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Robin raced back to the Mountain right behind the Batmobile. He thought of Rayne in the car and wondered if she was ok, she looked so… so dead. His hands jerked the steering wheel when he thought of her death. No, Robin, she will be fine. She said she would be fine.

When they got to the mountain they were met outside by the team, who all wore the same horrified expression when they saw how much Rayne had bled.

"out of the way." Everyone moved out of the way as Batman carried their newest team member's body inside.

For two hours the team sat in the living area, waiting for either Robin or Batman to walk out of the medical room and tell them how she was doing but neither did.

Wally stood against the wall uncomfortably shifting from foot to foot, while Megan and Artemis whispered worriedly on the couch. Kaldur, pacing the length of the room had stopped a few times, opening his mouth but never talking. It was Conner, who stood watching his troubled team broke the silence shocking everyone in the room,

"She will be fine. She's strong. Besides she not only has Batman but she has Robin in there with her." Everyone agreed by making small noises.


Robin refused to leave the room as Batman worked on Rayne. At first the Dark

Knight scolded his son for not listening to direct orders to stand outside the room, as the rest of his team had. Robin watched as his father stitched up the frightful looking gash in Rayne's stomach and he couldn't help but ask,

"Will she be ok?" Batman's eyes did not leave his patients but he nodded, pulling a hand away from the bloody scene and tossing a small silvery shard at Robin who caught it with ease. Upon closer examination Robin could tell that this was not just a piece of metal, but in fact looked more like a tiny computer chip.

"what is it?" now his father looked at him frowning,

"I don't know yet, I found it hidden under her skin, I assume it is what Joker used to incapacitate her while you two were walking back to the ship that night." Robin looked back at the tiny chip with a new found disgust as his memories rang with her screams in pain from that night. He walked over putting it on tray and stepping back feeling nauseous. Harley must have put it there years ago, and they were just waiting to use it. He walked to the bed side and helped Batman bandage her. Then batman stood looked at his son and left saying,

"she will be fine, be here when she wakes up." Robin nodded and took a seat by her bed resting his forehead on the edge. She will be fine.


Batman emerged through the archway. Immediately on alert, the team was standing and looking at him expectantly,

"Rayne will heal completely." A collective sigh came from the entire team and Batman continued,

"however, she is sleeping now and it is best to leave her that way. Robin will watch over her for the night and she will be available for visitors tomorrow." They nodded silently and watched as Robin's mentor walked silently out of the room and towards the garage. Wally turned to his teammates, who had a mixture of relief and misery and smiled,

"guys she's going to be ok." At this Megan burst out into tears and everyone looked at her bewildered. She whipped her eyes and smiled,

"im just relieved. I was so scared for Ray." Artemis wrapped her arm reassuringly around her friend,

"we all were, but now its best that we all get some sleep." They all nodded and said their goodnights, walking to their rooms.


Robin watched the steady rise and fall of her chest as she slept on the cot. He had re bandaged her stomach twice. Her face and arms were badly bruised along with a few ribs. The cut on her cheek was already healing itself and she, thankfully, had no broken bones. Robin sighed in relief for the millionth time and crossed his arms on the cot resting his chin in his elbow, his eyes never leaving Rayne's peaceful face.

Robin stayed like that for hours his eyes heavy with sleep, but he didn't dare look away from her or sleep, what if something goes wrong and she dies, while I sleep. I will not fail her again.

It was around 6 am that she stirred, lifting her arm to her forehead, her eyes fluttering open. Life coursed back into Robin and he shot up,

"Rayne?" his voice dripped with worry and she smiled trying to reassure him. She struggled to sit up yelping when her stomach stretched. The blinding light above her blurred Rayne's vision, but she felt Robin's hands gently her sit her up.

"ugh-" she smiled at him his face finally coming into focus,

"thanks." He smiled at her the relief on his face obvious, but she continued,

"no really, thank you Robin. For saving me." She coughed and winced as the movement sent pain shooting through her bruised ribs. Robin pulled her into a gentle hug and she wrapped her arms around him, his voice was soft,

"Anytime Rayne." He felt her laughter, which was stopped short by another cough,

"promise?" he laughed at her response and answered,


Rayne spent the next three minutes talking Robin into letting her stand up and walk around. He supported almost all of her weight, which made her laugh,

"Robin. I'll be fine." He froze still holding her up and she looked at him confused,

"that's what you said last time, and then I-uh- we almost lost you." She smiled sweetly at him her cheeks turning pink,

"its going to be a lot harder to get rid of me than that." Robin spun her gently and looked into her eyes pushing his mouth against hers. Rayne stood there for a fraction of a second, eyes wide in shock, but then she melted into his embrace kissing him back. Her thin fingers entwined themselves in his dark hair and he held her waist carefully, not touching her wound. She finally pulled away breathless and smiling, her cheeks burning. Robin laughed a bit smiling as well,

"it better be." she laughed making his smile widen as he helped her out the door.

"RAY!" Rayne was immediately locked in a hug from Megan who was crying and laughing at the same time. Megan pulled away looking at Rayne up and down smiling,

"we are so happy that you are safe and ok!" Rayne smiled,

"thanks guys.," she looked at the rest of the team who was smiling at her, even Artemis looked a little teary eyed. One by one they walked up to her and hugged her gently and she hugged them back.

It is good to be home.


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