Ron covered his head with his arms. Hermione's punches were not painful, but certainly not pleasant either. He felt her fists meeting his skin, and her words meeting his ears. The sound of her voice appeased him. He was here, she was here; he was home. The words were a blessing and a curse however.

He had left her. He had left her and Harry. Hermione was completely right, and he was a complete arse. The words she spoke kept repeating themselves in his mind; her verbal attacks much more painful than her physical attacks.

He welcomed the punches, gladly. They were nothing but an excuse to feel her touch him. Her words, however, stung him in places her fists couldn't reach. His heart felt like it was being deflated with every remark she made. It was aching, and his mind felt empty – not the blissful emptiness Ron would often endure during happy times with Hermione, but the emptiness that made him feel stupid – he couldn't think of anything to appease her; nothing could make up for what he did to her.

A bright light. A shield was put in place by Ron's best friend. This did not help Ron. Now all he could do was listen as Hermione rained blows upon him verbally. He couldn't escape and submerge himself in the feeling of her punches. He tried to focus on the sound of her shrill, bossy voice, which had never sounded as beautiful to him as it did at that moment – it was like a drink being offered to a man dying of thirst. It had been so long

But his mind kept going back to those words she'd cried – I called you, I begged you to come back

And he prayed that Hermione's electrifying anger would somehow break the shield between them so that she could punch him once more.

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