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Chapter 8

"You fucking asshole," a tall, muscular guy yelled at Adrian. He threw a punch at Adrian, making all his friends chant more. When I got there, Jacob was already there trying to pull the guy off of Adrian. It looked like Adrian had hardly even got a punch in, probably only the first one. And Adrian, damn, he really can't defend himself very well.

"Let him go," I yelled at the guy Jacob was pulling off of Adrian. "Can you not take a damn bet?" The guy looked at me, then shrugged Jacob off.

"Who the fuck are you anyways?" he asked me. "You have nothing to do with this, and neither do you, Jacob."

"Yes I do and you know it," Jacob replied to his friend. "We're a pack, we're suppose to stick together. And why are you even making stupid bets Paul? This is stupid."

"You know me, I guess I'm stupid."

"That's for sure," another one of his friends laughed out loud.

"Shut up Embry," Paul shouted. "Anyways girlie girl," he said to me. "Take your little nose out of here, this is none of your damn business."

"First of all, don't ever call me girlie girl again," I said as I walked up to him and got in his face. "And second of all, this is my business. Adrian over there is my friend, so if you mess with him, you mess with me."

"So, does your girl here do all your fighting?" Paul asked Adrian as Lissa looked at his bruises.

"Shut the hell up," I shouted at him. "This is between you and me now."

"Rose, don't do this," Dimitri said to me.

"Yeah, listen to the big guy and go the fuck away, this is our turf."

"Your turf, I hidey doubt that. And I don't have to go anywhere, this is supposed to be my vacation, got that?" I was all up in his face by now, and he was bright red, like he was about to burst. This guy is already pissing me off.

"Don't' piss me off," Paul said.

"That makes the two of us." I gave him my evil glare that usually makes people back down from me, but he just glared back.

"Paul!" a big guy yelled. And this actually made him back down. He looked down at the ground and backed up. "What have I said?" Paul didn't say anything as he backed up some more. "Stop your stupid betting."

"Wow," I smiled. "Are you his father or something?"

"Oh, she didn't not just say that," Embry laughed.

"Do I look that old to you?" the tall guy asked.

"No, but I'm surprised he actually listened to you."

"Well he knows what would happen if he didn't."

"Sam, I wasn't even doing anything, they started it," Paul said.

"The hell we did," I yelled. "My friend over there won fair and square, you're the one that didn't follow up on the deal."

"What deal?" Sam asked as he turned to Paul.

"It's nothing."

"Bull shit," Adrian said as he walked up to my side. "He thought I couldn't chug a whole case of beer, and I did. Now they all are supposed to strip naked and run down the beach, and he's too scared to."

"I'm not scared," Paul shouted at Adrian.

"Then fucking do it," Adrian and I both shouted at once. But Paul just stood behind Sam, not moving an inch. "Fucking chicken shit," I smirked. The guy named Sam glared at me to shut my mouth, and something about the way he glared made me. He has that glare down as well as me.

"Paul," Sam said. "Aren't you the one that always says that we have to follow up on your stupid bets?" Paul nodded. "Then do it, all of you," he commanded.

"Even me?" a small boy asked.

"Were you here when they made the bet Seth?" Sam asked.


"Then no. Hurry up boys, before I make you do something even worse. It's not like you guys haven't run naked before." Some of the guys laughed at that, an inside joke I guess, and pushed their shorts down. That made them naked, since I guess it fashion to wear no shirt, not that I mind, they're all hot.

Lissa giggled as they all stood there naked, she couldn't help but look, but neither could I. They were almost as big as Dimitri's.

"Like what you see?" one of them asked.

"Nope," I lied. "My man has bigger." I smiled and patted Dimitri's stomach and he grinned. They all looked him up and down.

"Do you like what you see?" Dimitri laughed. But they all shock their heads and ran down the beach making all the girls squeal.

"What a party," Abe said as he walked up holding a red cup with Janine on his heels. "They have everything. From kegs, to swimming in the lake, to limbo, and now streaking. WE should do that Janine!" I stopped myself from laughing as a picture of my parents running naked ran through my mind. Can you say EWW?

"I don't think so," Janine said, grabbing the cup out of Abe's hand. "And I think you've had enough to drink."

"I don't think so," Abe copied her and grabbed for the cup but missing it and falling on his face.

"Wow," Christian said as he walked up to Lissa. "How much has he had to drink?"

"I don't know, but it's really pissing me off," Janine replied as she dumped his drink in the sand and pulled him back up.

"Maybe we should head back to the hotel," Lissa said.

"What, but we've hardly been here," I said.

"Apparently we've been here long enough for you and Dimitri to have a chugging competition and then swim in the lake, for Adrian to chug a case of beer and then get his ass kicked, and for Abe to get drunk and limbo and want to go streaking. I think that's enough fun for one night for me."

"Out of all that, I didn't hear you mention anything you've done tonight, so no, that's not enough fun for one night."

"It wasn't even fun for me," Adrian muttered.

"And yet you're the reason we're here," Janine said while trying to hold Abe up.

"Well, I did meet a few girls that seemed interested in me."

"But did you actually do anything about them?" I asked.

"No." Probably because of Jill.

"Anyways, you need to do something fun Liss."

"We can go streaking," Abe mentioned again.

"No thank you," Christian and Lissa said at the same time.

"We could go back in the water and play chicken like I mentioned earlier," I suggested.

"Or we can go streaking," Abe mentioned yet again.

"No one's going to go streaking," Janine shouted.

"How about this, if you and Christian both try the chugging competition, then we'll go back to the hotel," I said.

"Wait, who said anything about me doing something?" Christian asked.

"I did because you don't look like you've done anything either." He didn't say anything because he knew I'd make him do it anyways. I always get my way.

"Just once?" Lissa asked.

"Yeap," I nodded. "And then we'll head back."

"Fine," Lissa sighed. "Lead the way." I smiled and pulled Dimitri after me as I headed back to the Tyler guy who was working the keg for the competition. He was still there, and so was one of Paul's naked friends. But when he saw us, he ran off, making me laugh that I could still scare people easily.

"Okay, here we are."

"What exactly do we have to do?" Lissa asked.

"I'm glad you asked. First, you need someone to hold you upside down while you hold onto the keg. Then that Tyler kid with put a tube in your mouth and pump beer into you, and you have to chug as much as you can."

"Sounds easy enough," Christian shrugged.

"Yeap, the only hard part is being upside down." Christian looked at me, then at Tyler and the keg, then back at me. "So? Who's first?" Christian stepped forward and looked at Lissa. She grinned and pushed him forward.

"Show me how to do it," she said to Christian.

"That's if I know myself," he replied and walked up to Tyler. In no time they had him upside down, and he already looked like he wanted to quit.

"You can do it Christian," I shouted. I laughed when they stuck the hose in his mouth and started pumping the beer. He forgot to swallow and most of it ran down his face. But then after he got a hang of it, he actually barely spilled any, but he was still far worse than me.

After Christian was done, it was finally Lissa's turn. "Just go on up there," I told her. It looked like she kept looking around for a way out until I finally pushed her to Tyler and the keg. "She'd like to go next," I told him. He smiled and waved for someone to hold her.

When she was upside down, she looked at me like she was going to kill me. Hopefully she'll forget about that once she's got some beer in her.

She was actually pretty good at chugging without spilling any, maybe even as good as me and Dimitri. After she was done and back on her feet, she walked over to me and laughed, "That was fun!" I smiled as her as she kept slurring all her words about how she would love to do it again, but I did promise that we'd go back to the hotel after they both did it, so now it's time to get a little shut eye.

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