It was around five in the afternoon and Sasuke was still yet to make an appearance. I'd woken up this morning around eleven with a note sticky taped to my naked chest. "Running a few errands, I'll be home later " He didn't sign it but I knew Sasuke's anally neat writing anywhere.

Ha, I said anally.

My fingers drummed boredly against the arm of the recliner I was laying over, I'd lost interest in whatever program I was watching; actually I'd lost interest hours ago. My stomach grumbled against the hand I had resting there, I groaned a little.

I craned my neck back to look over my head at the kitchen, it wasn't that far. I adjusted my head the right way, and rolled somewhat fell off the chair; I laid face down on the carpeted ground for a few moments to avoid moving.

I pulled myself up on my knees and just sat there, moving seemed stupid why couldn't the food just float to me? Grumbling and swearing irritated I got to my feet and dragged my lazy ass to the kitchen.

I stood in front of the fridge staring at the contents.

Beer, bread, peanut butter, beer, old Chinese and more beer.

I like da way you do dat right thurr, Switch ya hips when ya walkin let down ya hair

I swung my hips around to the beat of the song, singing at the top of my lungs. I waltzed around the kitchen popping a few moves I see the chicks do in music videos; I felt kind of sexy shaking my as around the kitchen.

"Lick ya lips when ya talkin dat make me stair!" I rocked my hip's back and forth to the beat, a jar of peanut butter and a knife in each hand; catching sight of my reflection in the microwave.

My eye's met another reflection; I screamed loudly and threw my peanut butter. Sasuke stood holding his stomach, red in the face from laughing. Blushing a million shades of red as I scampered to pick up the peanut butter and save my remaining dignity.

"Oh Naru baby I like da way you do it right thurr" He laughed leaning against the bench to support his frame.

Humiliation whirled around in me like a whirlwind, "Naruto baby that was hot" He wiped his eye's a few giggles slipping past his lips.

"Yeah well I like that song" I muttered in defence, putting the peanut butter in the fridge.
"You should dance more often, it's sexy to watch" He tried holding in the laugh threatening to erupt but failed miserably sending him into another fit of un-Uchiha like snickers.

I sighed dramatically grabbing my sandwich and stamping past him towards the living room. He grabbed me around the waist as I walked past.

"Aw don't be like that I was just having some fun" He breathed against my neck, biting it softly. I threw the sandwich on the bench behind him, he opened his mouth to question my motives but I pushed him towards the living room couch.

Our lip's tangled and my finger's pulled and knotted his hair, he adjusted himself so I was straddling his lap. I ground down roughly on his hip's jerking mine against his short burst; He broke our kiss and lent his head back against the couch.

I eyed him lustfully; he looked amazing bucking into my hips and panting. I licked a wet trail down the column of his throat nipping at his collar bone. He moaned a throaty moan and it reverberated against my lips.

"Naruto" He said sex layered in his voice, I worked my way back up his throat.

"What Sasuke?" I moaned his name a little at the end, he grunted kissing my lips.

"Let me fuck you" I bite my own lip, things never usually got this intense. We've fucked but we don't do it a lot; mostly oral and hand jobs, y'know?

"Pleaseeee" He dragged the word out in a whine; I melted under his fingers slipping under the band of my jeans.

He grinned in triumph and pulled my shirt over my head, leaving the cool air to ravish my skin. He wasted no time in molesting my pale skin, leaving bruise and bite marks down my bed. I was practically lying back on his knees while he bit at the skin on my hips.

"Ngh fuck me" I cried when rubbed the bulge in my jeans. He smirked against my skin and ordered I sit up.

I done so without a second thought, he lifted his own hips of the couch causing me to moan at the sudden friction and pulled them off. He fumbled with my button and I bucked my hips at his face, he looked up at me lustfully and I pushed my jeans down my hip's wiggling a little.

My cock sprang free and he grabbed it with his hand pumping a few times.

"Oh Sasuke" I moaned arching my back, "Naruto" pressure was applied to my shoulder and I blinked a couple of times, my face pressed into the carpet.

"Naruto, wake up" Sasuke stood over me a blush covering his cheeks. Realization hit me that I had a raging hard on.

"Oh your alright I thought you were in pain or something you were calling my name and-"Realization must of hit him to because his eye's got really big and he stood nervously.

"I'm going to get a shower" He muttered rather quickly and bolted up the stairs. I groaned at my own stupidity and banged my head against the floor.

Smooth Naruto, fucking smooth.

A new sound alerted to my ears and I lifted my head to hear, it sounded like...

Sasuke, moaning like not the usual moaning he did when he had to do the dishes but like sex moaning; and idea formed in my mind.

My pant's throbbed in appreciation.