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Summary: Brennan's secret life as a reporter for the Associated Press catches up to her & threatens her family's safety in a way she never anticipated. AU.

A/N: This story is the sixth work in a series that began (chronologically) with "Often Quoted Quotes Quoted One More Time" and followed by "Minute Musings Mused by Seeley J. Booth" and "Twenty-one Weeks at Quantico." The companion piece "An Alpha Male vs. An Alpha Female" and the stand-alone piece "He Called Her Bones, She Called Him Booth" serve as a bridge between "Twenty-one Weeks" and this story, which begins approximately a year and a half after the events in the final chapter of "Twenty-one Weeks" or a year after "Alpha Male." As such, it is not stand-alone piece and it references many, many events and AU happenings that occurred in those stories. It is suggested that you read those stories first in order to fully know what's going on in this story and to avoid mass confusion… As ever, annoying flames will be fed to my pet dragon. A good piece of advice... if you don't like the story (be it premise, writing style, plot, characterization, or INSERT RANDOM GRIPE HERE), stop reading, and hit the back button. It's that simple... and you honestly don't need to tell me what you're doing. Happy hunting. :)~ Otherwise, enjoy.~

Prologue – "A Little More Apprehensive"

Quote: "Their whole lives have changed. You'd think they would be a little more apprehensive."


NOTE: Portions of this transcript have been blacked out due to privacy concerns.

TRANSCRIPT: United States Senate Committee on Armed Services Deposition, February 20XX

WITNESS DEPOSITION, PART I: Dr. Temperance Brennan, PhD., the Jeffersonian Institute, Washington DC


QUESTION: Can you please state your name, address, and position for the record?

BRENNAN: Dr. Temperance Brennan, 2842 Emilia Avenue, Washington DC. I am currently employed as a forensic anthropologist at the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington DC.

QUESTION: Has Dr. Temperance Brennan always been your name?

BRENNAN: No. While it has been my legal name since 2007, my birth name was Joy Keenan.

QUESTION: And what is your professional background?

BRENNAN: I hold three Doctors of Philosophy in forensic anthropology, cultural anthropology, and kinesiology from Northwestern University. After graduating in 19XX, I began work at the Jeffersonian Institute, specializing in the identification and study of ancient remains. In 20XX, I received top secret security clearance from the Department of Defense. I have worked on numerous humanitarian relief missions under the auspices of the United Nations, NATO, and several private organizations to nations. Those countries include Darfur, Sudan, Rwanda, Tibet, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Argentina. In 20XX, I also published the first in a series of fictional crime novels. I initially began working as a subcontracted consultant to the Federal Bureau of Investigations in 20XX. A year later, I was asked to consider accepting a regular case load, working in tandem with the liaison assigned to the Jeffersonian Institute by the FBI. I have maintained that arrangement in the same position as I have been available, off and on, from 20XX until the present date.

QUESTION: What is your relationship to Special Agent Seeley Booth?

BRENNAN: He is the current Special Agent in Charge that the FBI has assigned as the liaison to the Medico-Legal Lab at the Jeffersonian Institute.

QUESTION: Can you clarify what relation that position has in reference to you?

BRENNAN: Agent Booth is the FBI agent that recruited me in 20XX to solve a murder investigation under the jurisdiction of the Major Crimes Division of the FBI. In 20XX, I was asked and accepted a position working with Agent Booth as his partner on unsolved homicide cases involving forensic anthropology identification issues. As I stated, I have continued in that capacity since 20XX.

QUESTION: Is that description of your professional interactions the extent of your relationship to Agent Booth?


QUESTION: Dr. Brennan, we remind you that you are under oath, and you must answer the question. Is your professional partnership the extent of your relationship with Agent Booth?


QUESTION: Can you please elaborate?


QUESTION: Dr. Brennan, will you please elaborate your response?

BRENNAN: In addition to being my professional partner, Agent Booth is my husband. He and I were married on November 11, 20XX in Alexandria, Virginia. He is the father of my daughter, XXXXXXXXX, who was born on January 2, 20XX in Washington DC.

QUESTION: What knowledge do you possess about a reporter who worked for the Associated Press between 20XX and 20XX named Andrea "Andi" Anderson?


BRENNAN: I possess a great deal of information about Andrea Anderson. You will have to be more specific.

QUESTION: Do you know Andrea Anderson?


QUESTION: Can you please clarify the nature of your relationship with Ms. Anderson?

BRENNAN: Andrea Anderson is a pen name I created in 20XX in the course of publishing a series of freelance articles I wrote for the Associated Press between 20XX and 20XX.

QUESTION: To clarify, are you saying that you and Andrea Anderson are the same individual?


QUESTION: What do you know about a series of articles that were published by the Associated Press between February and July 20XX about the NATO operation in Afghanistan?

BRENNAN: Again, you will have to be more specific. I know a tremendous amount of information since I was the individual who authored the articles in question.

QUESTION: In your persona as Andrea Anderson, did you meet a woman named Hannah Burley?


QUESTION: And, who was Ms. Burley?

BRENNAN: Ms. Burley is a television correspondent for the world affairs desk of CNN.

QUESTION: Can you please describe the nature of your relationship with Ms. Burley?

BRENNAN: I met Ms. Burley in February 20XX when we were both embedded in the same military unit for seven weeks in the Bagram Province of Afghanistan.

QUESTION: Was this unit the same unit where Special Agent Booth, then serving as a member of the Army Rangers at the rank of Sergeant Major, was assigned?


QUESTION: And, while embedded with this military unit, what was the nature of your relationship to Special Agent Booth?

BRENNAN: He arrested me, as Andrea Anderson, for being in a restricted area near the village of Marja.

QUESTION: Was he aware of your true identity when you were working under the alias of Ms. Anderson in Afghanistan?


QUESTION: Is he now aware that you used Andrea Anderson's persona as a disguise while you were embedded with his unit in Afghanistan?


QUESTION: And, when did he become aware of the fact that you and Ms. Anderson were, in fact, the same person?

BRENNAN: Shortly after he was discharged from the Army in April 20XX.

QUESTION: So, you're telling us that, despite the fact that you had been Agent Booth's partner for almost six years at the time you traveled to Afghanistan as Andrea Anderson, he had no knowledge that Andrea Anderson was, in fact, Temperance Brennan until seven weeks after he first encountered Ms. Anderson?

BRENNAN: That is correct.

QUESTION: And, as Andrea Anderson, what was the nature of your relationship to Agent Booth while in Afghanistan?


QUESTION: Dr. Brennan?

BRENNAN: Initially, our interaction was purely professional. As I said, he first became aware of me in the persona of Andrea Anderson when he arrested me for being in a restricted zone in the village of Marja.

QUESTION: Initially, Dr. Brennan?

BRENNAN: Initially, yes.

QUESTION: That implies that the status of your relationship changed with Agent Booth at some point during the time that you had assumed the persona of Andrea Anderson?


QUESTION: Can you elaborate please?

BRENNAN: I prefer not to answer as I do not believe such personal issues having any bearing on the matter that has brought me before you all today.

QUESTION: Dr. Brennan, please. Allow us to be the ones to make such decisions. Now, will you answer the question?

BRENNAN: No. I fail to see what bearing it has on the topic that is at the heart of this hearing.

QUESTION: I remind you, Dr. Brennan. You have been subpoenaed to testify here today because of the events that happened when you were embedded with Agent Booth's unit. You can understand our confusion and concern about his actions regarding your mobility while in Helmand Province since, as you stated, he was the individual responsible for arresting you in the first place in the settlement of Marja.


QUESTION: Dr. Brennan?

BRENNAN: There was a change in the nature of my relationship with Agent Booth between when he arrested me in Marja and my departure seven weeks later. I will simply say that the change in our relationship was one of a personal nature. Given the fact that Agent Booth is now my husband, and the father of my child, if you wish to know more, I suggest you use your prurient imaginations.


QUESTION: You said earlier that Agent Booth arrested you in Marja?



BRENNAN: Because Ms. Burley and I had left camp in order to make contact with a member of the Taliban with hopes of arranging an interview for our respective press outlets.

QUESTION: Is this interview you hoped to seek the same one that resulted an article that you co-wrote, using Andrea Anderson as a pen name, with Ms. Burley in March 20XX?


QUESTION: What do you remember about that interview?

ANSWER: The subject of the interview was an Afghan male in his mid-forties who was a member of the Taliban involved with the Opium trade in the Helmand Province.

QUESTION: Do you remember that man's name?

ANSWER: Yes. I came to know the man as Atash Fahran.