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Life Without Jack

Chapter 6

"You want Jack back? Well, I can do that but I need Tosh to get my vortex manipulator working first, so hurry up would ya!" Captain John walked over to Tosh's current computer programme that she was running and watched her working silently and quickly, following the Captain's orders.

"Right, I've completed the software that we require, so now all I need now is your wrist strap," Tosh paused as she looked at John, "So if you wouldn't mind?" She glanced down at his wrist strap as she spoke.

"Oh yeah, sure, whatever." The Captain spoke like he didn't care, but the way he took his wrist strap off slowly and carefully, treating it like an expensive piece of jewellery and treating it with more respect than anything or anyone else, showed Tosh that this was probably the thing he cared for the most out of everything in the world, and that is why he was so desperate for the team's help and was willing to do practically anything to get it working again.

Tosh lay the vortex manipulator down next to her computer as she typed in some more information into the programme she was using. She then connected the rift manipulator to her computer programme and linked this to the Captain's wrist strap. Suddenly, bright lights appeared, flashing around the area in which they were all standing, different colours shooting in all directions and lighting up the hub almost magically.

"What the hell is going on?" Owen shouted as the bright lights threatened to blind him.

"Oh yeah, it's working!" Captain John jumped into the air with excitement, as he pushed Tosh out of the way and grabbed his vortex manipulator.

"Is that it? It's working now?" Ianto questioned curiously.

"Should be. I told you she was brains and beauty. I bet she could do anything with a computer." The Captain cheekily remarked as the colours and lights died down.

"Alright, so you've got what you wanted, but what about the other part of the deal, the part about getting Jack back?" Ianto asked hoping he didn't sound half as desperate as he was feeling.

"Okay, okay, I'll try and get Lover Boy back to you but hang on, I need to get my wrist strap rigged up properly first so give me some time. Honestly, with Jack as your lover I'd have thought you would be far more patient than you are." John watched Ianto tense up slightly at this comment, but he carried on fiddling with his wrist strap.

"So, how do you propose we contact Jack and get him back to Earth?" Ianto asked as the rest of the team gathered around them, intrigued to know the answer.

"Well I don't know exactly bu-" Ianto interrupted John suddenly.

"What do you mean, you don't know? I thought we made a deal?"

"If you let me continue, I don't know exactly, but now I have my method of teleportation and time travel working again, I can trace where Jack is or link to his wrist strap and we can show him that you are still alive, through hologram or teleportation." Captain John explained.

"Okay then, you can connect to Jack's wrist strap as a hologram and Tosh can monitor everything from her computer so we know that you aren't going to go teleporting back to whenever you were before you came here." Ianto replied.

"Okay, I'm on doing it, hold on."

They heard a beeping sound, similar to a dialling a number on a phone, and they waited. Suddenly a blue hologram appeared, connected to John's wrist, and they heard his voice, Jack's voice.

"What?" They heard Jack answer angrily, he looked like he had been drinking and he wasn't even looking at John.

"Hello Jack." As soon as John spoke, Jack looked up almost instantly as he realised who it was that had connected to him.

"Great, it's you." Jack answered sarcastically. "I don't care what it is you want, so go away. I can't deal with someone like you at the moment, can't you see I'm trying to get drunk?"

The team gathered around the screen as they realised that Jack could only see John and not the rest of them. They needed Jack to see them, and if not all of them, then just Ianto. But before they even had the chance to link Ianto up to the hologram, Jack had disconnected.

Suddenly they all heard a loud bang and then John cursing.

"Typical! He's reset my vortex manipulator and lost the trace to him. If he keeps doing this we're never going to be able to contact him."

As John yelled, he didn't see Ianto's face turn from a glimmer of slight hope, to the most saddening, depressed look, as all his hope of finding Jack, was lost once again.

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