Five months, in retrospect, is not a very long time. But for Abby, five months without her best friends felt like an eternity. After the events of the last few months Gibbs, Abby, Ziva, and Ducky were finally ready for closure. When they had finally come to the reason of Tony suicide and Tim's ultimate death, Gibbs was determined to honor the memory of his surrogate sons.

The large hall was filled with hundreds of people. From agents current and retired to witnesses whose lives were saved by the two. Almost everyone that had ever graced the halls of NCIS in the last ten years there to pay their respects. Gibbs looked through the crowed proudly. He saw his father sitting a couple rows back with Tobias, Emily, Layla and Amira. Director Vance sat in the front with the SecNav and Tom Morrow, who Gibbs hadn't heard from in years. Sarah McGee sat also in the front with Rachel Cranston who had been helping her cop with the loss of her older brother.

This wasn't just a memorial though. This was also the release of the finale Thom E. Gemcity with a ending by a man who only went by LJG. While going through Tim's possessions, they found a three quarter the way done book with no title. After a lot of convincing from Abby's puppy dog eyes, Gibbs agreed to write the end of the book. Most people who knew Gibbs were shocked that he would do something like this but only the few who knew him the best, knew that he would do anything to honor his boys. He called the book "Stronger Then Blood."

There were many speeches from those who knew the buys the best. Abby could barely make hers because she was so emotional, Ziva's which was filled with incorrect American idioms –which most people were sure she did on purpose in honor of her friends, Ducky's ramblings, and Vance's well rehearsed speech. Now the room was completely silent as one Leroy Jethro Gibbs took the stage.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I would like to thank you all for being here. As many of you may know, this really isn't my thing but I had to. As the past and present agents and directors at NCIS can attest, I am not a very easy person to get along with. I have never had the same group of agents on my team at the same time until I met Anthony DiNozzo. When I met Tony he was a cocky street cop that couldn't stay in one place for more than two years at a time. Most people thought of him as flighty but there was something in him that told me he was going to be a damn good agent. And I was right he was one of the best I had seen. I usually only kept a team of only three but eight years ago, something changed. Tony had been an agent on my team for three years, I thought it was time that he got his own probationary agent or a Probie. I didn't know any of the new agents at the time and honestly didn't care to. That is until I met Timothy McGee. Tim was the Webster's Dictionary's definition of a geek, but he had the potential to be so much more than that. Tim and Tony were completely different people but in a good way. The complemented each other's personalities. They were best friends and they were brothers, they would do anything for each other and they were there for each other till the very end. I was honored to work with these boys and I will never forget them. Thank you."

Gibbs got a standing ovation from the entire room, most of which had tears in their eyes. Tony and Tim would be sorely missed but they were in a better place now and they were there with each other.

A week after the memorial, Gibbs sat on a beach in Mexico with a glass of bourbon in hand. Vance had told him pretty much to get lost and take a week or two off. So here he was at Mike Franks' former residence, escaping it all.

He had been sitting there for a few hours just staring at the waves when he saw it. Two men and one woman walking down the beach talking. "You are such a pig, Tony." The woman said.

"Oh you know you love me, Katie." Tony said looking at her with his most charming smile. The man behind them snickered. "Did you say something back there, Probie?"

"Oh leave Tim alone Tony. He should be able to enjoy the afterlife in peace without you all over him like you were in life." Kate told him.

"Don't worry about it Kate, I have already resigned myself to an eternity with Tony's jokes and McNicknames." Tim sighed.

"I' glad you're finally out of denial." Tony said slapping his hand on Tim's shoulder.

Kate smiled at her friends. "Something's never change I guess." Kate surmised.

"Yeah, you've definitely got that right Kate." Tim said throwing an accusing look at Tony.

Suddenly, a bright light came from the edge of the water and an image of a beautiful redheaded woman clutching a little girl who looked exactly like her. "Come on kids, time to go." The woman said.

The three agents walked towards the woman. "Coming, Shannon." They all said simultaneously.

The little girl ran towards them. "Kate, can you tell me the story about when Tim joined the team again." She asked, grabbing a hold of Kate's hand.

"Sure, Kelly. It all started one day when we met this young, green Probie who was really scared of your dad…." The voices and people faded out. At the last moment Tim and Tony turned back and both looked Gibbs in the eye and said, "Thanks Boss."

And Gibbs smiled.

The End.

Author's Note- Thank you all for reading this story. This was my first NCIS story and I hoped you enjoyed it. I tried my hardest to capture these characters but they are very complex and can only be completely understood by those who write them on a daily basis, so I'm sorry if it was a little OOC. Thanks Again!