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Pairing: Ranma/Kagome

Rated: T

Ranma slowly opened his eyes, lazily glancing over at the open window which revealed the large full moon within plain sight. He sighed contently, making sure not to move too much lest he wake her up (since he definitely knew that she needed the well-deserved sleep).

He tensed when she shifted against him, curling her smaller form into his to soak up a bit more warmth and he could not help but observe her peaceful form.

Her long black hair seemed to shimmer blue in the pale moonlight and he compared the feel of it to silk when he lightly stroked her hair, "I'll bring you candy next time, Shippou-chan." She mumbled in her sleep, earning a small chuckle from Ranma.

He had needed a break, from them – from his life, from Nerima, from the dojo, from his fiancees' jealousy's and sneaky tactics – but, most of all, he needed a break from Akane.

That was when he met her on a random visit to Higure Shrine (to see if he could get rid of his cursed form that way), and from the first moment he glanced at her, he had been hooked.

The way her blue eyes cheerfully looked into his and her friendly smile asking him what he wanted, Ranma just could not get her out of his head – there was just something about her that seemed to literally pull at his soul and he could not but help gravitate back to the Higure Shrine at every moment he got and while most of it was sneaking behind Akane's back, he did not feel the guilt about any of it like he supposed he should have.

Kagome sighed in her sleep, her head turning onto his bare chest and he wrapped an arm around her naked hip as he pulled her even closer.

And while he knew that this miko may be very important to him, he also knew that he was not her most important person... not yet, anyway.

"Inu..." He stiffened at her sleepy mumble and glared at the wall, feeling the jealousy will up because it was someone's name on her lips and not his.

But then the bitterness died down when Ranma realised that Inuyasha would get no more chances while he would have all the time left in the world to win her over...




(He just hoped his curse would be gone at that point, though).

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