clenched a tightened fist on his friend's shirt.

"Says who?" The threatening tone that he usually had in his voice before a fight with the ice-mage proved ineffective when pink dusted his cheeks. Gray smirked. This was going to be entertaining.

"But really, thinking back to that time, Way to ruin the atmosphere!" complained Levi as she slumped herself across the counter. Somehow, they had gone back to that topic again.

Lucy only flipped to the next page of her book.

"Well, you have to say that he has made some incredible progress." Smiled Mirajane.

"Yeah, I guess. But really, he ruined it!"

"Patience is the key Levi, patience is the key." The blunette pouted.

"Fine. But that doesn't mean that I've lost the bet okay?"

Why on Earth were they talking as if she wasn't even there?

"He wanted me to forgive him, so as his friend I did. We only shared a friendly hug okay? Nothing more, nothing less." Lucy snapped as she slammed her book shut.

"Ooh…Looks like someone's embarrassed!" Cooed Levi, sharing an all-knowing look with the bartender.

"Wha-"The celestial mage was about to counter until she was interrupted by her supposed love-interest.


Holycrapholycrapholycrap. The blonde cursed inwardly as she stared intently at her book. Hopefully, his heightened hearing had failed him or maybe his denseness would…But just in case, the celestial mage formulated several excuses in her head. Option A: They were talking about her imaginary love-interest that Mirajane and Levi in their love-deprived glory constructed. Option B: Book character! Option C: Meet Bob.

"Luce. I kinda…"Natsu looked towards the tables, sending Gray a pleading glance. The ice-mage only rolled his eyes and made a shooing gesture with his hand, reclining in his seat to watch the confession unravel.

Good, he hadn't paid any attention to their conversation. The blonde let out a sigh of relief and proceeded to look questioningly at her pink-haired bestie

"Hm?" She tilted her head.

"Uhm…that is…I err…" He stuttered and tightened the grip on his sketchpad. Holy fudging crap. This was probably scarier than facing an Erza after killing her cheesecake. Scrap that, he would have preferred that situation one million fold in comparison to his current impending doom. Little insecurities managed to make their way into his head and he started to do something that he thought only Lucy the weirdo would – talking to himself. What if she said no? Wow. Natsu lifted a finger and started to count the cons of his soon-to-be-made confession. He never really considered that – would they even be in the same team anymore? And then it hit him. Holy crap! That means I won't be able to invade her place without feeling awkward! Screw the previous cons, not being able to invade the weirdo's quarters just wasn't right! But if it meant that exterminating those cartwheeling ninjas…


"Err…I just wanted to say…" He shifted uncomfortably and tugged at his scarf - Was it getting a bit hot in here?

The celestial mage approached him, placing a hand on his forehead. (A/N: I know, I know – CORNY but he's burning up and he's a FIRE MAGE) His cheeks were red and he was stuttering to the point where his words were basically incomprehensible.

"Natsu, are you alright?" She lifted a concerned brow when he only sputtered some more cryptic crap.

What could he say? He never really realized how soft her hands were or how cute she was when she was concerned about him. Oh god. He sounded like a freaky stalker but all rationality was forgotten as his blonde friend only leaned closer – uncomfortably closer. Since when was he ever touchy about the distance crap? Well, whatever. He needed to get this over and done with, so he did. He shoved the sketchpad into the celestial mage's face – He practically shoved it into her face with a force that rivalled a troop of one million Erza's or so. Fortunately, it didn't wedge it's spine into her features to produce a possibly grotesque aftermath, no it didn't. Why? Because of the unbalanced mass of the item, the celestial mage was practically slapped with the whole thing. Ouchies.


Levi and Mirajane cringed as they watched their poor friend get assaulted by a 40 page sketchpad. Gray gawked in horror and disbelief as he saw his pink-haired friend look towards the side, too embarrassed to even notice what he had done – could it get any worse?

"Natsu. What. The. Hell." Lucy glowered as he retracted his hand slightly, revealing her slightly pink face. Unfortunately, he was still oblivious to what he had just done, still looking towards the side with a blush coating his face. Why wasn't she replying? Was she even reading it? Whoever said that confessions by mouth were manly was horribly wrong. They didn't have to wait for the recipient to read through a frickin' letter and gawk while doing so! He debated his next action and decided to (blindly) shove it towards her again, luckily missing her face by several centimetres. Gray face-palmed and Levi let out a nervous laugh as Lucy clenched her fists, ready to pummel the dragonslayer.

"I think he wants you to read it!" Whispered Mirajane, hoping to ease the blonde's bordering-to-rage mood. Taking a deep breath, Lucy opened the sketchpad. Whatever he wanted to show her, it better have been worth it.

"I think you are a wierdo." Lucy felt her eye twitch yet again. Great. She went through all this just to have him profess his undying impression of her: She was a weirdo and it wasn't even spelt properly. Breathe in…Breathe out….She decided to read on.

"You allways screem at me and Happy when we visit." Lucy squinted at the scribbles that practically covered the paper - Grammatically incorrect and spelling needs to be worked on. Did he mean breaking in to her house?

"You thro bottals and stuff at me when you get out of the shower half-dressed." He should be thankful she doesn't accuse him of sexual harassment!

"You call us weird when you are the weird one." Excuse me?

"But I wouldn't swap you for any other Lucy. Becos you will allways be my best friend." She felt a smile tug at her lips, where would he find another Lucy anyway? And yet she felt a small pain in her chest. She would always be his best friend and likely nothing more.

"After you looked after me when I wos sic. I think something changed."

"When you let me use the bed. I reelised how nice you were." The blonde eyed the fidgeting dragonslayer curiously, what was he getting at?

"When I saw Loke with you, I felt angry." She read on, her pink-haired friend's cryptic writing capturing all of her attention. Was he-?

"When I said those words, I didn't mean it."

"When you forgave me, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest."

"When I saw you smile again, I was relieved."

"And now, I think I know what changed. I think…I like-like you."

The celestial mage stood there at a complete loss for words, staring vacantly at the pad that she held in her hands. Levi and Mirajane exchanged confused looks and Gray watched, curious for her next move. What did Natsu write in the sketchpad?

"Natsu?" Lucy managed, disbelief evident in her voice. She raised her head slowly to see the fidgeting dragonslayer who was looking at everything but her.

"I-I only wrote it since you said it was romantic or whatever!" He stuttered hurriedly before burying his face into his scarf and blushing beetroot red.

A small smile spread across her features as she placed the sketchpad onto the counter, and she proceeded to promptly get off the barstool to approach the flushed dragonslayer. Within a few paced strides, she was in front of him, her chestnut orbs making contact with his onyx ones. Natsu stood frozen like a statue and it happened all too quickly for him to register. Lucy had gently pulled his scarf down, place her hands onto his shoulders and tip-toed, their faces centimetres apart.

"Luce, you don't have to-"She pressed her lips onto his, catching him by surprise but the chaste kiss ended just as quickly as she pulled away from him.

"I think…I like-like you too." She whispered into his ear.

Natsu felt the blood rush to his head as the guild erupted into cheers and cat-calls.

"Oh my god!" Mirajane and Levi squealed before placing their attention on the temporarily discarded sketchpad. They were convinced that Natsu and Lucy would die as old fogeys with a house of cats without their help and now, they had been proven wrong.

"Heh, not bad flame brain." Smirked Gray but it faded quickly when he realised that he was still a singleton.

"So, does this mean that we can sleep together without it being weird?" Grinned Natsu as he pecked her on the forehead. Mirajane nearly collapsed and half the guild gasped, making crude comments about the two.

"N-Natsu! You idiot!" Lucy stuttered, blushing furiously as she proceeded to smack him on the head.

"Ow, what was that for Luce?" And thus began their first couple's argument.

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