AN: So.. this is my first story so I'm not really sure if the pacing and whatnot is good but yeah, I hope you enjoy it :) This first chapter is a bit on the uneventful side but don't worry, There will be something more exciting in the next chapter.

The daylight slowly crawled closer to the horizon. Gamzee thought that he should probably go to sleep, Or atleast inside the house. But he didn't really feel like it.

Well, He supposed he didn't feel like doing much much these days, As depressing as it sounded.

He sighed heavily and looked at the sea, It's pitch-black water seemed fitting for his current mood but he could see a hint of purple just above the horizon. Yeah, He should definitively get inside, Sunlight could blind a troll and while he couldn't say he cared much about his current well-being turning blind just because he was too lazy to get off his ass and walk a few yards was just sad.

His mind subconsciously jumped to Terezi, If he turned blind maybe she could teach him to smell and lick things or whatever she did. He humored the thought for a few seconds before he got inside, Yeah, Not going to happen.

He didn't really want to get in touch with his friends right now.

Gamzee went inside his house and collapsed on the couch. It had been about a month since they all came back from Skaia.

He wasn't sure how the other had managed to do it but Alternia was as good as in the same state as before, Same good old dark, unforgiving atmosphere pressing down on him.

He couldn't help to think back to his time in The Land of Tents and Mirth, Everything had been so colorful and so carefree, Or atleast from his point of view.

Sure enough, He had been high out of his mind at that point but it was a good memory nonetheless.

He couldn't say he remembered a lot from the game, He wasn't even sure how the other had managed to get him and the other's back to life, As far as he had followed Feferi had something to do with it, Or was it the whole Scratch-thingie?

He couldn't remember. Of course the others had provided him with a endless supply of sopor pies which had certainly affected his memory, Everything he could remember after he died was just a fuzzy blur.

He couldn't say he blamed them, If he was in their spot he didn't even know if he would have allowed himself to live.

He wasn't sure what the other of his old friends where up to. He assumed that Feferi were somewhere down in the sea being an empress or was it an empress in training?..

Gamzee couldn't quite remember which one it was. Yeah, Everyone was probably continuing on with their everyday lives, He mused.

Karkat was probably still being all angry in his room, Chatting on Trollian or whatnot. Gamzee had to admit he kind of missed his little ranting memos but he had pretty much isolated himself from everyone since they got back.

Being alone was easier than facing his inner demons, Easier than going outside and talk to someone.

He didn't want to meet with any of the victims of his insanity, Just the thought of facing Nepeta or Equius scared him shitless, As much as he hated to admit it.

The memories of his murderous rampage still haunted him. He was used to his memories being somewhat fuzzy but still pleasant, The effects of the sopor slime. He'd never really minded it, It was just the way it was.

The sky was black, One moon was purple and the other one green and Gamzee Makara had the memory of a grub.

But his memories from the few hours he had been completely sober was horrifying, They were so sharp and .. real.

It didn't matter how many pies he ate, Nothing seemed to dull the painful memories.

He could still hear the strangled grunts from Equius, He could still see the splatter of green as he hit Nepeta, He still motherfucking felt the cold metal as he drew and wrote on the walls.

His hand curled up into a fist by the thought, Fuck. He had no idea how to deal with it all.

Still, That reality of it all made it strangely entrancing.

He had to admit it the strange sensation of power was addictive. After all, His title of subjuggulator gave him the freedom of doing almost anything he wanted and combined with his inner psychopath, almost made going on a killing spree the most favorable option.

Almost.. but he knew very well that he would rather die than to put himself and his friend through that again.

Of course, Right now he knew better, Sopor pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kept him nice and calm, and pretty spaced out for the matter.

He was used to it, Though it wasn't the same as before. Life wasn't all miracles and Faygo anymore, Though he sill drank the sugary beverages, It was a habit that was hard to break.

The whole murderous rampage thing kept his psyche on it's toes, While normally he wouldn't be able to form form coherent point at this point anything regarding the "accident" was crystal clear.

It was the only thing he was able to focus on and it slowly but surely grinded down his sanity. He barely felt it but he could sense it slowly wearing thinner.

He had to escape this house, He couldn't quite remember the last time he had went outside, Or when someone had visited last

He had a vague memory of Karkat and Terezi visiting but that could very well be before they even entered the medium.

He knew what he needed, A long walk on the beach.

Going outside was probably not the wisest thing right now, The sun had probably risen by now. A walk was a really stupid idea.

Gamzee wasn't quite sure of what to do, but he knew for sure that he had grown tired of staring at the walls. Due to the lack of anything productive to do he fiugred that he might as well try to get some sleep.

He turned twisted and turned in the couch, Trying to find a comfortable position but nothing felt quite right.

He threw a glance at the stairs, He could go to his room and his Recuracoon, It was probably a lot more comfortable than the couch.

Yeah, Seemed like a good plan, He needed a break from all the thinking and dreaming for that matter.

He began moving towards the stairs, Then a sudden noise broke the silence. A noise he really didn't want to hear right now. A loud HONK echoed through the house, Gamzee flinched by the sudden noise.

The horns needed to go, Reminded him of certain things he didn't want to talk about. He should reallyt throw them away.. Later.. Right now he needed sleep.

He stumbled up the stairs, It felt like the house was moing under his feet.. HONK, The noise startled him and he lost his balance. He tumbled down the stairs.

HONK. He landed on another horn, The sharp metal dug into his back. He hissed between his teeth at the unexpected pain. He groaned as he got up on his feet.

Yeah, those horns needed to go. Once again he walked up the stairs, Now more careful with where he put his feet.

He made it to his room relatively unharmed. He looked over at his Recuracoon, It had never looked more tempting than now.

He slipped out of his shoes but didn't bother with any other articles of clothing. He was way too tired. He almost faceplanted into the coccoon, The warm and sticky embrace of the slime was surprisingly comforting.

He could kind of see why he ate it. Though he didn't have much time to ponder about it, He fell asleep in a matter of seconds.