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Chapter 1

3rd Person POV—


He took one last look at the town where he used to live. The town that held his family. The town that held his friends. The town that held his first love. The town that held all his memories... Now he was no longer Danny Fenton. He was no one. With a sigh, he turned around and flew at top speed away from his old life.

The lone ghost boy shook his head, bringing himself out of his memories and steadying his flight pattern. Though he had only left hours ago, it had felt like days, maybe even months, to him. His eyelids began to feel heavy as the need to sleep resurfaced, but he forced them open. He couldn't stop now. He couldn't possibly be far enough yet; just a few more miles. No matter how much he wanted to keep going though, his body protested, and he gradually began to fall against his will. It wasn't long before he was forced to make a rough landing, and it wasn't a graceful one either.

As soon as his feet hit the ground, he was flung forward, causing him to land roughly on his left shoulder. After that stunt, he knew he might not be able to move for quite awhile. This proved true when he attempted to sit up and an intense pain shot throughout his body.

Danny let out a breath he hadn't known he had been holding, his body thankful for some oxygen as he began to take in rough breaths. As he lay, panting and on the ground, he heard some twigs began to snap. The teen tried desperately to call out for help or even ask who was there, but all that he could manage was a raspy breath and a groan of pain. Danny hissed in distress, tensing his body so as to not put any pressure on his injured shoulder. That's when he heard it again, only now he could also hear someone or something's footsteps. The way the feet hit the ground made them sound fierce, almost angry. Then they suddenly stopped.

The Halfa searched all around him, but he couldn't spot anything. He could have sworn that whatever that was, had been traveling towards him. His eyes shot wide open as he realized he'd looked everywhere but behind him. Turning his head to check over his good shoulder, Danny took in a sharp breath as he saw what it was.

It was a huge beast, almost like a giant wolf. It started growling and snarling at him. He could see it preparing to attack. Danny did the only thing he could do. Closing his eyes tightly, he hoped desperately it would be quick and painless. But, as always, karma had a strange way of working.

Danny screamed in agony as something sharp ripped across his face. Opening his eyes, green ectoplasm flooded his vision. Eventually, he saw the beast a couple feet away from him, and it looked like it was pacing around him. No... circling him. Ignoring the pain drowning out his senses, he stood up and ran as fast as possible, then turned invisible and intangible. Holding his breath, he watched with tired eyes as the thing came towards him, sniffed a bit, and then ran off in another direction.

Danny gasped for air, relieved, and then let his intangibility and invisibility fall. As soon as he did though, his shaky knees gave out and he tumbled to the ground. Dimly, he noticed that he'd reverted back to his human form, and with a pained gasp, he let himself succumb to the darkness of unconsciousness.


Charlie Swan, sheriff of the small town of Forks, Washington, sighed in boredom as he propped his head on his hand. Everything had slowly gone back to its normal, sluggish, and boring agenda when those big "bears" eventually disappeared. Oh, how he wished for something, anything! Even a meteor shower or something! Sighing again, he glanced out his window and was surprised to see a woman sprinting towards the entrance. As she entered, he called out to his backup, Ian Kern, that he had everything covered. The brunette woman looked panicked and frightened.

"Excuse me, ma'am, is there a problem?"

She caught her breath before she began her story. "I was just out walking when suddenly I heard a scream coming from the woods. I walked in to investigate and I found someone hurt!" she exclaimed.

"Ok, just take it easy—"

"I'm sorry! But I just can't help it! The person whose hurt, he's only a kid!"

At those words, Charlie sprung into action. "Ok, now just tell me where this is and I'll be over with the paramedics." As she quickly babbled where she'd seen him, Charlie furiously scribbled the location and all the relevant details in his notepad. "Thank you. Now if you could just wait here, my partner, Officer Kern, will help you." At these words, Charlie grabbed his jacket and keys off the rack and ran out to his cruiser, where he quickly started it up. Turning on the lights and siren to get there faster, he sped off. By the time he reached the exact area, it had already been five minutes.

As soon as he climbed out of his cruiser, he slammed the door and made a mad dash into the trees. He stopped after going in a couple of feet and looked around at his surroundings. He didn't see anybody. "Hello? Anybody out there?" Charlie shouted. No one replied, which made his stomach sink. He ran another couple feet forward and then made a right, slowing down to a walk. As he was searching, he noticed something white from the corner of his eye.

Turning, he discovered it was a t-shirt; the one belonging to the kid unconscious on the ground. Charlie ran towards him and knelt down to get a better look at his state. Three long, deep gashes went across his face in a diagonal from right to left. Smaller scratches covered his arms. He also noted that the kid's shoulder was badly bruised.

Charlie searched the kid's pockets for an ID or something like that, but found nothing. Very carefully and gently, he lifted the boy up, grimacing while he carried him to his cruiser. He didn't grimace because the kid was heavy or anything, but because of the exact opposite. The kid was way too light to be healthy.

As soon as he laid the kid in the back seat, he scrambled to the front and turned on the ignition. The car sprung to life, but Charlie paused, and looked back and forth frantically, trying to decide what to do. The hospital was too far away; there was no way he'd be able to make it there in time. At that moment, another thought entered his mind: Dr. Carlisle Cullen. It was worth a shot.

The sheriff pulled out his cell phone as he began to drive, almost expertly entering the number. There was only one ring before it was answered. "Cullen's residence; Carlisle speaking."

"Hello, Carlisle, it's Charlie, Bella's father."

He could hear the smile in the other man's voice. "Oh, well what can I do for you?"

"I have a kid. He's hurt really bad. The hospital's too far away and I don't think he'd make it if I tried. Can you do anything to help?" Charlie pleaded. He looked in his rear view mirror to check on the kid. He looked to be moving, like he was waking up. That wasn't a very good sign at the moment.

"I will. Get him over here as fast as possible. I'll be expecting you."

"Thank you so much." He hung up as he accelerated the speed of the car, glancing again at the teen. He was rousing, and that's when it started. Small yelps and whimpers of agony escaped from his lips no matter how hard the kid tried to suppress them. Charlie bit his lip and put even more pressure on the pedal, soon arriving on the Cullen's long driveway. Skidding to a stop, Charlie jumped out of his car and slammed the door. He swiftly opened the back door, and gently got the pained teen out. Charlie winced as the screams increased when the boy's bruises and cuts were pressed. He jogged as fast as possible to the front door without jostling the boy. Carlisle met him there, and his face grew sullen as soon as he spotted them.

"Follow me." Charlie speedily followed the doctor to his living room where some blankets covered the floor. Both he and Carlisle sat the fidgeting boy down gingerly, and Carlisle kneeled down beside him as he stated, "He's moving too much. We've got to hold him down." He paused, looking up at the sheriff. "No matter how much it hurts him. Edward, I need your help."

Charlie noted how he didn't even need to shout to get his adopted son to respond. "I need you to hold down his legs and Charlie you to hold down his arms." Everything suddenly went quiet when the teenage boy stopped thrashing and screaming. All three's eyes widened as they noticed he also stopped breathing.

Carlisle and Edward looked at each other. The boy's heart was still beating but his breathing had ceased. Are you getting any thoughts that could explain this? Carlisle asked his adoptive son in his thoughts.

Edward shook his head swiftly. Then in a low voice, too low for Charlie or any other human, he responded, "I can't hear his thoughts at all."

The doctor looked confused, but Charlie's visible panic pulled him out of his thoughts. "Is he alright? He's still not breathing! What's wrong with him?" Suddenly, as if to calm the worried officer down the boy began to breathe deep and evenly, falling into a strangled slumber.

"He will be fine. He will need some bandaging up, a splint for his left wrist, and some food and water, but other than that he is perfectly fine." Carlisle grabbed some rubbing alcohol, pads, and medical tape for the deep scratches on his face. As he leaned forward to bandage him up, he froze, eyes widening again.

The boy reeked of werewolf.

Danny's POV—

Everything that had the ability to ache, did. My whole body hurt all over and the people holding down my arms and legs just amplified it tenfold. It was just too much to bare, but first, I had to calm down. I chose to stop breathing. I don't know why, but sometimes when I tense up and hold my breath it seems like it's relieving my pain, little by little until it ebbs the soreness away to a dull throb. I think it has something to do with my new healing powers, another of the few I have yet to master.

Suddenly a voice broke through my thinking. "I can't hear his thoughts at all." Well, who would be able to hear someone else's thoughts anyway? That really confused me. Then another voice broke through the blurriness around me.

"Is he alright? He's still not breathing! What's wrong with him?" I suddenly remembered that I hadn't taken a breath for almost one and a half minutes, and slowly took a deep breath. Everything slowly came into focus and I saw an older man, a guy in his twenties, and an older teenage boy, all surrounding me. But just as it came, it went away, and exhaustion swept over me. Hopefully a little sleep wouldn't do much harm.

3rd Person POV—

~The Cullen's~

After a few minutes of convincing Charlie that the boy would be just fine, Carlisle and Edward were left alone with him. The other members of their family were out, the "kids" at school, as Edward returned home late from hunting, and Esme was out buying food for when Bella would visit. The human girl was actually getting a ride home with the rest of the Cullen's after school, to visit.

Carlisle turned to Edward with a serious gaze, and carefully questioned him, "Edward, do you notice anything strange about the boy? Anything that you found suspicious other than his advantage around your power?"

Edward scrunched up his face a little in thought and turned to face the sleeping teen. After a quick second, he turned back to Carlisle. "His blood smells different. Certainly not appetizing though."

Carlisle nodded in agreement. "Yes, yes I noticed that too." He kneeled down next to the boy and motioned for Edward to do so as well. "Lean in closer and tell me what you smell." Edward bent down barely a fraction of an inch before jumping back up and holding his nose, completely surprised.


The elder vampire nodded again. "It is and it seems to mostly be surrounding his face." He looked to the younger one, a serious expression, mixed with concern and worry, on his face. "I have a feeling those deep gashes were caused by a werewolf."

Confusion flooded across Edward's face. "Why would a werewolf attack, nonetheless a human?"

"I have my doubts that he's human." Just as Carlisle was about to continue, the front door flew open and six figures entered the room, five vampires and one human. All talking ceased as they noticed the other two in their family hunched over a teenage boy. A human teenage boy. Jasper, the most cautious of the group, began backing up, as to not cause any harm.

"Jasper," Carlisle called. The boy just lifted his eyebrows in recognition, afraid to breathe. "Come here."

Jasper shook his head as if to protest. "Please, just come here," Carlisle ordered a little more harshly. The teen took stiff steps to his side, now even more cautious about his breathe intake. "Breathe Jasper." Jasper looked alarmed, but did as he was told.

He let the air he had been holding out and took another one in sharply. Then his face turned to one of confusion, affecting the whole room. "His blood smells as if it's diseased or contaminated." His brow furrowed. "Is it him or me?"

"It's him, we can smell it too. Something's not right about this boy," Carlisle answered. Suddenly the boy began to groan and shift. Edward, whether it was a reflex, unconsciously, or purposely done, grabbed Bella around the waist and pulled her close.

As the boy struggled to wake up, the Cullen's talked quickly and quietly in a way only a vampire could.

"His condition isn't as bad as it looks. Three deep gashes in his face, a slightly large bruise on his left shoulder, and a fractured left wrist. But that's not the interesting part." Everyone, excluding Edward and Bella, looked to Carlisle, confused. "He reeks of werewolf and Edward and I have concluded that a werewolf was the one to make those gashes on his face."

Esme gasped and put a hand to her mouth. "How and why? They have never really been hostile, especially to a human."

"Well from the way his blood smells, I think we can safely assume that he isn't human," Edward supplied. Most nodded in agreement.

Rosalie, stubborn as ever, rolled her eyes. "So what is he, a fairy perhaps?"

Emmett grinned and started "ooh"-ing. "Maybe he's a wizard like Harry Potter!"

"Maybe someone forgot to take their pills this morning?" Jasper laughed. Rosalie growled and glared at him in defense for her husband.

"Oh look, he's waking up." Esme interrupted softly. Of course that didn't last too long. Everyone was quiet as the strange boy finally sat up and opened his eyes to reveal a shocking, icy blue.

Danny's POV—

Once everything had been dark, but now it was rapidly being covered up with a bright, white light. My whole body felt as if someone was dragging it through a cold rain or pond. This was the second time this had happened to me in the past month and I knew exactly what it was. Healing powers; great. It was one of those things that were good, yet bad. Everything began to sharpen and focus as my sight and hearing cleared, purifying the mumbling that I hadn't noticed I'd been hearing until now.

"… not right about this boy," I heard a man's voice say. I would bet the half of my life that was left it was about me, because there is nothing right about me. The rest of the conversation was lost to me, when suddenly, a hot and painful flare shot down my spine and then to my left arm, resting at my finger tips. No matter how hard I tried, a groan escaped my mouth.

When I realized I could no longer lie still, I, amazingly enough, sat up. Wow, Sam's sarcasm really was doing a number on me. When I opened my eyes, I saw eight different people staring at me; seven were absolutely beautiful and the one was average looking, but still quite stunning. The seven people looked exactly the same, and if it hadn't been for the fact that some looked older than others, I would have believed they were all twins or septuplets.

"Hi!" A pixie-like girl said enthusiastically, bouncing up and down in front of me. Just as I was about to respond, there was a stinging on my face and I slapped my hand to it. The scratches; that giant wolf; passing out. It was all coming back. Slowly, I inched my way from these people; for all I know, they could be my captors.

Then common sense knocked me right in the face and I stopped moving. Why, oh why, would my "evil" captors start bouncing in front of me while shouting "hi" with obvious enthusiasm? Not even Skulker was that excited about my capture was he? A smile pulled at my lips as I imagined Skulker acting exactly as this girl was. That'd be entertaining. I was pulled out of my "mental movie" when there was a hand waving in front of my face.

"You ok? You kind of spaced out there," said the same girl from earlier.

"Oh, sorry," I answered quietly. My legs felt restless, so I decided to try to stand up. Keyword is "try". I put my arms at my sides and then pushed on my left, using my right arm to balance. I stumbled clumsily at first and fell back over, so I tried again. As soon as I was done getting up, I looked up into the faces of seven shocked faces and one confused face. What did I miss?

3rd Person POV—

"Hi!" Alice shouted at the boy enthusiastically. His face looked like someone had just asked him to go jump off the Empire State building, until realization crossed his face. He backed up a few paces, and then suddenly stopped, staring off into space, a small smile on his face. Alice frowned at his disconnection from this world, as if she didn't do it enough as it was, and waved a hand impatiently in front of his face.

He seemed to snap out of it. "You ok? You kind of spaced out there."

The teen answered quietly, and without vampire hearing, none of the Cullen's would have been able to hear him. Edward wasn't even sure if Bella heard the answer. Suddenly, one by one, each of the Cullen's eyes widened as the boy stood up using his left arm for support. This was because it had only been fractured a minute ago, literally.

Danny looked up after finally gaining his balance and noticed the whole family, minus the ordinary-looking girl, was staring at him in shock. What did he do wrong? Then the oldest male, sporting a white doctor's coat, took a step forward.

"Do you mind if I take a look at your left hand?" Confused, Danny shook his head and the doctor reached out to grab his hand. The man began squeezing his hand lightly then slowly working his way down to his wrist. "None of this hurts?" He was about to respond when he heard the brunette girl whisper to one of the teen boys.

"What's so special about his left hand?" she asked softly, and he knew he wasn't supposed to be hearing this.

"His wrist was fractured quite severely. He shouldn't have been able to use it to stand up," he replied. Danny's eyes widened slightly at his answer. Whoops

His eyes connected with the doctor's and he grinned sheepishly. "Um, ouch?" It came out more like a question. The doctor gave him a pointed look, and Danny admitted, "Okay, okay, the charade is over. I'm obviously not… normal," He struggled the word out. Suddenly, the oldest woman came up to him and smiled, putting her hand on his shoulder. He stiffened up for a moment, before relaxing. Her hand temperature felt normal.

"My name is Esme Cullen," Esme politely introduced herself. "This is my husband, Carlisle, our children, Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper, and Bella Swan, Edward's girlfriend. What's your name?"

Danny's gaze shifted to the floor, before glancing back up at her kind face. "It's Danny."

"Well, Danny, it's okay. There is nothing to be afraid about."

"It's not that I'm afraid, it's just that I know you're not normal either." One by one each of the eight stiffened up, just as he had before. "You're skin temperature feels normal to me. Everyone I have ever come in contact with has been very warm compared to me."

"You're right," Carlisle answered. "We're not normal either. You want to tell us what you are and we'll inform you of us?"

Danny once again lowered his gaze to the floor and shuffled his feet nervously. "Um, I'd rather not. It's too dangerous. I could hurt you all." He looked back up into their confused faces.

The blond, Rosalie, scoffed, "And how do you know that you could hurt us? You don't even look fit enough to move that couch." She pointed to a couch in the room as she said this. It suddenly grew uncomfortably silent.

Alice shifted, nervous and jittery in her spot, before speaking out, "Danny, would you like something to eat? Bella was just about to grab something before this." The younger teen smiled and nodded at her and she grinned back. "Come on, follow me."

Soon he, Alice, Bella, Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, and Carlisle were in the kitchen. Esme and Jasper excused themselves to either garden or read. Bella went to the fridge and made two sandwiches, seeing as none of the vampires in the room really knew how. Danny smiled at her gratefully before taking a bite. Carlisle just stood in the background to see how they would interact with each other. Was Danny's nature that different than them or did he have a human conscious like them?

"So..." Bella said slowly, trying to start a conversation."Where are you from?"

"California," Danny simply replied as he swallowed a bite.

"Specifically?" she asked.

"Can't tell you," Danny shrugged as he continued to eat.

Edward gave him a look. "Are you a runaway?" Danny just nodded, prompting Edward to ask, "Why?"

He sighed before answering, "Like I said, I don't want to hurt anyone, including my family." Rosalie rolled her eyes at his answer.

Emmett suddenly joined the conversation, much to Rosalie's distaste. "So, you're not human?"


"Are you gonna tell us what you are?" Emmett asked, somewhat excited.

"Nope." Danny repeated, not at all sorry.

"Why not?" Now he was disappointed.

"You have to tell me what you are first."

Edward didn't even bother listening to his family members' thoughts. He just folded his arms and leaned against the wall. "For the sake of your sanity, we'd rather not share what we are."

Danny just shrugged his shoulders. "Well, then for the sake of your sanity, I won't share mine."

Bella rolled her eyes, and muttered, "God, what is with you mythical creatures and secrets? You're worse than a serial killer."

"Ha! Cereal killer!" Emmett snickered. Rose just glared and rolled her eyes at her husband's childishness. Carlisle chose this moment to step in.

"Danny, if you are finished eating I would like to talk to you about what happened before you woke up." Danny nodded at him, almost solemnly, before standing up and following Carlisle back into the living room and sitting on one of the many sofas. "Would you like to start from the beginning?" Carlisle asked once every one was seated.

He nodded again in agreement, before thinking back to where he could start. "I was out walking in the woods early this morning, but I'd been out there for so long that my legs finally gave out. A little after I fell, I heard something shift in the trees around me, but I still couldn't find the strength to move. I was too weak.

"I looked all around and didn't see it until I looked behind me. It was huge, almost wolf-like. Suddenly it started growling and snapping its teeth at me, as if I offended it. I closed my eyes, unable to do anything, and it immediately slashed my face.

"After that, it started to pace around me and it took all my strength to stand up and start running. I ran for a couple of minutes before settling behind a tree. I had lost it somewhere back farther into the woods." The Cullen's that were there, with an exception of Rosalie who was paying attention to her nails rather than the story, looked at each other in confusion. How could he have outrun a werewolf?

"That's when I blacked out and woke up to find myself here," Danny finished.

"There are some holes in your story and things that don't add up," Edward decided. He studied Danny's face and actions as he told him this. He seemed slightly nervous. "Will we find out soon? Perhaps when you tell us your secret?"

"I'll only tell some of the facts then. I can't add anymore now though." Silence was the only thing heard for a couple of minutes.

Carlisle, much to everyone's relief, broke the silence, "Danny, do you mind if I check your bandages? They may need to be redressed; head wounds tend to bleed a lot."

Danny hesitated for a moment then nodded his consent. "Yeah, it's okay."

The vampire stood and made his way over to the enigma and began to unravel the small amount of gauze. He was once again surprised, when two of the gashes were barely visible and the other as if it had been a scar for months. "How?"

"Healing powers. They've recently upgraded I guess you'd say. So I heal really fast, especially compared to a couple months ago," Danny reluctantly explained.

"Your abilities are still developing? How long does it usually take for them to finish developing?" Carlisle questioned, very interested in just what Danny was.

"Yeah, I get a lot of new powers every year. As for how long I'll keep getting new ones, I don't know. My species, if you can call it that, is very, very rare." Danny fidgeted at the amount of information he was revealing. They weren't forcing him to tell them, but he didn't exactly want them to know so much about him. When they were all sleeping tonight, he was planning on sneaking out. His ears suddenly perked as he heard a deep and throaty, animal-like cry coming from a long distance.

As the wolf's howl drawled out, Jasper and Esme returned to the rest of the group. Danny noticed that everyone seemed to be looking to Edward and Alice, even the human one, Bella.

Edward seemed to be processing something in his head before he began to speak. It was low and fast, enough that Danny noticed that Bella heard nothing, meaning he shouldn't be hearing this conversation. So as not to bring attention to himself, he pretended to be assessing his surrounding as he eavesdropped on the low conversation. "They want to meet us at the border line tonight to discuss an event." Danny noticed from his peripherals that Edward glanced at him when he said "event".

Then Edward looked towards Bella and nodded at her questioning expression. She seemed to have understood because her face grew accepting and she pushed herself closer into his side.

"Do you get a lot of wolves out here?" Danny was subtly trying to find out more information. Hopefully they wouldn't see right through his act.

"Not normally, but there have been a few sightings recently," Alice answered. Well that wasn't helpful at all. Danny decided to try a more roundabout route. So putting his plan into action, he faked a yawn.

Esme gave him a motherly smile. "I think you should get some sleep, honey. You've had an awfully long day."

"And I believe Bella should too," Edward added. Bella began to protest, but he gave her a pointed look and she immediately settled down. She's not going to sleep; she's going with them, Danny thought to himself. Oh well, this could probably work to his advantage.

"Come with me," Alice said suddenly. "I can lead you to one of our guest rooms." The young half-ghost followed her silently and when they reached the room, he thanked her. "I left a t-shirt and sweatpants on the bed for you. They're Edward's; I figured they were the most likely to fit." Danny thanked her again and Alice finally left. To stay in character, Danny did put on the clothes provided, granted, they were still a little baggy on him.

Not feeling up to a shower—he'd get one in the morning, if he was still there by then—Danny laid down in the bed and thought about how he would trick them into thinking he was sleeping, because obviously they would check on him before they left. That's when it occurred to him that maybe he could let a little bit of his ghost side merge with his human—not enough to change forms, but enough to slow his body functions down. So that is exactly what he did and not even an hour later, they did check on him. The door barely opened a fraction of an inch before it closed again. A couple of moments later he heard the front door open and close softly.

Danny lay still for a couple more minutes before getting up, just to make sure they were really gone, and they were. Still being cautious, he phased through the guest room door, so as not to make any noise, and walked silently down the hallway. As he passed by one room, he noted that classical music was drifting from it. Curiosity getting the best of him, Danny entered. Seeing Edward's jacket casually thrown over the armrest of the couch, Danny assumed the room to be his. Just as he was about to turn and leave though, something on the CD rack caught his eye. It was a book; the only book on the rack. Carefully, Danny plucked the book off the rack and gave it a quick look through.

All the articles were from different points in time, all the way back to the early 1800's, but they were all related by one subject: Vampires. Danny scrunched his face up in confusion as he placed the book back. He didn't take Edward as someone who believed in something like that. Shrugging his shoulders, Danny continued with his search around the house and came up with no other unusual things besides a painting he found in a study—most likely Carlisle's—of Carlisle with three other men, all with red eyes.

Changing back into his clothes, Danny called forth his ghost self, and then took off through the roof.