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Lucy's P.O.V.

I will usually spend my mornings and afternoons in the guild but… not today. I'll stay sulking in my bedroom while thinking how selfish I was for using Hibiki like he was an object. I let out a groan and roll on my belly. This is so not me. I don't use people. I never did. I blow my hair out of my face and look at the floor. I guess we all do stupid things when we're in love, right? It's not my fault that I'm in love with Gray who is currently dating Juvia. So, when the opportunity came I panicked and grabbed it instantly. I'm not probably making sense right now, am I? I'll tell you with a flashback…


I was sitting with Natsu and Happy in the guild. He was talking about how he beat the crap out of some monster. He was even punching the air while Happy was eating his fish. I couldn't help but smile. Even though how down I am, these two would always find a way to make me smile. ALWAYS. And don't get the wrong idea, I love Natsu but only as a friend/brother. I knew he felt the same about me. Besides he likes Lisanna.

I didn't know what happened but I zoned out. I found myself staring at Juvia and Gray and noticed that something ain't right. Maybe it was just me, but they didn't act like they've been dating for 3 months. I never saw them do couple stuffs. Like hold hands, hug, kiss and etcetera. Sure, I saw them on dates but Gray usually looked bored and uninterested. It was like he was thinking of something else. This somehow boosted my hopes up. Out of the blue, Mirajane appeared in front of me holding a crystal ball.

'Hibiki is on the line. He said he wanted to talk to you.' Mirajane said with a smile. The entire guild stopped with what they were doing and looked at me. Levi and Erza even went to my side.

'What? Why?' I couldn't hide the shock in my voice.

'Why don't you find out for yourself?' Mirajane set the crystal ball on the table. Suddenly, Hibiki's appearance showed up. As always, he was sparkling.

'I know this is very sudden but… Lucy Heartfilia will you go out with me? I can't stop thinking about you. Every time I close my eyes, your image pops up in my head. So what do you say?' Hibiki looked so serious.

'I… uh…' I couldn't say anything. I was speechless.

'No pressure but everybody's expecting you to say yes.' Hibiki smiled awkwardly at me. In a cute way. I scanned my surroundings and saw that everyone was looking at me. From Levi, who was wearing a say-yes smile on her face, to Gray who was scowling at the very back of the guild. Why would he even scowl? Maybe… Nah. He would never be jealous. He has Juvia. Or maybe… he would.

'Sure. Is 7 alright with you?' I tried to sound excited to make him jealous. I sneakily darted my eyes to him and noticed that he was walking out of the guild.

'Yeah. I'll pick you up in your house. Bye!' With that said, everything went back to normal.

7 o'clock in Lucy's house

I heard someone knock on my door. It was nice to know that not all people just barge into your house through A. the window or B. the chimney. I put some finishing touches in my appearance and went to the door. Opening the door, I saw Hibiki wearing his tuxedo. I wouldn't lie, he looked gorgeous. He was even smiling sweetly at me. A pang of guilt built up inside me. I tried to force a smile.

'Are you ready to go?' He asked me. He was such a gentleman that I started going crazy with guilt.

'I…' And that was it. I reached my limit. I couldn't just lie to him.

'Hibiki. I'm… I don't know what to say.'

'Oh no. What did I do wrong? I'm getting dumped BEFORE our date even started.' He forced out a laugh.

'No! I'm not dumping you… Well, kinda. Let me explain! Why don't you make yourself comfortable in my house.' I made way for him. He looked hesitant at first but I urged him to come in. Being the nice man he was, he didn't argue with me. We made our way to the dining room and settled ourselves. I sat on a chair beside the table while he walked to the kitchen.

'Since we're together and alone, it means we're still on a date. So, I'll be cooking for you.' Hibiki started rummaging in the closets, cabinets and in the refrigerator. He took out vegetables and meats. Slowly setting them on the island, he began chopping, cutting and other cooking stuffs.

'Hibiki, I think you should listen to me first.' I just couldn't let him cook and break his heart afterwards.

'There's another guy, isn't it?' He calmly said. My eyes went huge after hearing it.

'How… How did you know?' I was so dumbfounded. I went to his side. He commenced on opening the stove and preheating the oven.

'Your eyes.' He grabbed a saucepan and put in on the stove. Then, he started making sauce.

'Pardon?' I didn't get his point. What about my eyes? My eyes were glued on what he was doing.

'Your eyes show guilt. Does lamb sound good to you?' He took 4 pieces of lamb, which looked seasoned beautifully, then placed them on a rack.

'Anything's fine. I'm not dating him. It just feels wrong to date you when I'm in love with someone else. Even though that someone is already dating somebody else.' I was pretty sure I heard the crack in my voice. I stared at him, waiting for an answer, as he put the rack full of lambs in the oven. He silently went to get a bowl and some potatoes that were just boiled. He put them in the bowl, added some ingredients with them and started mashing at them forcefully.

'You know, one way to make you feel better is to mash potatoes.' Hibiki looked at me while handing me a masher.

'Is that why you're mashing potatoes, right now? Because you're mad at me?' I hesitantly took the masher and slowly walked beside him. I held the masher tightly with both hands.

'I'm not mad at you.' He chuckled.

'Then why are you mashing potatoes?' I tried to mash the potatoes patiently.

'It's good with lamb. Besides, it looked like you needed something to put your feelings out of.' He cupped my chin using his thumb and index finger then, gently tilted my chin up so I could face him. I couldn't help but blush. 'What do you say we talk about how you feel about Gray while cooking then, we'll pretend after that he didn't ever exist? It would be just you, me and our gourmet meal. NO GRAYS ALLOWED!' Forgetting about Gray would be nice I thought. I assumed it over and realized it wasn't a bad idea. I gave a nod while beaming him a smile. I started mashing the potatoes while going on about my feelings.







'LUCY!' I… heard Gray say? WAIT! That wasn't a part of the flashback.

End of Flasback

I daze out of my reminiscence and glance around my room. There I see Gray, who is leaning on the door with his one hand hanging at the doorframe while the other quickly running through his hair. I bit my lip and feel the room get hotter.