(Excerpt from My Brother Remembered, By Myles Fowl, a biography published about the life of Artemis Fowl the Second after his death.)

I am aware that there are many people who will buy this book just for the chance to learn some of my brother's greatest mysteries. Therefore, I must submit my apologies to these people because my book contains far more questions than it does answers.

My elder brother came back into our family's lives after his famous disappearance. Naturally, everyone was curious as to where he had gone for three years without even questioning why he came back looking more like a fourteen year old rather than his true age of seventeen.

Nobody ever got an explanation from him, as far as I'm aware.

When I was a child, my twin brother and I asked Artemis where he had gone. I'll never forget his answer. He looked us in the eyes and told us that he had gone to Neverland. Obviously, Neverland is a fictional place and I laughed at my brother's answer at the time.

In hindsight, I should not have laughed at the notion of my older brother finding Neverland. If anyone could have done it, it was Artemis Fowl the Second.

I hardly need to speak of his accomplishments. Though he never turned away completely from his criminal tendencies (when he famously admitted that he was the one responsible for returning lost masterpieces to the general public, many of those pieces of art were gained through thievery) in the end, he did far more good than bad.

My brother dedicated his entire life to the betterment of, not only our planet, but the human race as a whole. He took major steps towards making green energy cost effective for the average person. It is because of his innovations that there is hardly a car on the street that does not run on alternative, eco-friendly fuels. He also donated to (or secretly ran) many humanitarian charities whose goal was to foster friendship and understanding between our fellow men.

Perhaps the most famous of these was his support of the Gay-Straight Alliance. This, coupled with the fact that he never took a wife or even had a girlfriend, lead to many rumors of his homosexuality that followed him through his whole life.

My brother was mostly amused by these rumors. He would shake his head, laugh, and often mutter "So close."

Do I believe those rumors? Personally, I do not. My brother was married to his work. He dedicated his life to it, and he continued working on his many projects until he was physically unable to continue, far past when ordinary men would settle down.

A more important question would be was Artemis Fowl the Second happy? Once again, I can only speculate. I believe he was happy. As a man, he was a far cry from the sour teenager that I remember from my earliest years. Though he never had children, he doted on his nieces and nephews. Indeed, every school vacation, my daughters would ask to stay with 'Uncle Arty'. They loved his fairy tales, though he did plant the strangest notions in their heads. Once when my eldest had found a rainbow, I asked her if she wanted to find the leprechaun to get his gold. She told me that Uncle Arty told her that leprechaun was merely a job and they were better left alone. Where he got those ideas?

My brother, Artemis Fowl the Second. He was an enigma, but one that forever altered the path of the human race to a more peaceful existence.

(Except from Artemis Fowl: An Autobiography, published by Holly Short in the Lower Elements after his death.)

I would not be so foolish as to presume that the People consider me to be a good person. I have committed wrongs against the Fairy Folk in my past, and the very fact that I have knowledge of their existence in the human world is a constant threat to the People.

But know this first: even at my lowest moments, I never wanted to expose the Fairy People to the human world. That is the one thing that I have never done. I kept the existence of the People secret except for those who all ready knew of them.

Of those humans, I am the last one living. Butler, Juliet, Minerva, and my mother have all gone before me and I will follow after them soon enough. I, Artemis Fowl the Second, the last guardian of Fairy Knowledge among the Mud Men, will soon be no more.

Out of all the prizes and glories that I've won for myself in the human world, it is the title of Guardian that I feel the most pride for. After my famous kidnapping of Holly Short, the People became in integral part of my life.

Before that moment, I was a hard and cruel Mud Boy and everything that the People feared in humans: intelligent, determined, and willing to risk it all to gain dominance over the only other truly sentient beings living here on Earth. I make no excuses; I was a product of my upbringing. My childhood was a difficult one. I learned early on that if I was not perfect, I was not worth my father's attention. So I became the perfect son that my criminal father wanted… a criminal as well.

But meeting the People changed me for good. Under the influence of many good fairies such as Holly Short, I slowly managed to break through my cold shell and become the person that I was meant to be. The People changed me for the better and, for that, I will always be grateful.

As for Holly Short, I know that there are many who want to know the truth about us. While my own race spread rumors about the possibility of my being homosexual, the People spread their own rumors: rumors about what Holly and I meant to each other.

With Holly's permission, I answer that now: Holly was my nemesis, my first crush, my best friend, and my lover. We were never married in human terms, but the Council allowed us a secret fairy marriage 'to keep Holly happy'. Though, in truth, they wanted free access to my intelligence.

As with the Human-Elf marriages of old, Holly's magic has been what has kept me alive for longer than the average human's life-span. I am over a hundred now, and only just now has my body begun to deteriorate.

Holly is everything to me, my better half. She is the one who keeps me on the straight-and-narrow now that my parents and Butler are gone. Our relationship is far from perfect. Even now, when I look into her eyes, I know that she is in pain from my imminent death. It pains me to leave her, but she is strong. She is much stronger than I am. I know that she'll recover.

She once asked me to allow the demon warlock N1 to return my youth to me soon after my hair started turning gray. I know that I hurt her in the worst way when I decided against it that day. I could not live in the human world where my appearance suddenly went from age 30 to age 20 in less than a day, and I was still not allowed to go to Haven. People talked enough when I lived past one hundred years with my good health. I could not risk revealing the existence of magic that way. Holly, I say this directly to you now… I'm sorry.

Holly and I never had children. We spoke on the subject many times, but decided in the end that we couldn't risk it. A half-elf child in the human world would have been labeled as a freak. A half-human child in Haven City would have been shunned, hated, and feared. The world was not ready to once again accept Human-Elf hybrids, and we could not sentence our hypothetical children to this fate.

That was the inspiration for my humanitarian work in my Mud Man world: the spread of love and tolerance. Perhaps, in a few hundred years, mankind will have advanced as far as fairies and achieve peace as well. Maybe at that time, our two worlds will once again be able to join as one and such children will not be looked upon with fear or disgust, but as the symbols that bind our two worlds together.

Alas, that is my dream, and it is the one that I will never live to see complete.

You, my Fairy Reader, do not have to believe everything that is written in this book. But if you walk away believing only one thing, I would have it be that Artemis Fowl the Second is capable of love. I love my family, I love Holly Short, I love the People, and I love this planet.

A united earth… let that be my gift to all the sentient beings of this planet.

(Four Hundred Years Later…)

Many things had changed on the island nation of Ireland, but the one thing that always seemed to be constant was the presence of Fowl Manor, and the Fowl Family which lived there.

In centuries past, the Fowls were a family of crime lords, doing whatever they could on the dark side of the law to amass their own wealth. But that had changed five centuries ago under the heading of Artemis Fowl Senior and Junior, who successfully turned their criminal empire into an above-ground humanitarian empire.

Wealth and intelligence ran in the family to the point where it seemed that anyone with the name 'Fowl' could do no wrong. No matter what field that a Fowl decided to specialize in, it went without saying that they inevitably became the best in that field. Indeed, many places in Ireland would hire you just for carrying the name 'Fowl'.

Though, true to their non-criminal roots of five centuries, there was always at least one Fowl involved in the development of Green Energy. That Fowl was Chloé Fowl.

It was a quiet day at Fowl Manor, as Chloé had just finished her latest project and sat at one of the bay windows, staring out at the Irish countryside while waiting for inspiration to strike her.

Of course, things had gotten much more interesting in the field of Green Energy ever since the revelation of the new sentient species living under the earth's crust. They were fairies, but much more than the fairies of folklore… they were a technologically advanced species with a lot of things to teach humans.

In the years since their revelation, humans and fairies had been actively working together to co-exist.

Chloé was just starting to think about some of the technology that the fairies had revealed to mankind when her bodyguard, Butler, entered the room. "Mistress, there is a small delegation of fairies in the courtyard asking for you."

Chloé stared in shock. As far as she knew, the fairies were still extremely cautious about meeting humans and rarely did so unless it was for official business. Maybe they caught wind of my satellite-based solar farm idea? Chloé mused to herself. Fairies, in general, were very interested in technology that decreased human pollution on the planet.

"Very well, Butler. Tell them I'll meet them in the sitting room." Chloé said. Butler nodded, and left the room. Chloé checked her reflection in a mirror. She was a bit of an oddity in the Fowl family. Mostly they were blondes, due to their ancestry being traced back to Myles and Beckett Fowl. Chloé, however, had the 'old Fowl' look. She had raven hair and blue eyes. But that's what she got for having a father with blue eyes and a mother with raven hair.

Once she was satisfied with her appearance, Chloé made her way down the hallway, past the portraits of Fowls past. There… there is the portraits of my most famous ancestors. Chloé thought to herself. The first of this series of portraits contained Artemis Fowl the First, the man who had really started the Fowls down their current path of humanitarian work.

Next to that was of the next Fowl generation. There was Artemis Fowl the Second, set apart from his father only by his eyes, which were different colors: one icy Fowl blue and the other warm hazel. Also pictured with him were his younger twin brothers, Myles and Beckett Fowl. All successive generations of the Fowl family were Myles' and Beckett's children, because Artemis Fowl the Second never had any children. Chloé could trace her own ancestry back to Myles Fowl.

She smiled at the portrait of her ancestor and quickly moved past it to the sitting room. It was a spacious room, filled with more portraits of the Fowl family, including Artemis Fowl Senior and Junior. Her fairy guests were all ready there, waiting for her, all except one.

A single fairy stood apart from the others, staring up at the portraits, or more specifically a picture of Artemis Fowl the Second in a rare moment of relaxation: playing with his nieces and nephews and painted by Beckett Fowl.

"I am Chloé Fowl." The young woman introduced herself, and the fairy that was staring at the picture turned around to gaze at her. Chloé nearly tripped over herself when she realized that she recognized this particular fairy. She was none other than Commander Holly Short, the fairy who had been responsible for the decision to merge the human and the fairy worlds together. Chloé didn't have many specifics on how fairy aging worked, but it seemed to her that Holly Short was simply middle aged. But she knew that she was actually six hundred years old. "How can I be of assistance, Commander?" She asked.

To her shock, the powerful fairy Commander smiled. "Typical Fowls. Five hundred years, and you've barely changed. You look so much like Artemis Fowl the Second. But I'm sure you've been told that before."

Chloé nodded. She had been told that before. "I've no direct relation to him." She said. "Myles Fowl was my ancestor. Artemis Fowl the Second had no children."

"I know." Commander Holly Short said. "I know that this might come as a shock to you and your family, but the name 'Fowl' has been quite well-known in our cities for the last few centuries. We were all quite keen to follow your family through the centuries."

Chloé didn't respond for some time. "Why us?" She finally asked.

"Because of Artemis Fowl the Second." Holly said, gesturing to his portrait. "Five hundred years ago, Artemis Fowl the Second made contact with our world. He was the first human to discover our world and retain his knowledge of our existence throughout his life."

Chloé was naturally confused by this information. "But if he discovered your existence then why did he keep it secret? When you revealed yourself to us, it was hailed as the greatest discovery in modern times! How could he resist that?"

"Well, the short answer is…" Commander Short paused. "Because he cared about the safety of my People. Five hundred years ago was not the right time for us to be revealed. Humans, as a whole, were not ready. Artemis Fowl had a massive impact on our society. In our histories, we have whole books dedicated to him. But I'm here for a specific book." She pulled out a book covered in velvet and presented it to Chloé, who accepted it and unwrapped it. It was an English translation of a book that had been originally written in the Fairy language.

"Artemis Fowl: An Autobiography?" Chloé gasped. "This can't be real! Artemis Fowl the Second never wrote an autobiography! The closest thing we have is a biography written by Myles Fowl."

"It is real." Commander Short said, meeting Chloé's eyes. It was then that Chloé noticed that the Fairy Commander had the same eyes as Artemis Fowl the Second, icy blue and warm hazel, except mirrored from his own. "Artemis had it published in the Lower Elements because his life was too tied in with fairies for it to be safely printed in the human world. But I know that it was Artemis' dream to one day unite the human and the fairy worlds. Giving this book over to his human family is something that he'd want… I know."

"Commander Short… your eyes…" Chloé began. "And you keep calling Artemis Fowl the Second by his first name only. Did you… know him… personally?"

"Know him?" Commander Short asked, ignoring the laughter of her fairy companions. "Yes, I knew him. I more than knew him. All the answers are in that book."

Leaving the confused girl, Holly Short stepped out into the familiar hallway. It had scarcely changed in five hundred years. The only real difference was all the new portraits of the Fowl family. The fairy stopped before the portrait of Artemis Fowl the Second and his two brothers. She gazed up into his mismatched eyes as if she could gaze back through the centuries and see their living counterparts. She reached up and caressed the canvas briefly.

"Your dream is complete now, Artemis." She whispered. "I hope that you are happy now. I… I miss you, Artemis, and I still love you." With that, she turned and left the Manor.

"The Last Guardian": Yeah… I couldn't resist the small reference to the title of the as-of-yet to be released final Artemis Fowl book.

Let's see… this story all together was 29 pages and over 9,000 words! Not bad!