Monday - 25th June 1997 – 12 Grimmauld Place

'You alright Mione?' Ron asked as he watched Hermione push her breakfast around her plate. It was unlike Hermione to push food around, she always shouted at him when he did it.

'I'm fine.' She said meekly as she stood up and dumped her food into the bin and then placed her plate in the sink. 'I'm going to go lie down, think I'm coming down with something.'

'Are you sure your okay Hermione?' Ginny asked from her seat next to Harry at the table. She had noticed Hermione had been quieter these past few days and she hardly ate; she was starting to worry.

'It's probably just flu.' She said as she offered them a small weak smile. 'I just need to get some more sleep.'

'Okay.' Harry said as he looked at Hermione. 'If you need anything we'll be here if not call for Dobby.

Hermione only nodded and made her way up to her room on the third floor. She walked up the stairs where the Black family portraits hung. She quickly passed them hoping not to set off old Mrs Black who liked to tell everyone how she hated Mudblood's being in her house.

Once she was in her room she made her way through to the en-suite bathroom. She closed the door and placed a locking charm to ward off anyone walking in and turned to the wash basin. She took a deep breath and picked up the white pregnancy test and prayed she didn't see two dark lines.

Hermione held the test with two hands and slowly tipped her head down to look at the pregnancy test and tears fell; two dark lines. Pregnant.

Hermione threw the test across the room and sank down onto the floor against the bath tub. She wrapped her arms around her knees and cried. She was pregnant, carrying a baby conceived in the War, a baby which was not meant to be conceived but had been.

Hermione uncurled her legs and looked down at her still flat stomach. She placed her hands over her stomach and closed her eyes. She sighed as she thought of the life that grew within her and then harshly pulled her hands away.

She couldn't go through with it; she couldn't have a baby, she definitely could not have his baby.

When life gives you lemons make lemonade; that's what Hermione's father had always told her. When life through something unexpected at you, you work with it, you deal with it and you try and make the best of it and that is what Hermione did. She never planned to get pregnant but it happened. Never planned to go through with it but she did and now she was making the best of a difficult situation.

On 18th of March 1998, Hermione Granger gave birth to her precious daughter, Isla Grace Granger. The labour had been excruciatingly hard but worth it in the end when Isla was placed on her chest.

She was born with a head full of blonde curls and bright blue eyes; she looked nothing like herself. She cried as she was welcomed into the world by Molly Weasley and Madam Promfrey but after being placed in her mother's arms she suddenly became silent and took in the scene around her with those bright blue eyes.

Hermione stroked the wet curls on Isla's head and whispered her love to her tiny child. She never knew she'd love someone like the way she loved Isla. This love was unconditional.

An hour after Isla had been born; Hermione was visited by her faithful friends. Ginny held Isla in her arms and softly told her how beautiful she was and what a fantastic mummy she had while Harry stroked her newly washed curls and told her how he would protect her from all the evil people in the world. Ron held Isla in his arms and wished that she was his, wished that he would have created a life with Hermione.

Hermione was realised from St Mungo's the following day and returned to 12 Grimmauld Place where she was still living. Harry and Ron had decorated the biggest bedroom in the house and created a small nursery for Isla.

Life soon settled into a comfortable routine. Hermione got used to being a mother and started to enjoy it. Every day she woke to find her beautiful blue eyed girl staring at her waiting for her breakfast. Hermione would scoop Isla out of her mosses basket and bring her to her milk filled breast and start to feed her hungry baby. After feeding Isla, Hermione would take Isla downstairs so she could eat her breakfast and Isla could be passed around.

Hermione then would take Isla to the nearest park and walk around pushing Isla in her pram. She tried at best to avoid going to Diagon Alley or Hogsmede; she couldn't risk running into the man who fathered her precious baby.

The paternity of Isla's father had been a hot topic since her birth. Hermione had still not told anyone who Isla's father was. Every day a new name was discussed, a new man was thought of as the father. Hermione simply did not want her friends to know, she didn't want them to judge her for a simply mistake. She didn't want Isla to suffer because of her parentage.

When Isla was six months old, Hermione found a small two bed flat big enough for herself and a growing Isla. Harry and Ron helped fix up the flat while Ginny helped to furnish and decorate. Ginny designed and decorated the perfect Princess room for Isla which Hermione loved. Her flat was perfect for them and Hermione enjoyed the peace of living alone with her daughter.

Isla's first Birthday was celebrated at the newly built Burrow. Molly Weasley organised the whole party for Isla's first birthday. She baked a huge pink cake and every Weasley and every friend of Hermione's came to celebrate. The day was perfect; Isla enjoyed being spoilt by friends and family.

As Hermione put Isla to sleep that night she sat next to the crib and looked at her baby girl. She was perfection, she was her everything and she promised herself and Isla that she would always protect her. She looked at the blonde curls on top of her head and sighed; one day she would want to know the man who gave her that blonde hair and those bright blue eyes.

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