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He was no longer a nation, but he wasn't human either. Therefore, Romano could run incredibly far distances in a short amount of time; and being a cowardly Italian helped as well. He ran through each large city, each wide field, and to each border of the country, all in the hopes of finding that one, smiling, familiar, loving face. But it was nowhere to be found. All of the people he saw were normal, unfamiliar strangers who paid him no mind. It wasn't until he had searched every single place in the country that he decided to give up and return home.

Home… Romano thought, absent-mindedly. That's right; that place isn't my home anymore. He was only a few miles away from Spain's house now, so he decided that he might as well go and get some rest. He wasn't quite sure how long he had been searching- but all he knew was that it had been a hell of a long time.

What if that French bastard was actually lying to me? Romano wondered as he arrived at Spain's desolate, empty house. I don't know… he's usually not that nice to me. But what if he was actually telling the truth? I can't freaking tell. Romano went inside and climbed up the stairs to his room, and flopped down on the bed. It wasn't until now he realized how sore his legs and feet were and how exhausted he was.

Just as he was drifting off into sleep, Romano was forced awake by the loud ringing of the phone.

"God dammit!" He swore, sitting up. "Why the hell did someone have to call now?" He got up in frustration and lunged for the phone, ready to yell his lungs out to whoever was calling. "Yeah, who the hell is it?" Romano shouted into the receiver.

"Ve! Don't scream at me like that!" Italy cried back.

"Oh… it's you, fratello." Romano said, calming down a bit. "I thought it was going to be that bastard France or that creepy-ass Prussia."

"Don't talk about big brother France and big brother Prussia like that!" Italy said. "They're really nice people…"

"You think everyone's nice." Romano sighed. "Now what the hell do you want?"

"I just called 'cause I was worried about you, Romano!" Italy said, sounding frantic. "I haven't seen you in forever! And you didn't show up the funeral, so I got really worried…"

"I'm fine." Romano said, running a hand through his hair. "I haven't been doing much. I've just been hanging out here…"

"You're lying, Romano." Italy said straightforwardly.


"You're lying. I've been calling you the past couple of days, and-."

"Days? How long have I been gone?"

"At least four days… and without hearing from you for that long, I… I assumed the worst."

"I'm fine, idiot."

"Ve… what were you out doing?"

"It's none of your damn business."

"Fine, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. But… could you do me a favor, please?"

"What the hell is it?"

"Could you come over to my house again, at least for the night?" Italy asked cautiously. "I mean… I'm really worried, and I haven't seen you… and you're probably pretty lonely there by yourself…"

"Psh. That's an understatement." Romano said cynically.

"Veee! I didn't meant to upset you, Romano!"

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Fine. I'll come over to your house later, if you insist."

"Really? Oh, thanks, Romano!" Italy sounded a bit more cheerful. "I promise to make you lots of the pasta and the pizza, oooh! We can have sleepovers and stay in each other's rooms and talk about love!"

"Except the food part, that sounds horrible."

"Fine, fine. We can do whatever you want. Ah! I also forgot! Luddy- I mean, Germany's gonna be there! So I promise it will be fun."

"Sure. Look, Veneziano, I gotta go."

"Ve. I understand. Does tomorrow work though?"

"Tomorrow works." Without another word, Romano hung up and silently made his way back to his bed. He laid down and stared at the ceiling aimlessly.

"That potato-sucking bastard's gonna be there?" He muttered. "Great. That's the last god damn thing I need: to be third-wheeled."

Romano walked silently to Italy's house. He was too sad to give a shit about his sore feet, or the fact that he hadn't slept or ate in days. He had grown thin and frail, but he doubted anyone would care anymore. Especially fratello, who was oblivious to almost everything.

He finally arrived home to find that nothing had changed since he was gone- and he realized he hadn't been at Spain's that long. If I had never left home… would Spain have lived…? Romano wondered. He shook his head in disgust. Oh, shut up! Thinking like that is stupid! He sighed and knocked on the door.

"Ve! I'll be there in a sec~" Italy called from inside.

"Well hurry it up, dammit!" Romano complained. He waited a few moments until Germany opened the door. His face looked stern as usual, but he seemed somber as he stared down at Romano.

"…Guten tag, Romano." He said finally.

"Yeah, yeah, hi." Romano said, pushing his way inside.

"RRROOOOMMMMAAAAANNNOOOO!" Italy cried, running at him at full speed. He jumped and tackled Romano in a tight, bone-crushing hug. "I've missed you so, so much, fratello! Ve, are you okay? I've been worried!"

"Get. The. Hell. Off. Me." Romano croaked.

"Sorry, Romano…" Italy got off of his brother and smiled. "I just haven't seen you in so long that I kinda got carried away…" He gave Romano a gentle hug this time. "I've missed you lots and lots, Romano!"

"I can tell, dammit." Romano said curtly. Italy let go and stared at his brother.

"You've gotten thin… Well I made lots of pasta and pizza for you!" Italy grabbed Romano's hand. "Come on, let's have some dinner!" Romano didn't reply, but just followed his brother with a silent frown. Why the hell is he always so damn happy, he wondered. No wonder people like him more- he's always smiling like a complete moron. …I wish I could be like that…

Romano and Germany ate their dinners in silence as Italy went on and on, telling random story after random story to try to lighten the mood. As usual, the upbeat nation proved to be useless, and did nothing to help his brother's sour mood. The evening dragged on for what felt like an eternity for Romano, as he had to sit and watch as his brother got affectionate with that German bastard while he had to sulk in his loneliness. He couldn't have wished for nightfall to come sooner.

"Here you go, fratello." Italy said, as he lead his brother to his room. "I left it the same as it was since you've been gone. Well, I cleaned it too, ve~"

"Thanks." Romano said emotionlessly. He wanted nothing more than his brother to just leave him alone. He hadn't slept in days; and his throbbing feet were killing him.

"Sleep well, okay? Let me know if you need anything at all." Italy said.

"Whatever," Romano replied, turning to enter the room. Italy quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him into another tight hug.

"Ve… I really did miss you, Romano." Italy said, squeezing Romano tighter. Romano sighed and hugged back for once.

"Yeah, yeah… You don't have to worry about me so damn much." Romano said.

"But I can't help it! You're my fratello~"

"I need to sleep." Romano said, pushing him off.

"W-well, okay. Goodnight, Romano." Romano ignored him and, as he was shutting the door, heard his brother mutter "I love you, fratello." Romano waited until he could no longer hear his brother's footsteps in the hall.

"That idiot." Romano whispered to himself. "Why the hell would someone like him even like me? …God damn it. Who cares?" He walked over and, too tired to change his clothes or even tuck himself in, Romano collapsed on the bed. God damn, I'm tired… he thought, shutting his eyes.

When Romano woke up, the sun was already high in the sky and light streamed through the windows. Someone had placed a blanket over him, and on his bedside table was a note, written by Italy.

Fratello, Luddy and I went out to go shopping and visit his big brother! We would take you with us, but you seemed really tired. We'll be back soon, and there's plenty of food in the kitchen~ I love you! -Italy.

"God dammit." Romano muttered. "Why does he have to be so god damn nice? I swear, I'm going to get diabetes if I stay with him for long!" He sighed and got out of bed. "Luddy? Really? God, that makes me sick. I'd never call Toni anything…" He stopped and slapped himself in the face. "What the hell am I saying? Spain! I'd never call Spain anything like that!" He stopped talking and headed downstairs furiously. He grabbed a bunch of tomatoes and starting eating them sloppily. It's not like anyone was here to judge him. He sat down on a couch and stared out the window. It was obviously far past noon, but and the sun was shining high in the sky. It reminded him of when he used to live at Spain's house as a kid. It was the "Land where the sun never set", after all. He and Spain used to go outside and harvest the tomatoes together. Granted, Spain usually did all the harvesting; Romano would either eat a tomato in the shade or try to flirt with Belgium. Those tomato fields… Romano thought. They're all going to die now, aren't they? They were so damn beautiful, too. He put down the tomato he was eating and glared. Suddenly, that delicious, red fruit made him want to cry.

"God dammit…" He mumbled, wrapping his arms around his knees. "If I keep crying like this, I'm gonna look like a moron." But he didn't cry this time; he was too worn out to de even that. "This sucks." Romano said to no one. "I can't live with the importance and status of a nation. I can't find peace like a human. I just have to sit here and watch everything… why the hell did this happen to me, dammit?"

It was then that he heard someone knocking at the door. Who the hell could that be? Romano glared at the door. Fratello and the German bastard would just walk in. Begrudgingly, he got up to get the door. I swear to god, if it's France, I'm going to stab him in the face. He swung open the door, expecting to find that French bastard standing outside.

"What the hell do you want?" Romano asked, before actually looking to see who it was. To his surprise, it was a not an adult he was looking at. It was a child, who only stood about three feet tall. He had darker skin, black hair, and his eyes were shut tightly, as if frightened by Romano's outburst. He was wearing a long, white shirt that looked almost like a dress on him, that was tied at the neck with a red ribbon. "Who the hell…?" The boy slowly opened his eyes, his bright, emerald eyes.

It can't be. It can't be that god damn Spanis-

"Hola~" The boy said, smiling at Romano.

"Who are you, kid?" Romano asked, trying as hard as he could to keep his composure.

"M-my… name…" The boy stuttered for a bit, as if he had just learnt to speak. He spoke I a mixture of Spanish and the language that all nations unanimously shared.

"Well?" Romano asked.

"I think… I would be called… Spain." The boy said.

There's no way. There's no freaking way that's Spain. I searched for days for him! So why the hell would he show up here now?

"You can't be Spain!" Romano shouted. "I looked all over Spain for you!"

"You looked all over me for me? I don't get it." The boy replied. Yeah, this was definitely Spain.

"That's not what I mean, dammit!" Romano sighed, exasperated. "Well what are you doing here? This is Italy, stupid. Not Spain."

"I know that," Spain said. "I'm a nation!"

"Oh shut up. I mean why are you here? Shouldn't you be at your own damn house?"

"No." The boy shook his head. "I don't wanna be at my house."

"Just because you don't want to, doesn't mean you don't have to."

"It's not that! It's just, um…" Spain stared at his feet for a moment. "I-I needed to tell you something, Romano."

"You remember me?" Romano shouted. "What the hell? That makes no sense!"

"Just listen to me!" Romano became quiet, and waited for the now young nation to speak. "I woke up in Spain. That's my country, and I am Spain. I am young now, and my history is slowly coming to me, but there is one thing I can't forget: you. I loved you, Romano. I still do, and-"

"Shut the hell up." Romano said, interrupting him. Romano dropped to his knees and hugged the smaller nation to him. "You're just a kid, don't say you love me like that. It's creepy!"

"Aww, why? I don't get it." Spain complained. Romano didn't answer, but continued to hug him.

"Thank god you're still here. I thought… you'd be gone for good…"

"Don't be silly. I wasn't completely destroyed."

"I know, I know… but I couldn't find you…"

"Of course not! That's because I was busy looking for you, Roma." That was it. The tears that Romano had been suppressing suddenly burst out and streamed down his face as he hugged Spain tighter to him. Spain smiled and continued to chant "fusosososo", but being the naïve child that he currently was, Spain did not realize that Romano was crying from joy and not sorrow for once.

For a long time, Romano just sat there, crying as he held Spain tightly. Finally, when his sobs turned to whimpers, he let go.

"R-roma…" Spain barely whispered. "I'm cold… bring me inside!" Romano smiled and lifted the nation in his arms, something he had been wanting to do to Spain for a long time. Romano carried him inside and put him on the couch. Romano got up to get the young nation some tea, but when he came back, he found Spain fast asleep.

There's no way in hell I'll tell him this, Romano thought, but he's so damn cute. Romano pulled out a blanket, and draped it over Spain. He couldn't help but smile. Spain's back… and he still… he still cares about me…

He suddenly felt himself giggle, something he hadn't done in a long, long, time. Hmm… maybe someday I'll tell him I love him. But I won't be as creepy as he was; I'll wait. I wonder if he'll still love me back? Hopefully… but that won't be for awhile. But, until then… Romano leaned forward and kissed Spain's forehead.

"Buenos Noches, Toni."

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