So in this story Ellen, of course does not exist on teen wolf… Um, Uncle Peter never turns evil, instead he died in the fire with the rest. Also, the story will start out T but it will definitely earn its M rating later on. I hope you enjoy.

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My heart started to race when I saw the Beacon Hills sign. I can't believe we are finally back here again! This place holds so many memories for me. My dad's job requires him to move a lot so I've lived a lot of places but Beacon Hills was the place I liked best.

Everything in the house was already unpacked and unloaded thanks to my father's assistant so as soon as we arrived I went out to explore the town again. The first place I decided to go was to the Hale house. Laura used to babysit me. She was the person who introduced me to beer and she taught me how to fight. Most of the moves went to use on her little brother Derek. We had a love hate relationship meaning, we loved to hate each other.

Yeah, the Hale house was a fun place for me. Her Uncle Peter's scary stories and bonfires were to die for. Most people thought they were peculiar people but I didn't. I mean sure, they were a family of werewolves but they were cool.

As I approached the place where the house should be I realized that all that remained in its place was a charred building with no windows and barely a roof. What happened?

"What are you doing on my land!"

"Excuse me! I was just coming to visit a friend!"

"Well as you can see this person isn't here anymore… unless you're blind and dumb."

"You know what fuck you! Derek?"

"Ellen Jones."

"Yes, it's me. What…what happened?"

"There was a fire."

"Was everybody okay?"

"Only me and Laura survived."

"That's terrible… The kids too?"

"Everybody died. What are you even doing here?"

"My family just moved back I came to say hello… Is Laura around?"

"She's dead too."


"Murdered. It was all over the news."

"I haven't been in the states. I've been in Japan…"

"Oh well. That's what happened. Are you going to be around? Shouldn't you be in college or something?"

"Shouldn't you? I'm uh… skipping the whole lecture and debt fest. I'm opening a bakery with my mom."

"Well… See you around."


Ellen Jones was the only girl who could ever kick my ass and she wasn't even a werewolf. She was only human but she could throw a mean punch. She did learn from the best though, Laura could always hold her own. Seeing the shock and hurt in her face when I told her what happened stirred up old emotions for me. My entire family is dead and there's not a damn thing I can do about it.

I went into the charred shack I call a house. It used to be home but it's not anymore. All I can smell is burnt wood and the faint smell of blazed flesh. It's been years and still the odors are a constant reminder of how when I was away, at school pretending to be normal the rest of my family was dying at the hands of hunters and there's no way I can avenge them without dying myself.


I was still dumbfounded over the news I got today. All of them…dead. I guess I have been gone for a while. Of course I have. I was thirteen when I left. It's been six years. I knew things would have changed but I never imagined they would have changed this much!

My mom cooked dinner but I wasn't really in the mood to eat. Instead I took a walk in the dark. It sounds dangerous and it might be but there's something relaxing about walking with your music in your ears and no light to aid your eyes. At least for me.

There was suddenly and overpowering sound behind me. Even over my music I heard what sounded like footsteps. I looked back and there was nothing. I kept walking and I heard them again. This time when I turned around I realized I was being accompanied by Derek. Seeing him gave me a startle so I ended up tripping over an uplifted tree root and falling on my ass.

"What are you doing out here?"

"Apparently I'm being scared to death by you! Is that what you do now? Creep up on people in the night to get them to trip and fall?"

"No… well not to get them to fall. Usually when I creep up on people in the night it's for another reason."

"Oh right… Your other half. How's that working out for you?"

"I'm alpha."

"Do you have a pack?"


"Then you're not an alpha."

He rolled his eyes at me and then he started staring at me again. Strangely, this is just like old times. He used to follow me everywhere. Usually it would be to throw bugs at me or kick me or something though.

"So why are you out here Hale?"

"Just walking in the dark. Thinking."

"Yeah… me too."

"About what happened?"


"Me too."

"So you don't have anyone?"

"Nope. I don't need anybody."

"I see… you're a lone wolf?"

"Ha ha. Very funny."

"When is the last time you even joked or had any kind of fun?"



I wasn't expecting to see Ellen walking but I wasn't surprised to see her there either. She always used to do it and I always used to follow her when I was younger. I was just interested in knowing where she was going. Who am I kidding back then I wanted to know her every move… I freaking wanted to know when her every breath was. I was one love sick puppy back then.

"So what do you do now?"


"Then how do you survive?"

"Is that what I'm doing? I live off of my inheritance and I get money from doing odd jobs."

"Oh, you're a Mr. Fix it."

"Guess so. A bakery huh?"

"Yeah… nothing big. This town just doesn't have one so we are bringing one."

"Well I'm sure these cake eaters in this town will love that. What made your dad come back here?"

"He's retiring to something less demanding. He'll be working from home now and since this was always our favorite town… we moved back."

She smiled at me and something strange started to happen. I felt the urge to actually smile. I'd almost forgotten what smiling is. Ellen Jones has always entranced me and now that she's back I have the feeling that hasn't changed. Things are about to change for me in ways I've never expected. Do icy hearts ache when they are thawing out?

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