Chapter 4 the vampire's eyes

After that blood from Honey, Haruhi was feeling more and more eager to bite him. She unwillingly licked her lips when he was always near her.

"Haruhi-Kun." The king of morons called out to her and snapped his fingers in her face. She blinked and softly shook her head awake.

"What is it your majesty?" She rolled her eyes at him. Her eyes didn't have that red glow.

"Are you alright? You've been daydreaming for the whole host club hours." The twins put their hands on her forehead. She quickly grabbed their wrist, twisted them and threw them off her.

"Did I miss everything? Like all the girls and stuff?"

"Yes, but they like watching you daydream." Tamaki blushed at the picture.

"You looked soooo cute, that we even took your picture!" the twins smiled their evil smile and held up their phones. There she sat, on the table, her hand on her cheek with a bit of drool dripping down her lips with a few girls watching like they were in heaven and Tamaki in the background.

"Uh." She rolled her eyes. Haruhi then stared into the phone with her gleaming red eyes. A loud beep could be heard from the phone.

"What?" They yelled and held the phone in their hands. The picture was deleted. Haruhi stood up from the table and walked over to the quiet part of the room with Honey and Takashi.

"Hey Honey sempai." She smiled at him. Honey turned to her and stared blankly. Honey turned back around and continued to eat his cake. She blinked a couple of times, not expecting that kind of response. But then she suddenly knew why.

Honey's purple coat was off along with his tie. Only his thin white dress shirt could be seen with a few buttons were off. Haruhi could see the top of his chest clearly. Haruhi blushed a bright red and turned her head away to the screaming and crying going on with the king and the perverts.

'He's teasing you Haruhi.' Her vampire side smirked.

'He-he is?'

'Of course he is, plus look at that smooth pale neck.' She licked her lips and turned her head back to Honey.

He had is eyes half way open and eating his usual strawberry cake. Her gleaming red eyes trailed down his face to his creamy bear neck. Her fangs grew longer and longer and was now poking at her lower lip. She covered her mouth.

"Haruhi." Her eyes looked back up at Honey's face. His brown eyes had a seductive spark.

"You know you want to." She closed her eyes.

'Go for it! He's offering himself to you!' Her other side screamed. The fangs were lightly cutting her lip.

'But if I bite him, he'll be one too!'

"I have to go!" She ran off out the doors of the room.

"What's with her?" Honey's sinister eyes were blinking black and his smile was very much like the twins.

In the bathroom…

Haruhi let go of her mouth and stared into the mirror. Her other was looking back at her with crossed arms.

"Stop it already!" Haruhi yelled at the devil.

"He was offering his neck to you, and you didn't take it?" The girl gave her attitude. Her eyes gleamed red.

"Your gonna go back in there and take his offer!" Haruhi's brown eyes dropped slowly.

"Haru Chan." Honey walked into the room. His tie was back on with his purple coat. She opened her red gleaming eyes.

"Oh nothing my little sempai." Haruhi turned around. Her hair was a dark cherry red. She pinned Honey onto the wall. He let out a small squeak.

"Haru Chan?"

"It's Haruhi! Call me Haruhi!" Her brown stared into his darker ones.

"Haruhi, what are you doing?"

"Let's play another game werewolf." She smirked and backed away from him. Her eyes flickered gold.

"Haru-." He fell to his knees. Honey grasped his ribs painfully.

"What did Nekozoua give me?" He whispered. His eyes flicked to a dark black.

"Wonderful." He slowly stood up.

"I was just looking for a new playmate!" He leaped into the air and shot back down as a large wolf with long fangs and black night eyes.

"Let the games begin."