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Robin ran into the warehouse just seconds behind the hooded figure, but once inside he could see no one. The warehouse was dimly lit with only a few working industrial lights hanging from the ceiling. He walked confidently in,

"come to play?" the sweet voice echoed through the warehouse stopping the boy wonder in his tracks but he smiled and looked around, searching for the source of the voice.

"Yeah, why don't you come out?" his reply was calm but there was no hiding the surprised undertone as he thought to himself, with that voice, it has to be a girl. Robin took a few more steps only to be intercepted by a flash of black and a rush of cool air. He spun quickly readying himself for an attack but nothing was there. He straightened up running a hand through his jet-black hair. A tiny giggle emanated from all corners of the rectangular building. Then through the dim light he saw her. She was perched on a beam that ran the length of the ceiling. Too far to really see her face he walked forward staring at the dark figure. She stood up on the pole,

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." Robin could practically hear her smile while she spoke and watched as she, with one graceful leap was on a stack of crates nearly 7 feet away. She then expertly back-flipped off of the top crate landing directly in front of the stunned Robin. She straightened up smiling looking up at the boy wonder, who still had not said anything.

"so what's the game?" she put her dainty hands on her hips, her cape and hood covered everything but her mouth which was stretched into a smile. Robin, getting over his initial shock of her apparent abilities replied coolly,

"who are you?" her smiled faltered for only a moment, the girl was shorter than he had would have expected as he thought, she cant be more than 5'. He looked at her black cape and from the corners he could tell that, like his, it was yellow on the inside. The oversized hood covered her face and hair and he wondered how she could see out of it.

"I expect your friends will be here soon to spoil our fun?" She leaned to the side sticking out her hip and puckered her lips in a sort of pout. Robin's hands itched to rip her hood off and see the rest of her face, what is she hiding? He could feel his temper slipping and he huffed,

"I am not here to play, who are you?" the mystery girl suddenly when rigid as if he had hit her and she stood that way for a long moment before returning to her pouty stance,

"it appears your friends are faster than I thought-" Robin's mind drifted from their conversation for a moment as he thought of his best friend Wally who's super power was super speed, he smiled absentmindedly, but his mind snapped back into focus as he heard the end of her sentence,

"-as interesting as it would make our little meeting, I guess I wont leave you guessing who I am." Her tiny hands, which were covered by tight black gloves, reached up swiftly pulling back her hood and pushing her cape in place behind her shoulders. Robin involuntarily stepped back letting out a small gasp, She stood there her hands on her hips Robin blinked staring, her entire body matched her size perfectly she was tiny in every aspect making everything but her stance look innocent and fragile. However, it wasn't her size that was the shocking part, it was what she was wearing.

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