Chapter Fourteen: Battle of Plataea

The air was rich with anticipation. Finally, after a short period of rallying the rest of the free Greek nations to their cause, Dilios and Dyna were now in Thermopylae, accompanied by 10,000 Spartans and 30,000 Greeks. Although the swell of Dyna's belly was not yet evident, everyone knew that she was carrying the future ruler of Sparta. Dilios had insisted that she stay behind, but he soon gave in after Pleistarchus issued an order - one of his first as co-King of Sparta - that his sister should be allowed to participate in the Battle of Plataea.

The Queen Regent, Gorgo, stayed behind as well; but she wasn't happy about it. Dyna assured her mother again and again that she would be careful, and now, here she was, standing on the very cliff that her father once stood.

Beyond the wide expanse of the Hot Gates lay the Persian army. Dyna could hear furious orders being issued as they assembled. Dyna's horse whinnied softly, and she patted the side of its head gently.

"No need to worry, Ares," she said softly. "Soon you and I will be in the thick of the battle, where we belong."

Beside her King Vasilios, her foster father, looked at her and then at her belly. "Should you be here?" he asked worriedly. "You do not want to put the baby in danger."

"My son is a Spartan," Dyna said evenly. "And a Spartan belongs in battle."

King Vasilios nodded and smiled. "I merely worry for your safety, Dyna."

"I know, Father." Dyna looked at him and smiled. "I have a lot to live for now."

Together they watched as Dilios roused the Spartan and Greek armies with another compelling speech. Shouts of "HAAAAOOOH!" rang through the air as the Spartans smashed their spears against their bronze spears. Finally Dilios issued the order, and the soldiers rushed towards the Persians.

Dyna clicked her feet against the sides of her horse and rode into the fray hard and fast. Her sword lopped off the heads of Persian soldiers and soon she was near the back of the Persian army.

There he was.

Sparkling like a fallen star but more devious than Hades himself, King Xerxes stood from his throne as his eyes fell upon her.

He seemed to recognize her father's bearing and features on her face, for his eyes widened.

"Even a God King can bleed," she said softly, and Xerxes backed away, tripping over his throne and landing painfully on the ground. "You killed my Father. Did you believe that I would let you live long?"

"I am a god," Xerxes declared, as if that would stop her in her tracks. "You cannot touch me!"

Dyna unsheathed another sword from her back and twirled it skillfully. "I am the daughter of the God of War. I can touch whom I wish."

With a fierce battle cry, Dyna launched herself at Xerxes. Her first blade drove deep into his neck, while the second found a new fleshy sheath in his stomach. Xerxes squealed in pain and agony, his voice finally falling to a series of gurgles as his blood spurted from the wound on his neck.

Dyna stood and watched him die.

"For my father," she breathed.

Dyna was barely aware of her husband's presence as he walked up behind her, and nor did she realize that the battle had ceased once Dilios had lopped off the God King's head and showed it to the remaining Persian warriors.

Her father had been avenged.


The years following the battle of Plataea were peaceful and uneventful. The alliance between Sparta and Arcadia remained firm, even more so when Pleistarchus decided to marry Astrid, the daughter of Queen Alyssa's cousin. Dyna gave birth to a son, whom she named Leonidas, in honor of her father. Leonidas II was proclaimed as the next King of Sparta, and spent most of his time with his grandmother, the Queen Regent. Dilios and Dyna had eight more children: Zarek, Berdine, Dilios II, Kalisto and Karan, Cadmus, Bryony, and Cleon. They were all noted for their great beauty and prowess in battle. Zarek married into the Trojan royal family, and is the ancestor of Hector and Paris, the two Trojan princes who fought in the Trojan war. Zarek's younger brother, Cadmus, is the ancestor of Achilles, while their sister, Kalisto, became one of Zeus' many lovers. Dilios and Pleistarchus remained co-rulers of Sparta until Dilios' death thirty years after the battle of Plataea. Dyna died two weeks after he did; her death is attributed to grief and heartbreak. The Queen Regent outlived her daughter by five more years.

Author's Note: Thank you for reading this rather short fan fiction. As you can see, I have taken certain liberties with the story, but I do hope you enjoyed reading it. The information in the prologue is entirely fictional, so please do not go searching for the children of Dyna and Dilios and their supposed ancestry to Hector, Paris, and Achilles. :) Please review if you haven't, or simply send me a message to say what you thought of this fan fiction. Until next time. ;)