Maybe we weren't ment to be. Or something. I was worrying that Eli would do something stupid as always. I was with Jake and well Eli was alone.

"We are never getting back together!"I cried out. The tears were flowing down my face as I said these words to Eli.

"Oh please Clare! I need you! I love you! One more chance!" Eli said kissing me.

"Eli no!"I said as I pushed him away. I ran out of the theater to find Jake. I had tears coming down my face. Jake grabbed me and held me close to him.

"What the hell happened?" He asked.

"Eli-" Jake cut me off and ran in to the theater.

"What did you do to her."Jake yelled in Eli's face.

"Nothing! Your the one who did something! You took her from me! And I don't get a second chance thanks to you!" Eli yelled back. Jake punched Eli in the mouth causeing it to bleed. Once I saw the blood I fainted. I hated it the smell the redness everything about it. I awoke on the couch in my living room. I looked around to see Jake sitting in a chair with his head in his hands.

"I'm so sorry." Jake whispered.

"Huh?"I asked as I sat up.

"Clare! Your awake!" Jake said.

"Yeah?" I said kinda confused.

"I'm sorry that I punched Eli." Jake said.

"It's okay." I sighed. It wasn't okay. I hated my thoughts. Thinking that Eli would hurt Jake. I was just being parazoid probley.

"How did I get here?"I asked.

"I drove you home and placed you on the couch."Jake told me.

"Oh thanks."I thanked.