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An Angel's Kiss


AU/ All Vamp/Canon Couples – a future take from the Angel Series



"Sweet girl," my favorite velvet voice crooned, tugging the covers over our heads. He smelled so good, fresh from the shower. "It's time to get ready, baby. Please don't make Alice do that wake up call thing," he pleaded, his voice sounding sincere, but his hands, his lips were telling a completely different story. As he traced his long fingers down my spine, dropping kisses to my shoulder, his strong, shower-warm, naked body lined up behind mine. "She turns into the world's smallest dictator the first week of a new school, love. It's rather frightening."

I grinned, but buried it into my pillow, and shielded my thoughts from Edward. It wasn't like I was asleep – hell, we didn't sleep – but I just wasn't ready to face another new day at the new school. We'd started Rochester Academy in the middle of the year just a few days ago. It supposedly was the largest prep school in the state of New York. Not only was it large, but it was private, which meant...uniforms – a sore subject with Rose, Alice, and me, because we'd been tricked into the last private school. Our men had some sort of twisted, perverted attraction to pleated skirts and tight sweaters. We swore when we left England that we'd never attend another school that required uniforms, yet...here we were. And so was my uniform, hanging in the closet just mere feet away.

When Carlisle began to think we'd worn out our welcome in England, he'd put in for a transfer back to the States. Rose suggested Rochester, where she was originally from, because it had been long enough for the family to go back. It was my first time living there, as well as Alice and Jasper's, but Carlisle, Edward, and Esme's second. Rose just wanted to see what had changed since she'd been away.

School had been the major discussion the whole time we were packing up in England. My sisters and I wanted the big public high school, complete with football games, dances, and enough people, we could get lost in the crowd – not that we didn't stand out, because every last one of us were definitely different... and immortal, which attracted attention no matter how hard we tried to hide to fit in. Edward, Jasper, and Emmett had pushed for private again, because they said the subjects were a tad bit more interesting than regular public school. At least, that's what they'd tried to convince us. We weren't fooled.

I grimaced into my pillow at the memory of the lost bet that brought us to Rochester Academy. A simple game of pool – a game I was damned good at – and it all boiled down to one single ball. The eight ball was now my enemy. The bet on the table was our next educational stop. Men versus women. Private school versus public school. Jeans and Chucks versus knee high socks and plaid skirts.

Oh the cheating! It was shameless, though completely hilarious. It was flirting and sexual innuendos, and a long, lean body pressed to my back and the scent of honey and clean linen wafting over me as I tried to make my final shot, which landed in the middle of the next table and nowhere near the far corner pocket, where I was aiming. Edward was, by the purest of definitions, distracting.

"Beautiful," he purred again, his hand flattening against my stomach to pull my body flush to his, "I know it's the middle of the year. I know you hate it..."

I scowled under the covers, but my body was starting to betray me, and I knew well enough that Edward was starting something that we didn't have time to finish, especially if Alice caught wind of any naughty decision making this late in the morning. But he was so completely right. I did hate starting school in the middle of the year. The stares, the whispers, the rumors – they were all so blatantly obvious and made me extremely uncomfortable for the first few weeks.

"Mrs. Cullen," Edward growled low, dragging his teeth along my shoulder.

I giggled, because I damn well couldn't help it. Hearing my real name come from his sweet lips just did things to me. I felt his smile against my skin.

"I'm Bella Swan again, Edward," I sighed dramatically, looking back at him and rolling my eyes.

"Not in this bedroom, you aren't," he chuckled low, placing an open mouth kiss to my upper arm, but his sweet honey eyes never left mine as I pulled the covers off us.

"That's very true," I murmured, sitting up and giving our new room a quick glance.

There were still boxes left to be unpacked that were stacked in the corner, and I still wanted to hang mine and Edward's collection of favorite pictures on the far wall, but Esme had really done an amazing job for us, considering we were going from a house of our very own, to living with the family again. It was quite the adjustment, because we were used to our own private little bubble, and now we had to cope with constant company and perfect hearing. Poor Edward had to adjust to hearing the thoughts of our parents and siblings again, too. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't awful, either. It was just something that was a part of being a member of the Cullen family.

"I can still buy you your own house, Bella," Edward stated, the silly, sexy smirk now falling from his face as he studied my expression. He'd never admit it, but he hated it when he couldn't hear my mind.

"I know," I said, cupping his handsome face and smiling. "Thank you, baby, but it's better for this town that the 'kids' live under one roof. Don't you think?"

He grimaced, but finally acquiesced with a nod. "I suppose."

I could tell by the look on his face that he was not saying everything on his mind, but I knew him really well. Opening my thoughts to him, I smirked. What's the matter, handsome? You miss letting Dirty Edward have free range?

I held onto the best secret in the world. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen – a vampire well in his hundreds, my sweet husband, and a true and proper gentleman – had the dirtiest, sexiest, most toe-curling mouth that ever uttered a single word. And no one knew it but me. It was a secret that we kept from everyone – his family, most of all. It was a secret I planned on keeping for the rest of our existence together.

He snorted into a laugh. "Perhaps. There was a bit more...freedom at our own house."

I chuckled, brushing his damp hair off of his forehead so I could place a long, slow kiss there. "Yes... Yes, there was. I'm sure he'll break out as soon as the coast is clear."

He grinned up at me as I stood up from the bed. It was sexy and crooked and radiated all sorts of naughty things. "You think so, sweet girl?"

"If he doesn't, then I'm sending out a search party, Edward," I laughed, starting to head to the bathroom, but he stopped me, picking up my hand to place a kiss to my wedding ring – his mother's ring, and something I never, ever took off.

He sat up on the bed, swinging his legs to the floor so he could tug me to stand between them. Several years of marriage to the man at my fingertips wasn't long enough to get used to his beauty. He was just gorgeous as he leaned in to give his immortal scar just above my breast a sweet kiss. It was over my heart, and I swear every time his lips touched it, my body still felt a faint, ghostly thump-thump.

"A search party would attract...attention, my beautiful girl," he snickered as he set his chin on my stomach in order to gaze up at me. His eyes darkened just a bit as his hands glided sensually up and down my bare back.

"True," I said, taking his hands from around my waist and giving his wedding band a quick turn. I was just about to place his hands where I really wanted them, but I'd forgotten that the pixie was on school patrol duty.

"Oh no you don't!" Alice warned from from the bottom of the stairs. "We'll be late, Isabella Marie! Get your asses out of bed!"

"Oh, I know she didn't middle name me," I growled, rolling my eyes at the craziness that was my best friend and sister. I let go of Edward and backed away. If I didn't leave him then, we'd never hear the end of it from Alice. "Get dressed before she barges in here, Edward," I ordered, walking into the bathroom.

Edward's deep, sexy laugh echoed through the room, and I could still hear it when I closed the bathroom door.


"I don't get it," I sighed, leaning back against Edward's car – a Volvo he'd had in storage since we'd left for England. "You're over a hundred years old, baby. How have you gone this long unable to tie your own freakin' tie?" I teased with narrowed eyes, tugging him to me and proceeding to work the rough navy blue material into a Windsor knot.

"That's because Mom did it," Emmett taunted like a child from the other side of the car as he held the door for Rose. He grinned, all boyish with dimples, ignoring Edward's low warning growl.

Edward smiled and tilted his head at me sheepishly, looking every bit the seventeen year old that he was frozen as. He shrugged one shoulder, admitting, "Esme always did it."

I stopped, gazing up at him and falling just a little bit more in love with him, if only for his sweet honesty. I shook my head, straightened the knot, and wrapped the tie around my hand so that I could bring him in closer.

"I love you," I stated softly.

He cupped the side of my face, bringing me in for a kiss that was over all too soon. "Love you, too. Am I presentable, Bella?" he asked, gliding his nose up one side of mine and down the other.

Heartbeats all over the school parking lot sputtered out of control with that one simple gesture. I glanced around to see staring girls pretending to not stare at us or our siblings. These were spoiled teens – used to getting what they wanted. They were preparing for Ivy League schools, careers in their family's businesses, and lives of leisure. They would get it all, I was sure. But the one thing they wanted most was information on us. Okay, specifically, the girls wanted the low down on Edward and my brothers. The boys were just ogling, drooling, walking piles of hormones, and more than one had run into a wall at the sight of Rosalie.

"Yeah, you're killin' em, baby. Breakin' hearts left and right," I said wryly. "Let's go."

I didn't need to read minds like Edward did to understand the phenomenon we were as we walked down the hallway toward our lockers. I knew what we looked like. Three couples, three sets of siblings. All adopted or foster children, all very attractive. Our grace, our calm, our interaction mainly with one another just added to the mix. This time, Rose and Jasper had taken the name Hale, Alice and I were Swan, and Edward and Emmett were Cullen – the only adopted kids of the young Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife, Esme.

I grabbed my book for the first class, shoving it into my bag, and then Edward took it from me, swinging it gracefully to his shoulder.

"You ready, beautiful?" he asked with a wry smirk, but froze when Alice inhaled sharply, a sign that she was having a vision.

Edward sighed, tilting his head at whatever they were seeing. "What subject, Alice?"

"Chemistry and Free Period," she stated, and Jasper and I sighed, because being with two all knowing, all seeing people could be frustrating when they didn't share.

"What?" we finally asked them at the same time.

"Substitute teacher," Alice stated, shrugging. "Looks like he'll be here for a few days."

I looked up to Jasper, shaking my head. "Damn, and I was hoping for a new kid."

He grinned, shoving my shoulder. "Nope...you must suffer a little longer, Bella."

Edward chuckled, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. "Let's go, love. The bell's about to ring."

Carlisle always tried to set up our schedules when he enrolled us. He made sure – though I'm not convinced it wasn't a bribe – that we didn't take any Phys. Ed., and that Edward and I were in most of the same classes. We were starting out as juniors, along with Alice and Jasper. Rose and Emmett were seniors, because we just weren't sure how long we were staying in New York, so we gave ourselves at least two years.

Edward and I were taking Italian this time around, though he was already fluent. I was getting there, thanks to our frequent visits to Volterra, but still, it was a nice change from Spanish.

We took our seats at our table, and Edward tilted his head to listen to the chatter around him, but I knew he was hearing their minds, as well. He sniffed, shook his head once, and locked his golden gaze on me.

"It seems the substitute teacher has a...following," he stated softly, picking up a lock of my hair and twirling it lightly around his fingers.

"What? Like he's good looking or something?"

He snorted and shrugged. "I suppose. And young. Fresh out of college, it would seem."

I looked up when a girl I recognized by the name of Virginia walked in with her friend, sitting down at the table beside us. "Nice, Mr. Gilder is here today. I just saw his fine ass in the hallway. I guess Mrs. Bailey finally went into labor..."

I giggled, shooting a smug Edward a wry smile, but we both turned our attention to Mr. Styler when he addressed the class. He turned toward the blackboard and continued the process of conjugating verbs. It was dull, mindless work, especially when our vampire minds remembered everything we read.

I gazed out the window into the overcast, misty day. I daydreamed about our last hunting trip, our move into the new house, and all things Edward, the latter earning me a sweet, soft caress to my bare knee, because as was usual, I'd left my thoughts open for him to see. Long, knowing fingers traced around my knee cap, up my thigh, and teased just under the hem of my short, blue plaid skirt, only to glide back down and start all over. About the third pass, and I was fidgeting in my seat, my thoughts veering off into more dangerous territory.

"Careful, sweet girl," he chuckled so softly that only I could hear him, and I grinned, looking down at my notes and not his face. "Don't tease, love."

I snorted into a soft laugh, smacking his hand away, thinking, Who's teasing whom, Edward?

He placed his hands on the table top, his face taking on a falsely innocent expression, and I rolled my eyes. He was the most deadly of creatures, and not for reasons he thought. It wasn't that he was a vampire, that he could read minds, or even the strength and speed he had. It was the insatiable seventeen year old that lived inside of him. It was the over the top, head over heels, no holds barred way he loved me that made him dangerous, because I was barely able to refrain from kissing him stupid right there in class.

By the time we made it to English, I'd heard more about Mr. Gilder. Apparently, he was hot, young, and an easy going teacher. According to the girls babbling in the hallways, he was a cross between Colin Farrell and Hugh Jackman, in some bad boy, yet clean cut sort of way. They liked that he was fun and a little flirtatious. And the fact that he had a nice ass just added to it.

As Miss Mathers droned on and on about A Tale of Two Cities, I lost myself in the song that Edward was humming faintly to himself. I could hear the scratching of his pen behind me, and I knew he was doing more than taking notes; he was writing to me. He always did. He hummed My Love by Paul McCartney, playing with my hair at the base of my neck as I leaned my elbow back onto his desk. I smirked, loving the little things about us, the comfortable things, because there was nothing better than a happy Edward. He'd been to school a million times before he met me in Forks. He'd trudged through it, hating every angsty teenage thought, every ogle, every whisper behind a hand. He'd been alone, sad, and just a little lost, but not anymore. He'd happily attend any high school or college, as long as we did it together.

"Mmhm," I heard him sigh in contentment and agreement at my thoughts, his pen never stopping.

Just before the bell rang, he leaned forward and gave my neck a quick kiss, slipping the note into my hand. "See you at lunch, beautiful," he said, holding his hand out for me to help me up out of my chair.

"Okay," I said with a nod, trudging out of the classroom and down the hall to the room I took World History with Jasper.

I fell into my usual chair, waiting for him to arrive, and opened my note. I never knew what was going through Edward's mind, until he put it down on paper. It could be naughty, it could be sweet, and it could be so romantic that my eyes would burn with the need to shed tears that could no longer fall.

My beautiful wife,

There's a boy two rows over that thinks you may be the most beautiful thing he's ever seen in his long sixteen years on this planet. He thinks the bluish-gray light streaming in from the rainy morning outside makes you look like a ghost or an apparition, like you're not really there.

Personally, I have to disagree with him. Although you are beautiful in any light, I prefer you in candlelight.

Do you remember our last trip to Isle Esme, Mrs. Cullen? Do you remember the bathtub and the bubbles and the forty-seven candles all around it burning softly down to nothing? I do. I also remember moonlight streaming in the open French doors, bringing the sea breeze with it. I remember holding you above the water and watching myself move in you, hearing you cry out for me. My name.

Your skin was slick and soft and warm, shining in the glow of all those candles. I remember gripping you as you gripped the side of the tub. And I distinctly remember the sound of water splashing over the side as you shattered in my arms, your perfect naked form rolling over the top of the water like the most perfect wave.

Young Jonathan may think you're beautiful under these harsh florescents, he may think that you're the prettiest thing in the school, but these are things I know. I know that you're the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on. And I know just what you look like wrapped around me, drowning in the sheets of our bed. So while Jonathan lives out some nondescript fantasy in his mundane mind, I will lose myself in the memory of the reality of you.

I am one very, very lucky man. And I love you, sweet girl.



My forehead hit the desk with a soft thump, and I shook my head against it when I heard Jasper's amused chuckle as he took his seat beside me.

"Hmm," he mused, obviously feeling whatever my emotions were dishing out. "That is so not warm and fuzzy. It's quite...elevated from that."

I grinned, picking up my head to try and glare at him, but I couldn't. He was right, because Edward truly lived to dazzle me in every way possible – his written words being one of them.

"Shut it, Jasper," I sighed, folding the note carefully and tucking it into my bag.

"He's pushing out a bit of mischief today, I've noticed," he added, setting his history book down. "Should prove interesting by the end of the day."

I giggled, shoving his arm lightly and opened my own book as Mr. Foster turned on the overhead projector to start writing notes.


Lunch was not my favorite time of day, despite the fact that we sat in the back together as a family. It didn't matter that Edward was by my side, holding my hand or playing with my hair as I read a book. It didn't matter that my family chatted and laughed as though none of the stares and whispers made them wary.

I hated being the focus of rumors and ogling. I hated even more that Edward was stared at like a fat kid stares at a piece of cake under glass.

Edward chuckled, kissing the top of my head as I pressed my temple to his shoulder. "I like that one, baby," he snickered. "In fact, the fat kid..."

"Edward Cullen!" I gasped, sitting up straight and trying my damnedest to glare at him, but the laughter at the table made it impossible. "He's nice!" I hissed.

"What?" he asked, wearing the most adorable of curious faces.

"Oh my God, Edward. Finish that sentence, please," Rose chuckled, playing with a pack of crackers that was sitting at the table.

I raised an eyebrow at him, but he continued anyway. "I was simply going to say that the 'fat kid' wasn't staring at me, but at Mr. Gilder."

"Oh," I said, spinning around to look at the poor boy known as Henry Bellows.

He was a sweet thing, but rather on the large side, and he – yes, he – had a massive crush on Edward. Except today. Today, he was staring toward the teacher's table in the lunchroom, and I finally caught sight of the man all the girls – and Henry – were muttering about. He was young, with dark hair and a carefree smile as he chatted with Miss Mathers. He looked to have a healthy physique – lean, with a swimmer's body and broad shoulders. A strong jaw line and long eyelashes were the best features of his face, but he was...

"Eh," I scoffed, rolling my eyes and shrugging, because he didn't come anywhere near Edward, as far as I was concerned. Then again, I might have been biased; he was my husband and eternal mate, after all. I pulled my book back up to my face until the bell rang.

Chemistry was next, and despite the fact that it was as close to Biology that Edward and I could get, we still had to behave ourselves, because Alice and Jasper were in the class with us. It didn't help that Jasper and I hated Chemistry with a passion, so getting into trouble was too easy.

I took my bag that Edward was handing me and dropped my book onto our table, before setting the bag down and taking my seat. I pulled the closest beaker to me, but Jasper turned around and squirted an eyedropper full of some liquid that had my stuff turning pink and fizzy.

"You ass," I laughed, picking up my book and smacking him with it, careful to use human movements in front of the class. "Clean it up, Jazz!"

Edward laughed as I threw a roll of paper towels at my brother, which only succeeded in us ending up in a tug of war with the damn things.

"What happened here?" I heard to my right, and I let go of the roll to look up at Mr. Gilder, but it was the low, deep growl to my left coming from Edward that caught my attention.

"Just a spill," I replied.

Mr. Gilder tilted his head at me, but a slow smile spread over his face. "He added sodium, didn't he?"

"I don't know," I sighed, smacking Jasper again, "but he's cleaning it now."

"I'd do what she said," he chuckled, looking to Jasper, whose eyes flickered to Edward briefly. "She looks like she means it," he stated with a smile, before walking up to the head of the class. "Now, who's ready for some fun with chemistry?"

I finally looked to Edward, who's eyes were black. He was gripping the side of the chem table as he muttered, "I'll show you chemistry..."



She sure as hell doesn't act seventeen...and those fucking legs!

I closed my eyes, before slowly glaring up at Mr. Gilder as he sat at the desk of our free study period. His thoughts since he'd first caught sight of Bella a few days ago had not stopped. They ranged from long, mental caresses of her entire being, her legs specifically, to her long locks that spilled down her back and around her shoulders. But it was more than that. He noticed her maturity, her intelligence, and her wry sense of humor. He was mentally skating on the edge of thinking she was older than she claimed, that there was something more than met the eye. And he was absolutely thrilled that she had back to back classes with him.

Emmett huffed, folding his arms across his massive chest, as even he caught the guy staring. Oh, Ed...I swear to God...

I grunted, not even needing him to finish that sentence, because as much as Mr. Gilder was aware of my Bella and her beauty and all the things that made her just stunning, he was also very, very aware of me and Emmett and Jasper. We made the man extremely nervous, because deep down, he knew that staring at a "seventeen" year old girl was inexcusable in his profession, and all of us had caught him more than once since he'd started filling in at the school.

Carlisle said the man may not have been able to help himself, that maybe he was picking up on Bella's human age of twenty, but I didn't care. My protective nature when it came to all things concerning her knew no bounds. None. She was my wife, my mate, my Bella. Everything about her was my responsibility – from the importance of being her sire and making sure she came across as a teenage girl and hunted enough, to spoiling her rotten as my wife. Her happiness, her well being, and her immortality all rested on my shoulders – a job I did not take lightly.

A notebook slapped down in front of me, and I spun my head, finding my gaze locked with sweet, chocolate eyes. I'd never been more grateful that her shield allowed her to keep them after her change – technically, she forced them to be brown...for me.

You know whatever he's thinking, just doesn't matter, Edward, she thought to me, raising a dangerous eyebrow at me.

Her mind circled around thoughts of just ignoring his behavior, because it happened to all of us at some time or another. A human would find us attractive, almost becoming obsessed with our looks and the mystery of us, but if we continued as we normally would, the obsession would fade into the background of their minds. I knew she was right, but sometimes, it was damned hard to ignore.

You know the only man in this room that I want is you, baby, so let it go. Her thoughts concluded with a hand to my thigh under the table.

I picked up her hand, turned her wedding ring several times, before finally linking our fingers together. Her strong mind, her sweet scent, and her unwavering love for me were the only things on this God forsaken earth that could calm me.

"I'm sorry, love," I murmured, dragging the notebook that she'd set down closer. "I can't help it."

"Yes, you can," she chuckled, rolling her eyes at me. "He's not a bad guy, baby."

"But he's not good, either," I countered almost in a growl, knowing she was using that amazing shield of hers to come to that conclusion. "You haven't pulled him in."

"Nor have I pushed him away," she muttered back, but her eyes were starting to flare with her temper. "Edward, I'm telling you... Let it go. This isn't as important as you're making it out to be."

My girl's shield was an amazing phenomenon. Not only could she allow me into her brilliant mind, which wasn't unlike hearing the voice of an angel, but she could protect herself, those around her, and block out the scent of human blood if she needed. She could also block out every mind for me if I needed, leaving me with just the calm tenor of her own. But an extra perk was that she could sense good and bad in people. The shield would automatically shove people out of the way if she didn't like them and pull them in if she did, like it had with our friends Kevin and Adrian, who we'd met in England. It wasn't a physical push and pull, but a feeling that she would receive. It was quite intriguing to witness – both mentally and personally.

I took a deep breath and opened the notebook. I snickered at what was in it, looking over at her. "What's this?"

"Calculus," she whined, pushing it closer to me. "I hate it. Help me."

My girl hated all things numbers related. It didn't matter the level or the subject. She preferred her books, her histories, her creative writing. It wasn't like she couldn't do the math, but she hated it, all the same.

"You should have done this last night, Bella," I chided dramatically, shaking my head at her and tsking at the same time.

"Don't even go there," she hissed, switching to thoughts. It's your fault I didn't do any homework.

I grinned, dragging my tongue along my bottom lip, because she was right, and I could almost still taste her. "My fault..." I mused, letting the words hang sensually in the air between us.

She nodded and folded her arms across her chest, but I watched as her eyes swirled from sweet brown to almost pitch black at the memory of the night before. She shook her head to clear it, and I tried to wipe the smug look off of my face, but I stopped when one flickering thought flew through her mind before she pushed it away. She wanted my attention, because I was too focused on the teacher at the front of the class that was now watching her legs cross one over the other. In her mind, he just didn't matter. It bothered her that I was over-thinking it, because crushes happened to all of us all the damn time.

I took a deep breath and let it out, grabbing the pencil out of her hand. "Calculus," I stated with a firm nod, pulling her chair closer with my foot. "Come on. We have a few minutes before you have to turn it in next period."


I decided to skip the last class after I walked Bella to her Calculus classroom. We were met at the door by Alice, who shook her head at me.

Keep it up, and she'll get really mad, Edward, she thought to me, showing me that if I continued to fret over this teacher, Bella would snap. He won't approach her, won't touch her. He's just...looking. He's made no other decision, other than to stay away from her. But he can't help what he sees, brother. You of all people should know that.

I grimaced, giving her a single nod. I placed a kiss to Bella's forehead. "See you at the car after school, love."

For the last hour of the day, I sat in my car and listened to music. I was in no mood for Current Events or Henry's stares. The weather was chilly, but I left the driver's side door open, with my foot planted on the ground as I listened to a wide range of genres – angry metal, fifties rock, and finally, the playlist that was just...Bella. By the time the bell rang, signaling the end of the day, I was a little calmer.

I smelled her before I heard her mind, looking up when she nudged my leg with her own. I smiled up at her.

"Skipping?" she asked, putting her hands on her hips in a very Alice sort of way.

"Yeah," I sighed with a shrug, but we both noticed when Mr. Gilder walked out toward the teacher's parking lot, his head turned her way and his arms filled with books. I frowned, because his mind once again soaked up the sight of my girl.

Bella huffed a frustrated sigh, but set her bag on the roof of the car, and suddenly, I found her cradled in my lap, her back against the center console and her legs out the door and over my own. I chuckled down at her wry, silly smile, because I knew what was coming next without having to read her mind. Hungry lips met my own, proving a point.

Strong, small hands slipped up each side of my face and into my hair, gripping and turning my head. She shifted slightly, her moan muffled against my mouth, but it was the sweet, sweet smell of her arousal that caused a low purring growl to rumble through my chest. I pulled her all the way inside the car and shut the door, leaving the window partially down. At that point, I didn't care who was watching, because she was letting me mark my territory for all to see.

She. Was. Mine.

My hand that was cradling her back, slipped forcefully into the hair at the base of her skull, bending her head back so that I could ravish her neck, dragging my teeth just the way she liked it along the spot behind her ear. My free hand could not stay away from her legs, those powerful thighs, so I ghosted my fingers between them, and then up the outside, tracing the edge of her underwear. I gripped a fistful of lace and satin by her hip and under her skirt, practically shaking with the need to tear, to rip, to take her no matter that we were in a school parking lot.

Bella sat up in my lap, and I hissed at the contact with my arousal, but I pulled her closer anyway. I let go of her underwear, opting to cup her breast over the outer layers of her clothes, and she gasped, before crashing her mouth back into mine.

Swirling her tongue with mine, she exhaled roughly against my cheek, finally dragging her teeth over my bottom lip. She pressed her forehead to mine, closing her eyes as we both tried to calm down. Our breathing was in pants, though truly, we didn't need the air.

"Say it, Edward... Say it, 'cause it will make you feel better about it..." she whispered, kissing my chin, and then my lips again.

"You're mine, Bella," I growled, grabbing both sides of her face and glaring up into her lust-filled eyes. "You're fucking mine. He needs to understand that, my sexy girl. There's not a spot on you that I haven't touched, licked, or fucked. Everything about you belongs to me...from your brilliant mind, to that delicious pussy, my love." I crooned the last sentence, simply because I knew the reaction I'd get.

The whimper that escaped her accompanied the heady, floral scent of her arousal increasing at just my words, my declaration. She loved that I claimed her that way, because she owned me just the same, but she loved even more the sound of my voice using foul language. Personally, I'd give her anything she wanted, but sometimes, it just...fit. And sometimes, I just lived to drive her crazy.

"There he is," she snickered breathlessly, a little sexy as hell smile curling up on her kiss bruised lips as she referred to "Dirty Edward" – a label she'd tacked on to that side of me when we weren't so sweet, weren't so gentle. "Hmm, damn, I've missed him," she purred, nibbling on that perfect bottom lip of hers.

"He has to hide again, my sweet, beautiful girl," I whispered back as I rubbed the outside of her bare thigh lightly, my eyes flickering to the sight of our siblings walking across the parking lot together.

Alice had given us this small moment, if only for Mr. Gilder's sake, but it was time to go home.

She sighed, pulling back to gaze at me with eyes that were back to their rightful color. "Okay." She smiled, her gaze finally leaving mine to look around the parking lot.

Mr. Gilder was walking back into the school, his thoughts a jumbled mess of disappointment and arousal. He was still attracted to her, but he couldn't deny how she looked at me – like I was the center of her universe.


"Not too much, sweet girl," I told Bella as we measured items for our in-class work.

She grinned up at me, her eyes sparkling with mischief when she thought, You never complained about too much before, Edward.

"Bella..." I huffed a laugh, bracing my arms on the lab table and shaking my head. "I was talking about this...stuff we're supposed to be mixing."

"Oh," she giggled, bumping me with her hip. "Fine," she sighed, tapping the powder into the beaker.

I looked over at her, unable to fight my smile, because God, I just loved her with an insanity. She'd been trying so hard to ignore Mr. Gilder for the last few days. In fact, she hadn't made one mention of him over the weekend. As far as she was concerned, he barely existed.

He watched her, though. My head snapped up as his mind registered her giggle, her smile, her biting of her bottom lip as she teased me. He also debated on whether to separate us or not – a thought that just about made me rabid, especially when he dared to approach our table.

"Do I have to split you up with other partners, Miss Swan? Mr. Cullen?" Mr. Gilder asked, but before I could say a word, another table exploded into laughter.

I smiled humorlessly, shaking my head. "Perhaps, if you were focused on all the tables, instead of just...this one," I started with a low voice, making it a point to twirl Bella's ponytail around my hand, "then you would recognize that the entire class is being...hmmm...disruptive." I shrugged one shoulder at him, still maintaining my physical contact with my girl's hair and eye contact with him.

He flinched, sniffing haughtily, but I could smell his fear – fear that was increased by Jasper's fantastic talent. He and Alice were turned around in front of us to keep an eye on the situation, but Alice's visions were blank, because no one had made a decision yet.

Mr. Gilder smelled like adrenaline, shame, and cheap aftershave that had worn off about four hours ago. "Mr. Cullen, it isn't for you to decide who I pay attention to. Maybe I should split you up..."

I snickered, shaking my head. "Maybe, but it would be a mistake, considering the task is finished," I told him, pushing our notes, the beaker, and the ingredients toward him. "And...there are only three minutes left of class."

I knew, besides Alice and Jasper, that Bella and I were the first ones to complete the task; all the other students were turning in partial work. I waited for Mr. Gilder to say something more, but he didn't. He took our project and walked away.

Now you've done it, Alice thought to me, a little evil laugh behind her words, because the bell hadn't even began to ring before Bella was packed up and out the door.

Oh, she's pissed, Ed, Jasper sighed, shaking his head. You know...she only wants your attention, bro. She's been vying for it all damn week. Forget the teacher...he just thinks she's hot. Emmett deals with it at every school we attend. It's just bigger when you can actually hear the thoughts.

I grimaced, running a hand through my hair before grabbing my books and leaving the room. It wasn't hard to track Bella down to the ladies bathroom just outside our free period class. Her scent of strawberries and freesia called to me, but I didn't go inside. Yet.

"Hiding in there won't stop me from coming to get you, love," I muttered low, but I knew she could hear me.

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, she thought to me, causing me to flinch, don't you dare! There are three other girls in here. You'll be branded a pervert or something.

I smirked, shaking my head and leaning casually against the wall. When she finally came out, I could see there was something more going on by the look in her eyes. They were dark, but sparkling beautifully with anger and what looked like...revenge. Her shield snapped down over her thoughts, but she walked to me, grabbing my front pocket.

"Maybe you'll understand that I don't care about that damn teacher, Edward," she growled, stuffing something down deep into my pocket. "It's not about him."

She spun on her heel and walked away from me, almost too fast, but luckily, the halls were empty. I reached into my pocket, and my fingers wrapped around a soft piece of cloth. My back fell against the wall when I held up Bella's underwear – small, lace, icy blue boy shorts. I didn't know whether to be pissed off that she would remove them at school, especially since we had Mr. Gilder again next class, or turned the hell on, because damn, that was just...sexy.

"Shit," I hissed, squeezing my eyes closed, because she was going to class like that.

I carefully shoved them back down into my pocket and hurried down the hall, but she was already walking in by the time I reached the door.

She said nothing as she took her seat seat next to Rose and across from Emmett, leaving the head of the table for me. Rose's eyebrows shot up to her hairline as she registered Bella's anger, but as I sat down and before either of our siblings could say anything, Bella snapped.

"What did we tell you guys when you dragged us to the first private school where we had to wear these ridiculous uniforms?" she practically growled, but still using a low tone. Her question was directed at Emmett.

"Um...I think we weren't allowed to fight, and no jealousy," he answered, shooting a nervous glance up at me. What the fuck did you do?

"And?" she asked, turning her fiery gaze my way. "You specifically, Edward."

I groaned, because I knew what was coming. "You said you didn't want to hear any dirty thoughts aimed toward you and the girls," I answered, sounding like an admonished child. "And I said I would try, Bella..." What I didn't add was that she'd said I wasn't allowed to get mad when she was made to dress like a "dirty teacher's wet dream" – a statement that still shocked me coming from her mouth, but it was the truth, nonetheless.

Rose chuckled, shaking her head. "Teacher again?" she asked Bella, who huffed and nodded.

Bella took out her Calculus work, setting it loudly on the table, but she wouldn't look at me. The fact that she was sitting there, all casual and pissed off, without underwear was one thing when she just sat there, but when she smirked my way and got up to saunter to the pencil sharpener right next to Mr. Gilder, I about lost my mind.

My fists clenched on top of our table as I watched him watch her. No, he couldn't see what I knew was missing underneath that short skirt, but the mere idea of it was maddening. Our encounter in Chemistry was still running through his mind as he took in her legs, before shaking his head. He looked up to me, and his heart sputtered when he realized I'd caught him. Yet again.

"Damn it," I sighed, practically shaking with the need to steal her out of the room.

When she sat gracefully back down in her seat, I opened my mouth to speak, but snapped it closed when she pointed her now very sharp pencil at me.

"Don't," she whispered, shaking her head. "I told you to let it go. You didn't. Suffer the consequences."

I sat back in my chair, folding my arms across my chest and ignoring Rose's and Emmett's amusement at this situation. Bella and I rarely fought, but usually it was over something stupid or something I'd done without thinking – not unlike this.

I sulked the entire period, flinching when Bella was so mad that she could barely keep her shield over her thoughts. Snippets of internal rants came flying at me, and I winced at every last one of them.

Stupid over-protective hundred year old vampire...

Ugly teachers just this shy of pedophiles...can't keep their eyes to themselves...

I don't have to read minds everywhere we go to know what women think of him! Do I flip the hell out? No...

But it was the last thought just before the bell rang that stopped me cold and wracked my frame with guilt.

College is one thing, but high school is our time. Doesn't he fucking know that? It's where we met...

She packed up her books, standing up as the bell rang, but I grabbed her arm, because she had to know I saw it the same way.

"Bella, wait," I pleaded, barely giving our siblings a glance when they mentally wished me luck, though Emmett told me to get her out of school, because she looked like she was about to blow.

"No," she huffed, jerking her hand away from me and leaving the room.

I caught up to her easily, because the halls were crowded and she couldn't move as quickly as I could see that she wanted to. "Come with me," I said, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and guiding her in the opposite direction of our next classes.

"Edward," she growled, but acquiesced anyway.

I navigated the school, avoiding the scurrying students just trying to make it on time to their last class of the day. We came out the back of the campus, where the new gym was under construction, but Bella jerked us to a halt.

"What, Edward?" She glared up at me, and I could see now that it wasn't anger that was making her act this way; it was hurt feelings.

"No, I have to tell you something, and I need as much privacy as I can get," I told her smoothly, but inside, I was aching to fix my mistake.

She couldn't help it that her happiness, her beauty, her sweet demeanor attracted men left and right, and she didn't know a fraction of the thoughts I heard about her. Instead of reveling that it was me that she loved, wanted, needed, I'd allowed my possessive nature to take over with this teacher.

He so wasn't worth it.

I continued to guide her away from the school to the nearly finished gym. When we made it to the doors, I glanced around, making sure no one had seen us and listened for any close minds. There wasn't anyone around. With a simple grip and twist, the thick, heavy chain snapped apart in my hand, leaving the door free to open.

Once inside, I took her bag and my books and set them down on the closest crate. Taking her hand, I led her to the new bleachers that I'd seen put in the week before, around the side, and underneath them. If someone came in, at least we could hide.

Bella folded her arms across her chest, glaring more at my sternum than my face. I tilted her face up to mine with my fingers under her chin.

"I'm sorry," I urged, hoping she knew I meant it. "I can't—"

"Help it," she finished for me, but her tone was wry, sarcastic. "Yes, I know. Can we go now?" she asked, turning to leave, but I just couldn't let her.



Edward's fingers wrapped gently around my wrist as I turned away from him. It wasn't that he'd continued to fret over this stupid, ogling teacher; it was that I'd asked him to stop, because I just knew he'd work himself up into a frenzy over it. To me, someone else's thoughts about me just weren't all that important. To him, they were insulting and disrespectful and a threat to what was his.

"Bella, love...please, hear me out." He turned me around, and before he could apologize again – because his face read like a damn book – I pointed a finger at him.

"He's not a threat, Edward," I stated, my voice rougher than I'd intended. "He's not an enemy or someone you have to defend me from. He's just a...guy. I asked you to let it go. If we had ignored him, he would have moved on to someone else, gotten another teaching job, or whatever." I waved a hand in the air. "I was trusting Alice with his decisions. He's harmless and insignificant in the grand scheme of things."

Edward's nose wrinkled as he let out a heavy exhale. "I'm sorry, Bella." His hand shot to his hair, gripping it roughly, before letting his arm fall back down to his side. "You don't know what it's like...hearing them. Seeing them fantasize about things I want or have done... It's disturbing."

"And inaccurate, Edward. They don't know me."

"Doesn't matter," he stated, practically pouting.

I smiled, suddenly curious as to what my insatiable husband could possibly have left to daydream about, when we had been making love since I was human. There wasn't a spot on our bodies that the two of us hadn't memorized. There weren't wants or needs or curiosities that we hadn't addressed.

"If I reacted that way every time a girl looked at you, Edward, I'd have to annihilate the damn school," I growled, rolling my eyes. "And that includes the fucking office staff. Not to mention the lady at the drug store where we bought school supplies. Do you want the damn list?"

"No," he grumped, his brow furrowing.

"Too bad," I snapped, poking my finger in his chest. "The new neighbor's eighteen year old daughter, the nurses at Carlisle's work... How about that sweet, little blonde thing at the gas station you stop at?"

"She likes Jasper!" he countered loudly.

"She wants you both! At the same time!" I chuckled at his exaggerated grimace, shaking my head. "Damn it," I sighed, folding my arms across my chest. "I don't need to read minds, but I can hear. It's annoying and disturbing, but I let it go. I find humor in it, because I know they don't stand a fucking chance with you."

He smirked, but fought it. "That's true, sweet girl."

"I have faith in that, so nothing else matters," I stated with a shrug. "I know you can't help but hear them, Edward. And I know that everything about you is about my welfare, but this really isn't important."

"I know, baby," he said, shoving his hands in his pockets and looking up at me through his long eyelashes with a slight tilt to his head so that his hair fell to his brow in a sexy disarray. It really was his most deadly weapon, that look. "I'm sorry."

Internally, I groaned, because there was no way on earth I could stay mad at him. Most of his reactions were deeply ingrained in him. They were years of protecting me. It was years of not having a mate, and he'd do anything to hold onto it, now that he'd found one. It was a touch of possessive teen boyfriend, added to the instinct of a vampire husband. I was his life. He knew no other way.

"There's nothing to forgive, Edward. Just please let it go," I begged. "We have to fit in, if only for Carlisle's sake. He likes the new hospital."

Edward nodded, looking admonished, but he swallowed thickly. "I love you...too much, it seems," he admitted softly, with the sweetest, most crooked smile he'd ever worn.

I giggled. "I love you, too, baby. I just wanted to play with you this time around at school."

He shifted on his feet, his eyes darkening just a bit, before he spoke. "And just what was this about?" he asked, pulling my underwear out of his pocket. I reached for them, only to have them pulled away, out of my reach. "Not so fast," he chuckled. "Answer the question."

"Only you knew that I wasn't wearing them," I started to explain as he stepped closer to me. "You needed to understand that you're the only opinion I care about, Edward. Going back to school isn't about school – it's about getting to be with you."

"If my heart still beat, Bella, it would have stopped," he chided gently, shaking his head, but my underwear was pocketed swiftly back into his pants.

I grinned up at him as he slowly walked me back against the wall. He was stalking me, guiding me exactly where he wanted me.

"I'm not getting them back, am I?" I asked, biting my lip when he shook his head slowly.

"No," he said, his voice deep and husky. "I don't think so, Bella."

"I can't go to class..."

"No class," he rumbled, stepping close enough now that he was pressing me into the wall. His hands shot out to the concrete blocks behind me, trapping me in the cage of his arms and cracking the bricks just a bit.

"Don't tear this place down before it's finished, Edward," I warned him, but my body was reacting instantly to him. The electric tingle that always surrounded us revved up to a crackling spark, and my chest rose and fell with every pant.

He shrugged one shoulder. "They'll crack even more when I pick you up and fuck you against them," he crooned, dragging his nose down my jaw to my ear, where he left a long, slow, open mouth kiss, but his hands teasingly met my thighs, skimming slowly up to where I was bare for him. "Mmm, clearly this was and still is an invitation, my sweet, naughty girl."

My whole being shuddered, because Dirty Edward had just walked into the gym, and there was no one to stop him this time. Edward smiled against my neck, hearing my thoughts, but he proceeded to kiss across my throat to the other side of my neck.

"What were you hoping for, my love?" he asked, his voice silken and caressing me in places that his hands and lips weren't. "Did you want my touch in class? Did you want me to make you come when you couldn't make a sound?"

"No...I just..." The ability to speak was quickly leaving me as two strong hands cupped my ass and squeezed in a sensual rhythm. I reached up, tugging his school tie loose and dropping it to the floor. I needed his skin.

"Or did you want me to lay you across the desk and drink this sweet pussy dry, baby?" he asked, his fingers slipping through my folds, where he found me so ready for him. "Maybe you wanted to ride me in the girls' bathroom?"

"Edward," I breathed, fumbling with his shirt buttons, only to finally be able to shove it off his shoulders. "Here?" I asked, looking around, but he didn't say anything.

He stepped back, shirking his shirt off the rest of the way. I felt the loss of him pressed against me instantly. "Off, love. Take that shirt off," he ordered, standing there, deliciously bare from the waist up – all abs and pecs and that gorgeous vee, not to mention the sexy dusting of hair down into his waistband.

My own button down met the floor, leaving me in an ice blue lacy bra and my short, blue plaid, pleated skirt. Nothing else. I leaned against the wall, raising my hands above my head and gazing up at him, because I knew he loved to just look. I knew he loved lingerie and short skirts. And I knew he loved me.

He smirked, nodding in agreement with every thought, his eyes darkening when I planted a foot up against the wall. I opened my arms to him, and he stepped back to me, ghosting his fingers across my shoulder, my collarbone, and just inside the cups of my bra. His eyes watched every move he was doing with his hands – every flick of a nipple, every grip of a thigh, and every bite I gave to my bottom lip. It was all I could do not to beg him, plead with him.

"Beg for what?" he asked, skimming up my propped up leg and hitching it around his waist.

"Kiss," I breathed. "Please..."

He hummed in approval, allowing his hips to press into mine, and I could feel how much he wanted this, wanted me. I couldn't help the wanton moan that escaped me as I watched his tongue drag across his bottom lip. He lived to tease me.

He planted a hand back against the wall, gripping my ass with the other one, and ground his erection into me as his lips met mine, wet and needy. There was a desperation to his kiss, a begging of forgiveness, but it wasn't needed.

Tongues swirled together, and I turned my head to deepen the kiss, slipping my hands up his glorious chest, over his shoulders, and into his hair. A beautifully erotic moan rumbled through his chest as my leg pulled him closer at the same time his fingers slid from my ass forward, to where I was aching for him.

My head fell back against the wall when I broke from his mouth as he teased my folds, my entrance, and my clit. I was swollen, wet, and throbbing for his touch, his tongue, his cock. I didn't care at this point, but I needed something soon.

"Turn around, baby," he ordered, stepping away from me again. "Hands on that wall."

He tugged my hips so that I was slightly bent at the waist, before he knelt down behind me. He nudged my legs farther apart, skimming his palms up the back of my thighs and pushing my skirt up over my bottom.

"Do you understand why I lose my mind, Bella?" he growled, nipping his teeth over the flesh of each of my ass cheeks. "I so don't fucking share." His hands palmed my ass, spreading me open for him. "This...you...all of you, is fucking mine."

"Oh God," I hissed, my forehead thumping to wall, because Possessive Edward had just joined Dirty Edward, and I feared I wouldn't survive the two of them; together, they were a deadly pair.

There wasn't a side of Edward that I wasn't head over heels in love with, but some sides of his complex personality could absolutely drive me to the brink of insanity. I'd given them all labels years ago, much to my husband's amusement.

"I don't want someone seeing what's mine," he continued, lightly tracing a finger from my other entrance, circling my core, and finally, brushing roughly across my clit. "I don't like someone thinking about what belongs to me, Isabella."

One long, languid lick followed the same path as his fingers had just traveled, and I gasped. "Edward," I grunted through gritted teeth. "Please," I urged, my back arching, searching for him.

"Is this what you wanted when you decided to tease me, love?" he asked, his voice laced with a touch of a deadly tenor.

"Yes," I admitted, because all I wanted was his attention on me, not some supposed threat or ill timed thoughts of someone that didn't matter. Me.

"Oh, love. Always. Every-fucking-thing about me is drawn to you, my beautiful girl," he crooned, circling my other entrance with the tip of his tongue. "I lose my reason, baby, when someone goes...overboard, but you always come first."

I whimpered when his voice leaned on the word come. My eyes rolled back into my head when his breath pushed out against the wetness that was leaking from me, causing a shiver to wrack my frame.

He spread me wider, kissing my center in earnest, causing me to cry out as his thumbs brushed against places that had my stomach already clenching. My fingers dug into the concrete blocks in front of me and dust settled slowly to the floor as his tongue delved deep inside of me. He took his time, licking, sucking, flicking his tongue over my clit, not even bothering to stop me from grinding back against him. With one more lick from front to back, he attached his mouth to my clit, undulating his tongue over it until I shattered.

His name echoed throughout the empty gym, bouncing off of the bleachers, the high ceiling, and the small space around us. He smacked my bottom lightly a few times, before standing up slowly behind me. He grazed his fingers up my spine, finding the clasp to my bra. It was open and on the floor in the blink of an eye, and he turned me back around to face him.

"The skirt..." he started, raising a sexy ass eyebrow at me. "That stays on."

"'Kay," was my only brilliant response, because I wanted him, and I was still reeling from the mind blowing orgasm he'd just given me. I didn't even have it in me to ask about my knee high socks or my shoes.

He chuckled darkly. "Those too, baby."

There was a tilt to his head, a darkness in his eyes, and a sweet, naughty smirk gracing his handsome face. My eyes traveled down his chest, watching as every muscle twitched, down to the tenting of his pants.

"Off, Edward," I ordered, the same as he had before, and almost before I could blink, his shoes, socks and pants were gone, leaving my man complete naked in front of me. Fuck, if I didn't love the fact that he went commando, because there was something to be said for seeing him hard and ready and already leaking for me, without the barrier of underwear.

I gripped his neck, pulling myself up so that I could wrap my legs around him. He caught me effortlessly, pressing me back into the wall, and I heard the concrete give another thick sounding crack. We both cried out when his arousal slipped through my folds, hitting me where I was now overly sensitive.

"Fuck, baby," he growled, pressing his forehead to mine, our eyes locking – black to black. "Always so fucking wet for me. Will you always want me this much?"

"Yes, forever," I whispered, nipping at his lips when he growled in appreciation of my answer. "Baby, you need...I want..."

"I'll take care of you, my love," he vowed, grinding against me just right and slipping just inside of me. "You have my attention now..."

My arms wrapped all the way around his head, holding him to my neck as he sank into me as deep as he could go. His mouth opened against my flesh, a guttural growl rumbling between us as his teeth lightly latched onto my shoulder.

With a swivel of his hips, he pulled back, only to thrust back in, grunting, "Fuck, your pussy always feels so good...so fucking good."

The sound that escaped me was a cross between a laugh and a moan, because there was just something about his smooth, velvet voice uttering words only ever meant for me to hear. "More, Edward," I said, nipping my teeth against his sharp jaw as my hands left his hair to grip his back and his flexing ass. "Tell me..."

Edward pulled back from my shoulder, pressing his forehead against mine as he pushed into me over and over, hitting a spot so deep that my breathing faltered.

His mouth twitched up in almost a cocky, half-smile. "You want me to tell you that you fit around my cock like you were made for me, Bella?" he asked, gripping my ass so that he could take me deeper. "You want me to describe how tight you are? How you smell like the essence of sin and lust and all things forbidden?"

"Oh Jesus," I whimpered, nodding against his forehead, kissing that deliciously foul mouth with a frantic feeling, using teeth and tongue and lips. God, I'd missed how hearing him like this made me feel – wanted and needed and just plain sexy. I hadn't heard him speak like this since we'd moved back in with the family.

"Oh, Bella," he purred, dragging his tongue up my chin to my lips, where he left a searing kiss to my mouth. "You are sexy, my beautiful girl. Come for me again. I can feel you're close..."

As if his voice was somehow connected to my center, my body obeyed him instantly. My head fell back, cracking the wall just a bit more, as I exploded again, pulling him as close as I could get him, but it never was close enough.

Edward slowed down, riding out my climax and its spasms, giving my body a chance to catch back up to reality. There was no tiring out, no weariness, and never did we have to stop. There was no sweat, no loss of breath. He could make love to me for hours, if he chose to, his stamina never faltering. He read my mind, my heart, my soul, and my body. He knew exactly what I wanted next, as he pulled me away from the wall.

He sat down on the edge of some spare bleachers that hadn't been installed yet, wrapping my legs around him. I loved holding him this way, letting him guide me with his hands on my ass. It kept us face to face, it let me see the love he had for me that out-shined everything else. It let me feel every inch of me touching him, my skin continuously touching his. And it sank me further down over him.

It let me kiss him senseless, too, a dry sob leaving me as I crashed my mouth into his. My love for him seemed suddenly overwhelming as I moved over him. His firm hands caressed my back, bringing me closer, gently feeling every muscle and every dip down my spine.

Breaking away from my mouth, Edward guided one hip, while the other bent me backwards to ravish my neck, my sternum. Looking up at me through his eyelashes, he whispered, "Say it...I need to hear it, my love."

"I love you," I panted, whimpering when his mouth met his immortal scar over my heart, the tip of his tongue tracing its edges.

"Hmm," he murmured against my nipple, giving a kiss to its tightly puckered tip, "good girl. Tell me you want me."

"I want you," I said, bring his face up to mine. "Always."

"Tell me...you're mine," he rumbled, his eyes darkening even more, if that were possible.

"You're mine," I teased, pushing at him until he leaned back against the bleacher behind him, his mouth hanging open in a smile he was fighting. I could almost see him thinking, Fair enough, as I braced my arms on either side of his head.

"Tell me I can feel you come again...everywhere," he stated, helping me meet the rhythm that he wanted. "And tell me you'll come with me..."

I nodded, sitting up, and he followed, bringing his hand up between our faces. He moaned when my lips, my mouth sank down over his middle finger, swirling my tongue around it. My eyes were locked with his, because I knew what he was about to do, and it never failed to send me over the edge.

He pulled his finger from my mouth, tracing my bottom lip with it, before gripping my backside again and sinking that wet middle finger into my other entrance. He captured my mouth with his, so that there wasn't an opening on my body that wasn't filled by him. It was an overwhelming, yet thoroughly filling sensation. My body stiffened in his arms, and we shattered together, his thumb pressing just right to my clit as he spilled deep within me, my mouth hanging open as my breathing completely stopped.

My fingers dug into his strong back as I quaked uncontrollably. Gripping hands turned into soothing hands, my Sweet Edward rising back to the surface just as quickly as he'd left.

"Shh, sweet girl," he purred, dropping soft kisses to my cheek as my forehead hit his shoulder and my arms hugged him tightly. "I've got you."

I nodded, slowly coming down from my high. I played with the hair at the back of his head as his hands made two different circuits – one up and down my sock covered leg to my thigh and back down, and the other up and down my back, tracing each shoulder blade and every rib.

"We should go soon, Mrs. Cullen," he said softly, dropping an open mouth kiss to my bare shoulder. "The bell will be ringing soon."

I nodded again, pulling back and cupping his oh so handsome face. I kissed his lips roughly. "We have homework, you know," I told him, smirking at his sexy chuckle.

"I'm not making any promises," he said with a grin, patting my bare bottom underneath my skirt.

"Okay," I giggled. "Can I at least have my underwear back?"

"We'll see," he laughed, kissing my lips. When he pulled back, his silly grin had fallen, taken over by sincerity. "You're right, love. It is all about us...here."

I smiled, shaking my head at him. "Correct, Mr. Cullen. Yours are the only dirty thoughts I want to hear," I told him, waiting for his crooked smile and solemn nod. "Now... How badly did you want this in Forks?"

He groaned and shook his head, his forehead hitting my shoulder. "More than I'm willing to admit, and disappointed that I didn't try."

I giggled, hugging him close, because he was too cute to resist. "You'll have to tell me all about that some time, baby. But we need to get to the parking lot. Our siblings will be too curious as it is..."

"Yes, ma'am," he sighed, setting me on my feet to get dressed.

Once we were presentable and our clothes returned to their rightful place – including my underwear that he was loathe to give up – we made our way back to the doors to grab our school books. My thoughts turned amusing when I realized that Dirty Edward had indeed shown himself when the coast was clear.

Edward chuckled, kissing the side of my head. "Yeah, he missed you." He wrapped an arm around my shoulders after taking my bag from me and slinging it over his own as I laughed up at him. "Come on, my silly, beautiful girl. Let's go home."

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