"It's nice to meet you...but it's a shame it had to be like this." An elderly man, who goes by Roger, said to me as he extended his hand. It was earnest, but i could tell he had said that to multiple people before me. I wasn't like where this was going. At all. I took his hand anyway, already searching his features to see what kind of reaction he was expecting from me when I heard whatever he had to say. Reading people's body language, features, expressions, ect..- and using that to decipher what they're thinking, expecting, and sometimes their emotions. For some people, it was just way too easy to read their emotions. I liked it though, it was almost as though I had power over them. Like no matter what it was I would always be two steps ahead of them. Naturally, I was really good at chess.

"Now I know you've been through a lot lately," Not really. Just having my parents dying and being sent to an orphanage, only to have a bunch of strange people make me take a very extensive array of strange tests. "But please bear with me on this one." Well, I'm not sure where this is going, but I really hope you're not giving me foster parents this soon. I seriously think I'd hit you if they were a pair of those 'perfect parents' who are successful in every way possible.

"Hello, Rodger, my has it been a while since I've seen you." A cheerful voice rang out as Justin came in, the man who ran the orphanage I was currently staying at. Rodger grinned and nodded, shaking Justin's hand vigorously. Justin looked at me, cocked his head and smiled brilliantly at Rodger.

"You don't say..." Justin trailed off and Rodger nodded. The Justin turned back to me.

"Take a seat while me and Rodger talk things out a bit." He motioned at a bed a few ways away from where Justin and Rodger were currently chatting.

"Now I know it's sudden, but she has potential that I've seen since we took in that Keehl almost a year back." I think my eye twitched. I could handle being compared, but definately not being expected to be as good as someone who was seemingly perfect. So they better not do that.

"She's a bright one, that's for sure. A bit intimidating though, even for the older girls." Of course I was intimidating to them, they were as dull as watching paint dry when it came to intelligence! And always so full of hype, it was annoying. They're's nothing preppy about being an orphan.

"We already have all of the living arrangements made, her room is right in between the girl's and boy's dorm, due to reconstruction after that little...incident."

Immediately I turned, knitted my eyebrows together and frowned.

"Hey, I know this is fast, but you're going to Wammy's House." He said it as though that was something to be proud of.

"I'm sorry Wammy himself could not be the one to bring you here, but he was on a buisness trip. He should be just returning, actually." Wammy himself? At least that orphanage won't be one hundred years old, like the one I'm at. I always feel so paranoid that the ceiling is going to collapse. I walked out with him to the driveway, only to see my bags already packed and in the truck. I expected that much, it's not like they had asked me if I wanted to go or not. I think I would've anyway though, so I'm too mad about it. I used to not be mad about anything. My old friends had known me as the hyperactive blonde, programmed like a computer when the time called for it. My family, however, knew me as the outcast. I looked nothing like my parents or my sister. My parents had brown hair and brown eyes, my sister with the same shiny, perfect brown hair with the perfect waves, and had been "blessed" with gorgeouse, soft, green eyes.
I, however, was blonde. Light blonde, but not quite platinum. My eyes were a light blue, much to my parent's dismay. Apparently I had a relative who had had blue eyes like mine, and they ended up in jail. I was much too smart to get caught if I ever did anything illegal. Anyway, I constantly put my hair in a side bun, my slightly too long bangs almost going across my whole forehead, but having a little swoop to the left.

The black car, just short of being a limo, finally pulled up to a large building that looked more like an institution than anything else.

"You're lucky you came here when you did, it summer vacation just started." Roger said as car rolled through the large golden gates of Wammy House. I put an impassive look on my face as the driver opened my door for my and grabbed my one bag of whatever I was able to salvage. I walked up to the large wooden door marking the entrence, always a few steps behind Roger. He pushed the oak door open to reveal the grand indoors of the Wammy institutio- orphanage. Oops.

"Hello there, you must be the new student here. My name is Watari, and this is L." He pointed his aging finger at a tall pale man who looked to be in his early twenties, maybe late teens. He was slightly hunched over and his wear was dark and messy. He had dark circles under his eyes that clearly showed he didn't get nearly as much sleep as he should. He wore a white T-shirt with the neckline stretched out and ordinary blue jeans. This was the famous question Roger had pelted facts about at me during the way too long drive here? The was the detective I was aspired to be? This won't actually be so bad.

"Hello, Jessica. Like Watari said, I am L. It's a pleasure to meet you." He extended his hand, and I saw his face held no emotion whatsoever. Just a simple smile. I grasped his hand much faster than I had with Roger's, simply out of respect. Your room is upstairs, to the left. It should be the one with the door open. Once you feel settled in please join us back here at 6:00 p.m. tonight." With that I turned to walk away, but I felt a finger on my shoulder, stopping me short. Turning around, I saw L rather close to my face, observing me. It was strange, but I tried to remain unphazed.

"I like that nasty look in your eyes." That was rather strange to say, and I didn't know whether to take it as a compliment or feel insulted.

"Oh, and about your name." My name? Of course, I should've known. L was wanted and feared by many. There was a reason he was called L, and L only.

"How do you like CL? CL seems fitting for you." CL? That would take some getting used to.

"CL's fine." I spoke up for the first time.

"Good. From now on you will be known as CL, and you will tell noone your real name." He said it with severity in his voice, and I could tell that Jessica would be just some other name. I couldn't even react to it.

"Why CL though?"

"Because we already have a J, unfortunately." He said it as though he were commenting on the weather. With that I turned around and begin to walk up the oak steps to the upstairs area. Sure enough, there was a door wide open next to a door slightly cracked. As I walked by the door that was cracked, compared to all the other closed doors, I could hear a faint beeping and a slight crunch. The inside was dark although I could faintly make out two figures through the glow of a TV placed on the floor. One of the two figures were on what I'd guess a couch, while the other was on floor in front of the TV making clicking noises. I think he was playing a video game. I realized I was staring but before I could take one step a voice came from the figure sitting on the couch.

"Curious?" The voice was deep, obviously male, and almost mocking.

"Yeah." I said it with my own peircing tone.

"Hey, when you get unpacked or whatever come play with me, you look a lot like a gamer. I'm Matt, that's Mello. Call him Mells, he hates it."

"Yeah sure. I'm-"

"CL. I know." Said "Mello"

"You were listening?"

"Yeah." He said it the same way I had first replied to him.

Our rooms were close together, so I just tossed my bag on the floor of my room and went inside Matt and Mello's room. Opening the door the light poured in and I was able to get a better look at the two boys. Matt had boyish features, swooping brown hair with a black and white striped longsleeved shirt (what a coincidence) and blue plaid pants. Mello, however, looked way more mature. He had golden blonde hair, much darker than mine, and icy blue eyes. He had a black longsleeved shirt that looked exactly like L's, and black pants. He brought a chocolate bar up to his mouth, and I could a few foil wrappers on the floor beside him with a cardboard box beside him. he noticed me staring and raised his eyebrows. I did the same as him and shut the door behind me. He bent his head down and the chocolate bar snapped with a loud crack. I slightly jumped at the unexpected sound and narrowed my eyes at him. He smirked and narrowed his eyes at me. Icy blue matched with icy blue. Our staredown was interrupted by a controller being shoved in my face. Peeling my gaze away from Mello I took the controller in hand and sat next to Matt crosslegged.

"Hey, check it out, matching shirts." He tugged at his shirt, which was exactly like mine in almost everyway. Mine just showed most of my shoulder. I smirked.

"Guess so." Not even 2 seconds later came that crack again, and I jumped once more. I could practically hear him smirk.

"She's not used to your addiction yet. Try to refrain from eating chocolate like a madman for a while, kay?"

"Yeah Mells." I smirked, even though he couldn't see it.

"All the more reason to do it," Said Mello nonchalantly, though he still sounded slightly irritated. "...and don't call me that." Within five seconds he was at the very edge of the couch, leaning over the side, his face right next to mine. I could even feel his hair against my cheek. I could feel a shidder go up my back and through my skin. I'm sure Mello could feel me stiffen instantly. He didn't do anything about it, so I guess he wasn't all bad.

"What, you cold?" He asked as he took advantage of my open skin and placed a warm hand on the crook of my neck, making another shiver shoot through my body. I looked at Matt for help but he was in his own world, under a trance of his game.

"No." I said it quickly, so my voice didn't shake.

"Alright." His hand swiped across my shoulder from my neck, making me flinch noticeably. Great, now I was cold due to lack of contact, and I had goosebumps.

"Okay I'm kinda cold now." Smirking, he grabbed a blanket next to him and threw it right in my face.