Title: Rage and Serenity (11/11)
Authors: adarkerheaven
Pairing: Erik Lensherr/Charles Xavier
Fandom: X-Men (First Class)
Rating: Overall NC-17, this chapter NC-17.
Warnings: Slash, graphic sex.
Spoilers: X-Men First Class
Word Count: 9,058
Disclaimer: Not mine. The characters of X-Men belong to Marvel and the creators of X-men First Class the movie.
Summary: After Charles is shot on the beach, he is rushed to the hospital and paralysis is prevented. Ridden with guilt, Erik finds that he cannot leave him. He helps him heal, and eventually, Charles learns to trust him again. But when they set out to rescue Emma from the CIA and accept her onto their team, tensions rise. Will love keep Erik and Charles together despite their differences?
A/N: This story was originally written as an RPG, which explains any shifty POV's. This story is not beta read.

Erik didn't get any sleep that night. Nor did he get any sleep next couple of nights while Charles slept snuggled up against him. It was pure torture to have his lover so close and yet so far away. The next couple of days, Erik was snappy and incredibly rude (even more so than usual) to every one in the house except for Charles, whom he doted on constantly.

It was a week later when Charles had to interrupt his private lesson with Alex to follow the beaming voice that he didn't have to be a telepath to hear. He limped into the house from the courtyard and found his lover shouting at Sean. It instantly sent chills up his spine. He remembered how Erik sounded as he screamed in his dream. He had to force himself not to think about it as he stepped into the room.

"Erik! Stop shouting, for heaven's sake, I can hear you from outside," he told him before he turned to Sean. "What is all this about?" he asked the young mutant.

Before Sean could respond, Erik answered for him. "This idiot decided to try out the new wings Hank made him without anyone there to watch him!" he yelled. Sean remained silent as he looked guiltily between Charles and Erik.

Charles crossed his arms over his chest and glared at his lover. "He isn't an idiot, Erik, and we all know he is more than capable of taking care of himself," he told him. "Perhaps if he were a little less afraid of you, he would have asked for your help." /And you know that yelling at him just makes him nervous/ he added with his mind.

"He was trying to jump off the roof!" Erik growled through gritted teeth. One of the straps had broken on Alex's wing, and if Erik hadn't come out when he did, the boy would have gotten hurt.

/Calm your mind, Erik/ Charles demanded of his lover privately as he turned to Sean and immediately saw what Erik had mentioned in his mind. "Ah, I see the problem here. You would get nowhere with a broken wing, Sean. I really don't want you attempting any life threatening attempts to exercise your power without my guidance, alright?"

Sean nodded frantically. He was just thankful that Charles had come when he had. He would much rather deal with Mother Hen than Papa Bear any day of the week. "Yeah, sure... won't happen again," he promised quickly, but before he made his quick exit, he knew he had one last thing to do. "Uh, thanks, Erik."

When all Erik did was growl at him, Sean took off. "The foolish boy is going to get himself killed," he told Charles as he tried to calm down.

Charles stepped intimately close to Erik. "I'm glad you have the children's best interests at heart, but it's not fair to yell at them, darling," he told him softly. He wondered what had gotten into Erik lately. Raven had approached him earlier, demanding that he do something about him before he drove them all crazy. "And I don't like it when you yell. It hurts my head."

"I know. I didn't mean to yell. I've just been a little bit on edge lately," he admitted as he pulled Charles closer to him. His lover's scent calmed him.

Charles giggled and pressed his chest against his. He nuzzled him intimately. "What's on your mind?" he asked, smirking at his own choice of words. With no effort at all, he would be able to tell. But he always preferred to hear it straight from his lover's mouth.

"You," Erik answered, because there was no sense in lying to a telepath.

Charles smirked, knowing that Erik wasn't telling him the whole story. He stood on his tippy toes to kiss his lover hard, intertwining their tongues together and searching his mind through the physical contact. He broke away quickly, but did not pull away, his arms still around his neck. "You're frustrated," he stated what was now obvious. "I've been driving you crazy," he mused.
Erik groaned when Charles pulled away from the kiss. "You're just too tempting," he smiled, trying to make light of the situation.

Charles smirked devilishly and nipped lightly at his lover's still parted lips. "Maybe I should see just how far I can push you," he whispered huskily against his mouth. "Maybe I'll slip into your bed tonight completely naked," he teased mercilessly.

Erik groaned again at the thought. He would not be able to restrain himself if Charles pushed. "You better not, or I will stop acting like a gentleman around you."

Charles loved that Erik needed him this much that he would go crazy without him after only weeks. His own hand snuck down in between them to grasp Erik's half hard cock through his trousers and palm him. "I want you to have me tonight," he whispered directly into his ear.

Erik spun them both so he had Charles trapped against the wall. "What if I can't wait that long?" he threatened as his hands wandered down to cup the telepath's ass.

Charles smirked, breathing hard for the first time since the nightmare. He had waited so long to feel this way again. "You'll have to, lover," he whispered, and arched into Erik, pressing his growing erection against his. "It will be worth it when we have no distractions and you can have me any way you want me."

"But I want you now, up against this wall, so anyone could come by and see me fucking you," Erik growled into Charles' ear as he thrust up against him again.

Any resolve Charles had left him that moment and he spread his legs around Erik and his hand worked between them to unbutton and unzip his lover's cock. All thoughts of starving them both until tonight left him. It was too much to hold in. Though there was no way his first time with Erik was going to be against the wall of his father's study, he knew there were other places they could go. He grasped his lover's thick cock in his hand and squeezed him gently. "We can't," he whispered through heavy panting.

Erik meant to growl, but it came out as more of a whine. Charles smirked, spit into his hand, and returned it back to Erik's cock to stroke him fast and rough. "How long have you been hard for me, darling?" he panted against his lips.

"Too long," Erik panted as he thrust into Charles' hand. "Too many nights of watching you sleep and holding myself back from you."

Charles closed his eyes and allowed Erik to take what he needed from him, but not without some more teasing. "Maybe I should stop touching you now... I wouldn't want to spoil our night tonight," he whispered, but part of him was seriously afraid that Erik would be sated if he came now and wouldn't want him later.

"You're killing me, Charles," Erik groaned as their foreheads rested against one other.

Charles let his hand drop when the desperation to be close to him again was too much. He arched into him and pleaded with wide blue eyes. "I can't wait any longer, I need you now," he clung to him.

"No, we have to wait. You're first time is not going to be against a wall... maybe our third or fourth time..." Erik teased before he dropped to his knees in front of Charles and mouthed his cock through his trousers.

Charles didn't care. He would give himself to Erik anywhere at that moment. He hadn't been a virgin since he was seventeen, but Erik had a way of making him feel completely untouched. When his lover dropped to his knees in front of him, he gasped and reached down to grab him. "No, no, I want to pleasure you... get up," he pleaded.

Erik used his powers to pin Charles' watch hand above his head. "And I want your cock in my mouth, so you are just going to have to wait," he ordered as he used his powers to unzip him.

Charles let the back of his head hit the wall with a solid thump, but he barely felt it as he let his eyes drift closed and his eager cock sprung out embarrassingly hard. He blushed and bit his lip, wiggling against the wall as he waited for Erik to ravish him. /God, I won't last long, so close already.../ his mind rambled.

Erik licked a long stripe up his cock before he took him into his mouth as far as he could.

Charles cried out and quickly covered his mouth to prevent from alerting the entire mansion what they were doing, and if it weren't for the metal around his wrist holding him up against the wall, he would have collapsed onto the floor in a puddle. It supported him as he panted heavily and felt himself embarrassingly close after only just being touched.

Erik hummed around Charles' cock before pulling back and swallowing him down again. He had never done this with another man besides Charles. He often found himself doing a lot of things he wouldn't normally do for this man.

Charles, naturally finding it difficult to stay out of his head at a time like this, smirked at the idea of Erik only doing this with him. He panted hard, a single bead of sweat dripping down his face, as he projected how good it felt to Erik. Sometimes, it was good to be a telepath.

Erik moaned at the strange feeling of someone else's pleasure. He reached into his own cock and began jerking himself off as he sucked hard.

Charles let his hand drop as a moan escaped him and he continued to project his pleasure to his lover. "Erik, god, Erik... fuck..." he cursed. It seemed that only Erik could bring these unproper obscenities out of him.

Hearing the normally posh Charles cursing always seemed to arouse Erik even more, and he felt himself approaching the edge quickly. Charles felt Erik's own orgasm rising up, and consequently, his own approached far too quickly. He strained against the invisible bonds that held the metal around his wrist and his hand threaded through his lover's hair as a warning, "I'm going to... mmmm!" he couldn't get the words out completely.

Erik sucked him down harder when he felt how close his lover was, but he had to pull away when he felt his own climax coming. He buried his head in Charles' thigh as he came.

Charles' free hand quickly went to his own needy cock and jerked himself to completion, his come splattering all over his lover's shirt. Just then, the bond around his wrist was released and he fell sinking to the floor, swept by the waves of orgasm and panting hard.

Erik maneuvered Charles so that he was lying on top of him and kissed him gently. "I've missed touching you."

Charles laid their sticky bodies against one another and kissed back a little desperately. They must look utterly ridiculous, here on the floor of the study. He never thought he would ever be in this position, especially with a man, but it was clear that this was what he had been searching for his entire life. "I've missed you touching me," he admitted, still a little breathlessly, "I can't ever believe that you'd hurt me, that you'd- you'd rape me and kill my family... she's wrong if she thinks it could had held me back from you," he stopped himself before he could get emotional and possibly ruin their afterglow.

"She knows what I'm capable of, and so do you, so she used that knowledge against you," Erik told him softly. "You know I would never intentionally hurt you."

"Intentionally?" Charles was startled by that. He pulled himself up and into a sitting position, straddling his hips. "Erik, you would never do any of those things. You held back from me for so long. Anyone is capable of hurting anyone."

"I just meant that I have hurt people, but I wouldn't intentionally hurt you," Erik told him as his hands found purchase on Charles' hips.

"You wouldn't unintentionally hurt me, either," Charles stated in a way that made him seem a little unsure.

"I'd rather gouge my own eyes out than hurt you," Erik told him seriously.

That was exactly what he had been hoping Erik would say, and in his complete joy, he grinned wildly and lowered his lips to kiss him deeply. "I would hate that, you have such magnificent eyes," he smiled.

"I'm glad you would miss them," he teased as his hands found Charles' softening cock.

Charles gasped and twitched and pushed his lover's hand away halfheartedly. He was still so sensitive, and it was too much. "Erik..." he groaned, and laid his body on top of his to hide his face in his neck. "Don't you want me hard and ready and needy for you tonight?" he smirked, even though he knew he could come fifteen times and still want more of him.

Erik's hands sneaked down the back of Charles' trousers. "You know I do," he said as one of his fingers sneaked down to tease Charles' entrance.

Charles gasped and arched his back and pressed his ass hard against him, trying to impale himself. Amazingly, he was already half hard.

"You're so tight," Erik whispered in his ear.

"Just for you," Charles grinned as he eased himself back onto Erik's rough, wide fingers and waited impatiently for his body to adjust before he began to move his hips, fucking himself on them.

"God, Charles, you look so good like this," Erik breathed hard.

Charles bit back a smile and stared into Erik's blue eyes as his palms fell flat on him stomach and he rode him hard. He couldn't imagine how his lover's thickness could fit inside of him while even just a few fingers filled him up completely. He let his head fall back as he cried out and thrust down on his fingers as if it were a different part of him, desperately trying to find that spot inside of him that had made him see stars.

Knowing what Charles needed, Erik crooked his fingers and pressed against that sweet spot deep inside of him.

"Oh god, right there... ah!" he cried out as he rode him hard, moving his hips seductively and his cock dripping at the tip. At this rate, he would come without even a hand on him.

"Are you going to come for me?" Erik whispered seductively. "You're going to come from just riding my fingers? You're that desperate to have me inside you?"

Charles blushed hard, knowing that he was reaching his second peak. "God, yes," he panted, thrusting hard enough on his fingers to leave him sore. "So close..." he warned.

"Careful," Erik whispered, worried that with their lack of lube and Charles' enthusiastic riding, he might actually hurt something.

Charles was so swept away in that moment that being careful was the last thing on his mind. He whimpered when he reached his peak and clenched down on his fingers hard. He bucked one more time, and without any attention to his cock, he came undone all over his chest. "Erik!" he cried out.

"Fuck," Eric exhaled as Charles came all over him. He flipped his lover's lithe body onto his back and kissed him hard. "You are so beautiful."

Charles blushed at the compliment that he was not used to hearing so intimately. It sent shivers up his spine. "And you... you're delusional," he panted breathlessly and nuzzled his lips with his. "You shouldn't be wearing me out so quickly," he teased.

Erik pulled away enough so that he could look down at Charles. "You know, we don't have to do anything you are not ready for. I can wait as long as you need me too. Just being like this is enough for me."

Charles grinned and propped himself up on his elbows to kiss his lover's lips. "That's all right and good, my love, but I need you to fuck me," he spoke huskily. /I've wanted you to fuck me since the moment I met you, and I've waited long enough./

Erik groaned and tangled his fingers in his messy brown hair. "I'm scared I'll hurt you," he confessed softly.

Charles wasn't going to let him back out of this now. "You might, at first... but it will get better, and the more we do it, the easier it will be. Right?"

"Yeah, that's what they say," he said, still sounding unsure.

Charles knew that Erik was equally as new to this as he was. Even though he had certainly slept with men in this way before, he was sure that none of them had been as virginal as he was. And he had never done it in love. "Stop worrying, love. You'll get wrinkles," he teased before he laid a playful kiss on his cheek. "We're filthy. We will have to change before dinner."

Erik groaned at the thought of having to sit through dinner with thoughts of what was to happen later. "I think I'll skip dinner tonight," he muttered, thinking of way out of an awkward situation.

Charles frowned at that. "No, Erik, you can't. It's a way to bond with the children. And I know how moody you get when you're hungry."

"I'm not moody!" Erik protested before he attacked Charles with tickling fingers in retaliation.

Charles erupted into a fit of laughter and panicked, flinging himself away from Erik until they were wrestling roughly on the floor. "You are moody! You old grump!" he managed to shout before he broke off into laughter again. Finally, after much struggle, he managed to get away from him and panted for air. He gave him a daring look. "You know, I can tickle too. You may not ever admit to being ticklish, but I'm a telepath, and I know that you are. And where you are..."

"You would use your power to cheat?" Erik asked with a raised eyebrow, clearly not believing them. He loved to see Charles' childish nature.

Charles bit his lip and smiled sneakily. "Yes. But I'll do it when you least expect it. If I did it now, I'm afraid it would lead to other things, and we will never make it to dinner," he gazed at him seductively before he leaned in for a firm kiss and stood with more effort than he would have liked. It was probably not good for him to be on the floor again for a while. He placed his hand on the small of his back where the pain lied and hoped Erik didn't notice.

Erik stood up and replaced Charles' hand with his own and massaged it lightly. "No more floor escapes," he said, kissing his temple gently.

Charles leaned into him and concentrated on the relief his fingers were bringing him. "At least... not for a while," he laughed lightly, though he knew he probably would carry this pain the rest of his life. He looked up at him with pleading eyes. "Carry me?"

Erik hoisted him up with little effort and carried him into the master bedroom so they could get cleaned up. "You need to eat more, you feel like you've lost weight."

Charles clung to him and ignored his advice. "That's nonsense. I eat plenty. But now that I'm no longer a student living off of telly dinners, I'm bound to lose weight," he pointed out. It could also be the stress his body had gone through and the medicine he was still taking, but he did not admit to that.

"Hmmm," was all Erik said in response as he kicked open the bathroom door. "Bath or shower?" he asked


Charles had insisted on a shower, knowing that if they took a bath together, they would miss dinner completely and the temptation to have Erik then and there would have been too much.

At dinner, they sat across from each other as they often did. It was too much to sit next to him. Charles wouldn't be able to stand it, and it wouldn't be appropriate in front of the children.

"So... what are we going to do about Emma? How do we know she's not planning on attacking us again?" Sean asked tentatively. They all knew about her personal attack on Charles, though the details of it were still fuzzy to them.

"We don't. My mind can't reach her, even though I try to search for her," Charles sighed and took a long draught of his wine. This was already his second glass. "Our best defense is to rebuild Cerebro. We can keep track of her and Riptide that way," he shot a shy, quick look at Erik, knowing how the other man felt about the machine.

"What is the point in finding them? Their problems are not ours anymore," Erik argued, because he did not want Charles using that retched machine. He also knew the next time he caught up with Emma Frost, he would most definitely kill her.

Charles gave Erik a serious look. Did he not remember what she had done to him? "They are dangerous now, and we don't know what their true intentions are. They're obviously not above traumatizing us," he spoke down to his wine before he took another long sip. "We will rebuild Cerebro. Now that I am feeling better, I can help you design it, Hank. I already have a few ideas."

"I think we should leave it alone." Erik said again, not wanting to argue but not liking the thought of Charles anywhere near that machine. "Emma messing with you with just her good bye warning and I think we should heed it."

"It wasn't a goodbye warning, Erik, it was a threat. Don't talk of things you can't understand. Maybe she doesn't have any intention of attacking us again, but I can't risk it, not when the school is full of children," he narrowed his eyes at his lover.

"Oh, stop arguing, you two," Raven sighed as she grabbed the mashed potatoes. It seemed like anytime when they weren't fucking, Erik and Charles were fighting. "God, I feel like the referee around here."

Erik rolled his eyes, and dinner was a quiet affair after that.

Charles ate all of what was on his plate and downed the rest of the wine before he declared himself finished. He excused himself from the table, washed his dishes, and walked outside to watch the sunset. He shivered as the Earth seemed to swallow the sun and the moon began to light up the evening. It was getting chilly, and he worried that he had gone too far at dinner and ruined his chances with Erik this evening. He wondered if his lover even still wanted him after their public argument.

Slowly, he made his way up the stairs, careful not to hurt himself. He stood outside his bedroom door, feeling Erik's presence inside of it with his mind. But the lights were off. Had he gone to bed?

//Erik?/ he called to him shyly instead of knocking.

Eric opened the door and leaned against the frame in nothing but his boxer shorts. "I've been waiting for you."

Charles smiled and rolled his eyes as he stood on his tippy toes to see over Erik's shoulders into the candlelit room. His heart swelled from the romantic gesture. He certainly hadn't expected this. "Have you, now? For how long?" he teased as he took a step forward, clearly unable to look away from the bulge in his shorts.

"Too long," Eric said, and surprised Charles by pulling him to him and hefting him over his shoulder like he was a sack of potatoes. He carried the squirming man to the bed before plopping him down on it.

"Erik!" Charles protested, though he broke out in giggles despite himself as he wiggled and tried to make it as difficult as possible to carry him. But the next thing he knew, he was on his bed staring up at him, and a warm tingling sensation ran through him. "I told you not to manhandle me," he glared, trying to sound serious. "It turns me on too much."

Erik laughed at that. "I wondered why you always protested too much." He stretched out beside Charles on the bed and reached over him to start undoing the buttons of his shirt. "You are not naked enough."

Charles smirked and in one swift movement, he straddled Erik's hips and looked down at him as if he had all the control. If he thought he was too clothed, then well, he would just have to strip tease right on his lap. He gave him a teasing smile and blushed despite himself as he slowly stripped himself of his shirt and undershirt before finally his hands slowly slipped to his trousers to unbutton them under his lover's watchful gaze. He probably wouldn't be bold enough to do such a thing without help from that bottle of wine at dinner.

Erik sat back with his hands behind his head and a smirk on his face as he enjoyed the show his lover was putting on. "You are the sexiest thing I've ever seen," he said truthfully.

Charles pulled his trousers down to his thighs to reveal his tight, blue boxer briefs. "I don't believe that," he smirked, because compared to the others Erik had slept with, he was probably just inexperienced and clumsy. "Maybe I should have had Angel teach me some moves before she left," he teased as he kicked of his trousers completely and very slowly slid his shorts down his hips.

Erik growled at the thought of anyone seeing Charles like this besides himself. He flipped them back over and practically tore the remaining clothes off of himself and settled down between Charles' thighs. "You can tell me anytime to stop and I will."

The quick change of positions surprised Charles a little, and when he realized that it was really happening, he realized that he had no idea what to do. "How... how do we do this?" he asked timidly.

Erik grabbed the lube that he had placed on the bed earlier and coated his fingers with it. "I'm going to stretch you first. Just like we have done before, but with something to ease the way," he told him, easily sliding a lubed finger past his tight ring of muscles.

Charles was surprised by the different sensation of the lubricant. It was cold at first, but it warmed quickly and tingled pleasantly. He shifted underneath him and moaned softly in approval. "I feel like you already stretched me open earlier today," he smirked.

Erik placed little kisses along his lover's chest and neck. "You did most of the work yourself," he teased as he slipped in another finger. "Turn around on your stomach. It will be easier for you if we start off like that," he ordered as he removed his digits.

Charles missed Erik's fingers immediately, but he turned around onto his stomach and raised his ass in the air obscenely. He rested his forehead on his arm. "Like this?"

"Yes," Erik said, swallowing the lump in his throat at the sight of him. He spread Charles' cheeks so he could stare at his puckered entrance even after the telepath began to stir uncomfortably underneath his shameless gaze. Erik bent down to give his hole a tentative lick to see how the other man would react.

Charles jumped when he felt the unexpected wetness of his tongue and squirmed, his cock hard against his stomach. "Oh god," he gasped before he could stop himself.

Erik smirked and slid his fingers back into Charles without any preamble. "You taste good," he told him as he used both his tongue and fingers to open his tight body up to him.

Charles gasped again and fisted the bed sheets so tight they threatened to tear. He felt his body relaxing, stretching, opening up, and it felt good. He whimpered and arched his ass further into the air. "If you keep that up, I may lose it," he panted.

"You can lose it. Even if you come before me, I'm still fucking you," Erik told him as his fingers found his prostate.

Those words went straight to Charles' cock and he gasped as he pushed back on his lover's fingers. "Erik! God, I can't..." he rambled, though he wasn't even sure what he was saying and what it meant.

"You can come, baby. I want you too," Erik encouraged huskily.

Charles felt an excited panic rise up inside of him then. He didn't want to come just yet. He didn't want to ruin everything. He wanted to come while Erik was inside of him, making him feel good. He wanted to come when Erik came. But he couldn't stop himself when he felt those fingers fucking him hard and his cock rubbing against the mattress. "I- I don't-" he tried to say, but the orgasm rushed up on him and he cried out as he clenched down on his lover's fingers and bucked into the mattress as he came undone.

What he may not have known until now was that it had all been part of Erik's plan. This was the time when Charles would be the most relaxed, floating on a cloud of post orgasmic bliss. "Good boy," Erik praised before he kneeled behind the lithe telepath and lined his cock up before slowly pushing himself in.

Charles gasped in surprise, still deep in his haze when he felt the sharp, painful intrusion. His body opened for him, but it felt like he was being split in two, and he gripped the bed sheets tightly and bit his own fist to stifle a cry. He whimpered instead.

Erik stilled when he was just half way past his resisting ring of muscles and showered Charles' freckled shoulders with kisses. "Just relax, love," he soothed gently.

Charles whimpered again and clamped down on his cock hard, unable to control it. /Can't relax, he's big, so big, supposed to feel good.../ his mind rambled, unknowingly unable to stop himself from projecting. His hand reached for Erik's and squeezed it as he forced himself to take a full, deep breath. /I trust him, need to relax.../ he took another deep breath and felt himself relaxing.

Erik still hesitated to move even when he felt Charles start to relax. "You're so beautiful. Being inside you is amazing," he whispered, talking to soothe both his lover and himself.

Charles listened to the smooth velvet of his lover's voice and it calmed him even more. It felt like Erik was already filling him to capacity, but he knew he was only half way inside of him. He continued to relax and allow his body to stretch around Erik's length. A single wet tear ran down his cheek, mostly because of the position he was in face down and the way he had clenched his eyes shut so tightly. "Want you... want you all the way inside me," he whispered.

"We have to be patient," Erik insisted, pulling out of him only to push back inside him gently, getting a little farther in this time. "I don't want to hurt you."

Charles bit his lip to stifle another whimper when he felt Erik sink into him a little more. He had to remind himself that Erik knew what he was doing and that he trusted him completely. Take that, Emma Frost.

He clenched his lover's hand hard. "I love you," he whispered suddenly and randomly, needing to say it. Already, he could feel himself opening up to him and the pain lessening.

"I love you too," Erik responded effortlessly, kissing the back of Charles' neck and thrusting a little bit farther into him.

Charles bit his own arm to hold himself back. He could feel that he wasn't quite there yet, and he was moving far too slowly. Charles was never one to be patient. So before his lover could stop him, he thrust backwards against Erik's hips until he felt his lover balls deep inside of him and he gasped as the sharp pain of being fully impaled hit him.

"Charles!" Erik gasped at the unexpected move and the overwhelming feeling of now being surrounded in that tight, wet heat.

Charles froze and panted heavily as he just tried to adjust to his lover's full length inside of him for the first time. Had he really made him cry out his name just from this? He felt awful for having pain, for needing Erik to take things slow, when he knew his lover was holding back and wanting. He wished they could just fuck like animals like they both wanted to.

Erik muscles were visibly straining as he continued to hold himself back. "You'd better tell me if I need to stop."

//I won't ever tell you to stop/ Charles whispered in his mind, and experimentally, he shifted on Erik's cock and the very tip brushed against his overly sensitive prostate. It was certainly not what he expected when a surge of pleasure pierced through the pain and he shuttered. "Oh! God..." he cried out, and practically melted underneath him. "'s starting to feel good..." he panted.

"Thank God," Erik mumbled against his shoulder. He pulled out just enough to slip back in and set up a slow, easy rhythm.

It still hurt, but this time, the pleasure mixed in with pain. It felt good because it was Erik inside of him. It was Erik that was becoming one with him. Erik was claiming him and making love to him. It was enough to make his cock harden again and his body blush with need. He bit his lip hard and moaned loudly, encouraging Erik to take him, to have all of him.

After he was sure Charles was used to the feel of him, he pulled out and flipped his lover onto his back. He wanted to watch those beautiful blue eyes as he pushed back into him.

Charles missed the full stretch of Erik's cock right away and his plaint body allowed his lover to flip him over before his dazed mind realized what was happening. Suddenly, Erik was on top of him, and he could see him. He spread his legs around him and arched his back, his big blue eyes pleading. "Don't pull out," he demanded.

"I got you," Erik mumbled as he thrust back in, this time not as careful in his lust.

Charles opened his mouth and cried out when he felt Erik impale him again and he was once again full. His eyelids fluttered and he felt a stab of pain from the other mutant's roughness, but with it came searing hot pleasure. One hand came to grip Erik's upper arm, leaving marks from his fingernails. "Fuck..." he panted.

"That's the idea, lover," Erik smirked against Charles' lips. He lifted one slender leg higher to better angle himself as he really started to thrust into his lover.

Charles' body bounced under Erik with each thrust, throwing one arm behind himself to rest on the headboard to prevent from smacking into it as his other hand gripped Erik tightly. Every time his lover's cock would expertly hit that place inside of him, he would cry out a little. /God, you feel so good, fuck me good, waited so long.../ his mind rambled when he was speechless and could only moan.

/Not going to last long/ Erik warned with his own mind. His usually impressive stamina was not going to be able to withstand Charles' moaning.

Charles grabbed his lover's short hair in his fist and brought his lips down to his in a fierce, deep kiss to stop himself from screaming. When he broke the kiss, he was breathless. "God, right there... Erik!" he cried out loud.

"Fuck!" Erik yelled as he concentrated on that sweet spot inside of Charles as he reached down between them to grasp his cock just as he felt himself coming undone.

That was Charles's undoing. He raked his nails down his back as he felt his peak rising up inside of him. "Fuck! Ah!" he cried out, coming hard in hot spurts on Erik's chest as he clamping down on him hard.

Erik came at the same time as his lover, biting down hard on Charles' neck as he did so. Instead of pulling out, he stayed deep inside of him as he kissed his lover lazily.

The feeling of Erik coming inside of him, filling him with himself, was enough to have Charles bucking into the air and coming a second time until they were a messy, sticky pile of limbs on top of one another. He nearly blacked out from it, his world dissolving around him, but he was pulled back to consciousness by the kiss. He tangled his shaking hand in his hair and kissed back fiercely.

Erik smiled confidently, knowing that he had worn his lover out properly. "Everything feel okay?" he had to ask despite his lover's blissful expression.

"Mmm, better than okay," Charles replied sleepily, completely content and sated despite the dull ache in his ass that he knew he would just have to get used to. "I wish you could just stay inside me forever."

Erik kissed down Charles neck. "Good, because I wouldn't mind being here forever."

Charles smirked lazily and closed his eyes, smoothing his hands up and down his lover's muscled, beautiful arms. "Does it feel good? Like being inside a girl?" he asked curiously, a little delirious now.

"It feels better... tighter... hotter," he said in between kisses.

Charles moaned and buried his hand in his hair as he pulled him into another deep kiss. He smiled slyly and moved his hips on his cock, gasping when it struck his very overly sensitive prostate. "Mmmm..."

"We shouldn't over do anything," Erik warned him.

Charles giggled and continued to rock his hips seductively against him. "Don't be such an old man," he teased, though he was close to breaking himself. "I don't think I can come for the fourth time today..."

Erik stilled Charles' slim hips with one of his large hands and he pulled out of him gently before he could get hard again. Charles whimpered when the pain caught him off guard. He tried to pretend like he wasn't hurt and concentrated instead on the feeling of his lover's come oozing slowly down his thighs.

"Sorry, I'm sorry," Erik whispered as he soothed his hand up and down Charles' sticky thighs and kissed his forehead. "I should have warned you, thought it would be easier for you if I didn't."

Charles shushed him gently and snuggled as close to him as possible. He didn't want him to apologize. Despite the ache, he missed him when he was suddenly gone from inside of him. "It will get easier, right?" he asked.

"Yes, the more we practice, the easier it will get," Erik said with a smirk. At least, he assumed that was how it worked. The men he had been with in the past had seemed to enjoy it thoroughly and Erik had never been gentle with anyone but Charles before.

Charles grinned sleepily and swung one of his legs over his lover's hips. "We will just have to practice a lot, then," he teased, nipping his lips. "I hope I wasn't so loud the whole house heard us..."

Erik chuckled at the thought. "I hope they did," he said smugly.

Charles laughed and shoved his lover playfully. "Jerk," he accused. "I don't know why I like you so much."

"I don't know why, either," Erik told him honestly before sneaking another kiss.

"Because of your irresistible charms, darling," Charles laughed, laying another kiss on his lips to make up for his teasing. His hand wrapped around his lover's spent, softening cock. "And your beautiful cock."

Erik moaned. "Good to know you like some things about me."

"I like a lot of things about you," Charles told him, his fingers tracing the veins on his cock, worshiping it with light touches.

"Good," Erik said, taking his hand away from his cock before it got to be too much.

Charles pouted heavily and irresistibly, wondering what kind of an affect it would have on his lover.

Erik manhandled Charles so he was on his side and spooned up behind him, wrapping his arms around his waist and kissing his sweaty neck.

Charles smirked and nestled closer against him, closing his eyes. "You wore me out," he whispered.

"Wearing you out is fun," Erik teased, letting his hand soothe down Charles' naked side. "I like you like this, all relaxed and for once. Looking like you are not thinking about everything else."

Charles frowned at that. Being a telepath meant it was almost impossible to let his mind completely rest. It seemed that it only happened with Erik. It only happened at times like this, when they were both content and sated from love making. He sighed and ghosted his fingers over his lover's arm. "I like not thinking about anything but you," he confessed in a whisper.

"Me too," Erik agreed, kissing his shoulder. "About earlier..." he started hesitantly. "You understand why I don't want you rebuilding Cerebro."

Charles was sore when he turned over to face Erik, wrapping his arm and leg around him. "I know why, but we still need to do it," he whispered. "Nothing would happen except for a simple headache, love."

Erik kissed his lips gently. "Anything that hurts you, I'm not going to let you do."

Charles ghosted his lips against his again and nipped them gently. "It doesn't hurt me, love. When I learn to master it, it won't hurt at all. It will be second nature to me," he explained softly, not wanting to argue.

"You don't know that for sure."

Charles distracted his lover with a kiss. "Of course I know," he told him with all the confidence in the world. "Let's not discuss this now."

Erik sighed and said no more, but knew he wasn't going to let this go. He would threaten Hank if he had to. He lay down and pulled Charles down on top of him.

Charles nestled closer to him and closed his eyes. "Good night," he whispered.


The next morning, Charles woke up hard and sore. He smirked drowsily and slid back on top of Erik, pressing his erection down into his. He could still feel himself wet and stretched open from last night, and his cock was hard from erotic dreams. His hand slid down to stroke Erik, hoping to wake him.

Erik groaned as he began to stir awake to the feel of his lover's hand on him. He smiled sleepily and brought his lips to his own for a good morning kiss. Charles kissed him back deeply and moved his hips on his lover's.

"Fuck me again?" he whispered huskily against his lips.

"You're not too sore?" Erik asked worriedly as his hands rubbed up and down Charles' back.

To say he was sore was an understatement, but he still wanted him and he didn't want to allow his pain to get in the way. "I'm sore, but I want you again," he whispered, still moving his hips seductively over his.

Erik moved Charles so he was sitting up and his own hardening cock was pressed against his ass. "Like this then, so you can set the pace."

Charles realized suddenly what he meant and a blush warmed his cheeks. The idea of taking control excited him, but it also made him nervous. But this was Erik. This wasn't some drunken lay he barely knew in college. He was safe with him.

"Okay," he whispered, and reached for the bottle of lube to quickly spread it on his hand and fingers. He quickly jerked Erik until he was hard and slick and then moved his hand around to finger himself slowly, putting on a show for his lover. "Mmm," he moaned and his eyes rolled back into his head.

Erik sat up and kissed up Charles' chest when he could not force himself and lay back and watch anymore. "You're so beautiful and you're all mine," he growled possessively against his nipple.

Charles, in this position, felt more confident than he ever had in bed with a lover. With hands on his lover's chest, he shoved him onto his back forcibly and dominantly. "You're mine," he hissed, and with that, he shifted to align his lover's huge cock to his stretched hole and sank down slowly on him until he was balls deep inside of him. He cried out when he was fully impaled even deeper than he had been last night.

"Fuck, Charles!" Erik yelled when he unexpectedly found himself deep inside him. "Yours…" he agreed as his fingers dug into his lover's hips, encouraging him to move.

It hurt, but this time, the pain melted faster and Charles felt him accept his length as if his body remembered him. He lowered his chest to his lover's and bit his neck hard. "You're mine. I'll never let you go," his normally sweet, soft, voice was now heavily accented and rough. /I'm the only one allowed to have this, to fuck you like this.../ He slowly moved his hips over his cock.

"I'm not going anywhere," Erik promised, but Charles' pace was just too slow. He quickly switched their positions until he was on top of him, taking back the control.

Charles was surprised when he was flipped onto his back, but it turned him on impossibly and his cock leaked at the tip. "Fuck me," he cursed, going lithe underneath his lover and allowing him all of the power. He kissed him then, biting his lower lip to provoke him.

Erik was done holding himself back. Last night, he had made an effort to be as gentle as he could. But this time, he couldn't restrain himself as he practically fucked Charles into the mattress as hard as he could.

So this is what it means to hurt so good, Charles thought to himself as Erik began to take him roughly. It was almost too much. He felt his body resisting, but he couldn't bear it if his lover stopped. "God! Erik!" he cried out, leaving red welts on his lover's arm where his nails dug into his flesh.

Erik panted against his bruised neck as pounded into his lover. But he didn't want it to be over too soon… not without hearing his lover beg a little. So without warning, he suddenly stopped and stayed perfectly still except for his chest which rose and fell quickly with his heavy panting.

Charles' eyes widened when his suddenly froze with no explanation at all. At first, he tensed, thinking that he had done something wrong. But when his mind searched his, his saw the real reason. "No, no, no... god, don't stop, fuck- fuck me," he panted, rolling his hips up at Erik, forcing him to move inside him as much as he could while being pinned down and dominated. /God, don't stop, use me, I'm yours, use all of me.../

Erik stilled Charles' hips with his hands and chuckled at his sweet begging. "Maybe I just want to torture you slowly," he teased, setting an agonizing slow pace.

Charles whimpered pathetically and clenched down on his lover, hoping that it would drive him to lose control again. He fought against Erik's stronger hands to roll his hips. "Erik! Do it, or I'll turn this thing around and throw you onto your back and fuck myself," he threatened, touching his shaking fingers to his temple and closing his eyes to give Erik a very clear visual of exactly what it would feel like, what it would look like... his hips straining as he rode him hard, his tightness squeezing him and hot, panting body above him...

"Fuck! No powers," Erik panted, jerking Charles' hand away from his temple. His thrusts sped up a little, but his cock purposely missed his lover's aching prostrate.

Charles bit his lip hard when Erik took him hard, but not deep. He tried to squirm his hips into a better position. /I could make you fuck me with my mind, and you won't be able to stop me/ he threatened desperately with his mind.

"I told you, no powers allowed," Erik growled against Charles' neck.

Charles didn't know how Erik was able to talk so much at a time like this. "What are powers for, except to make sex amazing?" he panted, barely able to get the words out. He had been using his powers to get what he wanted his whole life.

"Don't make me get the helmet out," Erik threatened, but he did angle his thrusts more towards that spot inside of Charles that made him gasp.

Charles was about to say something to that before Erik began thrusting against his prostate and he lost it completely. "Ah! God, right there, right there... mmmmmgod..." he cried out, tightening his legs around him and clutching the sheets behind him like his life depended on it.

Erik reached in between them to stroke his lover as he thrust into him. "Come on, baby. Come for me."

Charles cried out and arched his back, holding back with all of his strength. "Don't want it... don't want it to end," he begged with eyes clenched shut.

"We have the rest of our lives to do this," Erik promised him.

For some reason, that made Charles very emotional. He suddenly had visions of them growing old together. /You want me forever?/ he asked in his mind, knowing the answer. Erik had already promised it to him over and over before. Maybe he was finally beginning to believe him.

Before Erik had the chance to answer, Charles felt his body tense as he reached his peak. "Erik!" he cried out loudly. He clenched his eyes shut as he came undone in his lover's hand and over both their glistening chests.

When Charles' body clamped down on him, Erik followed him with his own blinding orgasm. "Forever," he promised again softly once he could speak.

Charles kissed him deeply, swallowing the words. He tensed against him when the soreness hit him. "Don't, don't pull out yet. It will hurt," he whispered, holding him still.

"It's going to hurt either way after that," Erik told him, but he didn't pull out as his lover requested.

Charles bit his lip and tried to relax as much as possible. When finally his body opened slightly, he gently pushed at his lover's chest, hoping he would get the message. "Pull out now," he whispered, bracing himself for the pain.

He winced when he felt Erik's length pull out of him and leave him empty. He felt his hot come soothe his sore inner muscles and trickle out of him. He sighed and closed his eyes, trying to focus on anything but his very sore body.

Erik laid little kisses all over the telepath's face. "I'm going to get us a towel to clean you up." Charles smiled up at his lover in adoration. He was so wonderful at taking care of him. He closed his eyes and relaxed.

Erik went to the bathroom and came back with a wet towel that he used to clean his lover up with. He chuckled at Charles' lack of responsiveness as he cleaned his inner thighs of stickiness. "Did I wear you out?"

Charles grinned and shook his head yes, his eyes only half open. "I feel like I won't be able to walk for a week," he admitted softly.

"Good. I want you to feel me in you forever," Erik told him with a smirk.

Charles smirked, and suddenly needing to display his strength, he threw Erik onto his back and straddled him despite his sore body's protests. "But you didn't let me have control for very long. Next time, you'll be at my mercy," he taunted as he held his lover's wrists above his head.

"I'm not worried," Erik teased cockily, completely relaxed underneath his lover.

Charles smirked, wiggling on Erik's hips and wishing they could go for another round. His libido had no bounds with his lover. "If you didn't make me so sore, I'd show you what I mean."

"You are the one that woke me up for it," Erik pointed out.

"I was horny," Charles shrugged, trying to be nonchalant about it, but a blush warmed his cheeks. "I'm still horny," he admitted.

"Good," Erik said, breaking Charles' hold on him and flipping them over before ravishing his mouth.

Charles was a little caught off guard when suddenly all the control was taken from him, but he surrendered immediately. /I don't care if it hurts, I need you again/ he whispered in his mind, spreading his sore legs around him and thrusting against his hips.

"No, we can't. I'm not going to hurt you and you wore me out," Erik said as he sucked a mark on his lover's neck. Along with the other marks he had already left there, Charles would be wearing turtle necks for weeks.

Charles practically growled in frustration and thrust up against him again. "Then don't get me started if you're not going to follow through," he moaned.

Erik chuckled against his skin. "We really should get up. Your kids won't train themselves, you know," he teased.

Charles brushed his lips against his lover's. "We have to shower. We're filthy. We cannot approach the children like this," he insisted.

"Shower it is then. I like you wet," Erik agreed, pulling his lover up and off the bed.

"Maybe I can convince you to make love to me again once I'm wet," Charles teased flirtatiously as he walked naked to the bathroom, limping slightly the entire way.

The End.