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The Battle Field: Rio

In the deepest parts of the jungles of Rio there's a war that has never been resolve.

"WE GOT IN COMING AIRBORE", said by a military macaw.(he he it was supposed to be aircraft)

"Take those birds down" said by a marmoset.

All three military macaws Locked and loaded their Double Uzi (Bird Size) Same as the marmosets.(Mokey size)

(Back on H.Q)

"ENEMY BOGERS ARE DOWN" said by a canary with a funky tune

"THAT WILL TEACH THOSE GUYS Father I Just wish u where here", said by a beautiful blue macaw.

(Meanwhile On the battlefield)

"Let see if any of our men got shot down", said by a cardinal with a manly tune

"nice voice dude "replied by the same canary

"Thanks, wait I got something here "and quickly got to a male blue macaw

"Whoa this is new I need back up over here Nico"

"Roger that"

As soon as the other medic arrive they took the wounded but alive macaw back to base

"Well what do got here Pedro", Asked by the Female Macaw

"Well how about u take a look at him Admiral Jewel", he replied.

And with that she fainted after seeing him.

"Com u okay helllllllllooooooooooooooo"

"Uh yeah I'm cool"

"What just happened?"

"Awkward" said by Pvt. is just beside of Pvt Pedro

"Just fix him up and I'll talk to him later" and after that she left the room with some things bugging her mind .

4 days later...

After days sleeping our friend Blu is now awaked by a nightmare

"AH!" he screamed

"Calm down soldier ur now ok"said by Jewel.

Blu now confused "Calm down I'm not even from here and fell from a plane and-", he suddenly realized something. "Wait a minute who are u?" he asked.

"I am Admiral Jewel I'm the one in charge of the operations here" she replied

Now more confused the only thing he can say is...


"Don't well run u in some test to u and we'll talk about the thing happening here and once again get some rest "after saying that she left the room

2 weeks later

"Ah! ur wing finally in good shape by the way I'm Pedro the Nurse/medic/whatever u want to call it. Anyway if u need some patching just call me and be ready for the tests tomorrow" he said after removing the bandages of his wing.

"Oh... ok"

Then Nico appeared out of nowhere and scared Blu

"Hey there I'm Pvt. Nico", he said

"Whoa u scared me"he replied

"It's ok just be ready for this tests"giving him a paper with writings on it





Speed ,Agility and Intellegence

U might be mad cause I skipped what happend during Blu's healing and the fight of 3 of military macaws and 3 marmosets on a hang next 2 chapters are going to be released on Saturday night 9:00 pm Philippine Time.

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