My bloody girlfriend

Chapter 1 blood on the walls

"Honey sempai?" She walked into the room. Her hair was short as always but today it had a reddish glow to it.

"What are doing?" She sat next to the blond boy who quickly turned to her.

"Haru Chan, are you ok? You seem different." He leaned in a little close to her face.

"I feel fine." In a speed of light, she grabbed his wrist from her forehead and put it on his lap. Honey blinked.

"How did you do that?" Honey looked at his wrist slowly.

"I-I don't really know." She looked at her hand. The sun was setting in the background.

"Well, I better be going, see you later sempai." She waved goodbye and walked out of the school. The sun was behind the school now and it was getting dark.

'I wonder how I did that so fast.' Haruhi stopped walking.

'Could it be from the bite I got this morning?'


"Well, I'm off then." Haruhi waved bye to her father and walked to school. Suddenly, a small baby bat flew right beside her shoulder and sank it's teeth into her arm.

"Ow." She rubbed the wound, not even noticing the bite marks.


'It was.' Haruhi looked at the bite marks on her arm. The moon was now lit up in the sky and shined down on the teen girl. Suddenly, her stomach rumbled.

"Man, I'm hungry." She grumbled and walked faster to home.


"I'm home!" She yelled. There was no answer.

'Dads still at work.' She walked to the fridge. There lay very wet, bloody meats. She licked her lips and pulled out the medium size steak. The rapper was ripped open and the raw steak lay before her. The rosy red blood caught her attention. She carefully dipped her finger in and licked it.

Suddenly, her mind went into overdrive and she grabbed the whole steak in her hands. Fangs sunk into the bloody meat. Soon, it was only a old dried up piece of rubber. Dried up blood ran down her chin.

'What just happened?' She looked in the bathroom mirror. Her hair was brown with a reddish glow and her eyes had a red string around her brown.

"What happened to me?"

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