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He wasn't quite sure when she'd showed up, but she must've done so very quietly, because he didn't notice for quite some time. But when he looked up from his Divination homework to give his eyes a rest, there she was, sitting next to him by the edge of the Black Lake. He must've jumped a foot off the ground when he noticed her.

"Christ!" he cried, jumping; his arms flailing slightly and sending his homework flying.

"No, I'm Luna," she said in her dreamy, serene voice. "But I'm flattered at the comparison. Hello, Draco. Lovely day, isn't it?"

Draco just looked at her, taken aback. "When did you get here?"

"A while ago. I came down to the Lake to relax, and I saw you and decided to sit with you. But then I saw you were doing homework, and I decided to sit quietly... I'm very good in Divination, you know. I could help you, if you like."

"I'm fine, thank you," he sneered. "You can go away now."

The girl ignored his comment and looked around, smiling. "It's lovely out here, isn't it?"

Draco scowled at her, hoping she would catch it, get the message and leave. She certainly caught his glare when she looked over at him, but instead of leaving, she held her peaceful smile and locked eyes with him. Draco suddenly found himself in a very uncomfortable position. He couldn't break eye contact; that was weakness. Malfoys were not weak. But her eyes... those huge, sapphire orbs...

I say, doesn't this girl ever blink? Draco thought. Luna shocked him by doing just that; blinking. Once. Just once.

She had to go, he decided. He would tell her to leave him alone, and if she didn't, he would just go back to the castle. Either way, he was getting this girl off his back.

"Listen, Loony, are you going to leave, or am I gonna have to-"

"Your eyes remind me of glitter."

Draco actually had to shake his head to register her words. Reminded her of what now?

"Excuse me?"

Luna grinned. "Glitter. You know, the tiny, sparkly, sequin-type stuff? That's what your eyes make me think of."

"Why on Earth do my eyes remind you of glitter?"

"Well, they're all silvery and sparkly and pretty. And they shine, too. Just like glitter. I love glitter. When I was little, I used to use only glitter on whole sheets of paper and decorate my room with them." Luna giggled a bit, remembering her childhood. She looked out over the Lake, then back at him. "Did you ever play with glitter when you were little?"

"Of course not."


"Because I'm a boy. Boys don't play with glitter."

"Some boys do."

"Not Malfoy boys."

"Oh..." The girl looked at him like he'd just told her he was an orphan. "So you've never played with glitter?"


"What a shame... everyone should play with glitter some time in their life. It's just so pretty and fun!"

Draco rolled his eyes and stood up, gathering his homework. "Well, it seems you're going nowhere, so I will."

"Oh. Okay... Goodbye, Draco! I hope you find some glitter to play with soon!" Luna called as he walked away. He threw a half-hearted wave over his shoulder (for what reason, he wasn't sure) and continued on to the castle.

That night, as he got ready for bed, brushing his teeth, Draco looked at himself in the mirror. It had been a while since he'd really studied his appearance. He remembered what Luna had said and paid special attention to his eyes. They were a silver-grey color, like his fathers, only less stony and intimidating.

Now that he looked at them, they certainly did look… glittery.

"Well, they're all silvery and sparkly and pretty…" Luna's voice echoed in his ear. Pretty? She thought his eyes were pretty? This elated him to an unreasonable extent, and he felt himself blush remembering it. Well, he had to admit, his eyes were, indeed, gorgeous. Which was no shock to him that she thought so; everything about him was gorgeous. It hadn't been the first time someone had complimented in such a way, and it wouldn't be the last.

But Luna had said it, and somehow, that made all the difference.

Draco made his way to his bed, eager to just crash after a very long day of studying. He threw himself down and had the very unpleasant feeling of something hard catching his skull as he hit the pillow. He shot back up, rubbing his head where whatever it was made contact, and looked for the object that caused him pain. There, resting on his pillow, he found a small box with a piece of paper attached to it. He unfolded the note and read the tiny writing.


I found some extra glitter and glue lying around, and I thought I should give it to you. Like I said, everyone should play with glitter. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Sure enough, inside the box was a bottle of glue and a jar of silver glitter. He tried hard not to smile, but was unsuccessful and his lips pulled into a grin as he began to think of what he could possibly do with these new utensils.

Luna dressed quickly the next morning; she wanted to get down to the Great Hall and eat as quickly as she could so she could so she could go the courtyard and see if she could finally catch a glimpse of the dew fairies that collected the dew from the grass each day. She hurried down the stairs and practically ran to the Hall where many people were already gathered and conversing as they ate.

The squawk of owls filled the Hall as she devoured her cereal, and a new copy of the Quibbler was dropped on the table in front of her, as it was every week. She reached for it to stuff it in her bag, but before she could, a slip of deep blue paper fell from behind it, a note attached to one side. Curious, she picked it up and read the note.

You were right. It was kinda fun, and very pretty, it said in neat handwriting. She turned the paper over.

There, on the face of the page, was her name, Luna Lovegood, written in a very elegant script… in silver glitter.

Luna smiled softly. She knew who it was from, of course, although there was no signature on the paper. She looked up and around, trying to find him. A pair of silvery eyes from the Sly

therin table caught hers, and she could've sworn she caught the ghost of a smile playing on his lips. Luna smiled even wider and held the paper close to her heart.

She decided that she would have to catch the dew fairies some other day. Right now, she needed to find space on the wall next to her bed for this new decoration from her new friend.

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