Chapter 1

A young couple was walking down the road, deliriously happy to finally be on their honeymoon. They had been waiting for this chance for a while, but between work, and their low paychecks it was impossible to find the time and money. They finally won a contest for a round trip to London, England, and decided to hell with everything, they would just go. Mary, the young woman was just starting as a secretary at a local law firm, and her husband John would be starting his new position as chief mechanic when they returned. This trip was a break from real life for them.

After Mary's parents died, she threw herself into forgetting and John could tell she wasn't happy. He was stressed as well from having worked two jobs trying to save up their money. Luckily they didn't have to buy a house seeing as Mary's mom and dad left it to her, and he had a car from before their marriage. John wanted the best for his children, and swore to love and protect them when they finally arrived.

Mary was the one who entered and won the contest, and she was the one to suggest to John that they needed a break from reality. They were currently walking down the street of a cute little village about an hour from London called Godric's Hollow. Mary didn't know why she chose this little town from all the others, but she had a feeling she would like it. Suddenly there was a huge bang, and a house materialized out of nowhere. Mary's hunter instincts, and John's army reflexes kicked in, and the couple slowly crept towards the half-destroyed house. John wanted Mary to stay back, but when the two heard a baby's cry, he forgot all about it and followed his wife to the second floor, avoiding the corpse of whom he assumed to be the baby's father, and another right next to the crib that most likely belonged to the mother. Both looked like they had been scared to death and that just intrigued John. He was about to investigate when he saw the baby in his wife's arms. He forgot about everything and everyone with the exception of his wife and the adorable perfection in her arms.

He looked to be about 15 or 16 months old, not a baby but not quite yet a toddler. He had a head of messy black hair, and the brightest most vivid emerald eyes he had ever seen in his life. It wasn't as if the baby's eyes were mixed with brown, or blue like they should be, but they were pure green, and sparkling. John could already tell this baby was quite adventurous, loving, and playful. He'd probably grow up to have a great sense of humor. Mary seemed to be in love with him already, hugging him close to her chest, and staring at him in awe. John was almost jealous of how quickly she took to the little Brit, and it took a good minute or so before John remembered the fact that little Brit's parents were murdered and lay dead just feet away from them. He convinced Mary to leave the house, and go next door to use a phone to report the crime.

The couple stayed with the baby as the police and fire department investigated the explosion. No one knew the couple, and most didn't even know that there was a house there. Mary and John were asked hundreds of questions, and when the government officials moved to take the baby from them, John staked his claim on the child.

It took months, but since no one knew the parents let alone their names, and since it was definite that the child's parents were dead, the couple went from being his temporary guardians to his adoptive parents. They returned to the states exactly five months later than they were supposed to and with two new additions to their family. They named the now two year old Michael James Winchester, and were debating on whether to name their first born child Dean or Sam. Mary was four months pregnant.

2 Years Later

"Jaime!"cried John as he ran after the rambunctious three year old, "It's bath time, not play time."

"Daddy!" the naked child screamed out in laughter, "Catch me!"

John couldn't help but growl at the child and run after him. He didn't notice his wife watching as he played their version of tag, holding their one and a half year son. Finally seeing how frustrated John was, she put the baby in his crib, kissed him goodnight, and swooped in to grab Jaime. Seeing as the giggling naked child was secured in his wife's arms, John collapsed in relief.

"That child will be the death of me!" he cried dramatically.

Mary giggled and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Awww," she teased, "Did the little baby outrun the big bad soldier man?"

John glared at her and gave her a mocking grin as she took their oldest to the bathroom for his bath. Once he was all clean and in his pajamas, the young couple tucked him into bed. John read him a story while Mary cuddled with him.

"…and they lived happily ever after! The end!" John said quietly with a flourish. He looked at Jaime and saw that while the little boy was fighting to stay conscious, his wife was fast asleep. "Aren't you supposed to be asleep, Goober?"

Jaime just looked at his dad innocently and shrugged. John just softly sighed, lifted his wife into his arms, and carried her to bed. When he returned he found his son out of bed, playing with his toys.

"What are you doing out of bed? It's way past your bedtime." John commented as his son played with his trucks making little sounds that were supposed to sound like car engines.

Finally noticing that his dad was back in the room, Jaime held up a car to the light and grinned, "Dadda lookie! It a cawr!" he said beaming.

John sighed in defeat, "And what sound does a car make?"

"Vwoom vwoom!" the child cried out excitedly.

"Shhhh," John said, bringing his index finger to his lips in a sign for quiet, "Your momma and brother are sleeping. We don't want to wake them, do we?"

Jaime hunched down sheepishly, "Sowwy dada!" he said.

John just chuckled and spent the next half hour playing cars with Jaime. Pretty soon the little boy was out like a light. John couldn't help but stare at his oldest son. He couldn't believe that his son was already three years old. It seemed as if they had had him for a lifetime; he could not really remember a moment without him. Brushing the dark hair out of the boy's eyes he revealed a lightning bolt scar on his forehead, the only evidence of both the worst and best day of the young family's life. He lightly traced it with his finger before kissing it and whispering a soft good night. It was late, and time for John to join his wife in the land of nod.

Two and a half years later

Mary Winchester watched as her boys were playing ball in the backyard. John and Jaime were trying to teach Dean how to play baseball and it didn't look like the four year old was grasping the while concept of the game. She chuckled as her oldest shouted out in exasperation when Dean caught the ball again instead of hitting it with the bat. If Mary hadn't seen Dean's mischievous smile, she would have really thought that Dean didn't understand baseball at all. Stroking her round tummy, she wondered what her unborn son would be like at Dean's or Jaime's age. She suddenly had the urge to pee but when she stood up she felt a great release of water. Looking down she realized that her water just broke. Not wanting to scare the boys, she called John over and calmly told her husband that their third son was on his way and that she needed to go to the hospital. John scooped her up, ordered Jaime to get his mother's hospital bag and Dean to get his dad's wallet and car keys. It took them 5 minutes to get into the car and as soon as the man got behind the wheel, the Impala was speeding down the street towards the hospital. Once they arrived John drive right to the ER entrance and carried Mary in. The boys stayed with the car just as their dad asked them. He was going to take them to one of Mary's friend's houses and come back as soon as he could.

Erin was a riot. She was studying to become a doctor and loved kids so when Mary was trying to figure out where her boys could wait, Erin was her first choice. The three of them had a lot of fun. Between making their own pizzas for dinner and watching Cartoon Network, the boys barely found the time to be worried about their mom. The next morning John came to pick up the boys with the biggest grin on his face.

"Jaime, Dean," he said, "I'd like to be the first to tell you that you both are big brothers."

Dean actually rolled his eyes, and demanded to know if he had a brother or a sister. John told Dean that he had a brother, making the little boy do a fist pump in the air. He turned towards Jaime and held out his hand.

"Five gummy bears, please!" he said eagerly.

Jaime wanted to scowl but he was too happy to do anything but smile. He had another little brother and hopefully this one wouldn't be as strange as Dean. He gave the youth his candy but not before ruffling the kid's hair.

"Dude!" he cried out, "Not my hair!"

"What are you going to do about it baby brother?" Jaime demanded teasingly.

Dean scowled at his brother and pouted, crossing his arms across his chest, "M'not the baby anymore!"

Jaime looked at Dean and smiled at him, "But you'll always be my baby brother!" he insisted, "Even if mom and dad have a hundred more kids. I'm older than you!"

Dean looked horrified, "Nuh uh!" he cried, "I a big brother now, like you!"

Jaime shrugged, "But I'm still the biggest brother!" he finished, walking to the Impala.

John watched his kids little dispute and could barely hold in his laughter. Erin had already lost her composure but the boys cooked it up more towards Erin being a clown than them being anything but serious. He followed Dean into the car, wondering just what the four year old would do to get one up on his brother. Dean may have been young, but he was mischief personified. Luckily Dean's plan was forgotten as the pulled into the hospital parking and walked up to see their mother. When they arrived, Mary was holding the baby, staring at him lovingly. She looked up and caught sight of her boys so she smiled at them and gestured for them to come closer. Jaime went right away but Dean was afraid to hurt the baby.

"Dean," Mary said, "Come here and say hello to your new baby brother Samuel."

Jaime's face tuned up in disgust at the long mouthful of a name, "Can we call him something else?" he asked.

"Jaime," Mary scolded, "Samuel is a very respectable name. Your grandfather's name was Samuel."

"But he so little and that a really big name," Dean said, agreeing with Jaime.

Mary sighed trying to hide her smile, "Sorry boys, but there's no changing it. The paperwork is already filed."

"Papferwawk?" Dean wondered as Jaime chirped, "That's okay! We'll just call him Sam."

"Sammy!" Dean exclaimed joyously, "My brofer Sammy!"