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After playing AOD after the longest time, I decided to re-write this old (but favourite) fic of mine. 7 years ago, the plot for this story had occupied my mind and not left me until I gave proper form to it. Now, after evolving a bit as a writer, I believe its time I do a little justice to this fic and make it as good as I can. I hope you all like it - Please read and review - it truly helps us in going on =)

Disclaimer: I do not own Lara, Kurtis, Karel, Gunderson and all the actors appearing in AOD. They are property of Core Design, Eidos Interactive, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics. I am making no profit from this story, whatsoever. I do own the plot, and a few characters who'd be introduced.


Lara Croft Tomb Raider


They say what does not kill you, makes you stronger. More prepared for everything life throws at you; whether they are obstacles or opportunities. In Lara Croft's case, it had been literally spears, boomerangs and bullets. All mere props, not unusual occurrences considering the path she had chosen for herself. And then, death itself appeared before her, in the form of cloak-like darkness, shrouding the last ray of day and von Croy's silhouette. Shaking the very foundations of her existence to the core, leaving her starving, broken, on the brink of insanity. But even that did not suffice, for her wounds healed on the outside, as she continued to nurse her injured soul. Scars left by Egypt were reminders of her pain, but then again, Lara harbored a lot of scars.

She placed the glowing Sanglyph onto the foot of the Sleeper, and the deep rumbling from the mechanism above provided her the warning clearly. Looking about, she saw a cable and quickly made grab for it. Swinging and landing hard on her knees, Lara wasted no time and broke into a sprint in a bid to reach the exit – all the while with Karel screaming and beams of brilliant light shooting from the Sleeper. And just as she dived into the opening, the deep rumbling gave way to a terrifying explosion as blinding light surrounded her. With the earth still shaky from the blast, she paused at the door, holding the frame for support while cupping her side to assuage the pain arising due to her sprint. 'Another gift from Egypt,' she thought – but urgent thoughts quickly chased away old ghosts.

The arena, where Boaz had seemingly met her match. A pool of dark blood. A golden disk.

Picking up the weapon, she took a step back reflexively as it sprang to life. Glowing dangerously with its blades bared, it pointed her towards the area where the monster had initially emerged. A small smile framed Lara's features and after a long time, the glimmer of hope she felt had long extinguished within her, flickered as she walked towards the darkness – knowing she would not lose someone else now. Not again; not Kurtis.

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