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"And you two are sure this is what you want?" Asked the judge.

"Yes your honor. We're in love." Said Derek speaking for us both.

I shook my head in agreement, we signed the certificate and the judge said a few words before pronouncing us man and wife. I've been living with Derek for two months and today when we woke up we just decided to tie the knot. It was an impulsive decision but I think it's the right one.

After we left the courthouse Stiles, Scott and Jackson were waiting outside it and throwing rice at us. Derek looked annoyed.

"Jackson, I thought I told you not to tell anybody!" Yelled Derek.

"This was good news I couldn't help it!" Said Jackson back in defense.

It felt right to be his but I couldn't help but feel a little sad. I'd always thought on my wedding day I'd have a big fancy ceremony where my father gave me away and my mother cried. Of course, I don't care so much about the ceremony; I just wish my parents could be here.

As if on cue Sherriff Stilenski's car pulled up and my mother got out of the passenger side. I thought I was seeing things but I knew I wasn't when she ran towards me, looking healthy and back to her former self.

"Hi honey!" She said.

"Mom? Is it really you?" I asked, shocked.

"Of course, who else? I tried to get here sooner but the Sherriff over here refused to put on his lights."

"How did you know?"

"Well, when Jackson told Stiles this morning he gave me a heads up."

"They knew where you were? How come they didn't tell me?"

"I asked them not to. I needed to get better and I didn't want you to see it because that process was ugly but I'm getting better now and I'm back…"

My mother and I cried as we embraced each other. When we finally did pull away we dabbed our tears, careful not to mess up the makeup.

"So I have a son in law… Well, I can't say it's a total surprise that Derek worked his way into our family." She said, looking at Derek with a smile.

"Do you want to tell her Ellen?" Asked Derek.

"Oh…yes. I guess you all will be the first to know we are adding somebody new to our lives." I said cautiously.

My mother screamed before hugging both me and Derek again. She cried too. I guess I've always expected her reaction to be this way when she found out about her first grandchild.

Derek placed his hand on my belly and he kissed my cheek. If I could I'd stay in this moment forever I would.


"No! I can't do it please it hurts! I! Ahhhhhh!" Ellen screamed.

I wanted to help her but I didn't know how. She was in labor with our baby and there was no way I could do anything to ease her pain. Her mother held a cold, wet rag to her head while I offered my hand to be squeezed whenever she saw fit.

"Alright Mrs. Hale, only one more big push and you'll be a mommy. Work with me now, 10, 9, 8…" Said the doctor as he prepared to catch the baby.


Ellen let out a loud scream and she fell back on the bed, exhausted. The next sound to fill the air was that of a different variety. It was the baby.

"You've got yourself a healthy baby boy. Dad, do you want to cut the cord?"


I went and snipped it with the scissors they gave me and then they passed the baby to Ellen. She was crying and her mother was too.

"Hi baby… Hi, you're so beautiful." Said Ellen as she cooed over the baby.

She looked up at me and smiled, reaching for my hand. I leaned down to kiss her and she handed me the baby. I'd never held one before so her mother had to help me out but once I did it was the most nerve wrecking thing I'd ever been through. He was so tiny and so light. He squirmed in my arms and I was afraid that I'd broken him. I've never felt this kind of fear, protectiveness and joy before, at least not at the same time. For once I had a totally human feeling; I had the feeling of a new dad.

Ellen stayed in the hospital for a day and then we got to bring the baby home. His room was decorated thanks to his mom and grandma. We lay him in the crib for a nap and then we watched him sleep. Every twitch, every facial expression and every single breath was adorable. I knew I was turning into one of those annoying parents but I didn't care.

After a few minutes Ellen went to rest and I went out on the front porch. I looked at my yard and thought about all the memories I had on it, and in this very house. It's no longer the place where death crept up on me and wiped away my family, my hopes and dreams in a single blow…no… now it's the place where new life is spawned and where happiness washes over every surface. Life is finally great again.

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