He stood on the doorstep, the heavy snowfall his backdrop. His hair was matted and messy but it didn't matter because he had made it here. He was here for her. Reaching up with his free hand, he pressed the doorbell and waited nervously. The door swung open and he grinned expectantly. Holding the flowers in his hand out, he looked on.

"Tai, what are you doing here?" she asked, confused.

Tai paused. It was Sora's mother. "Oh." He quickly gathered his thoughts and remembered why he was there. "I— is Sora in?"

Sora's mum shook her head slowly. "I'm afraid not, Tai, she and Matt left an hour ago…" She looked down at the flowers and made an attempt at a smile, at least he assumed that's what her uneasy look was meant to be. "I'm so sorry, Tai." She placed her hand on his shoulder. "It's just bad timing." She was sincere but that didn't help. The pity just made him feel worse.

Tai turned quickly, throwing the flowers down as he did and running off down the street. He had to get away—anywhere but here! After he was a block away, he paused for breath. "Why?" he asked, but it was rhetorical. He had just lost to Matt; it had only been a matter of time but that didn't help. His heart felt like it had been torn in two knowing that he was just too late.

Sighing, he grabbed his phone and began to text Izzy while walking to the park. This was where he and Sora had spent their first date, and their eventual break-up. It was only fitting that he went there now that it was all finally put to bed, so to speak.

Tai heard his phone ping, so he looked down at the screen.

Izzy said: How'd it go?
Tai said: Not well
Izzy said: Why?
Tai said: She's gone
Izzy said: Where did she go, Tai?
Tai said: With matt
Izzy said: What're you going to do?

Tai clutched his phone tightly. He would win her back. Thrusting the phone into his pocket, he began to think about where they might be but he stopped when he realised how stupid he was being. Taking his phone back out, he wiped a snowdrop from the screen. The snowfall was letting up finally. Typing, he wrote 'It's over, Matt wins'.

Looking around, he noticed he had walked to the park without even realising. The gravel crunched beneath his white trainers like music that numbed his soul to the pain he was feeling. It wasn't what he wanted but he was going to have to accept it. That's what grown-ups did. Sitting down on a sturdy, dark chestnut park bench, he closed his eyes gently and remembered back to last Christmas Eve.

-1 year ago-

"Tai, hey!" Sora called lovingly as he rounded the corner into the park. The trees were hauntingly beautiful, the thin lacing of powdery snow on their dead branches.

"Hey, sorry I'm late!" Tai slowed to a walk as she stood up from the bench she had been sat on to greet him. He pecked her on the lips but she pulled away slightly.

"It's fine." Her phone beeped.

"Do you wanna read that?" Tai asked as Sora shrugged and turned the phone onto silent.

"Nah, it's fine, let's go for a walk." She had that cute smile on that made him melt. Her phone flashed in her hand, rather annoyingly, and she seemed to notice too. Thrusting it into her pocket, she nodded. "Now, come on."

"Just read it; the walk can wait," Tai said.

Sora pecked him on the lips, smiling and then pulled out her phone, flipping it open to read the text message. Her eyes traced the screen slowly but as they did, the smile left her face and her grip tightened on the phone while her other hand balled up into a fist.

"Tai…" She seemed to be holding back anger for some reason as she flipped the phone closed and looked up. She spoke through clenched teeth, "What did you do with Yolei?"

"Nothing, nothing!" He looked around, trying to think of what to say. "I swear!"
"DON'T LIE TO ME!" she screamed in blind fury. Stamping her foot, she asked again, "What. Did. You. Do?"

While Tai tried to think of what to say Sora held out the chocolates he had given her earlier, personalised with a message iced onto them, and threw them onto the floor. Spilling out of the red heart shaped box, they rolled everywhere. "Tai?" She was seething with anger.

"It was just a fumble, honest!" He held up his hands. "It'll never happen again!" He tried to smile reassuringly and it seemed to work. She was looking down and seemed calmer so he reached to touch her arm.

She batted his hand away. "I'm going for that walk now." She was curt and abrupt.

"I'll come too," he suggested, stepping after her.

"I'm going alone!" she shouted, running off through the park. He could see the tears dropping from her face as she ran away, pounding the ground in time with her feet.

Tai sighed heavily and slumped down onto the bench, watching what he had just lost get away and regretting his stupid mistake more than he had regretted anything else in his life before.

-Present day-

Tai shook his head as he smelled freshness. Spring. Pollen. He sneezed and opened his eyes, looking for the source. A flower hung in front of his face; it was the same type of rose he had bought Sora earlier that day. It was an Albertine. At that moment he wondered what kind of sick joke this was and who would pull it. Looking up, he saw… Sora? She was smiling. Why? "Hey, Tai." She pushed the flowers at him. "Here's these, wanna try again?" Her kind heart-warming smile melted away the anger he had just felt about being made a joke.

Walking around from behind him, she stopped when she was stood in front and held out the flowers.

He accepted them hesitantly. "I don't really—"

"Come on." She pulled his hand in a firm but gentle manner, tugging him to his feet.

Finding his balance, he smiled nervously. His face was just inches from hers and she was as dazzling as the last time he had seen her. He felt blind, mute and deaf when he looked at her. She consumed his senses.

"Go on, then," Sora ushered, nodding her head.


"Shhh, just say it. I need to know something."

Gathering his resolve, Tai looked at her, the girl he loved. "Sora, will you forgive me?" He closed his eyes. "If you do, then I swear, every day you are in my life I will make it amazing, because every day we are together my heart beats faster and stronger and when you're not around I feel like I'm empty." He gripped the roses tightly. "Will you please make sure my heart never stops feeling like this, right now?"

Sora didn't seem to respond for an eternity until she silently took a rose from the bunch. She smiled. "I'm glad you asked." She leaned in, her breath warm on his face.

"Sora, what happened with—?"

Her finger pressed against his lips and then she whispered, "Don't talk, just kiss me." Her finger slipped away and she leaned in closer and puckered her lips.

Tai closed his eyes and touched his lips to hers.

All around them, snow began to fall. He felt the cold taps against his cheeks, each perfect snowflake joining the wintery embrace that he and Sora were sharing. He didn't know how long it would last; all he knew was he didn't want it to end.

Just a bit of silly fluff and my first real foray in Digimon fanfiction finally reworked and to now be left alone minus grammar/spelling mistakes.