A/N: I have a huge plan for this story. Unfortunately….my computer crashed and I lost not only the next chapter of pet, but the first of this one…luckily I only lost the summary and first sentence.

Warnings: NON EPOLOGUE COMPLYANT, Snape, Hedwig and Fred still alive, Remus and Sirius still dead, Random pairings along the way that will seem funny(Like our two favorite cat familiars.)

Summary: A few years(12) after the war, Harry and Ginny split, leaving Harry with 12 year old Teddy, 11 year old James, and 4 year old Lilly. With a new

teaching job for Hogwarts, can he finally pull things together and keep his family, or will he never accept the help offered when it is needed?

I set out on a narrow way many years ago

Hoping I would find true love along the broken road

But I got lost a time or two

Wiped my brow and kept pushing through

I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you

Bless the Broken Road-Rascal Flatts

"Dad come on! I want to get to the train!" 11 year old James Potter whined. Harry smiled tiredly over to the boy before picking Lilly up again, Teddy on his other side.

"Do you think he'll be in Slytherin like me Dad?" Teddy asked. "Or maybe Gryffindor like the Marauders, Or Ravenclaw like Aunt Luna!" The werewolf cub kept rambling about each of the houses as the small family walked into the all familiar shop.

"Harry! We wondered when you'd bring the kids around!" Harry looked up at George before hugging the twin. He was glad that they still talked to him after he and Ginny split, the kids were always close to the twins. Teddy's ginger stripped black hair reflected that thought. "Gred's just in the back room, you picking up pranks for them?"

"Not today Forge." Harry grinned. "I'm here about those kittens. Seems James has decided that if you're going to get rid of them for Crookshanks and Mrs. Norris that he'd happily take one."

"Great! Oh, and Harry, listen there's-"

"Uncle Fred!" Lilly's outburst interrupted the younger twin as Fred walked over, grinning. He relived Harry from the burden of the littlest child, spinning her around.

"There's Lils!" The child laughed as Fred handed her back to Harry, hugging the boys next. "What are you four here about?"

"The kittens!" James said excitedly.

"Oh, and what would you need a kitten for little one?"

James laughed, hugging Fred. "I'm going to Hogwarts! Teddy said I could borrow Fira if I needed to send anything to anyone, so I want a cat instead of an owl!" Fira, who was currently resting comfortably on Teddy's shoulder, hooted in surprise. She was never told that she would be shared! Teddy petted her lightly in apology for not telling her, and she calmed down, resting once again against his cheek.

"Well then come on upstairs, have to keep them there so they don't set off any pranks." Fred said, leading the small group up the staircase and into a large room. "There are three girls and one boy. I'm sure you'll see one you like."

James looked around, finally spying the litter playing with a ball of yarn, charmed to not come unrolled all the way, only keeping a small tail for the kittens to chase. One kit though, the only boy in the group, caught James' attention quickly. The dusty brown male had white spots over his back, with black paws. He looked too delicate to play with, but that didn't stop James from reaching a hand out to touch the young cat. Icy green eyes froze James in his place as the cat lightly headbutted the hand offered before allowing James to pick him up.

"I want this one." He said softly.

"Alright." Harry smiled. "What's his name?"

"hmm…" James thought for a second, looking the cat over before stopping at his head, looking at the strange jet black marking. "Prongslet." No one noticed the faint glowing mark on James' arm, matching the one on top of the kitten's head.

"Come on Prongslet! We have to go!" A small head popped out of James's school robes as he ran over to his master. Hedwig was perched on Harry's shoulder, watching the young cat.

"Harry, he is a Kneazle!" His familiar hooted.

"I know Hedwig, but what better to protect him? Come on kids!" Harry raised his voice to let the two boys hear, Lilly was once again attached to his hip as they made their way to the platform. "Teddy first." He nodded to the wall. Teddy snickered, remembering the time Harry told him about the wall not letting him through, before running through. "James." The boy looked fearful for a minute before Prongslet leapt up on his shoulder, headbutting his cheek. James smiled, running through the wall as Harry followed with Lilly. "Now, Teddy, take James to find a place on the train, I'll get your things." The two boys nodded, running off and onto the train, Fira and Prongslet staying right with them. Harry smiled as he watched them before grabbing his wand, spelling their things to the castle. "Well Lils, It looks like it's just us now. Until we get to the school that is." The little girl laughed, clapping her hands.

"School!" She giggled. "I get to go to school!" The outburst caught the attention of a few students, who looked at Lilly like she was the cutest thing around.

"Aww, she's so cute!" One of them said. Harry smiled.

"Hey Victoire, isn't this your cousin?" Another asked as the redhead stepped forward, a large smile appearing on her face as she recognized the father and daughter.

"Uncle Harry! Lilly!" She ran the rest of the way over to them. "I heard you're teaching now."

Harry nodded. "Lilly's going to be helping me." Their talk was cut short as the warning bell came from the train. "You better get going before you miss the train." He told the group, who nodded. They got onto the train, talking about how cute Lilly was. Harry sighed and made his way to the front of the train where the other teachers were. He ran his free hand through his hair as he reached the compartment, nodding to Professor Flitwick before sitting down next to Professor Trelawney. He set Lilly on his lap, noticing the child's constant giggles and smiling.

"Well well, look what the cat dragged in." Harry's head snapped up at the familiar cold voice, eyes locking onto icy silver ones.


"Professor Malfoy." Draco smirked. "I'm the new Transfiguration teacher."

"…McGonagall planned this didn't she?"

"She said it would help the new teacher." Draco shrugged. Harry blinked, knowing the Slytherin was hiding something. "Heard you were Slytherin's new head of house too Potter."

"Yea, She said they needed one because Slughorn retired…who took his place?" Harry asked, looking at the other teachers as the train finally starts to move.

"Can't tell you yet." The others looked at Draco. "McGonagall wanted it to be a surprise for you. Said it's to make up for the 11 birthdays she missed." Harry groaned.

"If it's Umbridge and this is all a prank…"

"It's not." Draco reassured him, looking down when Lilly walks over to him. "Hello there little one."

"Hi! I'm Lilly!" Lilly grinned, her green eyes filled with curiosity. Draco could see how she got her name. From the pictures his mother showed him, this little girl looked like a smaller copy of Harry's mother. "Who are you?"

"I'm Draco, or Professor Malfoy when we get to the school." He smiled. "So Potter, she's the last one?" He looked up at the Gryffindor, not moving as Lilly climbed onto his lap, ignoring Harry's protests.

"Yes…James is starting his first year. I had to bring her because Ginny will never take her." His gaze dropped to his lap, suddenly finding his hands that were resting there very interesting. "After we split, she wanted nothing to do with the kids. Fred thinks she was only with me for the fame and got fed up with it."

"Sounds like something she'd do." Draco sneered.

The rest of the train ride was fairly quiet, only being interrupted by James and Scorpius-Harry found out he was Draco's son the hard way by hearing the sharp retorts- and their questions.

"Dad, do I have to stay in the dorms or can I stay with you? Is Lilly staying with you? What if I'm in Hufflepuff? Can't I ask the sorting hat to put me with Teddy?"

"Honestly James, too many questions!" Scorpius snapped at his new friend. Draco was surprised to hear his son made fast friends with James, but it reminded him a bit of Harry and himself, except Scorpius succeeded in befriending the young Potter. "You'll get what house you get!"

"Now that's not true." Flitwick interrupted. "I seem to remember a certain Gryffindor begging the sorting hat to put him anywhere but Slytherin." The professors laughed at the blush Harry now had.

"Well from what I heard about Slytherin only evil people came from it. Then again I guess we could add flamboyant to that, with Malfoy and Zabini…"

"Hey!" The laughter grew.

"And to answer your questions Mr. Potter, You have to stay in your dorms most of the time, Lilly will stay with Harry, You will probably be in Gryffindor or Slytherin, and yes you can ask the hat." Flitwick answered. James nodded.

"Come on now! The others are waiting for us to get back!" Scorpius said, dragging James out of the compartment after the two boys said goodbye to their parents.

"…Who is his mother again Draco?" Harry snickered, looking to the older Malfoy. "He's more flamboyant and rushy than you are. It's not a bad thing!" He said, noticing the murderous glare on the blonde.

"Well it was Astoria until Blaise got drunk one day and decided to tell the Prophet that he was Scorpius' mother…" Draco said in a serious tone. "Now Scorpius thinks he really is mine and Blaise's. Not that I'm arguing against it though."

"I won't pry…especially with little ears in the room." Harry nodded to Lilly. He glanced out the window at the castle, catching a glimpse of the shrieking shack. "Never thought I'd see that building again…" He murmured softly. His eyes clouded over as he thought back to that day and how he wished things would have been different. 'Why did you have to leave Severus…why?'


"Daddy? Are you ok?" Lilly's voice broken through the slight trance as Harry looked down at his daughter. "What's that place?"

"That's the shrieking shack Lils…It's haunted and you must never go there." He told her. "Of course…that didn't stop a few of us…"

"Now is not the time for sadness Harry, your second youngest is about to be sorted. Maybe you'll have a Gryffindor this time?" Neville coaxed Harry out of the sadness. He had taken over for Professor Sprout two years ago. "And I think you'll like the new teacher this year."

"Who is it? You all keep talking about him or her, but won't tell me!" Harry half pouted. Draco and Flitwick snickered.

"Let's just say that you'll really like him. Or hate him." Draco offered. The brunette scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"If the surprise is you, then Minerva must be trying to torture me."

"Oh, it's not me Potter. But…It is someone you know." Draco said.



"….I swear if it's Parkinson…"

"Pansy wouldn't take the job even if it came with all the guys she could ever s-…I mean hang out with." Draco caught himself, remembering Lilly was there. Harry sent a light glare of warning over to the blonde, placing Lilly on his lap.

"Lils, look, there's the castle." Harry said softly, pointing to the large building.

"Woah! Are we staying there daddy? With Granny and Uncle Neville?" Lilly asked, her green eyes wide with wonder. Harry smiled down at her.

"Yes. We'll be staying there. So will Teddy and James." They looked up as the train rolled to a stop. "Well. Guess we should go before the students get there."


"You owe me 10 galleons Longbottom. I told you Scorpius would be a snake." Draco snickered. Harry rolled his eyes.

"Not much of a bet, he's a Malfoy, of course he's a Slytherin!" Harry laughed. He missed having someone to joke around with. Fred and George were ok for pranks, but not the usual stuff that seemed trivial to others. Lilly was sitting with Teddy at the Slytherin table, stealing all of their attention.

"Potter, James." Minerva called out. The boy slowly walked forward, fear in his eyes. The headmaster set the hat on his head.

"Hmm…you're not much different from your namesake…but more like your father…I know where to put you….SLYTHERIN!" Loud cheers came from the table, the loudest being Teddy, Scorpius, and Lilly. Harry grinned as James walked over to the Slytherin table, sitting down next to Teddy.

"You must be so proud Potter, two kids in Slytherin. Maybe you'll get lucky and Lilly'll be a Gryffindor." Draco commented. McGonagall finished the rest of the sorting quickly before glancing around.

"Now, as you all must have heard on the train, we have three new professors this year. Please welcome Professor Potter, our new Slytherin Head of House, and our new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher. And Professor Malfoy, our new transfiguration teacher." Clapping exploded in the hall for the new teachers, before whispers and murmurs broke out. "Now, our third professor, is someone you all should remember. It will come as a shock to you. As you all know, Professor Slughorn has retired. So, I wish for all of you to welcome back," She paused as the doors leading to the Great Hall opened, a smile gracing her lips. "Professor Snape." Harry could feel his heart stop as he looked at the man he thought to be dead for 12 years. The ever present scowl on the professor's face was not only welcoming, but brought fear to Harry too. He could see Draco smiling out of the corner of his eye as he got up, helping Harry to his feet as well.

"Come on, he wanted to see you." The transfiguration teacher whispered. He lead the brunette to the half-way point in the hall, Snape walking closer to them.

"Draco….Harry." Harry had to hold back a shiver at the silky voice he missed. He shut his eyes lightly. Fear, happiness, and anger rushing through him. "…Harry?"


The hall broke into shocked gasps and muttering as Snape staggered back from Harry, a mark on his cheek turning red from where Harry had hit him. Draco stood next to the boy-who-lived, eyes wide with shock. Even the headmistress was to shocked for words. Harry walked closer to the Potion's master, closing the gap that was made after the slap.

"…You greasy git…" He muttered before tossing his arms around Snape's neck, hugging him tightly. "12 years….and the only thing you can say to me is my name? I know we didn't like each other…but you'd think a simple 'Hi' would at least come into play." The students close enough to hear snickered as the older man was told off. Snape looked shockingly at Harry.