Hey! So, this is another one of the Cargan stories that I've started to write. I just really liked the idea of Logan being a father and also Carlos interacting with children...

Let me know what you think and whether I should continue or not.

Kendall watched with an amused smile as Logan played with his son on the rug over by the couch. Kendall was making lunch for the three of them while Logan was performing a small puppet show for the giggling toddler.

Logan saw his best friend bringing their food over and he smiled while he put down the puppets, causing the three year old to pout.

"Daddy!" he whined, grabbing the puppet and holding it out to him. "I want more."

Logan smiled softly and took the puppet back, putting it off to the side, "But we're gonna have food now, Nate. You love food. Look what Kendall has."

Nate's little face lit up as Kendall set his plate down on the small coffee table and he ran over to sit crossed-legged on the floor. Logan chuckled before he turned on the TV on to cartoons for his son to watch and then he joined Kendall on the couch.

"Here," Kendall said, handing him a sandwich.

"Thank you," he replied, leaning up against the blonde's side and pressing a quick kiss to his lips.

Logan laid his head on Kendall's shoulder while he ate and they watched Nate in front of them, giggling over the colourful show on the television.

Kendall put their plates on the floor once they were finished and wrapped an arm around Logan's shoulders.

"You need to get out of the apartment."

"W-What? But you said we could stay—"

"No!" Kendall cut him off quickly. "Not like that! I mean, you need to have some fun. You don't get out much."

Logan sighed, "I have a son and I have plenty of fun spending time with him."

"I know you do. You're a wonderful father. I just think you need a break; I know that this is hard for you. You need to think of yourself for once."

Logan shrugged, "I don't know..."

Kendall gave him a nudge and a smile, "C'mon. Tomorrow, I'll take you out in the day and we can go to a bar or something that night."

"Oh yeah? And who's going to look after Nate? You know that I don't trust babysitters."

"You trust my mother though. She's more than happy to watch him for you; I checked."

"Have you been planning this?" Logan laughed in surprise.

Kendall flashed him a cheeky grin, "Of course."

"She really doesn't mind?"

"You know her, she loves kids. I honestly don't think she'll ever let Katie move out..."

"I—I guess one day won't hurt. I just, I don't want to leave him."

Kendall kissed the side of his head, "He'll be fine and it'll be good for you."

Logan slowly nodded in agreement, "I guess so."

Nate rushed over once he had finished eating and tugged on his father's jeans, "Daddy! Daddy! Puppet show! Pleeeease?"

Logan ruffled the boy's hair, making him screw up his face and bat his hand away.

"Okay, sweetheart. Do you think Uncle Kendall wants to watch it with you?"

The blonde glared at him, pursing his lips, "Logan, you know I think you're puppet shows are silly."

Nate frowned at Kendall and thumped the man's knee with his tiny fist, "Daddy's puppets aren't silly! You're silly!"

Logan laughed and pulled the small boy onto his lap. "You don't hit Kendall, Nate...even if he did deserve it," he smirked, causing Kendall to stick his tongue out at him.

Nate stuck his own tongue out in response which then resulted in the two of them pulling silly faces at each other. Logan rolled his eyes, he didn't want Kendall teaching his son bad habits, but Nate's laughter was too cute, especially when Kendall wiggled his obscene eyebrows. So Logan watched as Nate wriggled out of his hold and pushed himself up so that he could touch Kendall's eyebrows as they moved.

It wasn't long before Nate had climbed down and grabbed the hand puppet designed as a cow. He held it out to his father and Logan took it with a smile. Nate sat back down on the rug and Logan sat opposite him. The little brunette boy then noticed that Kendall hadn't joined them and he clambered onto his feet again.

"Kendall!" he whined, tugging on the man's hand. "Come on!"

Kendall sighed as he looked at the boy's big, brown eyes. They were exactly the same as Logan's and he could never say no to those either.

Nate loved the puppet shows that his daddy put on. He giggled at the voices he used for Mr Cow and Roo the Kangaroo. He watched and listened in amazement as Logan described the adventures that they went on together.

Kendall rolled his eyes in amusement at his best friend. He would have found Logan's puppet shows for his son endearing, but Logan had actually had those puppets for years and Kendall had always found them ridiculous.

Their show was rudely interrupted by Logan's phone ringing and his face fell when he saw the caller I.D. he looked up at Kendall and the blonde immediately understood.

"Hey Nate," he whispered to the toddler. "I have cookies in the kitchen."

A wide grin spread across the little boy's face and he made grabby hands at Kendall as the adult stood up.

"Come on then, Big Man," he chuckled, perching him on his hip and carrying him over to the kitchen to give Logan some privacy.

Logan sighed as he pressed the talk button and raised the phone to his ear, "Camille."

"Hi," came a blunt reply.

"What do you want?"

"I want my family back."

Logan squeezed his eyes shut and pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, "He's better off with me and it's over between us."

"We can make something work. I miss you, baby."

"Camille, it's over. I'm done. I told you, I can't do it anymore."

"But I love you."

Logan could hear the tremble in her voice but ignored it; he had no sympathy for her, "If you really loved me, you wouldn't have treated me how you did."

"B-But I'm different now. Please Logie?"

"Stop it."

"I need to see my son. Just let me see him? You can't take him away from me."

"Since when did you care about Nate?" Logan scoffed. "It's been two weeks and this is the first you've asked about him."

"That's not true. I still love you both. Please let me see him?"

"I'll think about it."

Logan hung up the phone and shoved it in his pocket. He finally got up from the floor and went to join Kendall and his son in the kitchen.

Kendall gave him a sympathetic smile as he walked over and Logan sighed as he picked Nate up and held him close. Nate smiled at him and held out his cookie, offering him a bite. Logan laughed lightly and took a small bite of it.

"Thank you, Nate."

Nate got restless in Logan's arms and demanded to be put down. Logan watched as he ran off to search through his toy box. Kendall noticed the sadness in Logan's expression and he stepped closer, throwing an arm around his shoulders and letting him rest his head on his shoulder.

"D-Do you think I made a mistake, y'know, leaving Camille?"

Kendall's grip tightened slightly on his shoulder, "Hell no. Logan, you did what's best for you and Nate. It's something you should have done ages ago. He's safer with you and you deserve to be treated better than how she treated you."

"But doesn't a child belong with their mother?"

"Not when their mother's psychotic..." Kendall mumbled.

"Kendall..." Logan warned, hitting him lightly on the chest.

Kendall just shrugged, "He is better off with you."

"B-But what if she tries to take him from me?"

Kendall hugged him tightly, "We won't let her. I still think you should have reported her."

"I-I couldn't. She's Nate's mother."

"So? She abused you."

Logan took a sharp intake of breath and buried his face in Kendall's chest. Kendall held him tight and kissed the top of his head. Kendall noticed Nate walking over and he looked up at both of them with sad eyes. He tugged on his father's jean leg to get his attention.

"Oh, hey baby," Logan smiled weakly, picking his son up and sitting him on his hip.

"Daddy? Why you crying?" Nate asked, gently wiping away the tears that were running down Logan's cheeks.

"Daddy's okay. Don't worry."

"Read me a story? Please Daddy?"

Logan nodded and carried his son over to the couch, sitting him down while he went to pick a book to read him.

"I'll leave you to it," Kendall smiled, kissing both boys on the head before disappearing to his bedroom.

"Are you sure your mom's okay with this? I feel bad leaving him with her," Logan panicked as Kendall drove them to Mrs Knight's house.

"Stop worrying; she's fine with it and you need some time out."

Jennifer Knight greeted them at the door and Nate ran into her open arms.

"Mawmaw Knight!"

"Hey sweetie. Come on in everyone."

Jennifer kissed the three of them on the cheek and Logan set Nate up in the living room with his toys.

"Are you sure that this is alright, Mrs Knight?" Logan asked as they watched the three year old play for a moment.

Jennifer smiled at him with a nod, "Of course! I love seeing Nate; he's just precious and Kendall's right, you need a day just for you...How are you holding up?"

Logan shrugged, "Okay, I guess. I just can't help thinking that I did the wrong thing."

"Honey, you did what's best for the two on you."

"But what about Camille? She called me today."

Mrs Knight grumbled, "You know how I feel about her...and she doesn't know a thing about raising a child."

"But she's his mother."

"There's a big difference between being a mother and being a mom."

Logan smiled slightly, "Thanks, Mrs Knight. You always know just what to say."

The older woman shrugged as if it was normal for her, "Now, get going you two. Have fun and don't worry about Nate."

Logan and Kendall gave both Nate and Mrs Knight a kiss on the cheek before Kendall grabbed Logan's hand and led him back to the car. Mrs Knight and Nate waved from the doorway and Logan waved back, sighing when they were out of sight.

"He'll be okay," Kendal reassured him.

"Yeah...I just, it's weird to be away from him."

"Yes, but it's necessary. You don't want him to become too dependent on you. Now, enough baby talk, okay?"

"Fine. Where are you taking me?"

"Well, I thought we could grab something to eat from this bakery and—"

"Bakery?" Logan questioned.

Kendall nodded with a slight blush, "Y-Yeah. It's just about the corner from the rink...James took me there the other day."

Logan rolled his eyes, "Ahh yes and how is your delightful boyfriend?"

"He's not my boyfriend," Kendall mumbled.

Logan scoffed, "You've been on enough dates with him..."

"Yeah, well, we're taking it slow."

"Anyway, what makes you think I'll like a place that self-centered, douchebag models take their dates to?"

It was Kendall's turn to roll his eyes and he punched Logan in the arm, "Shut up; you've never even met him...and this place has the best cinnamon buns ever."

Kendall parked the car in the small car park that belonged to the bakery and he led the way inside.

They were welcomed with a lovely variety of smells coming from the kitchen and a light chatter coming from the customers. It wasn't very busy at all; it was cosy. Logan smiled at the sofas that were scattered around the small room, each one pairing with a small coffee table. He had to admit that this place did look quite nice.

He was even more impressed when they stepped up to the counter and his eyes fell upon the large number of cakes, cookies and pastries that sat beneath the glass casing. Kendall nudged him in the side and pointed to the iced cinnamon buns while he wiggled his eyebrows; they both had a weak spot for that treat.

The man behind the counter looked up at them and smiled brightly. He was around Logan's height and had lovely caramel-coloured skin and short, black hair.

"Hey!" he beamed. "Welcome to Garcia's. How can I help?" he asked politely.

"Two iced cinnamon buns, please, and a pot of tea," Kendall ordered.

The Latino man nodded and then he took a double take of Kendall, "Hey, I know you!"

"You do?"

The man nodded enthusiastically, "Yeah! Weren't you here the other day? With James Diamond?"

Kendall blushed bright red and shot a glare at Logan when he heard him laugh.

"I—uh—yeah, I was."

"My roommate was so jealous when I told him that I served James Diamond. He's, like, totally in love with him; wants to be a model, just like him. He wasn't too happy when I told him he has a boyfriend though..." the man laughed warmly, causing Kendall to blush even more.

Logan was grinning at his side, "Looks like you've got some competition."

Kendall shot him a warning look and the Latino's gaze finally fell upon Logan. His smile faded slightly and pink dusted over his cheeks. Kendall noticed and raised an eyebrow in amusement but Logan seemed oblivious.

"A-Anyway," the man stuttered. "Sorry, I'll get your order ready. Please, take a seat; I'll bring it to you."

Kendall paid him and then went with Logan to sit in the corner of the shop on a sofa that faced the counter.

"That guy seriously wants in your pants," Kendall teased as they sat down.

Logan's eyes went wide and he glanced over at the man again, "What? No, he doesn't."

"Oh, he so does. Did you not see how he was looking at you? Look! He's staring right now!"

Logan looked back over and, sure enough, he caught the other man looking over. He quickly looked away though when he caught Logan's eye. Logan bit on his bottom lip and shrugged.

"He's probably just in awe over serving James Diamond's boyfriend."

"Stop it. This is about you and your sexy Latino admirer."

"Shush," Logan said quickly. "He's coming over."

The man brought over a tray and set everything down in front of them. He set out their teacups and saucers and filled them half up with tea, his hands shaking slightly under Logan's gaze.

"Please, enjoy."

Kendall and Logan both thanked him and his eyes lingered for slightly too long on Logan's face. He wiped his hands nervously on his apron and then scurried back behind the counter. Kendall couldn't help laughing and Logan gave him a shove.

"Wow, he's got it bad."

"He does not!"

"Oh, come on! How can you deny it?"

"He's just being friendly."

"You should so hit that."

"Kendall! No!"

"Why not? He's hot, he's into you and you're single now. You need a bit of fun."

"Doesn't mean I need to sleep with random guys."

"Tell me you don't think he's hot."

Logan blushed lightly and looked back over at the friendly man, "I guess he's kind of cute...but I have a son."

"So? He doesn't need to know."

"You know that I don't like one night stands, Kendall," Logan frowned, knowing what he friend was getting at.

"What do you know about one night stands?" Kendall chuckled. "You've just got out of a six year relationship."

"Can we talk about something else please?"

Kendall felt slightly bad and they fell into a silence as they started to eat. Logan was the first to speak up.

"So, I was thinking about applying for a job at Pat's Diner...I just, I don't know where Nate would go."

"That's actually part of the reason I wanted to take you out today...I want you to work with me at the rink."

Logan's eyes went wide, "Excuse me?"

Kendall smiled and grabbed the boy's hand, "Logan, you're my best friend and I want to help look out for you and Nate. You've given up so much for him and I want to help you out. You can work part-time for me; the pay is pretty decent and the hours are flexible. My Mom's also offered to look after Nate while you're at work."

"Wow, Kendall...That would be great. Are you sure? Can you afford to take someone else on?"

"The rink does really well and the hockey shop is pretty successful right now, so don't worry."

"You're a lifesaver, man," Logan grinned, squeezing his hand in thanks.

"It's no problem," Kendall beamed. "You start on Monday."

"This Monday? But that's so soon. I don't know if I'm ready to leave Nate..."

"It'll only be for a few hours. He probably won't even notice you've gone."

Logan glared at him, "Yeah, right."

Kendall chuckled and started to pour them some more tea. Logan watched him with an amused smile and Kendall frowned when he noticed.


"Nothing," Logan smirked. "I'm just thinking about how girly we look, sitting here having tea and cakes."

Kendall laughed, "I don't care. It tastes so good."

Logan couldn't help agreeing.

They were about to leave when Logan paused and looked over at the counter again.

"You gonna go ask out that guy?" Kendall asked.

"No! I was gonna get a cookie to take home for Nate...You know how much he loves them."

Kendall rolled his eyes, "Sure. Any excuse to talk to your admirer again."

"Shut up. You can wait here. I don't need any of your comments."

Kendall laughed as he watched Logan walk over to the counter and pull out his wallet. The Latino's face lit up with he saw Logan and Logan gave him a friendly smile in return.

"Hi. Could I have a chocolate chip cookie to take away, please?"

"Yes! Of course! I have actually just made a fresh batch. I'll go get one of them."

"Oh, okay. That'd be great, thanks."

Logan watched him go to the back and return moments later with a small bag. He still had a big smile on his face as he handed it to Logan with a faint blush on his cheeks.

"I—I'd made too big a batch, so I threw a couple more in for you. No extra charge."

Logan's eyebrows rose slightly, "Really? Wow, thank you. Are you sure?"


"Well, thank you so much."

Logan paid the man and thanked him again before he turned to his grinning best friend. The man behind the counter sighed as he watched him leave.

Kendall left the car where it was and decided that they were walking to the next place. Logan pulled a face when he was told that it was the arcade; claiming that they were too old for that. Kendall just laughed at him and said that they were never too old.

Even though he was originally against the idea, Logan did end up having a great afternoon in the arcade with Kendall. The blonde even won a pink, cuddly bunny from the claw machine and Logan laughed, saying that he should give it to James on their next date.

"You should have asked the hottie from the bakery if he wanted to come out for drinks with us tonight," Kendall suggested with a smirk as they finally left the arcade.

Logan nudged him with his elbow, "Would you stop? Actually, do—do you mind if we skip the drinks tonight? I've had fun today but I'm really tired now."

"Really? You just want to go home?"

"We'll have drinks another night, kay?"

Kendall sighed, "You're missing Nate, aren't you. That's why."

"I—I just, I'm not used to being away from him for so long. I've gotten used to him always being there. I'm sorry..."

"Hey, no, it's fine. I understand. As long as you've had a good day."

"Oh, I really have. You really are an amazing friend, Kendall."

"I know."

They picked up the car and Kendall drove them back to his mother's house. She was surprised to see them but gave them both big, warm hugs. Nate came running from the front room and jumped into Logan's open arms.

"Daddy! Missed you."

Logan gave him a kiss and hugged him tight, "I missed you too. Have you had fun with Mawmaw Knight?"

Nate nodded enthusiastically, "Uh-huh! We played fire trucks!"

"Ooh, very cool! You going to put your shoes on for me?"

Nate nodded and Logan put him down. The toddler sat on the floor and grabbed his shoes. Logan watched with pride as he put them on and then crouched down to lace them up for him.

Kendall had collected Nate's things and held onto the bag. He gave his mom a kiss and promised that they would all come over for Sunday dinner. Logan thanked Mrs Knight again and then picked up his son to follow Kendall out to the car.

The little boy's face lit up when Logan showed him the big cookie that he'd bought him. But Logan told him that he couldn't have it unless he ate all of his dinner. Needless to say, Nate's plate was clean that night and he happily sat on the sofa, eating his treat while he watched cartoons.

Kendall and Logan were both washing up when there was a knock at the door. They looked at each other curiously before Kendall went to see who it was. It wasn't long before Logan heard his name being called.

He dropped his hand towel with a frown and walked to the door. His stomach dropped and he froze when he saw who it was.

"Camille. W-What are you doing here?"

"I've come to get you to come home."

Logan groaned and shook his head, "No! We've talked about this a dozen times. It's over!"

Camille pushed her way into the apartment, completely ignoring Kendall's protest, "We can make it work if you just give me a chance."

"I've given you plenty of chances!"

They were interrupted by a small shout from behind them and Nate came running over.

"Mommy!" he grinned, hugging her legs tightly.

"Hey Nathan," Camille smiled as she bent down to pick up her son.

Logan grimaced; he only called Nate by his full name if he was telling the little boy off but Nate didn't seem to notice. He was just excited to see his mom.

Kendall stepped closer to Logan and put a hand on his shoulder to try and calm him down as they watched the mother and son interact.

"Do you want to come home with Mommy?" Camille asked in a sickly sweet voice and Nate nodded his head.

"Camille, that's enough!" Logan was fuming and he took Nate from Camille's arms. "We are not coming back with you. You just have to deal with that."

"Logie, why don't I take Nate, so you can talk?" Kendall suggested.

Logan sighed and gave him Nate. Kendall then quickly disappeared into one of the bedrooms to protect the child from the shouting that he knew would start.

"Were you really that unhappy with me, baby?"

"Yes! I was unhappy for almost five of the six years we were together."

Camille crossed her arms over her chest, "Then why didn't you say anything?"

"I did and you know that I did. Anytime I mentioned it, you'd lash out...and then you got pregnant. I wasn't going to abandon my kid."

"Nathan needs both his parents."

"He doesn't need to grow up around arguing and violence...its better this way. But, if you prove that you can change, then I could maybe let you look after him every so often...but not until you sort out your temper. You're a danger to him."

"Right," Camille scoffed. "I don't care about that. I just want you, Logan. I love you. You can't leave me."

"What? You don't care about your son?"

Camille rolled her eyes, "I only had him so that you'd stay with me. I knew that you were gonna leave me." She was starting to get hysterical and Logan had to avoid her flailing arms.

"So you got pregnant on purpose?"

"It worked, didn't it?"

"Get out."


"No. Get out now," he growled. "I can't believe you would do that. You are crazy!"

"I'm not leaving until you promise to come home with me!"

Camille had tears streaming down her cheeks but Logan didn't care. He needed to get her out of the apartment because he couldn't bear looking at her any longer. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to the door, not caring if he hurt her.

Before Logan could shut the door on her, Camille grabbed him and she kissed him hard on the lips. Logan roughly pushed her away which led to her slapping him hard around the face and then leaving.

Logan closed the door with a sigh, rubbing his cheek. He was relieved that she was finally gone.

"Daddy? Where's Mommy?"

Logan turned around and saw that Kendall and Nate had just re-entered the room.

"Are you okay?" Kendall asked softly.

Logan nodded slowly and then crouched down to his son's level, "Mommy had to leave. I'm sorry."

"When she coming back? We going home?"

Logan sighed again, "I don't know when Mommy's coming back. But we're living with Uncle Kendall now. You like living with Kendall, don't you?"

"Uh-huh," Nate nodded with a smile.

Logan smiled in return and kissed him on the forehead, "Good. Now, will you go and put your PJs for Daddy? And brush your teeth?"

Nate pulled a face at the idea of bedtime but he still went to change anyway. Logan sighed as he watched him go and then he felt Kendall wrap an arm around his shoulders.

"What happened?"

"She doesn't give a shit about Nate."


"She purposely got pregnant so that I wouldn't leave her...she knew that I wanted to."

"That bitch! Why would someone do that? It's crazy! But hey, at least you don't have to worry about her wanting to take him away..."

"No, I guess. But she says she still loves me and she doesn't give up easy."

"She'll give up eventually though. Don't worry. You just have to be firm with her," Kendall reassured him, giving him a peck on the lips.

Logan nodded and hugged his best friend, "I really hope so."

Nate reappeared, dressed in his PJs, holding his toothbrush in one hand and the tube of toothpaste in the other. He had a small frown on his face.

"I made a mess."

Logan and Kendall followed him into the bathroom and couldn't help laughing at the amount of toothpaste that was smeared on the sink. It looked like he had tried to clean it up, but had just succeeded in spreading it around.

"Sorry," Nate apologised quietly, his eyes watering.

"Hey, it's okay, Big Man," Kendall smiled, ruffling his hair. "I'll help you."

Kendall helped the toddler to brush his teeth while Logan cleaned up the mess in the sink. He then followed Nate to their bedroom to tuck him into the double bed that the two of them were sharing.

"You be a good boy and go to sleep, okay?"

Nate nodded and gave his daddy a big kiss on the cheek. Logan smiled and kissed his forehead before wishing him a good night.

Logan flicked on the night light before he left and turned off the main light. He went over to Kendall on the sofa and collapsed beside him, feeling exhausted over everything that was happening and wishing that it would all just calm down.

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