So guys, I know it took forever for me to update but I think I'm losing my inspiration for GrayLu. I'm kinda scared to see what will happen to this story. I really want to finish it but honestly, I don't know what will happen.

Gray's P.O.V.

"Hn… Lost my weight. That's the most stupid excuse I ever made." I said to myself.

I put my hands in my pocket feeling like a moron. I was so determined to confess to her just a while ago. When I held her in my arms at that loveseat, I felt complete. That was when I decided that I didn't want to let go of her… that my life wasn't complete without her. She was everything to me but I still chickened out without any reason. Maybe it was the fact that I knew that she was going to reject me. Looking down at the floor, I dragged myself to the changing room.

"Mr. Fullbuster, you're clothes are already prepared in the changing room." A tall blonde lady told me. She led me to the dressing room, opening the door for me in the process.

"Thank you." I told her as a close the door behind me.

Looking at clothes on the chair, which was folded neatly, I gaped in fear.

"Excuse me, uuhhh, is this really mine?" I wanted to make sure. I was not going to wear something like that. I would not! Never—

"Yes, Mr. Fullbuster. Is there any problem?"

"N-no." I glared at the clothes this time. Takaki was definitely mad at us.

Lying so innocently on the chair was a pair of black skinny pants, black sleeveless shirt, black gloves… cat ears…. and a tail that was attached to a belt. I glared at the clothes harder as if I was burning them in my mind. Lazily, I stripped my clothes of which was done within a second. Then, I put on the pants first. Since I was not used to wearing this kind of pants, I had a hard time wearing them. I was jumping up and down franticly, one foot to another, just to wear them. Once that was out of the way, the sleeveless shirt came next. It hugged my upper body quite nicely. It was not too tight but not too loose either. I stared at my reflection. Putting one hand on my hips, I cocked my head sideways.

"Not bad"

I doubtfully put the ears next, not bothering to check if it was put on properly. Then, I put on the belt which was confusing to put on since there was a tail attached to it but I made my way. Hesitantly, I glanced at myself. I looked stupid. No… This is stupid. I began wondering if Lucy was having the same issues as I was. A small blush suddenly crept on my face. I imagined Lucy with cute cat ears, a tail, and paws for hands. She looked so adorable in my mind. Plus, her clothes were hugging her body tightly, showing off her curves. It was just like a one piece bunny suit in black. Furthermore, those black high heels were so hot on her.

"Mr. Fullbuster…" The lady's voice entered my mind.

"I'll be out in a minute." I said mindlessly but it didn't escape the fact that the woman kept calling me Mr. Fullbuster. It somewhat bothered me. It was weird since Mr. Fullbuster was my father and besides, there was no Mrs. Fullbuster…

"Hmm.. Mrs. Fullbuster? Lucy Fullbuster."

"Lucy Fullbuster in a catsuit… in OUR bedroom."

A small smile appeared in my face. Suddenly realizing what I was actually implying, I gave myself a mental slap on the forehead. I shook my head back and forth removing those thoughts. It was wrong of me. I was not in the right place to think like that. Slowly, I opened the door and went outside the dressing room. I passed by the lady and glanced around my surroundings.

"What's next?" I turned around staring at the woman. She was somewhat red in the face. I wondered why.

"Hey! Are you alright?"

"Uhh… Yeah.. I mean yes, Mr. Fullbuster. Please follow me. You'll meet up with Lucy Heartfilia next."

My heart skipped a beat. The imaginations I had just a while ago rushed back in my mind again. From then on, I followed the woman without any care. All I could think of was Lucy in a hot catsuit. Plus, we would be wearing matching outfits! Alas! All of those times I've been jealous of Natsu would be forgotten any minute now. Stopping on my tracks mindlessly, I kept thinking of how Lucy and I would look cuter than Natsu and her having the same outfits.

"Gray…" I heard Lucy say.

Blinking twice, I focused my mind on my surroundings only to notice that I was already standing in front of Lucy. I checked her out, expecting her to have the same outfit as mine. As what she was wearing processed in mind, I began to laugh out loud. Clutching my stomach, I laughed my heart out. She was wearing this dog costume. It was like a one piece pajama but with hoodies as her ears. I kept laughing. Don't get me wrong though, she looked totally cute. I just wasn't expecting her to look like this.

"Ha-ha.. I know the jokes on me and stop laughing! It's bad enough that you look so hot while I look like I'm going to a children's party." She crossed her arms while pouting her lips but the fact the she said that I looked 'so hot' didn't go unnoticed by me. A small smirk formed on my face.

"I look what?" I walked closer to her until her back touched the wall. I trapped her in between my arms as I lowered my head until we were eye to eye in level.

"What? I didn't say a-anything." She avoided my gaze at all cost but I still kept staring at her. I slowly moved my head closer, whispering in her ears.

"Really now?" I moved back, looking at her. She was starting to give in. I could tell. She was turning red and she was biting her lips. She looked into my eyes as if debating if she should say it again or not. Finally, she slumped down her shoulders then sighed.

"Fine! You look hot, happy?" I moved myself away from her with a huge grin on my face.

"Very… Don't worry, you look cute." I gave her a smile then a wink. A tint of red appeared on her face. She avoided my eyes and looked down on the floor.

"What's up with you all of a sudden, saying things like that?" She whispered.

"It's the truth."

Before either of us could react, the lights suddenly went off and as the lights went on, we were on a different place. I couldn't see clearly though. The only light source we had was our spotlight. Everything else was dark. I peaked at Lucy and saw that she was in a stance for fighting. Unexpectedly, I felt a gush of wind just few inches away from us. I felt Lucy move closer to me.

"I thought our interview was a tea party." Lucy complained in a scared way. A black figure appeared to run around the place but it was too fast for our eyes.

"It's a tea party… of death." An unknown voice was echoing throughout the room. That was when Lucy shivered and hugged my arm. I heard her whimper something.

"Whoever you are, show yourself!" I tried threatening this person.

"And what would be the fun of that? Maybe I should take your little friend with me…" I could tell that this bastard was smirking by the way he said things. I couldn't tell where the source was though. The echoing was just too much. I need to find this guy before anything happens to Lucy. I grated my teeth together.

"You wouldn't dare!" I barked back. I wouldn't let him hurt Lucy.

"Oh… I would." Lucy suddenly fidgeted and yelped. She ran to my front and hugged the life out of me but I still comforted her by resting my hand on her head, making her lean down on my shoulders.

"Kyaa! Something touched my tail!" She flinched again. This would be cute and nice if we weren't facing something dangerous.

"Lucy, don't—"

"Gray… s-something's walking to-towards y-you"

I turned around, shielding Lucy from the thing. She grabbed me by the shoulders, pressing her body to my back. I tried to ignore how close we were. Focusing on our problem, I squinted at its dark figure and noticed that it was too small for a threat. My guard slowly goes down as the thing went nearer and nearer towards us. Then, I came to realize what the shadow's outline is. It stopped about three meters away from us and then the lights were slowly turned on.

"You guys are starting to bore me."

The thing spoke to us. The lights were on full brightness this time. I looked at our supposed-to-be threat. It was a boy with white hair. I stopped glaring. It reminded me of Lyon—I mean HE reminded me of Lyon, it kinda brought the little a guy a soft spot in my heart. Fair enough, he looked adorable for a little guy. He was around 4 or 5 and has huge green eyes. That was the only thing that set him apart from Lyon. I keep gazing at him, standing on my spot. It was like I could tell that something was different from this little kid and it was not because he was wearing a bow tie.

"He's the cutest thing ever!" Lucy shouted as she ran towards the boy.

She began hugging him and pinching his cheeks. The kid's blush didn't go unnoticed by me. I guessed that this fella had a tiny crush on dear Lucy. I snickered without even noticing it. Watching them carefully, I found him glaring at me. I could feel the tension rising up between me and he and I didn't even know the reason why. I walked towards them and stood behind Lucy, analyzing the kid's attitude. Something tells me, we wouldn't get along.

"The big man scares me nee-chan!" The little, annoying child exclaimed. He ran into Lucy's leg and hugs it. I looked at him irritably… Bad timing though. Lucy chose the exact same moment to glance at me. She gave me that WTH look. She slowly turns around with the boy peeking behind her leg.

"Don't worry. He won't hurt you. That's Gray and I'm Lucy." Lucy crouched down to look at him in the eyes. She was wearing a huge smile on her face.

"Are you sure, nee-chan? He was looking at me in a scary way…" It looked like the little kid was just about to cry. I sighed in defeat and crouched down with Lucy.

"Hey… I won't hurt you. I promise. Pinky swear." I held out my pinky. He reluctantly grabbed hold of my pinky with his. Then, a smile slowly formed on my face.

"Maybe this kid isn't that bad."

Lucy suddenly stood up and carried the boy like her own child. She would definitely make a wonderful wife on the future… I shook my head back and forth clearing those thoughts in my mind. Unexpectedly, this kid stuck out his tongue on me then he smirked as if saying that Lucy would soon be his.

"That brat!"

I scowled at him while following Lucy. Not even realizing it, we were already sitting on a kid's table filled with sweets, pastries and tea sets. What bothered me though is the lowness of the chair that I was sitting on. It made me uncomfortable. I didn't know how Lucy could look so comfortable sitting on a tiny chair.

"So, what's your name?" I heard her say. I turned to the little brat, glaring at him.


So the kid's name is Kouhei. I could care less. I just hope this kid wouldn't be involved with our interview. I took a piece of cookie from the table and took a bite out of it carelessly. Kouhei looked at me and I thought he got jealous of me eating a cookie. He took a piece from the plate; held it with both of his hands; and cutely, yet still irritably, ate the cookie. When he was almost done, he offered the remaining piece to Lucy who gladly took it from his hand and ate it while wearing a smile on her face. Kouhei turned his head towards me and mouthed the words indirect kiss.

"Ha! Been there! Done that!" I stood up from my chair and gloated it to Kouhei. Lucy looked at me with bewilderment in her eyes.

"He's scaring me Lucy, nee-chan!" Kouhei abruptly ran into Lucy's arms. This kid's starting to get into my nerves.

"Gray, what was that all about?" Lucy asked as she comforted Kouhei. I only gave her a shrug trying to hide our previous communication.

"Uh.. Kouhei. He won't hurt you. Pinky swear, remember? Anyway, are you going to be our interviewer?" Kouhei answered Lucy with a nod.

"Mhmm. First question… what's love?"

It was a huge question for a little kid like him. Besides, people didn't usually ask that kind of questions in an interview. Oh well, he was the interviewer. He was responsible for the questions. We were just here to answer them. I looked at Lucy and found her in an anxious state. I guess she couldn't handle the question well.

"Uhh… I think Gray should answer the question. Besides, he is the one who is in love with Juvia."

"About that… I broke up with Juvia." I said sheepishly. I glanced at Lucy and I saw her eyes widened. Looking away from her, I stared at Kouhei.

"Nevertheless, I still am in love. I believe love is… Well, love can't be put into words. It can just be felt. It is when you want to see this special person happy all the time. You would be willing to give up anything for this said person just to make her smile. I guess it is just a feeling of being able to give her the stars and the moon that is so far out in the sky." I avoided Lucy's eyes at all cost. It would be just uncomfortable. I was pouring my heart then and there and it would be awkward to look at her while saying all this.

"Well said, nii-chan. Oops, time's up for your interview. Bye!"

I watched as Kouhei ran and disappeared in mid-air. Carefully looking at Lucy, I found her angrily standing up. Then, she quickly stomped her feet away from me without even saying anything. I ran to catch up with her then grabbed her by the wrist. She turned around, only to glare at me. It gave me the hint that I did something that pissed her off.

"What's wrong? Why are you mad at me?"

"You're asking me why I'm mad at you? You never told me you and Juvia broke up!"

"You never asked!" I couldn't believe that she was mad because of this. She never asked! And it didn't concern her! Why should she be mad? Since when did my relationship been interesting to her? It only made me angrier that she had the nerve to get mad at me when I only broke up with Juvia because of the damn reason that I was still in love with her.

"I'm your teammate… ONE OF YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS! I shouldn't have to ask. You should at least tell me. I bet I was the last one to know." I snapped with what I heard. She wanted to know the truth then, I would tell her the truth.

"Okay… You wanna hear everything about my relationship with Juvia? I only went out with her out of pity and sympathy! I tried to fall in love with her but I couldn't! You wanna know why? It was because I can't stop myself from loving you! I… love you, Lucy."

I released her wrist from my hand and looked away from her. I could feel my face heating up and my heart was beating faster and louder. Silence filled the air. It only made me more nervous with what I said. Realizing that it could cost our friendship, I started speaking up again.

"Hey… I know that you like Natsu and that my confession only made things weirder but I don't want things to change because of this. I can't afford to lose our friendship. Don't let my confession ruin the way things are. I still want to be there for you at all cost… even just as your friend." I didn't dare to look at her.

"Who told you I like Natsu? You're… the one whom I like. Gray… I love you too." She stated shyly.

My eyes widened as I look at her. Her eyes were full of love and honesty. She was telling the truth. I took a step closer reaching out to touch her face. My heart was beating louder and faster than before. It was almost like it was coming out of my chest. Slowly, I was cupping her face with both of my hands. I caressed her cheeks with my thumb. I watched as it went red and I could feel her face grew warmer. Our breathing started to sync in together. I leaned in on her face, only to stop few inches away from her.

"May I kiss you, Lucy?" I whispered.

A smile suddenly formed on Lucy's face and then she was giggling. I took a step back from her to look at her with confusion in my eyes. I felt my hands rest on my sides after. Then, she was clutching her stomach due to the hurt of her laughter.

"Gray... Ha- What kind of -haha- guy asked a girl that kind of –haha- question?"

"I thought it was a chivalry act." I said in my defense.

"Well, it ruined the mood." She replied, still laughing her head off.

"Does that mean I wouldn't get my kiss?"

I didn't get an answer. Instead, I watched as Lucy made her way to exit with a huge smile on her face but honestly, kiss or no kiss, I was pretty happy with the end results of the day.