Tracy walked quickly into Lily's office. He had been waiting to be called in for days. Finally he had his first assignment.

Lily stood up and shook Tracy's hand. "Well Tracy, I have to talk to you," she said, sighing. Tracy paused, confused. "Is it about my assignment? I've been waiting for days, I thought that the kids must have been gluing them in their mouths, I really want to-"

"Tracy!" Lily snapped. "You know that you can't really collect any teeth, right?" Tracy stared at her. "W-what do you mean?" he asked. Lily sighed. "You are a wingless fairy. You can't collect any teeth, you'll kill yourself."

Tracy glared at her. "But you gave me my wings!" he said, pointing at the badge. Lily shrugged and stared at the floor. "I'm sorry, Tracy. But we can't send out incompetent tooth fairies at the moment, what with all the cuts."

Tracy narrowed his eyes. Nobody had ever cared about what he wanted to do. He was always second-best, shoved to the side. Derek had been sympathetic, but it was all for nothing.

"I'll give you cuts," Tracy growled.

Lily looked up, confused. Her eyes widened as the tall man stalked toward her, knife in hand. Tracy threw out his arm, and scarlet blood spattered the floor. Lily sank to her knees, blood gushing from her throat. Her scared eyes bulged, before rolling and closing.

Tracy stared down at his dead boss. He licked the blood off of the knife, smiling at the taste of importance and power. Once Lily's arm stopped twitching, Tracy leaned down, and quickly, quietly, sliced the golden wings off of her back. His hands shaking slightly, he drew out his all-purpose magic generator, and pressed the button. Instantly, the blood slid off if the wings and faded. Kicking Lily into the shadows, the lanky, bloodthirsty fairy picked up his golden prize and stalked out of the room.

He had his wings.