Special Agent Tim McGee drove slowly home one rainy night. After a long week , he was glad he was able to spend a relaxing dinner with his younger sister. It was very rare for him and Sarah to get to spend a lot time together with his busy work schedule and her classes.

The rain that poured down seemed to reflect the mood of the past week. Tony hadn't been himself after his undercover mission. One of Gibbs' rules warned against getting too involved with their cases but Tony had fallen easily for Jeanne. McGee would never admit it but he missed the old Tony, the Tony that spent countless hours hazing him and coming up with new McNicknames. Tim had been made fun of and picked on his whole life but it was different with Tony. He wasn't acting like a bully, he acted more like the big brother that Tim never had.

As Tim approached the bridge, he noticed a small red car parked on the side. He recognized the car right away as Tony's most prized possession, next to his movie collection. Tim's gut started to churn, something was definitely wrong. He pulled up behind the car and got out. It took only seconds for the rain to soak him through as he walked to the driver's side door. The car was empty. Tim started to panic. His head whipped around for any sign of his partner. Then he saw what he was looking for, a lone figure standing on the edge of the bridge.

"Tony!" McGee yelled over the sounds of the pouring rain as he ran over to the man he had come to see as a brother.

Tony turned around to see where the voice was coming from. He panicked when he saw his Probie standing behind him with confused eyes. Nobody was supposed to find him, especially not his best friend. "Go away McBadtiming." He said trying to remain indifferent.

"Not unless you're coming with me." Tim replied. It didn't take two degrees from MIT to figure out what Tony was planning on doing and he refused to let it happen.

"Not going to happen. I'm done with all this shit. I can't handle it anymore." Tony said in a monotone voice. Tim's heart broke a little at Tony's admission. They had all been through a lot over the years but no one had seen what Tony had.

"Please Tony don't do it." Tim pleaded. "You can't do this. There are a lot of people that you have to help you through this."

"Like who? Gibbs and Zivah aren't capable of compassion, Abby would just say I was being crazy, Ducky will just make it into another and you hate me." Tony sneered. There was no way McGee didn't hate him after all of the crap he had given him over the years.

"You're wrong, Tony. I don't hate you."

"Why wouldn't you? I've never been a friend to you." Tony never understand the way Tim's mind worked when it came to his ability to trust so easily.

"What about that time I shot the cop, or when I needed someone to come with me to say goodbye to Kate. Those were two of the hardest times in my life and you were the one who was there for me. Let me be there for you." Tim said with tear in his eyes, even though they were masked by the rain.

Tony contemplated what Tim had said. He wanted to believe him but after being let down so many times in his life that he just couldn't. He needed to do what he came to do. He looked McGee in the eye one last time and said, "Give Agent Tommy a cool heroic end, I wouldn't want Thom's fans being upset if you had him off himself."

Tony's let go of the bar and slipped. Tim reacted quickly and reached for Tony's flailing arms but the ground was so slippery, that instead of pulling Tony back, he fell behind him into the rapid waters.