I twisted the front door knob till it swung open; my hair was wet and dripping slightly from the downpour of rain outside, unusual for this time of year. I kicked off my black shoes, my socks soaked a little. It was rather quiet which was strange but not enough to worry me, I left Naruto at home this morning; He's here somewhere probably lying on the couch.

Curiosity got the best of me and I wandered into the kitchen, it was clean still which meant Naruto hadn't been in here. I wandered into the small living room all looked around, no sign off him but the cushions had been sprawled across the living room; he had been in here. The TV bellowed quite loudly and I walked towards the couch and turn the TV down by the remote.

My heart flew out of my chest when a small moan erupted from the floor; I swear I almost touched the ceiling when I jumped in fright. Naruto was sprawled across the floor in front of the recliner chair, face down he squirmed and wiggled around. I sighed turning the TV down I walked over to tap him on the shoulder.

That floor was anything but comfortable.

"Naruto" I said bending down to push his shoulder, He muttered something unintelligible and I tried again, "Naruto, bro wake up"

He moaned loudly, his eye's blinked open and he rolled over slightly to look at me. He was flustered and panting slightly.

I quickly realized what was going on, Naruto was having a wet dream and I had woke him up, I blushed furiously fuchsia. He must have realized the situation too, his eyes widen and I swallowed thickly my own pants tightening all that little bit.

"Oh your alright I thought you were in pain or something you were calling my name and-"I said nervously my cheeks darkened more if they could.

"I'm going for a shower" I muttered rather quickly, I practically ran for the stairs and bathroom not even waiting for his reply or words.

I slammed the door behind me and lent against it, my heart was racing and my mind was reeling over the image of Naruto withering and moaning all flustered. I was panting a little, stripping my damp shirt and through it followed closely by my jeans into the wash basket.

The cool bathroom air blow against me flush and I staggered slightly for the shower turning it on a scalding hot temperature, the water should drowned the sin I was about to do. I stroked myself as I stood under the water, it burned my skin and probably turned it a pinkish hue.

I lent my head back against the shower wall and increased my pace slightly, it wasn't long before I was moaning and groaning in what I hope was a quite way. I was barley coherent enough to hear the bathroom door open and even less when I didn't hear the shower door.

In fact I was only aware of the situation when Naruto's cold hands pressed against my stomach; my eyes flew open as I panted at his close proximity.

"Oh Sasuke did you like what you saw before?" He muttered sexily inches from my mouth, his naked body pressing up against mine.

I shuddered as he ran his finger up and down my torso and sides, He pulled my hip's flush against his and I moaned and he groaned softly.

His hips moved in circles against mine, rubbing our cocks together and creating god willing friction. He nipped his teeth on my lips and I obliged to his silent demand by opening my mouth, his tongue was fighting with mine in moments.

I wanted more control as my dominant side flared with sexual intensity; I pushed him against the opposite wall, my mouth devouring his in seconds. He moaned as he pulled and tugged at my wet hair.

"Oh Christ do that again." I panted rubbing myself against him, my hand rest against the wall beside his head. I pulled his leg up over my hip as I pushed us further against the wall; he was moaning, groaning and panting like a pro the entire time.

"Ah fuck me Sasuke" He moaned screwing his eyes shut at an appreciative thrust, I didn't argue with him. I turned him around and pushed him against the wall once again, his face pressed against the cool tiles, I grabbed one of his legs and hooked it over my forearm; better access.

He moaned when I impatiently grabbed my dick and aligned myself, I had no patience to prepare him.

I pushed myself in and he clawed at the slippery wet tiles, his back had turned a red hue from the scalding water, it drove me more. I wasted no time in thrusting myself in and out; he clawed and howled my name fuelling my fire.

I always was a sucker for someone with a dirty mouth and the way he was saying my name was beyond dirty.

I angled my hips in a few different positions till I knew I was getting it right, Naruto was a very vocal lover. He moaned, groaned, howled, screamed and talked dirtier than a professional. It turned me on to imaginable measures.

"You're so dirty Naruto" I panted, nipping his shoulder he let out an appreciative moan when I slowed down and fucked him nice and slow.

I almost lost it then and there when he moaned my name from somewhere deep in his small body. I could feel my stomach tightening and I knew my orgasm was coming soon. I angled my hips and set a pace that I knew he would enjoy.

He was beyond yelling in pleasure; he was pushing himself back against me practically fucking himself.

"Oh Jesus fucking Christ Naruto, the things you do to me." I pushed up against him in pleasure, he moaned and I lost my composure.

I cummed all over his insides and he done a good job of covering the front, my arm was dead my legs felt Like jelly. I slide down to the floor of the shower with him collapsing between my legs.

I could tell this was going to become a regular occurrence, hopefully.