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Aria Montgomery was always the artistic and unique of her group of friends. She'd never known anything about sports until recently. Spencer, being the field hockey varsity captain got Aria very interested. After being friends for so long, Aria and Spencer admitted to being in love with each other and are currently dating. Aria found out earlier that day that she was short a sports credit. She'd either have to take gym class for a year or join a sports team. Emily invited Aria to swim with her, but Aria declined, insisting she was too shy.

When Spencer heard about this, she insisted Aria join the field hockey team with her. She knew how fast Aria was, which would be great for the team. All Spencer had to do was teach Aria how to play. Aria however, was still unsure. All four of the pretty little liars were discussing it on Spencer's bed in her room.

"Come on Aria, we'd get to see each other all the time at practice and games." Spencer offered, pulling Aria onto her lap and playing with her hair.

"I don't know Spence. Field hockey is really your thing and I seriously doubt the coach would be okay with a couple on the team together. Besides I wouldn't want to distract you and I don't even know how to play!" Aria ranted.

Emily and Hanna giggled at their best friends' mini argument. They both thought Spencer and Aria were absolutely adorable together.

"Aw, come on Aria! Just go to try-outs and if you make the team, we'll go from there." Spencer reasoned.

"Yeah, because dating the team captain won't score me any brownie points." Aria muttered under her breath.

Emily laughed, "You know Aria, this could be fun. You could have a secret love for sports no one knew about."

"Yeah, not to mention all the sexy stuff you two could do in the locker room." Hanna teased.

Both Aria and Spencer turned a deep shade of scarlet. "Hanna!" they both whisper yelled.

"What! Come on Spence; don't tell me it didn't cross your mind." Hanna said.

"Okay, that's enough talking for Hanna for one day." Aria teased.

"Would you please just go tomorrow?" Spencer pleaded.

"Ugh! Yeah, okay. I'll go Spence, but only for you." Aria caved.

Hanna sighed and handed Emily five dollars. Emily grinned and put it in her pocket.

"Uh, what was that?" Spencer questioned.

"Oh nothing, I just bet Hanna five bucks that Aria would do anything Spencer asked as long as she pouted and played with her hair, and I won." Emily announced, pleased.

"Yeah this time." Hanna murmured under her breath.

Spencer and Aria shared a look before throwing all the pillows on Spencer's bed at Emily and Hanna.

"Hey!" They both yelled while Aria and Spencer just laughed.