Malfoy Manor

'Welcome to Malfoy Manor.' Lucius said as he held Isla in his arms and Hermione's hand having just apperated to the front gate of his stately home. 'You alright?' he asked Hermione.

Hermione nodded and took Isla from his arms and watched as he took down the wards so they could walk through the gate and towards the Manor.

They reached the huge oak front door and entered the Manor and were met by Lucius's house elf, Pudding.

'Good evening Pudding. Has Miss Granger's belonging been transferred to her room?' he asked.

'Yes Sir. Ms Granger and Little Miss's belonging are in the rose room in the family wing.' The small house elf replied. 'Master Draco is awaiting your arrival in the living room.'

'Thank you Pudding you may go.' He said as he turned to look at Hermione. 'I know you don't like house elves but Pudding and the others are given wages and holidays before to start.'

Hermione merely only nodded again and then followed Lucius.

'Draco?' Lucius said as he opened the door to the living room.

'Father.' Draco said as he stood up.

'Draco, I believe you remember Hermione.' He said as Hermione stood beside Lucius silently holding Isla who was babbling. 'And this little one is Isla, your sister.'

'Half sister.' Draco reminded him which resulted in Lucius glaring at his son.

'Nice to see you again Draco.' She said as she tried to break the ice.

'You too.' He said as he looked at her. 'Sorry I can't stay I have a date. Don't wait up for me Father; I doubt I'll be home tonight.'

'Fine.' Lucius said as Draco walked straight past him and out of the living room. 'I'm sorry about him.' He said as he turned to Hermione.

'It must be difficult for him.' Hermione said as she sat down on the sofa and let Isla down onto the floor to move about.

'Yes I'm sure it is but he is a grown up now he needs to act like one.' Lucius said as he sat beside Hermione.

'He'll come around Lucius.' She said as she looked at him.

'I'll talk with him when he's back tomorrow.' He said as he stood up and grabbed Isla before she went towards the lit fire.

'Are you working tomorrow?' She asked knowing tomorrow was Thursday and he had already taken so much time off work.

'I will work from home. I'm afraid I won't be around much tomorrow.' He said as she sat down with Isla in his lap.

'I understand; that's fine.' She said as she took Isla from him. 'We'll just relax for the day.'

'You could help me.' He said. 'Have a look at what you'd have to do if you worked for me.'

'Are you serious about that Lucius?' she asked.

'Of course I am. You are the best for the job Hermione and you know it too. I expect you're getting bored working at the book shop. This would challenge you and you'd have more money.' He said.

'I could do with more money but like I said I don't want to work too many hours.' She said. 'I don't want to be one of those mothers who has a child minder drop off their child on their first day at school. I want to be there to pick her up and drop her off.' She said.

'And you can be. You can work from home and do school hours.' He said. 'It helps that you're with the boss too.' He smirked.

'And what about you? Will you be there to take her to school or pick her up if I needed to work longer hours?' she asked.

'Of course I could. I'm the boss. I work from home most of the time. Draco's normally in the office more that I am.' He said. 'Don't worry about such things.'

'I do though; I have to now I have Isla to think about.' She said.

'I know but I promise you this job will be on your terms.' He said as he kissed her cheek.

'I'll have a think tonight.' She said. 'Can you show us where we're staying; I need to put Isla down.'

'Of course, this way.' He said as he stood up and starting walking through the Manor with Hermione following.

They reached the second floor, family room and Lucius showed Hermione the Rose Room.

'The nursery is straight through there.' He said as he pointed to a white door.

'Was that Draco's nursery?' she asked.

'Yes.' He replied as he walked to the door. 'This was the nanny's room. My bedroom is on the other side of the nursery.'

'I see.' She said as she walked into the luxury nursery which was painted in a pale blue.

'I'll have to have it redecorated for Isla of course.' He said.

'We'll only be here a few days, I wouldn't bother.' She said.

'I'm hoping on weekend you will stay here sometimes.' He said as he watched Hermione undress Isla on the changing mat.

'Maybe.' She said with a smile.

Hermione placed Isla into the crib and placed a kiss on her head and then let Lucius tuck the baby duvet over their daughter and then followed Lucius into his bedroom.

The Master Bedroom was exactly that; made for the master of the Manor. The bed was big enough for six grown men, it was a white four poster bed and it looked very comfortable.

Lucius removed his robe and placed in on the vintage chair in the corner. He turned and looked at Hermione.

'We've had a hard couple of days.' He said as he removed his shoes.

'Very.' She said as she smiled at him. 'I should go to my room.'

'Stay?' he asked as he started to undo his shirt.

'Lucius...' she started.

'Just sleep. I want you close.' He said

'Okay.' She said.

AN: I'm not going to lie, I have writers block and this new idea keeps popping in my head for a new story but I don't want to start it and not finish this one and My parent's mistake. I am trying but it may take me a while sorry! xx